Martial God Asura Chapter 6053: If it’s grandma, that’s good news


The powerful bloodline power will have its own consciousness. Under some special circumstances, it will cause the bloodline power to release a power that exceeds the bloodline holder’s own cultivation realm.

This situation is called blood rage.

But because it has blood and its own consciousness, when its power explodes, it will seize control of the consciousness, not only killing people, but also denying their relatives.

A person with a violent bloodline is very likely to go crazy and massacre everywhere.

Chu Feng has experienced bloodline violence.

But Chu Feng is lucky. Fortunately, no matter what happened when the bloodline went berserk, at least his consciousness came back later.

If you can’t come back, it’s actually the same as death. In short, running away with blood is a very dangerous method.

But what is recorded in the iron piece is what Chu Feng is unable to understand for the time being.

But from Chu Feng‘s point of view, no matter whether it is dangerous or not, if you can really master the bloodline and run wild, it is definitely a good thing. ??

After all, the power released by bloodline rampage far exceeds one’s own cultivation realm.

In a desperate situation, if you can use these methods, at least you won’t have to wait for death.

It’s just that Chu Feng didn’t have enough time to comprehend, because it didn’t take too long before they had arrived at the place they wanted to reach.

“Why…why did you come out?”

Coming out of the formation tunnel, Wang Qiang was a little confused at first.

But when Wang Qiang saw the position recorded by Teleportation Array, he immediately looked at Chu Feng in shock.

“This, this, this…is it here?”

Wang Qiang stared, grinning, extremely shocked.

Because they are already in the world where Totem Galaxy and precisely Alchemy Immortal Sect is located.

“Yes, didn’t I say that teleportation through this place is very fast?” Chu Feng said.

“Then…then this is too fast?”

“It seems like it only took…just over an hour to enter and exit from that place, right?” Wang Qiang said.

Wang Qiang is not an inexperienced person, but at this moment I still feel that difficult believes it.

It spanned Galaxy for more than an hour, which was simply beyond imagination, not to mention they were in Seven Worlds Galaxy before.

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The distance between Seven Worlds Galaxy and totem Galaxy is not close.

“How’s it going? Isn’t it awesome?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Madam…it’s so powerful, it’s almost lawless.”

“Brother, brother, how did you do it? Can you also teach me?”

“I, I…if I could control this place, even if every Galaxy has a little wife, I could see them all in one day.”

Wang Qiang put away his shock and replaced it with a lewd smile, as if he had already seen the beautiful life in the future.

“Every Galaxy has a little wife, and we meet them all once. Even if we go back and forth to the Nine Heavens secret place, it doesn’t seem to be enough, right?” Chu Feng said.

“I, I, I… I’m just giving you an example. I don’t really plan to find a little wife for each Galaxy. I mean it’s easier… to master this Teleportation Array.” Wang Qiang said.

“Currently, only I can master it. I haven’t found a way to let others master it.”

While Chu Feng was speaking, he rose into the air and flew straight towards the direction of Alchemy Immortal Sect.

Wang Qiang also immediately followed: “I found out one by one…you must teach me.”

“A must.” Chu Feng smiled.

Although Chu Feng has many good brothers, Wang Qiang is still very important even among many good brothers.

Except for things that cannot be shared, such as lovers, anything that can be shared, Chu Feng will definitely share with him. If he doesn’t tell, Chu Feng will also teach him.

This world is originally the base camp of the Alchemy Immortal Sect. Logically speaking, there is not so much freedom of movement here.

But now the traffic is unimpeded, and no one from the Alchemy Immortal Sect can even be seen at all.

On the contrary, I met many people who were not from the Alchemy Immortal Sect, and they all came to watch the fun.

It is also confirmed from their remarks that the Dan Dao Immortal Sect has indeed suffered a disaster.

Not long after, a sea of ​​fire came into view.

From a distance, it was a real sea of ​​​​fire, covering surface area too big.

