Martial God Asura Chapter 6048: Deadly Gu Insect


Inside the house…

It is a small space world.

The space world was originally formation technique, but now here in formation technique, almost everywhere has been destroyed horribly.

There are clearly traces of a great war.

But what makes Chu Feng look nervous are the two figures deep in this space world.

The two Taoist priests, Long Yi and Long Er, are indeed back.

But now, Chief Long was seriously injured.

He is releasing formation power to suppress Taoist Master Long Er.

Although Taoist Master Long Er was not injured, his eyes were blood red and very strange, just like ferocious beast. Not only was he struggling hard to get rid of bound, but he was also grinning and making strange roars.

“Kids Chu Feng, don’t come here, get out of here as soon as possible.”

Captain Long noticed the entrance of Chu Feng and quickly looked at Chu Feng.

senior, what happened?”

“What happened to Longer senior?”

Chu Feng did not approach, but asked in a solemn voice.

“My second brother met Jie Tianran in the Age of Gods. He was poisoned by Jie Tianran and has now lost his mind.” said Chief Long.

A simple sentence clarified the situation.

When Jie Tianran met Taoist Long Er, there was bound to be a conflict, but he did not kill Taoist Long Er.

But he used a more sinister method, poisoning his body and causing him to lose consciousness.

In this way, the explanation makes sense.

Taoist Master Long Er’s condition is caused by poison.

As for Long Yi’s long injury, it must be caused by Long Er.

“The situation is not good. How about we… get out first?”

Wang Qiang saw something was wrong.

And those two are so powerful that just a thought can make them both fly into ashes and annihilate.

It is too dangerous to stay here.

“Brother, you go out first.” Chu Feng said to Wang Qiang.

“You, you, you…if you don’t leave, I won’t leave either.” Wang Qiang expressed his attitude.

“Then wait a moment.” Chu Feng said.

“Huh? You, you, you…you really don’t want to leave?” Wang Qiang grinned, a little anxious.

“I have joined forces with the two seniors for a long time. We cannot ignore death.” Chu Feng said.

“How can you help? Their cultivation realm no no no…we can’t help.” Wang Qiang said.

“Let’s try it.”

Chu Feng is not absolutely sure, but fortunately he has the primary secret code that can break through thousands of formations.

In addition, before Chu Feng, I also learned how to remove poison, so there might be a chance to combine the two.

Of course, the key point is that the formation must be set up by a leader.

Otherwise, even if Chu Feng knows the method, his current ability will not be able to solve the problem.

But to crack it, you need to know the other party’s situation first, but Chu Feng uses Heaven’s Eyes to observe, and difficult can see through it.

Jie Tianran was not only poisoned by Taoist Master Long Er’s body, but the poison was also attached with formation. It was the formation that blocked Chu Feng’s‘s observation.

senior, can this poison be made effective? Maybe junior has a way to crack it.” Chu Feng said.

“I’ll try.” First Master Long, although he was seriously injured at the moment, he had already controlled Master Long Er.

He activated formation technique and entered Taoist Long Er’s body, but he also frowned. Naturally, he couldn’t break Tianlong World Spiritist‘s formation technique.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to make the poison take effect.

“No.” At this moment, Long Daochang’s face showed despair.

The head of the Nine Totem Paths, True Dragon peak World Spiritist, can make him like this, it is enough to show Jie Tianran’s methods.

senior, I have a while, which can help Long Er senior regain consciousness.”


Chu Feng arranged a formation technique while speaking, which is the method of the primary secret code.

Seeing this, Chief Long quickly started to set up the formation according to the Chu Feng’s formation technique diagram.

He understands Chu Feng’s meaning.

They are the means to break through the inextricable heavenly dye, but after all, the poison is attached to Taoist Master Long Er’s body.

If Taoist Master Long Er can regain consciousness and they cooperate, no matter how powerful Jie Tianran’s methods are, they can still find a way to break it.

Damn , brothers, you are getting better and better.”

“This formation technique is too mysterious. Even…even such powerful World Spiritist must obey your command.”

Wang Qiang was also amazed when he saw the layout diagram of Chu Feng’s formation technique. He could see how powerful the formation technique diagram of Chu Feng was.

“Brother, I’ll tell you in detail later.”

Chu Feng glanced at Wang Qiang and continued to observe.

Wang Qiang also understood and covered his mouth. Although he stuttered, he talked a lot. Due to his personality, sometimes he really couldn’t control it, even though he knew that this occasion was not suitable for talking too much.

Long Daochang, after all, is only one step away from being as powerful as Tianlong World Spiritist.

Spirit Formation technique is amazing.

The arrangement of formation technique was soon completed, and formation technique was really effective. Taoist Master Long Er’s consciousness began to gradually recover.

“Brother, your injury, this…was done by me?”

After Taoist Master Long Er recovered, he could tell at a glance that the injury sustained by Long Er was caused by his methods.

“Brother, kill me, I can’t control this poison.” Taoist Master Long Er was determined.

He had known for a long time that he was bewitched and had been thinking of ways to fight it.

But when he saw his elder brother’s injury, he knew that he had failed.

“Longyi senior, you arrange this formation.”

“Long Er senior, you decorate this formation technique.”

At this moment, the voice of Chu Feng sounded again, and two huge formation technique layout plans appeared in front of Chu Feng.

The formation technique that Taoist Master Long Er needs to deploy is relatively simple. After all, he is now controlled by Gu, and it is extremely difficult to maintain consciousness, and the formation cannot display his true strength.

“Boy, don’t talk nonsense. You can still be saved. Just do what Chu Feng young hero says.”

Chu Feng young hero‘s formation technique will definitely save you.” Chief Long said.

“Okay.” Taoist Master Long Er did not hesitate. Taking advantage of his temporary recovery of consciousness, he immediately began to arrange things according to formation technique.

The two Taoist priests cooperated internally and externally, and activated at the same time. Terrifying screams continued to come from Taoist Priest Long Er’s body.

Seeing this, Chu Feng began to strengthen Heaven’s Eyes.

In this case, it can be seen that there is a black Gu worm entrenched in the soul of Taoist Master Long Er.

The Gu insect is extremely long and looks like an earthworm. It has hundreds of red eyes on its head and sharp fangs. Its whole body is dark and covered with sharp black hairs. At the same time, its body is covered with hundreds of sharp hooks like sickles.

That terrifying scream came from this Gu insect.

The Gu insect screamed crazily and swung its body wildly at the same time. It was attacking Taoist Master Long Er and wanted to regain control of his body.

senior, this Gu can understand our words, let’s talk in secret next.”

“Taoist Master Long Er is now weak and extremely passive. It is impossible for him to untie this gu by himself.”

“This Gu is quite powerful. If you want to solve it, you must make some sacrifices.” Chu Feng said secretly.

Chu Feng young hero, as long as I can subdue this Gu and save my second brother’s life, no matter how big the sacrifice is, I will do it.”

Daochang Long also replied secretly.


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