Martial God Asura Chapter 2: Beauty Elder



Chu Feng is not the Chu family, but the adopted son of Chu Yuan, the fifth oldest of the Chu family.


   This led to Chu Feng being squeezed out and humiliated since he was a child. If Chu Yuan did his best to protect him, he would have been expelled from the Chu family. Therefore, Chu Feng was extremely grateful to Chu Yuan and vowed to become Chu Yuan’s pride. , Win glory for it.


   Five years ago, Chu Feng was just ten years old, the best age for martial arts.


   At that time, he was full of expectations for Xiuwu, because he felt that the time had come to prove himself.


   But he never thought that a month before he entered the Azure Dragon Sect, a divine thunder struck his body and entered his Dantian.


   At first, Chu Feng thought it was a good fortune, because after he practiced martial arts, he made rapid progress and reached the second level of Lingwu in just two months.


   Such a speed is beyond common sense, so that Chu Feng did not dare to tell anyone about it, but instead practiced silently with hidden strength.


   But the good times didn’t last long. Just when Chu Feng thought that he had become a genius for Xiuwu, his body changed.


   It was this change that caused his cultivation to stagnate, and he was considered to be an extremely talented generation.




   At this moment, the fairy grass in Chu Feng’s hand is being refining and being absorbed by his Dantian.


   The speed of refining is so fast that it is beyond common sense. Normally, with Chu Feng’s strength, this fairy grass needs at least one month of refining.


   But it was only a moment, and most of it had been refined, and Chu Feng’s pubic pubic area, which was like a bottomless pit, finally felt like it was filled.


   “Om.” Suddenly, a ray of light appeared in Chu Feng’s hand, and the half of the fairy grass dissipated in an instant.


   At the same time, earth-shaking changes have taken place in Chu Feng’s dantian.


   The nine behemoths of thunder intertwined with each other, surging rapidly, condensing, and finally turned into a pill-like body.


   After the formation of this pill, a steady stream of spiritual energy rushed out of it, washing Chu Feng’s body like a tide, and quickly permeating his whole body.




  Chu Feng opened his eyes suddenly, and there was a glimmer of thunder in his eyes, a feeling of inexpressible joy hung on his face.


   “It succeeded, for five full years, I, Chu Feng, finally succeeded.” Chu Feng was so ecstatic that he suddenly jumped off the bedside, walking back and forth on the ground, while looking at his body.


The journey of    Xiuwu, the known realms are:


   There are four realms of Lingwu, Yuanwu, Xuanwu, and Tianwu, each of which is divided into nine levels.


   Lingwu First Heavy, mainly exercises the physical body through special methods, thereby enhancing the strength.


   But when you reach the second level of Lingwu, you must use Fajue to condense aura. Only those who successfully condense the aura in the pubic area can be regarded as a true step into the path of martial arts.


  Chu Feng’s body changes are precisely unable to condense aura, because the divine thunder in his dantian, like nine beasts that relieves hunger, will be swallowed by that divine thunder.


   But he was not discouraged, because he found that although the divine thunder swallows spiritual energy, there is a limit. As long as you keep instilling spiritual energy into your dantian, you will be able to fill it up one day.


   And today, he finally succeeded.


  ”This kind of feeling is so strong, and the continuous aura is rushing through the body, as if it is about to break out of the body.”


   Chu Feng felt incredible. He didn’t think that the **** thunder would directly condense into a pill, entrenched in the dantian, and the spiritual energy exuded by the **** thunder was very rich, beyond imagination.


   He knew that even if he had been practicing endlessly for the past five years, it was impossible to condense such a powerful aura, and the reason for this is precisely because of the divine thunder.


   “Om.” But at this moment, Chu Feng’s body suddenly stiffened, and his expression changed drastically.


   Shen Lei was changing, his power instantly increased several times, and he broke through again, stepping into the fourth level of Lingwu.


   “Is the bitterness coming?”


  Chu Feng clenched his fists and felt the explosive power in his body. He felt that the hardship he had suffered in the past five years was worth it.


   broke through twice in a row, this incredible way to become stronger, finally came back.


   Suddenly, he cast his sharp gaze in the direction of the inner door, and said in a low voice: “Chu Zhen, I am going to fix your fairy grass.”


   Qinglongzong recruits disciples only once a year, and each time lasts for ten days.


