Keyboard Immortal Chapter 733: Giving a wife and a son

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Other people in the entire mourning hall also started making noises. Of course, not everyone was as indignant as Elder Zhang, but they were worried that if the matter was confirmed, the regent would silence everyone in a rage.

At this moment, Zu An turned his head and looked at the Dragon King’s memorial tablet, pointed to the sky and swore: “Now in front of the Dragon King’s spiritual tablet, I can swear an oath to the will of heaven and earth. If there is any falsehood in what I said just now, it will definitely be rejected by this world. Killed by the will of heaven and earth!”

First of all, what I said just now is indeed true. The Dragon King really wanted to give Shang Hongyu to him in order to survive, so he was not lying.

Secondly, he is now the incarnation of the will of this world, so he made an oath to himself, even if there are some mistakes, it doesn’t matter.

Sure enough, after hearing him swear an oath based on the will of heaven and earth, the expressions of everyone present changed.

The vows made by practitioners are not made randomly and will be fulfilled.

It seems that the Dragon King really gave him the queen.

But how is this possible!

Of course, people’s imagination is infinite. Now that it is confirmed that this thing is true, most people quickly came up with the most likely scenario.

It seems that the Dragon King and the Regent fought side by side and formed a deep brotherhood. Later, he knew that he would die, and he was worried about his wife’s safety and the sea clan being invaded by demons, so he entrusted Zu An to help take care of him.

But after all, Zu An has many identities and may not have that much energy to take care of the Sea Clan, so he must be given a reason to help.

Then entrusting the queen to him is the best choice.

In fact, they had planned to ask the queen to “win over” the lustful regent. Unexpectedly, the Dragon King had thought of this step in advance.

The Dragon King is worthy of being the Dragon King!

In addition, everyone looked at Zu An with less hostility. Since the Dragon King made such a choice, it proved that he really trusted him.

The friendship of entrusting one’s wife with one’s children!

Shang Hongyu bit his lip and felt a little dazed. Before, he was worried that the relationship between the two would be exposed, so he could only sneak together secretly. Did he expect that they would be able to be honest now?

It’s just that the Dragon King actually did such a thing, it’s really…

She knew the truth in the Netherworld, and knew that the Dragon King would never consider him a friend, but since Azu swore like this, it was probably true.

After much deliberation, there is only one possibility, and that is that the Dragon King later gave himself to him in order to survive.

Thinking of this, she didn’t know whether she should be angry or what, and in the end it just turned into a deep sigh.

Elder Zhang saluted Zu An: “I have offended many people before, I hope the regent will not mind.”

Zu An helped him up and said, “The elder is serious. You are doing it for the Sea Clan and have no selfish motives.” Such an upright person is respected everywhere. Just now, so many careerists in the Sea Clan were intimidated by him. Despite the pressure, despite countless dissatisfaction in his heart, he did not dare to refute. Only this elder Zhang argued hard and spoke from Shang Hongyu

Zhong knew that he did not belong to any prince’s faction and was purely out of public interest, so naturally he would not embarrass him.

At this time, Elder Zhang hesitated and said: “Although the Dragon King has entrusted… you to take care of the Queen, I am afraid that I still want to make her the new Sea King…”

Zu An interrupted him and took out the Poseidon’s Crown: “Who said he just entrusted me to take care of the red fish? He also passed the throne to her. This Poseidon’s Crown is proof.”

Seeing the Poseidon Crown in his hand, a group of sea people half-knelt down and saluted.

The Crown of the Sea God is the sacred object of the Sea Clan, and it can even be said to be the belief of all Sea Clan.

When he took out this object, the princes who were still unwilling to accept it all knew that they had no chance.

Although everyone guessed that the Dragon King probably just asked Zu An to take care of the queen and did not pass on the throne, but now who dares to be so indifferent and ask him to swear another oath?

Zu An walked towards the confused Shang Hongyu with a smile, gently put the Poseidon Crown on her head, and then saluted her: “Meet the Queen!”

With him taking the lead, Shang Hongyu’s direct subordinates were the first to kneel down and salute: “See the Queen!”

In this way, those who were neutral hesitated, then knelt down and saluted.

Among the princes, Chi Qi was the first to kneel down and salute, and his voice calling the Queen was particularly loud and exciting.

I thought I had no backing, and from now on I would never be able to wander like before.

I didn’t expect that now that my second aunt has become the queen, she can live the carefree life she once had.

The princes who had no hope of inheriting the throne also followed him to pay homage.

In the end, only the eldest prince and a few other potential contenders for the throne were left standing in the mourning hall. They looked at each other, and they all saw the unwillingness in each other’s eyes.

But in this situation, there is nothing they can do about it.

All they can do is kneel down and pay homage.

Shang Hongyu seemed to be in a dream, staring blankly at everything that happened in front of him.

