Judge of the Song Dynasty Chapter 734: Yuanfeng restructuring


Isn’t there a public prosecutor’s office?

Wang Anshi’s simple words shocked Sima Guang so much that he didn’t know how to refute.

This was truly unique in his argument with Wang Anshi.

The reason is that what he is worried about happens to be what the Public Security Bureau is best at. Otherwise, why did he lead the judicial reform in the first place? If he continues to refute it, he can only say that the Public Security Bureau cannot supervise it.

Isn’t this a slap in the face?


So he had no choice but to admit it.

Actually, he is not sure yet how this business agency operates, because there is no record in history, and history cannot be used as a mirror.

Not only him, but other conservative officials are also looking through the fog.

However, they have no way to object.

Because Wang Anshi made it very clear that this business office is equivalent to a shop and has no special privileges. The only difference is that the investor is the Ordinance Department of the Second Government, but the goal is national security.

No one believes that Wang Anshi just wants to strengthen the Changping Cang method. The purpose behind it must still be to make money.

So, some people even interpret this as a provocation. Even if I act normally, there is nothing you can do about me.

Conservatives have vowed to keep an eye on this super agency, but your fox’s tail will eventually show up.

The most urgent task is to quickly deploy troops and generals.

You must know that many conservatives come from Southeast Sixth Road, which is where their base camp is.

For the reformists, Southeast Sixth Road is the financial center. If it is not under control, how can the finances be restored? The establishment of the Ordinance Department of the second government did not hesitate to give in and take action immediately.

It must be said that this super business administration has really made many officials gradually lean towards the reformists. To be more precise, they are more inclined towards the business law, whether they are powerful people or ordinary officials.

Because with the emergence of the debt restructuring law, the crisis for officials is full of uncertainty. Officials like them know very well that after a natural disaster, many state capitals may have to restructure their debts. So what will happen to their relatives?

In the past, they looked down upon colleges and hospitals, thinking that they could make a lot of money, have no power, and had no future.

But this super business agency is different. It really combines real power and wealth. This is just food. Salt and iron also threaten national security, whether in the future.

But these positions must give priority to their reformists.

Everyone gave Wang Anshi a thumbs up.


This is a great trick!

How to arrange for your children and grandchildren to join this super business office is very simple. After learning about Sima Guang’s plan through the Mathematical School, Wang Anshi immediately made preparations to let outstanding students from the Mathematical School enter the business office as interns.

There are many officials and officials here.

Those students who were working hard to join the official position saw that this student from the Imperial College had just graduated. He was not even fully graduated yet, and he just started working directly.

Hurry up and apply for the exam.


Confucianism has its uses.

Why do those students go directly to the real power agencies as interns after they graduate from the academy? It is simply because there are no talents in this field!

There are really a lot of Confucian talents, but they will never get their turn. There are still many officials with idle talents waiting.

But it is not that easy to take the Imperial College Examination, especially these two subjects, which require self-study and are not taught in ordinary colleges.

As a result, everyone’s attention immediately focused on the School of Arithmetic and the School of Law in the School of Business.

At present, these two colleges are the most promising.

In the past, all the children who signed up were businessmen, but this time, all the children of gentry came to sign up. After all, studying is still for the purpose of becoming an official!

At this time, Zhang Fei, the instigator, seems to have disappeared from the world, and there is no movement. Everyone seems to have forgotten the existence of this person.


After the hearing, this guy took another vacation. He stayed at home with Gao Wenyin and took care of the children all day long.

It wasn’t until Xu Zun took a vacation today that Zhang Fei was ready to go to work.

Early in the morning, Zhang Fei got up and followed Xu Zhiqian to the front hall. Xu Zun and Xu Lingxiao were already sitting inside.

“Why didn’t Wen Yin come to dinner?”

Xu Zun asked.

Zhang Fei replied: “She is breastfeeding, Xiaotao will bring food later.”

Xu Zun nodded and said: “Then let’s eat first.”

“Brother, why do you eat out every day these days?”

Xu Zhiqian asked Xu Lingxiao.

A flash of grievance flashed in Mu Zhen’s eyes.

Xu Lingxiao sighed: “I often have people treat me to guests recently, and I can’t refuse them.”

Xu Zhiqian asked again: “Really? Why are so many people inviting me to dinner?”

What’s going on? Zhang Fei glanced at Xu Zhiqian in surprise, and then at Xu Zun. Seeing that Xu Zun seemed to be waiting for something, he thought to himself, it seems that the father and daughter are cooperating again. They really sympathize with my uncle!

Xu Lingxiao said: “Isn’t it because they want to send their sons to study in the Imperial College?”

Xu Zun suddenly asked: “Has Xiao’er been promoted?”

Xu Lingxiao said: “With my qualifications, it is really difficult to become a doctor.”

Xu Zun asked again: “Then what’s the use of inviting you to dinner?”

Xu Lingxiao said: “They just wanted to know how to apply for the exam.”

Xu Zundao: “Are you asking about the application or the test papers?”

Xu Lingxiao said sarcastically: “Children can’t speak well.”

