Keyboard Immortal Chapter 737: Peeper

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Seeing his confused look, Sang Qian smiled so hard that she couldn’t hold her mouth shut. Zheng Dan also looked strange: “Azu, you are really good at hiding things. You actually revealed the most important information in the entire empire without saying a word. Two powerful women slept with each other.”

Zu An was a little confused: “Can anyone tell me what happened?”

Now this situation is obviously not that the other party is deceiving him. It seems that the matter with the Queen Mother and the Queen has really been exposed.

But he really didn’t understand that if something happened to the Liu family, the relationship with Liu Ning would be exposed. Now that the Bi family was in the ascendant and Bi Linglong was still the queen, how could these rumors be allowed to come out.

“On the morning of the next morning after that incident, that stupid emperor accused you of bullying the queen in front of all the civil and military officials. There were so many people present, even if the queen wanted to hide the news, she couldn’t. Now it is estimated that the entire human race I know about your relationship with the Queen.” Sang Qian explained for him.

Zheng Dan sneered: “There are “Regent Style – Romance History”, “The Queen’s Secret History”, “A Zu Dali Plays Linglong”… and other story books on the market. I heard that they are still very popular.”

Zu An: “???”

“Why is that guy Zhao Ruizhi so crazy?”

He quickly calmed down. With Zhao Ruizhi’s IQ, he would never know this, so someone should have instigated such behavior.

It’s just that the relationship between him and Bi Linglong is very hidden, and it’s almost impossible for anyone to know about it. Why would those instigators know about it?

Did Rong Mo tell the Bi family the secret?

No, this is not in the interests of the Bi family.

The Bi family’s current status depends on their daughter being first the Crown Princess and then the Queen. If Bi Linglong is involved in scandals with other men, it will actually affect the rights of their family.

Sang Qian glanced at Zheng Dan and thought that Dandan was really powerful. When she heard the news, her first reaction was that it was a lie, but Dandan categorically said that it was true.

Looking at Brother Zu’s reaction now, it’s true.

She then continued: “Those people were probably just making excuses and wanted to throw some dirty water on you and the Queen to achieve some special purpose, but they unexpectedly guessed the truth.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but laugh. It was rare to see Zu An looking so embarrassed.

After his analysis, Zu An suddenly realized that this was probably the case.

How can you make sense? He and Linglong had done such a good job of keeping secrets that it was almost impossible for anyone to discover them, but they were exposed for this reason.

Linglong has such a face-saving temperament, these days may be very difficult.

He couldn’t help but ask about Bi Linglong’s current situation, and Sang Qian replied: “According to the news that dad comes back from court every time, the queen still handles political affairs as usual, as if nothing has happened. There are even several times She heard the ministers and maids carelessly talking about you, but she didn’t even get angry and punish those people, which was not in line with her past behavior.”

“What’s so difficult to understand?” Zheng Dan sneered. “She might have been a little embarrassed when this incident was exposed at first, but after thinking about it afterwards, the long-term pain was worse than the short-term pain. She was originally worried about how to make her The relationship with Azu has been made upright. Now, there is no ready-made way to simply admit or deny it, so that everyone can get used to the relationship between the two. If the relationship with Azu is made public in a few years, it will not cause any waves. ”

Sang Qian looked like this. She understood some of the struggles in the court better than Zheng Dan, but Dandan obviously understood the relationship between men and women better than she did.

Seeing that Bi Linglong was fine, Zu An secretly breathed a sigh of relief, then hesitantly asked: “How is the Queen Mother’s current situation?”

“You want to ask how the affair with the Queen Mother was exposed.” Zheng Dan saw through his mind at a glance, “Don’t worry, this matter is not known to everyone, only a few of us know. ”

Zu An: “???”

Since this matter has been exposed, how can only a few of them know about it?

“Due to the sudden change that night, the Queen Mother was seriously injured and fled into our courtyard.” Sang Qian explained at the side.

Zu An stood up suddenly: “What? Where is she now?”

Originally, she was thinking of using Liu Ning’s cultivation to protect herself, but she didn’t expect that she would be injured and come to ask for help from them. They must have been desperate.

“I see you are anxious.” Zheng Dan rolled his eyes, “Don’t worry, the Queen Mother has recovered from her injuries after our careful care, but you can’t see her now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because she suddenly disappeared.” Zheng Dan sighed, obviously feeling a little worried about this.


