Keyboard Immortal Chapter 732: She is my woman

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Feeling the eyes of everyone, Chi Qi was also a little flustered.

He doesn’t want to be the King of the Sea. Isn’t it a good time to travel around the mountains and rivers now? If he has to be the King of the Sea, he will be burdened by the huge amount of official documents and government affairs and all kinds of trivial matters, and he will not be able to play even if he wants to.

The only regret is that my father is dead and I have no backer from now on. No one will be able to tell me the truth when I go out to hang out in the future.

Hey, it would be great if my second aunt became the new king. She has always doted on me. The last time I was almost beaten to death by my father, it was my second aunt who stopped me.

This idea just flashed through his mind and was quickly rejected by him. How could a woman be the king of the entire sea clan?

The next second, Zu An was seen pulling Shang Hongyu in front of him: “The Mermaid Queen has always been praised by the entire Sea Tribe for her virtuousness. In the past few days, it was also because of her wise and decisive actions that she defeated the Demon Tribe’s attack in one fell swoop. The conspiracy has saved the entire Sea Clan, which further proves her ability, so for now, I don’t think anyone is more suitable to be the new Sea King than her.”

Chi Qi’s eyes almost popped out of his head. Could it be that I have unintentionally cultivated the ability to express my feelings?

But when he fell into fantasy, the entire mourning hall exploded.

“This is really unreasonable.”

“This is absolutely unacceptable.”

“How can we let the queen become the new king.”


Some old-fashioned ministers spat and denounced the absurdity of this kind of thing.

No matter how high his cultivation level is, this matter is so ridiculous that no one can pay much attention to it for a while.

Zu An looked calm from beginning to end, and an invisible aura blocked everyone’s spittle, and then slowly said: “I’m sorry, I am not discussing this matter with you, but I am here to inform you. ”

Soon, a powerful coercion descended on the entire mourning hall, and everyone suddenly found it difficult to breathe. The noisy mourning hall suddenly became quiet.

Shang Hongyu couldn’t help but glance at him, thinking that this man was really handsome, no wonder he fell in love not long after knowing him.

But there was a trace of worry in his eyes. No wonder he didn’t say anything on the way. It turned out that the method was so radical.

At this time, an elder of the Sea Clan finally couldn’t hold himself back: “Prince Regent, it is our Sea Clan’s own business to elect a new king. It’s better for you, an outsider, not to interfere.”

“Are you teaching me how to do things?” Zu An glanced at him lightly.

The pressure from that glance almost made the elder of the Sea Clan lose his balance, but he still took a deep breath and said: “I don’t dare. Looking at the world, who dares to teach the regent how to do things now? But although you are very good, Strong, but it can’t stop everyone in the world. Even if the queen is forced to take the throne, the sea people are not convinced, and the throne may not be secure.”

Chi Kiss next to him looked sideways. I heard that during the day, everyone was talking about you. Although you are very strong, you may not be the opponent of countless masters of our Sea Tribe. Why have you changed your mind now?

I still like your unruly look before.

“Are you threatening?” Zu An gave the man a cold look.

People around him thought that the elders of Ao Zhan’s lineage had contradicted him in public before, and as a result, his head was missing. Now this guy is probably in trouble.

The Sea Clan elder stiffened his neck and said, “It’s not a threat, I’m just telling the truth.”

At this time, Shang Hongyu on the side said: “Elder Zhang has always been upright and has high moral standing among the Hai Clan. This time, he is just talking about the matter.”

The elder Zhang glanced at her in surprise. He didn’t expect that she would speak to him even though he opposed her.

Zu An smiled: “Elder Zhang, you have to thank the queen, otherwise your life will be handed down here.”

Feeling that the other party had withdrawn its pressure, Elder Zhang gasped for air and felt that his back was wet with cold sweat.

Everyone else took a second look at Shang Hongyu, thinking that the queen was indeed a virtuous person.

At this time, Zu An said: “I know many people think my proposal is unbelievable, but have you ever thought that after this catastrophe, the strength of the Sea Clan has been greatly damaged, and the masters of all races have suffered heavy casualties. Now we need a talented and rough strategy. When ambitious people come to power, they still need a wise and gentle leader to let the Hai Clan recuperate.”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the room, except for a few of the prince’s confidants, fell into deep thought. What he said seemed to be reasonable.

Elder Zhang frowned: “But this matter is still too outrageous. From ancient times to the present, no woman in the Hai Clan has ever been in charge.”

“It will be available from today.” Zu An was straightforward.

Elder Zhang took a breath and said, “Prince Regent, you are being unreasonable.”

