Keyboard Immortal Chapter 743: Despair

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“What kind of person does my brother-in-law look like?” At this time, a “young man” with red lips and white teeth came over after hearing the news. Who was it if it wasn’t Chu Youzhao?

Zu An couldn’t help but sigh, for the same handsome boy, You Zhao looked cuter, and Xie Xiu was the leader after all.

The honey-skinned Murong Qinghe has always been inseparable from Chu Youzhao. At this time, she was also secretly sizing up Xie Xiu, frowning slightly. Recently, star chasing has become popular in the circles of ladies and ladies in the capital, describing his handsomeness. There is nothing in heaven or earth, and some girls even confessed that they found the meaning of life because they fell in love with him, allowing themselves to face life more positively and so on.

We have seen him a few times, but I feel that he is not as handsome as my brother Chu. Even brother Zu is more handsome than him. Why are those girls so obsessed with him?

This was not the first time that Xie Xiu and Murong Qinghe met. When they met for the first time, they saw that each other was beautiful and tried to get closer to each other.

As it turned out, he found out that she had a deep love for the eldest son of the Chu family, and the two of them were in and out of each other all day long, so he immediately stopped thinking about it.

Not to mention the Xie family and the Chu family, he only likes girls who are devoted to him, who is his wife, other people’s girlfriends, they are all heretics, and he doesn’t know what kind of perversion they are. That’s how you like this.

The two people’s eyes instantly separated each other, and they both put each other into a category that they did not consider at all.

Because several handsome men and beauties were standing together, many people around were looking here. Xie Xiu was worried that his identity would be exposed and attract the attention of some fanatical girls. He bowed his hand to Zu An: “Brother Zu, sister. Please don’t take too much care of me.”

After saying that, he put on his mask again and disappeared into the crowd.

Chu Youzhao asked sensitively: “Why does his sister ask you for help?”

When my sister is not around, I have to protect my brother-in-law and don’t let the coquettish **** outside come and eat him.

Zu An briefly explained what had just happened, and Murong Qinghe was a little puzzled: “Miss Xie comes from a scholarly family. She doesn’t know that the world is dangerous and she should take care of her, but why did he ask you not to take too much care of her? How can you ask for such a favor? ”

Zu An suddenly sweated. He didn’t have the nerve to say that the other party was worried that he would take care of his sister in bed, so he made up a random reason and dealt with it.

Finally, the team started urging, and Chu Youzhao reluctantly said goodbye to Zu An.

Murong Qinghe looked at Chu Youzhao with some confusion, thinking that Brother Chu was usually quite masculine, but why did Brother Zu act like a girl every time he saw him, and the relationship between him and his brother-in-law was too good Already?

She was suddenly shocked. Could it be that Brother Chu actually liked men?

As soon as this idea came to her mind, she was immediately entangled. She wanted to ask but didn’t dare to ask. In the end, she could only comfort herself. It should be that Brother Chu was still young and had a natural sense of admiration for heroes. Brother Zu was indeed better than the capital. Those young masters are much more powerful, and since they are his brother-in-law, it is normal for them to look up to him.

Zu An naturally didn’t know that his relationship with Chu Youzhao had been misunderstood. After returning to the team, deputy general Zhang Zijiang said with a smile: “Master Zu’s friends all have prominent family backgrounds, which is really enviable.”

Wang Bolin on the side snorted, obviously thinking that it was because of this background that Zu An got into this position.

Feeling the hostility between the two of them, Zu An smiled brightly and didn’t bother to explain. Now that he was playing against the Demon King and Zhao Hao, how could he care about this.

Along the way, the large army headed towards Zishan. Wang Bolin and Zhang Zijiang came to Zu An several times to discuss the plans for this trip.

“You two are veteran generals in the army. I guess you are quite familiar with these details. Let’s just follow their plan.” Zu An answered politely.

