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And according to Chu Feng’s guess, his grandfather is also likely to be the chief culprit for imprisoning his mother.


If Chu Feng wants to save his mother in the future, the master of the Seven Realms Saint Palace, that is, his grandfather, will also be the most troublesome person for Chu Feng.


“So, the totem phoenix family, the blood-eyed unicorn family, and the already disappeared families are still in this world, and they are all related to the Seven Realms Holy Palace?”


“This Seven Worlds Holy Mansion is really damn!!!”


Long Muxi became furious, the totem phoenix clan was fine, but the blood-eyed unicorn clan had a feud with his totem dragon clan.


The master of the Seven Realms Holy Palace not only secretly protected the blood-eyed unicorns, but also let the blood-eyed unicorns perform missions with his totem dragon clan.


Such behaviors simply do not treat his totem dragon clan as a human being at all.


“Originally, this matter cannot be said. My father told me to keep it secret.”


“But I didn’t expect that things would be like this.”


“I guess my father must have been kept in the dark as well. He didn’t even know that the blood-eyed unicorns still existed and participated in this operation.”


“If he knew, he would definitely not agree.”


“But since we can’t leave, we can only follow the original plan, otherwise… what should we do?”


“What if…I mean what if, what if father actually knows that the blood-eyed unicorns are alive and that the blood-eyed unicorns are involved?”


Long Chengyu tried his best to explain his thoughts. He should also be very afraid that Long Muxi would blame him. He knew some truths, but he still wanted to continue to complete this matter.


“You don’t have to blame yourself, there is nothing wrong with us continuing to complete the task, and it is not our fault.”


“I’d better ask my father about this matter after I leave here.”


Long Muxi looked at Long Chengyu, she didn’t blame, but understood.


This made Long Chengyu feel a lot easier, because…he really cared about what his sister thought of him.


“Chu Feng, your grandfather is not simple.”


“To have such two powerful families work for him.”


At this time, Her Lady Queen also said, but her tone was rarely serious. After all, she was also aware of the relationship between the master of the Seven Realms Saint Palace and Chu Feng.


“Indeed.” Chu Feng could not deny that, judging from this matter, his grandfather was indeed very capable.


But for Chu Feng, it is not good news.


“Brother Chu Feng, what do you think?”


“Do you think the totem phoenix clan and the blood-eyed unicorn clan are secretly protected by the Seven Realms Holy Palace?”


“Are they already under the command of the Seven Realms Saint Palace?”


Long Chengyu asked Chu Feng.


“I fought with Feng Jiuyue before, and she threw out a special magic treasure.”


“The treasure of that formation can limit force, and within that formation, only the technique of enchantment can be performed.”


“And that treasure belongs to the Seven Realms Saint Palace.”


“I asked her about her relationship with the Seven Realms Palace, but she would rather die than answer.”


Chu Feng did not answer directly, but these words have already given his answer.


“Damn the Holy Palace of the Seven Realms, the age of gods has begun, this is throwing all their trump cards.” Long Chengyu gritted his teeth angrily.


“Do you know what benefits you can gain from the cooperation between the Seven Realms Saint Palace and your Totem Dragon Clan?” Chu Feng asked again.


“My father only told me that the Holy Palace of the Seven Realms asked him to help, and asked me to come here with the strongest bloodline of the Totem Dragon Clan. As for the benefits, I don’t know.” Long Chengyu said.


“Your father, it shouldn’t be possible to do business at a loss, right?” Chu Feng asked.


“It definitely won’t.”


“No matter how powerful the Seven Realms Holy Mansion is, my totem dragon clan is not weak, and we are still equals.” Long Chengyu meant.


If the Totem Dragon Clan cooperates with the Seven Realms Holy Palace, it is cooperation, not that the Totem Dragon Clan wants to do things for the Seven Realms Holy Palace for free.


“Then follow your father’s instructions.”


“Let’s talk about other things after leaving this place.” Chu Feng said.




Suddenly, the ground trembled, and soon those unfinished formations went out again.


“It’s time to rest again?” Long Chengyu sighed.


Chu Feng hurriedly took out the compass and put it on the ground.


“Brother Chu Feng, what is this?”


Seeing the compass, Long Chengyu and Long Muxi all cast their gazes over.


“Don’t talk to me yet, this compass is related to our lives and safety, I need to concentrate on observing it.” Chu Feng said.


Just this one sentence made Long Chengyu and Long Muxi understand the importance of the compass.


So even though the two were curious, they stopped asking, and instead observed the compass together like Chu Feng.


Because they can also see that the compass is a deciphered compass, and they also want to see if they can unlock the secrets on it.


Not long after, the objects on the compass began to move.


But the method of exercise is different from before.


Chu Feng stared at it seriously, like last time, he didn’t even dare to blink his eyes.


The same is true for Long Chengyu and Long Muxi.


But the more they watched, the more upset and irritable they became, and they even felt like they were going crazy.


In the end, Long Chengyu had no choice but to give up, and when he gave up, his face was covered in sweat and he was out of breath.


Because he had just observed, he had consumed too much, and almost lost his mind, so that after he stopped observing, he felt a sense of relief and relaxation.


At this time, he couldn’t help looking at his sister, and found that his sister Long Muxi no longer observed the compass, and was also sweating profusely and panting, her appearance was similar to his.


“Brother Chu Feng, you are really perverted.” Long Chengyu said in secret voice transmission.


Regarding this sentence, Long Muxi actually smiled. Although the smile was light, he also admitted what Long Chengyu said.


Of course, for the two siblings, this pervert is not a derogatory term but a commendatory term.


Because when the two of them, siblings, were unable to observe the compass any longer, Chu Feng still stared at the compass intently without changing his expression.


Just like what Long Chengyu said, after being with Chu Feng for a long time, he almost lost his confidence.


What Chu Feng did reminded him all the time of the gap between him and Chu Feng.


And Chu Feng stared at it for a full two hours.


Two hours later, all formations were restored, and the compass returned to its previous appearance.


“Chu Feng, how is it? Did you gain anything this time?” Her Lady Queen asked immediately.


“No, this time there is no opportunity for martial arts or enchantment.”


“But I discovered something.” Chu Feng said to Her Lady Queen.


At this moment, Chu Feng also noticed that the phantoms above Long Chengyu and Long Muxi’s heads had changed. The phantoms spread, and even spread to their whole bodies.


“Is it a change just now?” Chu Feng got up and asked Long Chengyu.


“That’s right, that’s the change after the rest time is over.”


“However, this seems to be a good change.” Long Chengyu was also looking at the phantoms around him, with an unconcealable excitement on his face.


“Can you feel something?” Chu Feng asked.


“It’s a very good feeling. With the help of this phantom, we only need one opportunity, and the power of our bloodline should be greatly improved.” Long Chengyu said.


“It’s similar to my feeling.” Although Chu Feng can only observe from the outside, he can also observe the changes in the phantom.


For Long Chengyu and the others, it is a power that is of great help, but this power needs an opportunity to be triggered.


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