Keyboard Immortal Chapter 731: Intervention

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After all, Shang Hongyu said that Zu An supported him, which was completely different from his personal statement.

Soon the sound of their footsteps gradually faded away.

Shang Liuyu bit his lip before he had time to put on his clothes, and finally gave up his past plans.

After all, I can’t say it then. Could it be that I’ve been listening to your voices and that’s why I found out about this?

Let’s talk about Zu An and Shang Hongyu leaving their palace. The palace maid guard outside looked a little strange, and the queen stayed inside for too long.

If it were any other concubine, this would probably cause a scandal, but now that one is recognized as a virtuous queen and the other is an invincible regent, no one dares to think about it further.

I soon arrived at the mourning hall. It was not as solemn as I expected. On the contrary, it was a bit noisy. Everyone seemed to be talking about something. There were clearly several groups of people, far apart from each other and looking at each other. They are all very unkind, and when they occasionally touch each other in the void, they seem to stir up clouds of sparks and lightning.

You can see various emotions on everyone’s face, including anger, gloom, joy…

Only sadness is missing.

Zu An thought that it was really sad that the Dragon King had reached such a state. They said that death is like a lamp going out. Now that he died, everyone stopped pretending, even in the mourning hall.

Seeing the arrival of the two men, small groups of twos and threes came up enthusiastically:

“The Prince Regent is here.”

“The Queen is here.”

Shang Hongyu’s face turned cold. These people still respect her now, probably because she has a good relationship with Zu An.

“Little uncle is here.” There was only one title that stood out.

Zu An took a closer look and couldn’t help but smile.

Speaking of which, this is the only one I am familiar with among the Dragon King’s sons, the Ninth Prince Chiki.

Chi Qi usually travels around a lot, like his father, flirting with women and flirting with local girls.

As a result, I got news a few days ago that something happened in the Dragon Palace, so I rushed back in a panic.

But at the time, he still had some doubts. After all, he was related to the mermaid clan, and the fact that the mermaid queen was wanted before was too strange. He was worried that it was a trap, so he kept wandering in the waters near the Dragon Palace.

It wasn’t until Shang Hongyu vigorously purged the hidden demons a few days ago that he breathed a sigh of relief.

I was planning to continue traveling around the mountains and rivers, but unexpectedly I heard the news of my father’s death, so I came back to show my mourning.

He was quite sad to meet his old friend from Zu An at this time.

The two of them were not acquainted with each other at first, and he always felt a little embarrassed when talking about that incident. Later, his aunt crooked him and emptied all the magic weapons his father had given him, so it was A dark history that I don’t want to recall.

As a result, now that Zu An has grown to this point, he suddenly raises his head and chest, feeling that he has become successful.

That is not black history, it is clearly my glorious years!

My aunt, who originally thought she was beautiful, was like a flower stuck in cow dung when she was with him.

Now, this uncle’s shout is really sincere.

“Chi Kiss, long time no see!” Zu An greeted him with a smile, mentioning that this guy had a lot of gold coins in his possession.

Hot Fire Wheels, Qiankun Circle, Fire Spear… are all very useful.

Well, of course the most fun thing is Huntian Ling…

Chi Qi was still a little uneasy at first. After all, when everyone talked about what happened during the day, this guy was like a **** and demon. He would be embarrassed if he ignored him.

Up to this moment, he puffed up his chest completely and glared at the others in a show-off manner, as if he was about to write this letter again.

As expected, all the officials of the Sea Clan looked at each other when they saw this scene, and they all saw each other’s shock and doubts.

It turns out that Chi Qi really knew Zu An!

Is it possible that Zu An plans to support Chi Kiss as the new Dragon King?

In fact, Chi Kiss is the son of the previous mermaid queen. He has a close relationship with the mermaid clan, and his bloodline is relatively more valuable.

But no one regarded him as the heir to the throne. He was really unreliable.

He has been idle since he was a child and has been getting into trouble constantly. He does not look like a prince at all, but more like a street gangster.

And he likes to travel all day long. He always goes to hook up with women from good families, and he is visited by their parents many times. Only this aspect is very similar to that of the Dragon King when he was young.

It’s just that he doesn’t have the strength and political skills of the Dragon King. He has been an adult for so long and has basically not established his own team.

For someone like him who plays outside every day and is not in the Sea Clan at all, it is quite difficult to build a team.

The key is that things are extremely naive and unreliable. We have gone through so much in the past few years.

What impressed me most the most recently was that he came back from outside and happily brought a piece of sapphire blue ice that fell from the sky. He said that drinking tea would prolong your life, and he specially dedicated it to the Dragon King.