After getting closer, you can feel the terror of this sea of ​​fire, and the entire Alchemy Immortal Sect is covered by the sea of ​​fire.

not to mention people are here, and many buildings that were blessed by formation have been burned to ashes.

The terrifying feeling of heat is like the invisible ferocious beast, sweeping across all directions.

Not only inside the Dandao Immortal Sect, but also all around the Dandao Immortal Sect were barren and all living things were completely destroyed.

cultivation realm Weak people can’t even get close, and even cultivation realm strong people don’t dare to break through.

Damn , good… what a **** powerful method. Isn’t this what True God can do?”

“How about it, brothers and sisters, is this… the trick of our grandma?” Wang Qiang looked at Chu Feng with hot eyes.

If it is really Grandma Chu Feng‘s method, it is enough to show that Grandma Chu Feng is extremely powerful and has probably entered the realm of gods.

This kind of cultivation realm rarely encounters danger. Even if the consciousness is abnormal, it is completely capable of protecting itself.

Chu Feng observed carefully and felt that the flame was extremely fierce. The ordinary flames created by Martial Technique and formation were different.

This is more like a naturally formed flame, but because this flame is too powerful, even ordinary means cannot extinguish it, let alone normal rain.

Not only cannot it be extinguished, it will gradually spread and burn more and more.

Unless there is a top expert to extinguish this flame, sooner or later this flame will engulf the entire world.

“Can’t tell.”

Chu Feng shook his head, and after getting closer, he arranged formation technique and put one of the flames into formation technique.

formation technique was sealed, turned into a clay pot, and was taken into cosmos sack by Chu Feng.

He wanted to ask Master Yuwei, maybe Master Yuwei could tell whether this flame was the method of gold dragon Yan Sect.

In fact, Chu Feng also hopes that this is what his grandma did.

If it was really his grandma who did it, it not only proves that his grandma has the ability to protect herself, but also shows that her grandma has a certain consciousness. Otherwise, why would the Alchemy Immortal Sect be destroyed?

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As long as it is his grandma, this is definitely good news.

Although the flames are very dangerous, there are still many people who come to see the excitement.

And some people came very early.

The existence of these people has provided a lot of help for Chu Feng to inquire about information.

After inquiring, I learned that now, except for those who were out at the time and escaped, almost everyone in the Alchemy Immortal Sect is dead.

But those who are alive cannot support the Alchemy Immortal Sect at all, and the Alchemy Immortal Sect will definitely disappear from this world.

As for Jia Lingyi, she is indeed still alive, but she is also crazy.

Originally, the survivors of the Alchemy Immortal Sect wanted to send Jia Lingyi to the Totem Dragon Clan, and asked the Totem Dragon Clan’s chief guest, Da Elder, Taishi Xingzhong to help heal his injuries.

But who would have thought that expert from the Totem Dragon Clan came and captured all the people from the Alchemy Immortal Sect.

Nowadays, the Totem Dragon Clan is divided into two factions.

One faction is Long Lin(dragon scale) and others, who is in charge of the current totem Galaxy, but is actually a traitor.

The other faction is the orthodox totem dragon clan Clan Head and others.

Obviously, those who would take action against the Alchemy Immortal Sect must be the orthodox Totem Dragon Clan.

Next, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang searched this world carefully to see if they could find or find out about their grandmother.

It’s a pity that there are no clues.

“Brothers, let’s go, go, go…where?” Wang Qiang asked.

“Go find Brother Chengyu and the others.”

Chu Feng feels that since there is no trace of grandma, we must start with Jia Lingyi.

If Jia Lingyi was really captured by the orthodox Totem Dragon Clan.

Then the only choice is to find the Totem Dragon Clan Clan Head and the others.

And Chu Feng knows the place where the Totem Dragon Clan Clan Head and the others currently reside.

And it is a coincidence that the place where the Totem Dragon Clan Clan Head and their current auras happen to be is also near the ancient secret place where Master Yuwei and the others took refuge.

This trip must be taken no matter what.


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