Keyboard Immortal Chapter 736: Why is Beijing so strange?

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Zu An also took the opportunity to say: “Brother Gao, it took a lot of effort for Pei You to preserve your body so well after such a long time.”

Gao Ying was silent for a long time before he spoke in a jerky voice: “Thank you.”

Pei You was even more excited: “This is my atonement, so thank you.”

Zu An knew that it would take time for the two of them to completely reconcile as before, so he said: “Let’s not delay now, let Brother Gao return to his position.”

Pei You nodded hurriedly, and Gao Ying also took a deep breath, looking extremely nervous. After all, such resurrection after death was unheard of.

Zu An reminded: “The head is the head of the six yangs, and your soul has been away from the body for too long, so even if your soul returns to the body, you still need to sleep for a period of time to slowly recover and let the soul and body fit together again. But this I have other things to deal with for a while…”

Pei You said hurriedly: “I will take care of Brother Gao during this time!”

Zu An looked him up and down: “You are drunk all day long. An ordinary gangster can kill you. Can you really take care of you?”

A trace of shame flashed across Pei You’s face: “Don’t worry, it won’t happen from now on.”

“Okay.” Zu An nodded happily, not wanting him to sink because of this, and at the same time, he wanted to use this incident to completely relieve the knot between the two of them.

As expected, Gao Ying said to Pei You: “Thank you!”

Pei You was immediately flattered: “It should be.”

Zu An smiled, and then used a secret method to draw Gao Ying’s soul back to his body. The whole process made Pei You marvel at his skill.

After Gao Ying’s soul returned to his body, Zu An cast a spell to set up a formation next to it to prevent the early stage from being unstable and accidentally floating out again.

After doing all this, Pei You suddenly shouted in surprise: “He’s breathing, Brother Gao is breathing!”

Zu An wiped the sweat from his forehead: “I’m afraid he will be asleep for a while, and I will trouble you during this period.”

Pei You suddenly saluted him solemnly: “Brother Zu, I really want to thank you this time. If it weren’t for you, Brother Gao wouldn’t be able to be resurrected, and I can’t forgive myself in this life.”

“Things are over, time will heal everything.” Zu An helped him up and patted his shoulder to encourage him, leaving the rest to him.

After coming out of that house, Zu An went all the way to the Sang family. He wanted to understand all the situations before entering the palace, and for a while he didn’t think about how to face Bi Linglong.

There are some secret sentries near Sang’s house. Zu An frowned slightly. He didn’t know which force placed them here. Is it to monitor Sang Hong or to monitor whether I have returned?

But at this time, he was eager to return home and was too lazy to pay attention to those people.

With his current state, he could enter the Sang Mansion silently, and those secret whistles would not be able to detect him at all.

In the boudoir, two young women were teasing the baby. Suddenly the baby pointed behind them, giggling, and uttering vague baby talk.

“What is Sisi laughing at…” The two women turned around and saw Zu An standing at the door. They were stunned, and then they exclaimed.


“Brother Zu!”

Sang Qian and Zheng Dan rubbed their eyes in disbelief. After confirming that they were not dazzled, they screamed in surprise and rushed into his arms.

Only Sisi was startled by their screams, her mouth curled up, she was smiling just now, but now she started crying.

The aunt and sister-in-law ran back in a panic, but Zu An was faster than them and had already hugged the soft and fleshy little guy in his arms.

Oddly enough, the little girl who was crying sadly just now suddenly turned from worry to joy and started giggling again.

Zheng Dan couldn’t help but complain: “You are really very lethal to women. Women who are hundreds or thousands of years old, or even infant girls, cannot escape your charm.”

Sang Qian rolled her eyes angrily: “Dandan, what are you talking about? Sisi obviously felt that her father was back.”

Only then did Zheng Dan react and couldn’t help covering his mouth and laughing.

“Xiaoqian, Xiaodan, what’s wrong with you?” At this moment, Sang Hong and Aunt Mu heard the noise and rushed over.

After all, there have been a lot of changes in the capital during this period, and many things have to be guarded against.

After seeing Zu An, both of them were stunned: “Azu is back.”

“I’ve met uncle and aunt.” Zu An smiled at the two of them.

Aunt Mu blushed, but Sang Hong smiled: “You young people, let’s talk first, and we won’t disturb you.”

As he said that, he pulled the embarrassed Aunt Mu away.

On the way, Aunt Mu asked with some confusion: “Master, why don’t you tell Azu about the recent big events?”

Sang Hong smiled slightly: “As long as he comes back, this big thing will no longer be a problem, and I can have a good sleep.”

