Martial God Asura Chapter 5810: The traitor forces show off their power?


“Jiang Jingyu, as long as you hand over your son, I can let you return to the Alchemy Immortal Sect.”

“And give you the treatment you couldn’t get in the past.”

“This way, at least Jiang Yuantai can have a good future.”

“If not, can you keep the person I, Jia Lingyi, want?”

“If you wait until I catch Jiang Kongping with my own hands, you won’t even have this chance.”

Seeing that he could not defeat Jiang Jingyu, Jia Lingyi threatened him.

“Sir Lingyi, my son is still young, please be noble and let him go.” Jiang Jingyu begged.

“It’s just a son, why are you so persistent?” Jia Lingyi asked.

“Sir Lingyi, if he were your son, would you give it up?”

“If you insist on practicing, just take my life.” Jiang Jingyu sighed.

“Hahahaha…” But who would have thought that Jia Lingyi burst into laughter and immediately stopped his offensive.

This scene made Jiang Jingyu a little puzzled.

But after Jia Lingyi put away his offensive, he also immediately put away his offensive.

Seeing that, he was very afraid of Jia Lingyi and did not really want to be an enemy of Jia Lingyi.

“Yes, Jiang Jingyu, I did not misjudge you. I am very satisfied with your performance.” Jia Lingyi sighed.

“Lord Lingyi, you…are you?”

Jiang Jingyu was stunned, but he thought of a good possibility.

“Although meeting here is by chance, I have actually long since intended to recall you to the Alchemy Immortal Sect.”

“But after all, you have been away for a while, and I still need to test your character and whether you can be reused by me.”

“Fortunately, the result is satisfactory.” Jia Lingyi said.

“Lord Lingyi, so what you said before were just to test your subordinates?” Jiang Jingyu was overjoyed.

“Of course…” Jia Lingyi smiled faintly, but suddenly pointed his finger, and the power of the barrier turned into a sword, directly piercing Jiang Jingyu’s chest.

Then, the barrier sword turned into a sealing formation, and countless chains emerged, binding Jiang Jingyu in an instant.

“You…” Only then did Jiang Jingyu realize that he had been fooled.

“Stupid.” Jia Lingyi looked at Jiang Jingyu sarcastically.


Seeing this situation, Jiang Kongping and Jiang Yuantai rushed over immediately.

At the same time, Jiang Taibai and others also rushed over.

“You guys, didn’t I let you go?”

“What are you doing back here?”

Seeing these people coming back, Jiang Jingyu was not happy, but furious.

Jia Lingyi laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha… Such a scene of a loving father and a filial son, it really suits my taste.”

Jia Lingyi seemed to be afraid that Jiang Kongping would escape, so she quickly raised her hand and deployed a blocking formation to seal Jiang Kongping in it.

“Jia Lingyi, you are so old-fashioned that you don’t even want to look old anymore.”

“I have never seen a woman as despicable as you who can’t defeat someone but uses such damaging moves.”

At this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded.

Subsequently, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and others also flew down and appeared within Jia Lingyi’s sight.

“Who is it?” Seeing this formation, Jia Lingyi was also a little uneasy.

“Jia Lingyi, can’t you even hear my voice?”

“Why can’t you face your ugly and disgusting face with a mask?” Chu Feng said again.

“You, are you Chu Feng?” Jia Lingyi’s eyes widened, and she didn’t believe it.

But this voice is indeed Chu Feng’s.

And Chu Feng directly took off his hood again, revealing his true appearance again.

“Is it really you?”

“You little beast, are you still alive?”

Seeing Chu Feng, Jia Lingyi immediately gritted his teeth and had a murderous intention.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Taibai and Jiang Kongping were stunned.

Obviously, Chu Feng and Jia Lingyi have known each other for a long time, and they seem to have a deep hatred.


Suddenly, with a wave of his sleeve, Jia Lingyi expanded the sealing formation, sealing Chu Feng and others in it.

“Chu Feng, I didn’t expect you to be alive. Well, that’s great.”

Jia Lingyi gritted his teeth and looked at Chu Feng with a ferocious expression.

She had hated Chu Feng for a long time and wished she could eat Chu Feng’s flesh and drink Chu Feng’s blood.

But she also knew the relationship between Chu Feng and the Seven Realms Holy Palace.