“Don’t worry,” seeing Zu An’s panic, Sang Qian comforted her, “The Queen Mother is not in any danger. She left without saying goodbye some days ago.”

Zu An was a little puzzled. The two women had saved Liu Ning’s life, but she left without even saying hello.

Sang Qian then explained: “It should be because the incident between you and the queen spread all over the city. After she found out, she knew that you would be in a dilemma even if you came back, so she simply left early and took revenge in her own way.”

Zu An frowned. Although Liu Ning was good at cultivation, she was not invincible. There were many great masters in the capital. Now that the Liu family was completely destroyed, it would be dangerous for her to seek revenge alone.

“It’s all my fault for not thinking of this and not taking good care of her.” Zheng Dan felt a little guilty.

Sang Qian said hurriedly: “How can I blame you? Speaking of which, the imperial court searched the whole city for the remaining members of the Liu family, and they all followed the traces and searched them here. If you hadn’t integrated the underground forces in the capital, you would have been able to bring them to this place. If she moves to another safe place, I’m afraid the Queen Mother and our Sang family will be completely ruined.”

Zu An was a little surprised, thinking that Zheng Dan really had a soft spot for being a gang boss. It was the same in Mingyue City before, and it was the same in the capital.

“It’s just because the Queen Mother was placed outside and there were some people watching her outside that it was inconvenient for us to go out. That’s why we didn’t stop her immediately when she left.” Sang Qian apologized.

Zu An consoled her: “It’s no wonder that you are not to blame. She is a great grandmaster. If she wants to leave, you can’t stop her even if you want.”

He handed his daughter into Sang Qian’s arms: “There are some people watching outside, do you know which family they are from?”

Both women shook their heads in confusion: “We guess we are here to track down the whereabouts of the Queen Mother. After all, the Queen Mother disappeared in this direction when she fled.”

“In that case, I’ll just ask.” As soon as Zu An finished speaking, he had already disappeared.

Besides the Sang Mansion, there was an extremely dark attic. A man in black was hiding inside and quietly observing the situation in the Sang Mansion.

Although I think there is something wrong with the Sang family, I haven’t caught anything these days, and there is no sign of that person coming back.

He suddenly froze, turned around in disbelief, and found that there was someone else in the room.

And this person is probably known to everyone in the capital today. He is the prince killer, the real culprit of the Meng family’s downfall, the earth immortal suppressor, the dragon-slaying warrior, the queen’s lover, the beauty collector, and the regent Zu An!

Just standing there, there was a terrifying aura, and he couldn’t even think of resisting.

So he committed suicide on the spot without any hesitation.

Zu An: “???”

He was about to ask the other party who sent him, but he didn’t expect him to do this.

Sang Qian and Zheng Dan had just rushed over and were shocked when they saw this scene.

Because all this was so weird, the man’s body began to decay rapidly as soon as he died.

Zu An’s face turned cold: “This seems to be a corpse puppet controlled by evil cultivators.”

There is no soul after death, and the body will rot quickly, unless like Pei You, you spend a lot of money to preserve the body with formations.

Some evil cultivators practice necromancy techniques and can control corpses by injecting a ray of their own spiritual thoughts into these corpses. To some extent, they are even similar to the way the Heart-Eating Demon Spider controls corpses.

“I’m afraid it will be difficult to trace the mastermind behind the scenes.” Zheng Dan was also a member of the martial arts community in the past, and he had heard about the corpse puppet incident.

For those evil cultivators, corpse puppets are just consumables, and they will not feel bad even if they are damaged.

The biggest advantage is that you can remove your spiritual thoughts from the corpse puppet at any time, so that even if you do any bad things, you will not be traced.

Sang Qian’s face changed slightly when she heard this: “Who in the capital would use such evil methods?”

You must know that in the past, the major forces in the capital fought against each other, but they basically followed the rules. It was impossible to use such evil methods, otherwise they would easily become the target of public criticism.

Now everyone is doing whatever they can.

At this time, Zu An said calmly: “Don’t worry, he can’t run away.”

With his current level of cultivation and the power to control the world, it would be a joke if he allowed the other party to escape under his nose.

At this moment, his spiritual thoughts had already spread out to cover the whole city.

Normally speaking, although his behavior can search for others, it will also be perceived by others.

Just like a radar, once you lock onto the target, the other party or even a third party will be aware of this vast spiritual thought.

It’s just that now he is integrated with the will of heaven and earth, and he can do all this in a silent way. Who can notice the vitality of heaven and earth around him?


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