Keyboard Immortal Chapter 742: Revenge

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Everyone turned around, wondering who could be so aggressive and dare to say such things to Sun Xun in Yijun’s territory.

Sun Xun’s face was covered with frost, his face was twitching slightly, and murderous intent was already revealed in his eyes.

“The guests in your Xiaoyao Building are really talented.” Sun Xun glanced at the Fat Venerable and sneered.

The Fat Lord feels that he is fatter than usual today, why are all kinds of bad things happening.

He saw that the person who made the noise was wearing an ordinary mask and was walking up from the second floor. He was not the most distinguished jade guest in the building. Then he secretly breathed a sigh of relief: “Don’t be impulsive, you two. What’s happening here has nothing to do with you.”

He had already glanced at the other party with his cultivation. The vitality fluctuations in the two of them were no more than the sixth level. Whether it was Sun Xun or himself, he could crush them to death with one hand. He didn’t know where the confidence came from.

He thought about No. 333 again. Are all sixth-grade people so crazy today?

I thought that by letting each other step down and showing their own cultivation at the same time, they would leave in good faith. Who knew that the two of them walked straight towards Sun Xun without even looking at him.

“Did you just say that you are Wang Fa?”

Sun Xun frowned and directly ordered his subordinates: “What are you doing standing there in a daze? Do you have to ask me to speak?”

I am a grand master and the prime minister of a vassal state. I have already lost my status by talking so much to No. 333, and now I don’t bother to talk to them at all.

Feeling the master’s dissatisfaction, the guards immediately pounced on the two men like wolves and tigers.

Who knew that at this moment, the opponent took out a gold medal: “Who dares!”

The guards were stunned, and the entire third floor became quiet, because everyone could clearly see the words on the gold medal: “Gozen Yulin”.

“From the imperial palace??” Not everyone is qualified to use the word “imperial”, so everyone quickly realized.

Some people familiar with the official system immediately realized that this should be the waist badge of Lang Habayashi in the imperial palace, who specializes in guarding the safety of the forbidden palace. How could he appear here.

The guards looked at Sun Xun as if asking for help, and Sun Xun’s expression also changed, because he suddenly thought that he had received information recently, and it seemed that the imperial envoy’s team had also arrived in Yi County.

Previously, the prefect of Yi County and the officials of Yan State went to pick up Feng Xichen. However, although the imperial envoy met them once, he said that he was infected with the cold and would not disembark. Everyone immediately understood that the other party was an important person and had no intention of interacting with the officialdom of Yi County. What’s going on?

In this way, the officials of Yi County breathed a sigh of relief. After all, there was no shameful thing. Although the imperial envoy was heading to Yunzhong County, if someone accidentally found out about Yi County, What, I don’t know how many people are going to die.

Sun Xun never expected that he would meet someone from the imperial mission in Xiaoyao Tower. He immediately put on a brand new face, with a warm smile on his gloomy face: “Two generals It is a sin for Sun to miss his welcome after coming from afar.”

As he was just an imperial guard, there was no need for him to be so polite. The main reason was that Habayashi Lang was basically a meritorious son in the capital, and there were major families behind him. He didn’t want to accidentally offend the big guys in the capital.

“You are so polite, I really don’t dare to accept it.” These two people are naturally Pei You and Gao Ying. One of them was red-faced after losing in the casino, and the other was sweating profusely on the second floor. As a result, the stories continued one after another on the third floor. The commotion made the two men no longer able to concentrate on their own affairs, and they could only rush up angrily to check the situation.

When I saw that Zu An was being made things difficult for me, good guy, is this okay? So he rushed out to help.

Hearing the ridicule in the two people’s voices, Sun Xun was secretly angry, but his face did not show a trace of it: “Today the dog was robbed and murdered. I am investigating the case here. Because I was heartbroken after losing my son, I couldn’t speak on impulse. I hope the two generals won’t be offended.”

There is no problem in saying what I just said in Yi County, but if it is really spread back to the capital, there will still be a lot of trouble.

Although it is impossible for the court to do anything to him because of such a small incident, the bad impression left on the emperor or the big shots in the court will affect what happens next.

“Oh?” The two people hurried over, not knowing what happened, so they went straight to Zu An and asked him, and Zu An basically told them.

“So they know each other!” Sun Xun saw this and frowned tightly. This was not going to be easy.

The Fat Lord also widened his eyes, and then subconsciously looked at Tang Tian’er, and said via voice transmission: “Didn’t you say he is from the Sea Clan?”

Tang Tian’er also looked confused: “I don’t know either. Could it be that the Hai Clan has something to do with the imperial court now??”