As soon as Aunt Mu thought it was right, she no longer worried. Instead, she thought of Zu An’s words about aunt just now, and she couldn’t help but feel how beautiful it was.

In the house, Zu An was teasing his daughter and looking at the two girls. He couldn’t help feeling a little pity: “You seem to have lost your balance.”

“Huh, I’m so worried these days, it’s hard to gain weight.” Zheng Dan snorted.

Even Sang Qian looked at Zu An a little strangely.

Zu An was startled: “What happened?”

Zheng Dan nudged Sang Qian: “You have always been very sharp-tongued, let’s talk about it.”

Sang Qian was a little touched. She was so smart, so she didn’t know that Zheng Dan was creating opportunities for her.

After all, the relationship between her and Zu An is not their kind of love relationship.

Fortunately, over the past year, both parties have become more and more familiar with each other and are no longer as cautious as they were at the beginning.

So she cleared her throat and began to talk about what happened during this period: “There were rumors that the demon clan designed to trap our clan and go north to support the army, and even the news that you… were killed was also rampant.”

“I’ve made you worry.” Zu An was in a hurry to find the dragon elixir to save Qiu Honglei, but he didn’t expect such a change to happen in the capital.

“I was really confused at the time, but I still knew you well and concluded that nothing would happen to you.” Sang Qian was a little embarrassed.

Zu An subconsciously looked at Zheng Dan and saw her chin raised: “It is said that good people do not live long, and harm will last for thousands of years. How can a guy like you die so easily?”

At that moment, it seemed like he was back to the time when he was fighting with her in Mingyue City. Zu An couldn’t help but feel warm: “You still understand me.”

Seeing the tacit understanding between the two of them, Sang Qian had a faint smile on her face. She used to feel sorry for herself when she saw this situation, but now that Dandan treats her so well, how can she be jealous? On the contrary, he wishes that the relationship between the two of them would be as close as possible.

After all, the two of them are now one. The other fish raised in Brother Zu’s pond are all shark-level. Of course, the two little shrimps can only join forces.

Then Sang Qian began to explain the changes in Beijing during this period. She learned much more detailed information than Pei You.

The Liu family was uprooted, and the main culprits were the Bi family, King Wu, Taishi Zhao Chen, and Yi Wang Zhao Huang.

Zu An was a little surprised: “Do you even know who the mastermind is?”

Sang Qian pursed her lips and smiled: “Although the Bi family did things very secretly and pushed King Wu out as a shield, it is easy to judge who will benefit the most after this incident.”

“After the fall of the Liu family, the power of these families has almost replaced most of the power vacuum of the Liu family, and the Bi family has benefited the most; and Zhao Chen’s family should have deeply hated Zhao Chen for being killed by you, so they followed suit; King Yi must have always been at odds with the Liu family and was worried about the loss of imperial power.”

“Of course Tingwei Jiang Boyang was promoted to a high position afterwards, but he had no motive for participating. It was probably because the Bi family relied on his prestige in order to stabilize the court.”


Sang Qian made a thorough analysis and explained clearly the changes in the entire capital.

Zu An only felt that many of the doubts in his mind had been solved. He thought that Sang Qian was really an excellent military advisor and secretary. He could really help him with many things, even when he had nothing to do…

He quickly calmed down, no longer thinking about the classic saying from his previous life, but focused on business: “By the way, where is the Queen Mother now?”

Sang Qian and Zheng Dan looked at each other, both women holding back a strange smile.

When Zu An was confused, Zheng Dan said angrily: “I thought you would hold it in for a long time, but you still can’t help but care about her.”

“Well, the Queen Mother is from the Liu family and has a respected position in the palace. It’s normal for me to be concerned about her current whereabouts.” Zu Anxin wondered why this tone sounded a little bad.

“Pretend, keep pretending,” Zheng Dan sneered, “Aren’t you so worried because she is your woman?”

Zu An: “…”

He sneered: “So you all know it.”

He had doubts from just now, but now with this tone, he no longer made any indifferent denials.

After all, if you really don’t know, who would associate him with the Queen Mother in that regard.

“You are really awesome, even the Queen Mother dares to do this.” Zheng Dan looked strange, his expression was extremely complicated, with a mixture of contempt and a bit of admiration, it is really difficult to describe in words.

Just as Zu An was about to say something, Sang Qian’s faint voice also sounded: “Not only the Queen Mother, he also dares to do it to the Queen.”

Zu An: “???”

I have only been away for a long time, why has the capital become so strange!


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