As the son of Jie Ranqing.

Chu Feng’s life is very valuable now.

Compared with the relief of heartache, Chu Feng was killed directly.

Leaving Chu Feng to the Seven Realms Holy Mansion is undoubtedly a better choice.

“Why are you so expecting to be defeated by me again?” Chu Feng asked.


But as soon as Chu Feng said these words, Jia Lingyi laughed crazily.

“Chu Feng, don’t you still know about the Totem Dragon Clan?”

“The Totem Dragon Clan has rebelled. Long Chengyu, Long Muchi and their father are all dead.”

“And my Alchemy Immortal Sect is the hero who overthrew the Totem Dragon Clan, and has been reused by Master Longlin.”

“Your former supporter is now my supporter, Jia Lingyi.”

“Without Long Chengyu and Long Muxi to support you, who are you?”

“What’s more, you have offended the Seven Realms Holy Palace. What are you going to fight with me now?”

“Just rely on your own cultivation?”

“Or are you relying on friends like you who don’t know the truth and don’t know the heights of heaven and earth?”

Jia Lingyi stared at Chu Feng fiercely.

At the same time, he also looked at the people behind Chu Feng, his eyes scanning behind them one by one.

That was a threatening look.

As if to say, I know you have some abilities.

But what is Chu Feng’s identity?

What is my identity?

If you want to help Chu Feng fight against me, I advise you to think twice before doing so.


But at this moment, a small white hand stretched out from the cloak, and she was holding a token in her hand.

The token had four characters written on it, Xianhai Fish Clan.

As soon as the token came out, the light suddenly shone with overwhelming momentum, which proved that the token was not fake, but real.

“You…who are you?”

Seeing this token, Jia Lingyi also panicked.

Because the Immortal Sea Fish Clan is also a being that her Alchemy Immortal Sect cannot afford to offend.

The next moment, Xianhai Shaoyu also showed the Xianhai fish clan token.

“Two Xianhai fish clans?”

Seeing these two tokens, not to mention Jiang Taibai and others, even Jiang Jingyu was stunned.

How could they not know the existence of the Xianhai Fish Clan?

That is the dominant force in Xianhai Tianhe, one of the strongest forces in the vast martial arts world today.

The Alchemy Immortal Sect is a giant in front of them, but in front of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, it is not worth mentioning at all.

And then…

Totem Dragon Clan!

Cang Qiong Immortal Sect!

Seven Realms Holy Mansion!

The divine body is in heaven!

Wait for the tokens to appear one after another.

It’s Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan, Yuwen Yanri and others.

Even Lingxiao and Jie Baobao showed their respective tokens.


Looking at these, the shining tokens of Tianhe Overlord, Jiang Jingyu and Jiang Taibai were stunned.

Jiang Yuantai and Jiang Kongping were so frightened that they broke into cold sweat and trembled.

These are all behemoths that rule a region of the Milky Way.

It is the strongest force in the vast martial arts world today.

Chu Feng…

Chu Feng, he…

Have you actually received the support of such forces?

“You, who are you?”

Jia Lingyi spoke again, her voice trembling slightly.

“Although you are of low status, you are not qualified to see my true face.”

“But you, a traitor who helps the tyranny of evil, how dare you look down on my brother and show off your power in front of my brother?”

“Then I need to let you know who you have offended today.”

Xianhai Shaoyu spoke.

At this point, Xianhai Shaoyu directly pulled off his cloak, revealing his true appearance.

Immediately afterwards, Xianhai Yu’er, Long Chengyu, Long Muxi, Yuwen Yanri, Wang Qiang, and even Qin Xuan, Lingxiao, and Jie Baobao all pulled off their cloaks and revealed their true colors. Allow.

They raised their hands, the tokens representing their powerful identities, and spoke one after another…

“Xianhai fish tribe, Xianhai fish tribe, Xianhai fish.”

“Totem Dragon Clan, Long Chengyu.”

“Totem Dragon Clan, Long Muxi.”

“Cang Qiong Immortal Sect, Qin Xuan.”

“The Holy Palace of the Seven Realms, Lingxiao.”

“Seven Realms Holy Palace, Realm Baby.”

“The heavenly mansion of the divine body, the blazing sun of Yuwen.”

“God, God, God… Divine Body, Heavenly Mansion, King, King… Wang Qiang.”


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