Xu Zundao: “Don’t go.”

“Yes, I understand.” Xu Lingxiao nodded.

A hint of cunning flashed in Xu Zhiqian’s eyes, and she winked at Mu Zhen, and then said to Xu Zun: “Dad, if this continues, the Imperial College will be occupied by the children of these officials. What will happen to the children of the poor? It is even more difficult for them to study. Ah.”

Xu Lingxiao said angrily: “Aren’t you a son of an official?”

Xu Zhiqian said: “My father and brother both entered the official position based on their ability, not their connections.”

Xu Lingxiao hummed softly: “I am not.”

Xu Zhiqian smiled awkwardly and looked at Xu Zun again.

Xu Zundao: “This matter is not under my father’s control. Furthermore, the students from the Imperial College have also taken part in the scientific examinations, and they are also Jinshi. Most of them did not get this opportunity by relying on connections.”

Although the Imperial College has been reformed and people can join the officialdom after graduation, those students still have to take the scientific examination because they believe that if they do not take the scientific examination, they will be looked down upon in the officialdom, and they also hope to be the number one scholar. After all, the scientific examination But it’s a perfect opportunity for them to show their strength.

Zhang Fei said: “Actually, there is no fair competition in this kind of thing, because those children of officials have received good education since childhood, which is incomparable to the poor. Even if it is a fair examination, it is them.”

Xu Zhiqian said: “In this case, shouldn’t we give more opportunities to the poor?”

Zhang Fei smiled and said nothing.

After breakfast, as soon as Zhang Fei went out, Wang Anshi’s carriage rushed in front of him.

“Master Wang is early.”

Zhang Fei quickly saluted.

“Get in the car and I’ll see you off.”

“Oh, thank you.”

After getting on the carriage, Wang Anshi didn’t talk nonsense and said straight to the point: “Can Cai Jing really trust him?”

Zhang Fei was stunned for a moment and asked: “Didn’t Bachelor Wang find a suitable candidate?”

Wang Anshi sighed: “There is no shortage of people with outstanding abilities around me, such as Lu Huiqing, Zhang Dun, and Zeng Bu. They are all suitable candidates, but they have promising futures. It is impossible for me to transfer them to their careers. Department, then it is not an official department after all.

I also talked to Xue Xiang about this matter, and he didn’t have such independent talents under him. ”

After some arrangements, he suddenly found that it was really difficult to choose someone for this position. For example, Lu Huiqing and Xue Xiang were both prime ministers. If they wanted to transfer him to the Public Service Department, they would not do it. ah!

After thinking about it, there are only two ways, either to choose from those idle officials, or to choose from the capable ministers and officials at the bottom.

Looking at it this way, Cai Jing is really a good candidate.

Zhang Fei then said: “I believe Cai Jing is absolutely capable. Otherwise, I would not have transferred him to the Xihe area to help. Now he does not lack experience.”

In fact, Zhang Fei does not necessarily want Cai Jing to go. There are many things to deal with in the northwest. However, the public security law has been fully launched in the northwest and is thriving. Cai Jing’s role is slowly decreasing. If Wang Anshi has a better candidate, he I won’t force it.

Wang Anshi nodded slightly, “Since you admire him so much, let him give it a try.”

As he said that, he seemed to think of something again, “By the way! Shen Kuo had a letter recently and mentioned something in it, which I think is feasible.”

Zhang Fei asked: “What’s the matter?”

Wang Anshi said: “Currently, business law is developing very well in Qingzhou, but among them, only Dibao Hospital has the best development and has the greatest potential. This hospital and college are relatively average. After all, those who have money to study and see doctors, Only in a few.

Shen Kuo was wondering if he could lend money to ordinary children to study and then pay them back after they completed their studies. ”

“Student loan?”

Zhang Fei exclaimed.

Wang Anshi nodded repeatedly and said: “This is a good name, student loan, haha, that’s what it means.”

Zhang Fei nodded and said: “You can give it a try, but why did Bachelor Wang tell me?”

Wang Anshi chuckled: “I think your charity foundation will be responsible for this.”

In fact, Shen Kuo asked the court to borrow money, but Wang Anshi believed that if the court borrowed money, the repayment period would be too long. So in the short term, it would be left-handed and right-handed. It is meaningless. The court is still raising money. Looking at those officials.

He had to trick businessmen into borrowing money, and the business administration would make money from them. This would be more effective. He had to let the emperor see the results.

In addition, he believes that the present is an excellent opportunity because many people want to study arithmetic and law.

Of course Zhang Fei understood Wang Anshi’s careful thoughts. He thought for a while and suddenly said: “You can borrow, but you must ensure that they will be able to pay back the money after completing their studies.”

Wang Anshi immediately asked: “How to say?”

Zhang Fei said: “Don’t the Business Administration specifically recruit students who have already studied?”

Wang Anshi nodded.

Zhang Fei added: “Most of these people come from rural schools or private schools. If the Polytechnic College wants to expand the number of students, it must first expand the number of students in these places.”

Wang Anshi said in surprise: “You mean to give them loans before they enroll in private schools?”

“No no no!”