It wasn’t until Zu An secretly reminded her through a message of vitality that she came back to her senses and hurriedly let everyone get back on their feet.

After Elder Zhang got up, he couldn’t help but look at Zu An: “Did the regent call him wrong just now? Shouldn’t he be the queen?” Zu An smiled faintly: “It’s not wrong. The Sea Clan is the same as the Human Clan and the Human Clan. The Monster Clan stands on three pillars, but the Sea Clan has always been peaceful and has not pursued those false reputations. Now that I am here, I should return the original glory of the Sea Clan to you

Everyone, from now on, the King of the Sea Clan will be honored alongside the Human Emperor and Demon Emperor, and will also be honored by the title of Emperor. We will all work together to resist the monsters from outside the world. ”

The previous Dragon King was on an equal footing with the Human King and Demon King.

The Sea Clan only belongs to the Monster Clan in name only, and the Monster Clan knows this from top to bottom.

Personnel power, financial power, and military power are completely independent. The Hai people of all generations have only listened to the instructions but not the propaganda.

The Royal Court of the Demon Clan spends huge rewards every year to win over the Sea Clan, and it has long been miserable.

The top leaders of the Monster Clan often discuss whether it is worth spending so much money every year to get only a nominal submission from the Sea Clan.

In this case, Zu An simply took this opportunity to completely solve these problems left over from history.

He was obviously just a regent, deciding who would own the throne with his mouth and mouth, but no one at the scene doubted his ability.

Whether it is his noble status in the human race or the demon race, or his current level of cultivation, he can accomplish this.

The entire Hai clan in the mourning hall was overjoyed: “Thank you, Prince Regent!”

If at first everyone respected Red Fish, it was mainly because of the situation, but now everyone is really happy.

After all, only if she becomes the Sea King can she bring the title of emperor to the Sea Clan. You must know that this has been the lifelong pursuit of countless Sea Kings for thousands of years.

At this time, Shang Hongyu looked at Zu An, his eyes full of tenderness: “Since everyone calls you the Regent, from now on, you will also be the Regent of the Hai Clan. This will always be your home, and you are welcome at any time. You come back.”

Hearing her words, everyone had a hint of aunty smile on their faces.

Everyone took it for granted that he was named regent. After all, he was the regent of both the human race and the demon race.

Everyone originally thought that this reward was too light, but now this regent is not a gift given to him by the Sea Clan. On the contrary, it is the glory of the Sea Clan that he is willing to be the regent.

But after hearing Shang Hongyu’s last sentence, everyone was relieved. No matter how many rewards you receive, how can it be as strong as the emotional bonds?

It seems that she listened to everyone’s private advice to the queen.

Fortunately, our sea tribe still has such a beautiful and touching queen. No, it’s time to call her queen now.

At the Dragon King’s mourning hall, led by Elder Zhang, the ministers began to discuss various details such as the enthronement ceremony with Shang Hongyu.

Zu An was not involved in these details, but he never left, standing there to support Shang Hongyu.

After dawn, Zu An saw that Shang Hongyu had completely controlled the situation, and then he felt relieved, said goodbye to her and left.

When bidding farewell, Shang Hongyu felt very reluctant to leave. She held his hand and asked, “Can I not leave?”

“There are still some things that need to be dealt with on the human side. I will come back to see you after I finish my work there.” Zu An gently stroked her face to comfort her. Shang Hongyu bit his lip and understood that he had something important to do. He no longer tried to keep him, but handed the Poseidon Crown to him: “You may encounter some powerful demons next. This Poseidon Crown is here.” You are more useful than me

. ”

Zu An smiled and put the Poseidon Crown on her head again: “Don’t worry, I don’t need this anymore. On the contrary, you are about to become the new Poseidon Emperor. How can you not have this crown in the coronation ceremony? ”

His Blue Wing ability was originally water-friendly, but now that he has used the Crown of Poseidon, his understanding of this aspect has reached a higher level.

Especially now that the “skill system” is turned on. If he comes into contact with the Crown of Poseidon, he can learn the above skills. Originally, the skills on the Poseidon’s Crown required extremely large anger points. As a result, Lan Fu’s ability was close to that of the Poseidon’s Crown. Coupled with his understanding of power after communicating with the will of heaven and earth, he only needed 10,000 anger points in the end.

Having completely learned the power of the Poseidon’s Crown, there is no need to carry the Poseidon’s Crown with him anymore.

Shang Hongyu was particularly moved after hearing this and hugged him tightly: “Azu…”

At this time, there was a slight cough next to them. When the two of them looked back, it turned out that it was Shang Liuyu who had arrived after hearing the news. Shang Liuyu was a little overwhelmed and said awkwardly: “It seems that I came at the wrong time.”


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