Others were sweating for him, thinking that Elder Zhang was really brave.

Whether he is a friend or a political opponent, everyone is filled with admiration. At this time, I am afraid that he is the only one who dares to speak up.

“I have just told you the truth. The Queen has long been your Sea Clan’s most noble existence second only to the Dragon King. She is also very popular among the entire Sea Clan. When I first arrived in the Sea Clan, I would go to any roadside tavern. Hear everyone’s love for the queen.”

When Zu An said this, Shang Hongyu couldn’t help but look at him, and their eyes intertwined. She couldn’t help but feel sweet when she thought of the situation when they first met.

Zu An continued:

“So the Queen has a solid mass base in charge of the Sea Clan. In addition, I have also said before that the Queen was the first to quell the demons this time. She used tricks to hide the demons, and then used thunderous means to defeat many demons. Clean it up, you must have seen her abilities these days.”

When everyone thought about what happened a few days ago, the queen was really impressive.

At this time, a minister under the second prince muttered: “I’m afraid this is the method of the Dragon King and the Regent.”

“No, the whole plan was designed by the queen.” Zu An replied.

Others looked strange, thinking that now that the Dragon King is dead, it’s not up to you to say whatever you want.

“But the Dragon Prince has many heirs, so it would be unethical to choose an outsider instead of choosing among them.” Elder Zhang said.

Zu An sneered: “In the world of cultivation, since when has this throne been passed down from family to family based on blood ties?”

Elder Zhang looked solemn: “Yes, since ancient times, only the most powerful can become the king. However, the dragon clan has always been powerful, so the kings are mostly from the dragon clan. Although the queen’s cultivation is good, if you want to break this rule , I’m afraid it’s still far from being the best.”

Theoretically, everyone does follow the concept of respecting the strong, but in practice, it also overlaps with the family world. For example, this is the case for the Zhao family of the human race and the Golden Crow clan of the demon race.

Shang Hongyu took a deep breath and was about to say that she was willing to rely on her cultivation to determine the outcome. I don’t know why, but her cultivation seemed to be improving very quickly these days. Could it be that Azu’s… stuff was very nourishing? The reason? As long as she doesn’t fall in love with some elders, she still has a lot of confidence.

In the end, Zu An stopped her and said directly: “To beat the crowd? As long as she says a word, I will help her beat the crowd.”

As soon as this statement came out, the expressions of everyone present changed. This statement was quite firm.

Shang Hongyu looked at him with softer eyes. It turned out that this was how it felt to have a man shielding him from the wind and rain…

The previous Dragon King would only mess around with women, even his home was stolen easily, and he was completely unreliable.

At this time, Elder Zhang suddenly became anxious: “You are you, the queen is the queen, and you are not from the sea clan. You have no right to participate in the competition for the king of our sea clan. As for the queen, if the king of the sea clan can only ask for help from others, how can it be done? Not to make the world laugh? Although you can help her for a while, can you help her forever?”

“Of course I can help her for the rest of her life.” Zu An paused and looked at Shang Hongyu tenderly, “Because she is my woman.”

As soon as these words came out, Shang Hongyu’s mind went blank. Why was it different from what he had promised?

If it is announced now, I’m afraid…

The entire mourning hall fell into a deathly silence. Everyone looked at each other, wondering if they heard it wrong?

But seeing the horrified expressions on each other’s faces, it was clear that they had heard correctly.

It’s over, it’s over, everyone present will not be silenced by him.

But this matter is simply outrageous. This is the Dragon King’s mourning hall, and the faces of the entire Sea Clan have been trampled under his feet.

Chi Qi was thinking about another question. Should I call him uncle or dad in the future?

However, Elder Zhang’s shocked and angry voice interrupted his thinking: “Prince Regent, you are simply too bullying!”

The anger value from Elder Zhang is +999+999+999…

At this time, Elder Zhang also gave up completely: “After all, she is the queen of our Sea Clan, and represents the face of our Sea Clan. Now that the Dragon King has just died, you are here…”

“The Dragon King took the initiative to let me take her.” Zu An interrupted directly.

“Even if the Dragon King gives in…?” Elder Zhang was speaking out impassionedly for justice, but suddenly he was dumbfounded. What the **** was going on was beyond his knowledge in this life.

Others in the mourning hall were also dumbfounded. What was going on? I heard that the Dragon King liked to molest others, but I had never heard that he had a preference for being molested by others.

Shang Hongyu also looked shocked. Zu An had never mentioned this to her. Did he make it up to help him or… was it true?

“Nonsense, how is this possible!” Elder Zhang reacted and yelled immediately.


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