Martial God Asura Chapter 6074: Fooled


“What happened to Song Yun?” Chu Feng asked.

The Hell Messenger did not hesitate and hurriedly informed Chu Feng of all the news he had learned.

Chu Feng also knew that after he killed the third and fourth immortal butcher and others, the second immortal butcher asked people from the Prison Sect for help.

Originally the Prison Sect didn’t really want to get involved in this matter.

But someone discovered that someone from the Prison Sect was dead, and they were going to pin this crime on Chu Feng.

But Song Yun took the charge and is now imprisoned.

When Chu Feng met Song Yun, it was indeed Song Yun who killed those people from the Prison Sect.

But she could have pretended not to know anything.

She didn’t want Chu Feng to take the blame, or she didn’t want the Prison Sect to put the blame on Chu Feng, so that’s why she did this.

“Where was Song Yun imprisoned?” Chu Feng asked.

“Being imprisoned in an extremely important place in our prison sect.”

“I shouldn’t have told you.”

“But if you are a Chu Feng kid, you can go to the Prison Infant Summoning Altar.”

“No matter what kind of result it is, I can tell you where Song Yun is being held.” The Hell Messenger said.

Chu Feng handed the space world containing Tian Ming and everyone in the village to Wang Qiang.

“Brother, you first go to the place where the Condensing Spirit Grass is planted and wait for me.”

“I have a prison baby from the Prison Sect planted in my body. I have to say that I am half a member of the Prison Sect. If something really goes wrong, there may be room for change, but you are different, so don’t argue with me. I’m with you.”

“Besides, if something goes wrong, at least you can find a way to save me and prevent the whole army from being wiped out, right?”

Chu Feng said secretly.


Wang Qiang also felt that what Chu Feng said was very reasonable, so he took over the space world and left here.

senior, lead the way.” Chu Feng looked at the **** envoy.

Based on his understanding of this **** messenger, he should not do anything to harm himself.

Chu Feng also has some means of escape, so he is not that afraid.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you first put on my prison sect’s robe and disguise yourself, so that it will be easier for me to bring you in.”

The **** envoy took out the prison sect’s robe and bamboo hat and handed them to Chu

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Chu Feng also put it on immediately.

“Little friend Chu Feng, the robe of my prison sect looks so good on you.”

The **** envoy praised that he really hoped that Chu Feng could join the prison sect.

In fact, when he was still in Jiuhun Galaxy, Chu Feng really thought about joining the Prison Sect. After all, Chu Feng was too weak at that time and he wanted to find a backer.

It’s just that things are different now. In Chu Feng now, there is no reason to join the prison sect.

Even if there wasn’t anything about Little Fishy, he probably wouldn’t have joined.

After all, he is Jie Ranqing’s son.

Unless the Prison Sect is really not evil, if he joins this force, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to his mother’s reputation?

senior, lead the way, I have something else to do.” Chu Feng said.

“Okay, okay.”

“By the way, little friend Chu Feng, it’s a taboo for me to bring you into my prison sect. If you really can’t trigger the prison infant summoning altar, I won’t stop you if you want to leave.”

“It’s just that you must not tell anyone where the Prison Infant Summoning Altar is.” The Hell Messenger asked.

“I will keep it secret.” Chu Feng agreed.

Subsequently, under the guidance of the Hell Messenger, Chu Feng also came to a Hell Sect’s base camp.

This is an underground world built deep underground. It is very secret. If it were not for the **** envoy to lead the way, Chu Feng would not have been able to discover this place.

Everything in this underground world is not much different from the outside, but there are no flowers, plants and trees here, only heavy tall buildings.

And the architectural style here is very dark, giving people a serious and depressing feeling.

But I have to say that because there are so many, at a glance, it looks like a forest of buildings, which is quite spectacular.

People from the Prison Sect can be seen almost everywhere here, but they are all very disciplined and almost all are busy with what they are doing, and no one can be seen chatting.