The Dragon King was very pleased at the time, feeling that his little son had finally grown up and knew how to honor his father.

So that day, Long Yan was very happy and summoned many ministers to hold a banquet in the palace, inviting them to taste the exotic blue ice tea.

Of course, during the dinner, it was inevitable to mention that this was specially brought by Chi Kiss. ​​The ministers understood the elegant meaning of the Xian song and flattered them one after another, praising them as a kind father and a filial son.

Although the tea brewed by Blue Ice was not very tasty and had a vaguely strange taste, how could anyone resist the tea invited by the Dragon King?

In the days that followed, the Dragon King invited them to come and taste tea every once in a while.

Not to mention, after drinking for a long time, everyone gradually tasted various different flavors.

Some of the flatterers even quoted scriptures, saying that the blue ice might be some kind of ancient divine object, and so on. The Dragon King’s smile in those days was even more like a blooming daisy.

Chiqi was also very beautiful during that time, and he walked with his head held high every day.

It would have been better if the blue ice hadn’t finally melted a month later.

Although everyone originally thought the taste was a bit disgusting, they thought that the tea invited by the Dragon King must not be extraordinary and must have its own effects, so they all drank it with a frown.

Until a young man couldn’t help but raise an objection.

Something tastes like **** and looks like shit. So what is this thing?

Like the emperor’s new clothes being punctured, everyone finally realized that this **** ancient artifact, blue ice, was just a **** wrapped in ice and air-dried.

Then they brewed it with tea…

Everyone on the spot vomited all over the floor, and the entire Dragon Palace was filled with the smell of vomit.

The Dragon King was so angry that he picked up a stick and beat Chi Qi until he cried for his father and mother.

If the queen hadn’t stopped her when she came back from the mermaid clan’s visit to relatives, Chi Qi would have been beaten to death on the spot.

This incident became a dark history that was unspeakable for the Dragon King and all the important officials of the Sea Tribe.

Everyone unanimously concealed the whole incident.

You must know that in history, when there are many people, someone will inevitably leak the secret, and the news cannot be hidden.

But this matter is very mysterious. Only those high-level officials know about it.

Because no one wants to know what they eat, so no one will leak the news.

The culprit of the whole thing is naturally Chi Qi. Everyone has stabbed him to death. Who would think of such an unreliable guy to support him as the new king?

When I thought that if Zu An supported this guy to ascend to the throne of Neptune, then every time when everyone paid homage to him, they would think of the time when the other party treated him to a meal, and their faces would all look particularly ugly.

After Zu An responded to Chi’s kiss, he came to the mourning hall and offered incense to the Dragon King. Looking at the portrait of the Dragon King, he secretly sighed, this guy is also a mediocre person, greedy for **** but forgetful. He was unable to do his job and was easily taken advantage of by monsters, which almost caused the entire sea clan to perish.

The other sea ministers were silent when they saw him standing in front of the portrait, and they all made eye contact. It seems that the friendship between the Regent and the Dragon King is indeed deep. Alas, we misunderstood him before.

Shang Hongyu’s face was slightly red. After all, after the fierce battle with Zu An, it felt a little strange to be standing side by side with him in front of the portrait of his late husband.

After a while, after Zu An put the incense on the incense, he turned and looked at the many Sea Tribe ministers: “I heard that you are selecting a new Sea King candidate?”

All the ministers looked at each other in confusion, but they still dared not answer: “Yes, now that the Dragon King has passed away, the country cannot be left without a master for a day, so everyone wants to elect a new king first, so that people can settle down.”

“It’s just that everyone can’t argue about the choice. Each prince has his own advantages.”

The most promising ministers, including the eldest prince, second prince, fourth prince, and eighth prince, all began to talk about how wise their princes were, and cited various scriptures to prove how suitable they were to inherit the throne.

Seeing that the mourning hall once again fell into the noise of a wet market, Zu An directly interrupted everyone: “There is no need to argue, I have a candidate.”

The faces of the sea clan ministers changed slightly, thinking that he had indeed interfered in the election of the Sea King.

It’s just that the other party was too powerful, and no one dared to oppose him, so they had to ask in a low voice: “I wonder who the regent prefers?”

Several other qualified princes and their officials secretly glanced at Chi Qi, wondering if they should recommend the Ninth Prince?

But everyone is not panicking. You must know that the Ninth Prince is too unreliable, and the last blue ice incident offended almost all the important officials. It is impossible for such a person to become the King of the Sea. There are countless The reason is fair and square.


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