Seeing that he seemed to be empty, Wang Bolin became more and more contemptuous of him. Zhang Zijiang maintained a surface of respect at first, but after walking for a few days, he found that he really didn’t have any ideas, and everything was decided by the two of them. Now there is no vitality fluctuation in his body, just like ordinary people, and he can’t help but start to despise him.

This guy Zu An may have had some abilities before, but he must have suffered some injury recently that caused a great loss in his cultivation. He only took this position completely relying on the connections of relatives and friends. It is a pity that our great Zhou Dynasty has always spoken with strength, virtue Failure to match will lead to disaster.

The change in attitude between the two people was not hidden from Zu An’s eyes, but he did not take it seriously.

In his opinion, he did not need to worry about the specific matters such as setting up camps along the way, even repairing the palace behind Zishan, eliminating safety hazards, etc. The two of them were not aware of the real dangers at all.

After walking like this for several days, suddenly a scout from the front army came to report that there was a fierce battle in a valley dozens of miles away in the southwest. The two parties fighting were not government officials, but probably rogue bandits.

Zu An said: “Since they are rogues, let’s leave them to the local officials. We have important things to do, so don’t delay the business.”

Because Zhao Hao is his imaginary enemy, he doesn’t really want to be an enemy of these armies that resist the imperial court, especially with Yun Jianyue’s relationship. If I remember correctly, their demon sect also seems to have a resistance army. It would be bad if a flood washed away the Dragon King Temple.

Who knew that Zhang Zijiang said seriously: “As the emperor’s personal soldiers, we have the responsibility to help the country. Now that we have encountered him, how can we avoid it?”

Habayashi Wei is usually in the palace. Although it sounds majestic, there is basically not much use for it, and naturally there is no chance to perform meritorious service. This time going to Zishan is just a formality. After all, the emperor is invincible in the world, who has the brains to do it? Dare to go against the emperor?

In his opinion, the mission to Zishan was quite satisfactory and not a great achievement.

But it would be very different if a group of rebels were suppressed on the road. Although the world is generally peaceful, the rebellion led by Lu Sanyuan has never been quelled. As a result, rebels in various places have the potential to start a prairie fire. Having a headache about this.

If I can suppress a group of rebels and make great achievements, maybe the tide will rise. Even if General Habayashi Zhonglang has been acquired by Zu An, I can also become a commander in other brother armies such as Huben and Shanqi.

Zu An said in a deep voice: “Now we have important things to do. Now that the enemy’s situation is unclear, acting rashly will be a serious crime if we delay the trip or miss the date.”

At this time, Wang Bolin sneered: “The rebel thieves have accomplished something big. If Master Zu is worried, Wang is willing to lead fifty Yulin Lang to suppress the enemy.”

After saying that, without waiting for Zu An’s consent, he gathered the fifty Yulin Guards who were usually close to him and headed directly to the west valley.

Zhang Zijiang became anxious when he saw this. If Wang Bolin got the credit, wouldn’t he have to drink the northwest wind?

So he also ordered fifty Yulin guards: “Master Zu, please rest here for a while. Zhang will come as soon as he goes.”

After saying that, he also rode on his horse to catch up, fearing that he would be half a point behind Wang Bolin.

At this time, the entire Yulin Guard also noticed something unusual at the top. Seeing that the two deputy generals were so disrespectful to the commander-in-chief, the commander-in-chief had no choice but to look at Zu An strangely.

Only the group of people who went to Yunzhong County with them were indignant, but their number was too small in the entire Yulin Guard and they could not change the overall situation at all.

Zu An looked calm and looked towards the valley to the southwest, thinking that this is all I can do, and I hope the rebels over there wish themselves well.

At this time, in the southwest valley, a graceful and quiet figure was running away in an extremely embarrassed manner. There were rebels all over the mountains and plains. It was not known whether these people had taken the wrong medicine and had to catch her.

Feeling the depleted vitality in her body, a trace of despair flashed across her face.


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