   Ten days later, the annual inner gate assessment will also begin, and this time, Chu Feng, who has been silent for five years, finally participated.


  The assessment site is a huge underground palace. There are tens of thousands of people in the main hall of the underground palace.


   Most of these people are the Lingwu Triple, because everyone knows that the inner gate assessment requires at least the Lingwu Triple to pass.


   However, there are some disciples of Lingwu Erzhong who want to come to fish in troubled waters. There are such people every year, but most of them end in failure.


   It is worth mentioning that there are still a small group of people who are the fourth level of Lingwu. They are not mediocre people with slow cultivation. On the contrary, some people are geniuses.


   They deliberately chose to participate in the inner gate assessment at the time of the Fourth Layer of Lingwu. As for the reason, it was for reward.


   Lingwu Triple, you can already practice martial arts.


  Martial arts is a powerful means of attack, not only able to display the strength to the fullest, but also to gain power beyond the limits of the human body.


   Because of this, martial arts are so precious that even rich families don’t have it. This is why every major family also sends descendants into the sect for training.


  Because every sect possesses a large number of martial arts, and in this Qinglong sect, as long as you become an inner disciple, you can practice martial arts.


   However, martial arts are also divided into ranks, which are divided into nine stages from weak to strong.


   In the inner door, you can practice to the best, and it’s only three martial arts.


   But in the annual inner gate assessment, the first person to pass the assessment can get a four-stage martial arts book.


   Therefore, the reason why some people would rather practice in the outer door rather than enter the inner door is because of the four-stage martial arts.


   “Look, isn’t that Yang Tianyu?”


   “Wow, it’s really him. At only thirteen years old, he has reached the fourth level of Lingwu. It seems that he is the number one in this assessment.”


  Among the crowds, an immature teenager caught people’s attention, who was exactly a boy.


   There are hundreds of thousands of outer disciples, most of whom are unknown characters, but some people are the focus of attention. Most of these people are geniuses, and Yang Tianyu is one of them.


  ”That may not be true. No matter how good Yang Tianyu is, but he is always a child, it is difficult to win the first place.”


  ”Cyan Dragon Sect Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, sometimes genius may not be better than mediocrity, such as Duan Yuxuan.” An outside disciple pointed his hand at an indifferent young man.


  This person is named Duan Yuxuan. He has been in the Azure Dragon Sect for six years. He was originally an unknown person.


   Just a few months ago, he actually defeated a Lingwu quadruple inner disciple. Since then, his reputation has spread and he has become the focal point of the outer door.


   “Quiet.” Suddenly, a loud voice sounded.


   fixed their eyes, everyone couldn’t help but saw a dozen figures appearing on the high platform of the main hall.


   Most of these people are elderly people, who are elders of the outer door, but the headed one is not only extremely young, but also a beautiful woman.


  The woman has a tight red dress on her body, which outlines the enchanting curve, especially under the skirt, the straight white jade legs are perfect.


  The woman is not only face is extremely charming, with apricot eyes, red lips and melon seed face, just like a standard fox face.


   And she is the famous beauty elder of the Azure Dragon Sect, Su Rou.


   This Su Rou, but the number one person, worshipped the Azure Dragon Sect at the age of ten, entered the inner gate at the age of twelve, and became a core disciple at the age of fifteen.


   But when everyone was optimistic about her and felt that she was expected to become the first disciple of the Azure Dragon Sect, she suddenly became an elder.


  No one knows the inside story of this change, and it is still a mystery and is talked about by people.


   “Wow, it turned out to be Elder Su Rou. She is not the elder of the inner door? How come to the outer door?” As soon as Su Rou appeared, all the male disciples opened their mouths wide, and some even slobbered.


   Outer disciples are very young, most of them are teenagers, and some are children. For their age, mature and **** women like Su Rou are the most attractive.


  Su Rou also didn’t have the elder’s airs at all, but smiled charmingly at everyone, and said softly:


  ”The assessment rules are very simple. Enter through the gate behind me, and then exit through the gate to pass the assessment.”


  ”The only difference is that the first person who passes the assessment can get a four-stage martial arts, which is impossible to practice in the inner sect.”


  ”But it is worth mentioning that this year’s number one will receive another special prize.”


   “In a sense, this prize is even more precious than the previous two~” At this point, Su Rou deliberately stretched her tone, and the atmosphere of temptation filled the whole hall.


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