So although there are many people, it is very quiet.

The Hell Messenger took Chu Feng all the way through the heavy building

Enter, and soon came to a giant palace tens of thousands of meters high.

There are a large number of people from the Prison Sect guarding the door.

Chu Feng can feel that just the aura of the guard has reached True God Realm, and it is not ordinary True God.

Logically speaking, such a place should not be accessible to this **** envoy.

After all, he is only in the middle stage of Demigod.

But the **** envoy took out a black token with the word “prison” written on it.

When he showed the token, not only the guard at the door immediately let him go.

The other guards after getting deeper also let him go, and it was really unobstructed.

“Speaking of it, it’s quite difficult for me to be promoted to the Demonic Hell Envoy.”

“And this token is something I couldn’t even imagine before.”

“This is the reward I received for bringing Song Yun Miss back.”

Seemingly knowing that Chu Feng was confused, the Hell Messenger secretly told Chu Feng while fiddling with the black token in his hand.

“Song Yun is so important to the Prison Sect, will he be imprisoned?” Chu Feng asked.

“Killing people of the same clan is a taboo. Logically speaking, Song YunMiss should be executed.”

Hell Messenger explained.

“Isn’t Song Yun’s life in danger now?” Chu Feng asked.

“The situation is indeed not optimistic.” The messenger from Hell said.

While the two were talking, Chu Feng and the Hell Messenger walked through the heavily guarded corridor. There was a formation door at the end of the corridor.

After passing through this formation door, what appears in front of you is not a hall, but another vast space world.

The first thing that comes into view in this space world is a jungle, with green mountains and rivers superimposed in the distance, and waterfalls flowing. The scenery is quite magnificent, and it is very different from the overall style of the Prison Sect.

After another First Rank journey, a Teleportation Array emerged.

“This Teleportation Array can only go in and out.” Chu Feng said.

“As expected of Chu Feng, you can see this at a glance.”

“Because there is not only the Prison Infant Summoning Altar, but also a special cultivation place, so here

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Big figures from our prison sect often come to cultivation for interviews. ”

“I guess the ancestors of the Hell Sect, in order to make it easier to leave, built this Teleportation Array that can only be left but cannot be entered.” The Hell Envoy explained.

“I’ll wait a minute. Can I leave through this formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course.”

“Anyone who can enter here has more or less status. Everyone can use this formation to leave. I usually leave through this formation.”

The **** envoy explained with a smile.

Then the two continued to go deeper, and Chu Feng finally saw the so-called Prison Infant Summoning Altar.

This altar is located in the center of a vast square filled with seats that can accommodate hundreds of millions of people.

Chu Feng guessed that this should also be the center of this space world.

Perhaps this space world was built around the Prison Infant Summoning Altar.

The altar is very high, and the clouds can only float below the altar.

It can be judged from this formation Chu Feng that this forum is indeed not simple. When this forum first opened, there should be many big names coming here to observe.

This altar is engraved with complex talisman patterns, and there is a faint light shining under the eyes, which is indeed a state of awakening.

“Is it okay to just stand up?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes.” The **** envoy nodded.

“Stand for how long?” Chu Feng asked.

“You will get a reaction if you stand on it.” As the Hell Messenger spoke, he landed directly on the top of the Prison Infant Summoning Altar, and said with a smile: “If there is no reaction like me, it means that the Prison Infant has fused. Not enough.”

After saying that, he flew down: “Chu Feng, little friend, go and try.”

But Chu Feng did not stand up directly, but asked: “What will happen if there is a reaction? Will it cause too much noise?”

He didn’t want to cause too much noise, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to leave.

“There will be some reactions, but there won’t be much movement.” The Hell Messenger said.

“Okay.” As Chu Feng spoke, he jumped up and landed on the top of the prison infant summoning altar.

But as soon as Chu Feng’s‘s feet landed on it, he trembled inwardly.

I was fooled! ! !


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