“It’s not impossible.” However, the Fat Lord had no time to think about this now. When he thought that even the imperial envoys and palace guards were involved, he was deeply worried that it would have a negative impact on Xiaoyao Tower. The superiors will probably punish him for his poor performance.

After listening to Zu An’s story, Pei You and Gao Ying looked at Sun Xun angrily: “Master Sun, since all the evidence proves that he is innocent, why do we still arrest him?”

Although the other party has a high level of cultivation, he is also a minister of the Great Zhou Dynasty. They are now handling the case according to the order. In addition, they are used to big bosses in the capital. There are even masters of the same level as Sun Xun in the family, so how can they take him seriously? inside.

“This…” Sun Xun hesitated for a moment, then changed his words, “I didn’t think carefully.” The other party has a relationship with the imperial mission, so he can’t do anything with power.

At this time, Zu An said: “There is a lot that can be improved by knowing your mistakes. Mr. Sun, you must sincerely serve the people in the future, and do not abuse the power given to you by the court.”

Sun Xun: “…”

I gave you two colors and you opened a dyeing workshop?

Being reprimanded in front of so many people, he looked a little embarrassed: “May I ask what your official position is?”

The anger value from Sun Xun is +444+444+444…

Zu An said calmly: “I have no official position. As long as the people in the world can say what I just said, does Master Sun think there is anything wrong??”

Sun Xun choked for breath, and then exhaled after a while: “You’re right.”

The anger value from Sun Xun is +745+745+745…

With a livid face, he left a word and walked away.

The other people in Xiaoyao Tower breathed a sigh of relief, but they still looked at Zu An and others warily. After all, this was a dark area, and the background of these people in the capital made them feel uncomfortable.

The fat venerable hurriedly came over to apologize and said with a smile: “Invite a few distinguished guests in. We were blind just now, so please don’t take offense if we are negligent.”

He wanted to take the opportunity to build a good relationship with the other party. After all, imperial envoys are human beings and naturally have their weaknesses. It’s not like Xiaoyao Building has never received imperial envoys in recent years.

Zu An smiled: “No need, we won’t bother you if we have something else to do.”

“Young Master An, are you leaving now?” Tang Tian’er looked at him reluctantly. If Zu An hadn’t seen her use smoke before, he might have thought that she was sincere to him. .

“Come and visit the girl another day.” Zu An gently patted her buttocks, then left with a laugh.

Looking at their backs, Tang Tianer’s face turned red: “This guy actually took advantage of me!!”

She suddenly realized that she didn’t even know the other person’s real name and identity for a long time. Over the years, she had been singing and dancing, and played with all kinds of men. Today, for the first time, she had been played by someone else. Feel.

“Have he ever been fascinated by me before?” Tang Tian’er frowned, but quickly smiled, “Interesting men, I like them.”

On the other side, the Fat Lord personally sent Zu An and his party away. Originally, he was worried about how to get them to comply with the entry and exit management rules of Xiaoyao Building, but he didn’t know that Zu An took the initiative to cooperate and entered the closed carriage. He couldn’t help but feel worried. gratitude.

Because of Sun Ji’s matter, I personally sent them to the dock before leaving.

“Why are you leaving so early? I haven’t had enough fun yet.” Now that there was no one else around, Pei You could finally express his depression.

Zu An smiled and said, “You were not satisfied just now that I didn’t ask you to give me money?”

Pei You said with a smile: “No one can compare to Brother Zu. He hooked up with the most beautiful woman in Xiaoyao Building in such a short time. I asked about it on the second floor. That Tang Tian’er is recognized as Xiaoyao Building.” The first beauty.”

Gao Ying nodded: “I heard a lot of people talking about her on the first floor. She is the most famous socialite in Xiaoyao Building, and she walks around like a fish in water among men. Brother Zu, you have to be careful. Just the kidneys, don’t worry.”

“Thanks for the reminder.” Zu An knew he meant well, but having seen Tang Tianer’s tricks before, I’m afraid those men were all fooled by her, and no one really took advantage.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to listen, Gao Ying sighed, thinking that he was still young and couldn’t bear the temptation of such a stunning beauty.

No longer persuading, he changed the topic directly: “Brother Zu, do you have any deep meaning in calling us back in such a hurry?”

Zu An nodded: “Of course, that Sun Xun will not just let it go.”

Pei You raised his eyebrows: “Why, does he still dare to attack us?”

“How could he not dare? Isn’t it coming?” Zu An looked in a certain direction in the distance and sighed.


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