Martial God Asura Chapter 5803: Has two levels, Heavenly Thunder bloodline



Seven Worlds Saint Palace‘s grudge and I have no connection with you yet.”

“You have also contributed in the ancient palace. If you want to go together, of course you can.” Chu Feng said to Lingxiao and the other two.

“Then we can be counted as two of us.” Ling Xiao said.

“Okay, since everyone agrees, it’s easy to handle.”

“Next, our rely on Nine Heavens peak power leaves here.”

“I’m going to prepare formation technique first. You guys will wait for me here.”

After Chu Feng said this, a teleportation force enveloped him.

When Chu Feng reappeared, they came to the temple where Jiudian Grandmaster was.

Jiudian Grandmaster, waiting here for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng benefactor, are you ready to leave?” Jiudian Grandmaster asked.

“Thank you Grandmaster.” Chu Feng said.

“Where do you want to go? Although I can’t help you get there directly, I can try my best to give you a ride.” Jiudian Grandmaster asked.

Grandmaster, is it convenient here?”

Chu Feng directly uses the Spirit Formation method to outline a map.

That is a Upper Realm in Totem Galaxy.


Jiudian Grandmaster smiled slightly, then pinched a Buddhist bead in his hand and pinched the magic formula with the other hand.


The next moment, standing above Ranmai Village, all the formation technique power related to the top of Nine Heavens disappeared instantly.

“This feeling…”

Nine Heavens Summit has left Burning Pulse ordinary realm?”

“Seven Realms palace master, let the top of Nine Heavens leave like this?”

Everyone outside Ranmai Village noticed that Nine Heavens Peak had left.

They are not surprised by this. The top of Nine Heavens is not a fixed thing, but can move freely, so its whereabouts are unpredictable.

What surprised them was the attitude of Seven Realms palace master.

They have confirmed that Seven Realms palace master has reached Tianlong World Spiritist.

Although the formation technique at the top of Nine Heavens is powerful, the Denon World Spiritist is equally powerful. After all, this is the realm in legend.

And Chu Feng should be at the top of Nine Heavens, but Seven Realms palace master actually let the top of Nine Heavens leave without caring?

This made them confused.

But in fact, palace master of the Seven Realms was still in the floating hall, with his eyes bright, observing the situation of beyond the heavens.

I want to determine which direction the top of Nine Heavens is going.

But even in his current cultivation realm, he is still unable to observe it.

But he was not surprised by this.

The power of formation technique at the top of Nine Heavens, he Seven Worlds Saint Palace has always wanted to get.

There is a reason why I haven’t been able to get it.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to stop it, it’s that he doesn’t have the ability.

So he turned to look behind him: “Tian’er, get up.”

It turned out that it was Jie Tian who was kneeling behind him.

“Grandpa, I can’t help you.”

Jie Tian refused to get up, or even raise one’s head, but he could see drops of tears falling continuously.

“Tian’er, it’s not me you can’t forgive, it’s yourself who you can’t forgive.”

“I chose this time to reveal your identity because I wanted to make you famous.”

“But I never expected that you would become a stepping stone for Chu Feng’s.”

“It would be fine if it were someone else, but it is Chu Feng.”

Seven Realms palace master said this and shook his head with a wry smile.

“Grandpa, but I…I didn’t lose to Chu Feng.” Jie Tian said.

“Is there a difference?”

“At the top of Nine Heavens, when the descendants of ancient Celestial Clan provoked you, where were you?” Seven Realms palace master asked.

“I…” Jie Tian didn’t know how to answer.

At that time, he was defeated by Little Fishy, but could not leave the top of Nine Heavens and was locked up by Liu Kuo.

The junior at the top of Nine Heavens was teleported out.

What happened at the top of Nine Heavens has spread…

He also knew that the five Huangfu Celestial Clan were the inheritors of the ancient Celestial Clan, and they were extremely powerful.

It was Chu Feng who defeated Huangfu Shengyu, the strongest among them, and defended the honor of contemporary cultivator.

“The summit of Nine Heavens is over, so the number one on the ranking list is you?” Seven Realms palace master asked again.

Jie Tian still can’t answer. He also has a first place, but his first place is the first place in the elimination list.

And Chu Feng is the real number one on top of Nine Heavens.

Unless there is a junior who can defeat Chu Feng.

If not, Chu Feng‘s performance at the top of Nine Heavens is recognized as the strongest junior in the vast martial cultivation world.

Seven Realms palace master continued to ask: “Are you the one who conquered Pulse Source?”

Jie Tian clenched his fists, his expression was both unwilling and depressed. He had already heard that Chu Feng had conquered Pulse Source.

As for the power of Pulse Source, he didn’t know whether he could conquer it.

But he still said: “Grandpa, Tianer guarantee, I will never let you down again.”

“I will defeat Chu Feng and let the world know who is the strongest junior in this vast martial cultivation world.”

Seven Realms palace master did not speak. He seemed to be completely disappointed with Jie Tian and no longer had any expectations.

“Grandpa, please allow me to enter the forbidden land of my ancestors cultivation.” Jie Tian said.

Hearing this, Seven Realms palace master also had a look of surprise on his disappointed face.

“You want to go to the Forbidden Land of the Ancestors, have you thought about it?” Seven Realms palace master asked.

“Grandpa, Tian’er has thought about it. Tian’er has embarrassed you this time, but it will never happen again.” Jie Tian said.

“Tian’er, what is the Forbidden Land of the Ancestors? I have told you before. You should know how powerful it is.”

“But since you have decided, I will fulfill your wish, and I also hope… that you will never let me down again.”

“In the Age of Gods, you are not only carrying the future of my Seven Worlds Saint Palace.”

“It is also the glory of my Seven Worlds Saint Palace moment.”

Seven Realms palace master said.


At the same time, Jiudian Grandmaster specially prepared a place for Chu Feng to set up the formation.

Chu Feng knows that those geniuses have powerful guardians formation technique.

At the top of Nine Heavens, the guard formation technique was restrained by formation technique at the top of Nine Heavens and was unable to play its role.

But after leaving the top of Nine Heavens, their guardian formation technique will be restored.

Chu Feng cannot destroy other people’s Guardian formation technique, so you cannot use Guardian Nightmare.

If you want to implement complete isolation under this premise, even if the other party cooperates, the formation technique that needs to be arranged will be difficult.

Right now, Chu Feng has prepared sufficient materials, but they did not set up their formation immediately. Instead, they entered their own dantian world.

There is one thing that Chu Feng wants to make sure of.

It is worth mentioning that as soon as Chu Feng entered the world of dantian, he found that there was an endless red thunder in front of him.

It’s the red thunder huge beast, it’s right in front of Chu Feng.

It… seems to have been waiting for Chu Feng for a long time.

“I just came in, I’m so patient.”

The rich sound of Red Thunder huge beast resounded throughout Endless dantian.

“It seems that that is not junior‘s illusion.” When Chu Feng saw this scene, he knew what Red Thunder huge beast wanted to say to him.

After all, usually, when you call it Chu Feng, it ignores you.

This is the first time I have communicated with myself so actively.

“It’s not an illusion. There are indeed two Heavenly Thunder bloodlines in your body.” Red Thunder huge beast said.


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