Zhang Fei said: “It’s the other way around. Currently, in order to enter the Polytechnic College, you must also pass an exam. If students from a certain rural school, private school, or village can be admitted to the Polytechnic College, we will first help them repay the previous college. Tuition fees will increase. As a result, those colleges will inevitably expand their enrollment. I heard that many colleges are in difficulty and need tax-free subsidies from the court.”

Wang Anshi said: “But if they fail the exam, wouldn’t they get nothing?”

Zhang Fei said: “This is not buying and selling goods. One teacher teaches ten or twenty people. The difference is not big. Even if it increases by 30%, they will make a profit. In this way, the business administration can recruit more people. How outstanding students can ensure that we can repay our money when the time comes. Of course, we will first determine the tuition fee for each student.”

Wang Anshi nodded, “This is feasible.”

Zhang Fei thought to himself, of course it is feasible, the business administration will make pure profit! He added: “If Master Wang agrees, the charity foundation will definitely get involved in this career college to ensure that there will be no fraud in it. We can’t crazily stuff places into it just to make money. The charity foundation can’t afford it! Besides, I also have to convince those businessmen to agree.”

Wang Anshi smiled and said: “Easy to say! Easy to say!”

At this moment, Li Si said outside: “Third brother, the procuratorate is here.”

Zhang Fei immediately said: “Go to the police station first.”

Wang Anshi asked: “Why did you go to the police station?”

Zhang Fei said: “Let’s talk to the Yamen and the others about something.”

However, when he arrived at the police station, Zhang Fei was in vain. He heard from the royal police that Yanei and Xiao Ma went to the Taxation Department to perform official duties.

This made Zhang Fei very curious, so he rushed to the Taxation Department.

When I came to the door of the Taxation Department, I saw that the door of the Taxation Department was crowded with people, and many royal police officers were on the side to maintain order.

What happened?

Zhang Fei saw at a glance that Cao Dongdong was standing aside with a riding whip in his hand, shouting, how majestic he was.

He hurried over and said, “Ya Nei.”

“Zhang San.”

Cao Dongdong looked happy when he saw Zhang Fei, “Why are you here?”

Zhang Fei glanced at the crowd and asked, “What are you doing?”

Cao Dongdong chuckled and said: “Make up the lost time.”


Zhang Fei looked curious.

Cao Dongdong whispered: “Didn’t this year’s tax bill already be paid before?”

Zhang Fei nodded.

Cao Dongdong said: “According to the rules of the Taxation Department, supplements can be made within one month, and it is not considered tax evasion, so these people hurriedly came to supplement their tax bills.”

Zhang Fei said: “What do you mean?”

“I heard that this matter has something to do with you.”

“Is it related to me?”


Cao Dongdong said hey: “It is said that these fools thought that our public prosecutor’s office was going to be over. The reason was the previous lawsuit about Xue Fayunshi, so they all had to fill in the blanks. It turned out that our public prosecutor’s law had to go to Southeast Sixth Road, so Come and make changes as soon as possible. Haha!”

“That’s it.”

Zhang Fei couldn’t help but laugh.

Xue Xiang’s previous lawsuit caused a rift between the conservatives and the Public Security Bureau. The powerful people are the people. As long as Sima Guang and the others no longer support the Public Security Law, the Public Security Law will be completely finished.

Without the Public Security Bureau, the Taxation Department is not that scary.

Who would have imagined that after this lawsuit is over, the Public Security Bureau will undergo a new round of expansion.

Can’t afford it!

Hurry up and amend your tax form.

Zhang Fei asked again: “By the way! How did your police station arrange it when the Public Security Bureau and the Procuratorate went to Southeast Sixth Road?”

Cao Dongdong was excited and immediately pulled Zhang Fei aside, “Xiao Ma and I both want to go, but there is no approval from the authorities yet. Can you help us think of a way?”

Zhang Fei said: “Isn’t Beijing fun?”

Cao Dongdong shook his head and said: “It’s not fun. We usually meet acquaintances, so it’s hard to be cruel. We’re going to Southeast Sixth Road. Hey, then we can go on a killing spree. Also, that little guy from Jiangnan Ladies, all of them are born with grace. Hey Zhang San, I haven’t even finished what I have to say, why are you leaving!”

Zhang Fei turned around and said, “You have said so, I won’t go, I will let you go, what are you thinking.”

“Ah! Zhang San, you are such a villain, you don’t want to see your brother.”

“To each other!”

After Zhang Fei dropped these words, he got into the carriage and drove away.

Cao Dongdong was so angry that he bared his teeth and claws, and immediately lashed out with a whip, “Everyone should line up for me. If anyone dares to squeeze in again, I will invite him to the police station for tea. I am really angry to death, God **** it.” Xiaoer pen.”

When I arrived at the procuratorate, I saw Qi Ji and Wang Gong, who were not interested in working. They were gathered together, chatting about something.

“What are you talking about?”

Zhang Fei entered the hall.

Qi Ji sighed: “What else can we talk about? We have to go to Jiangnan next year.”

“Really?” Zhang Fei asked: “Has this order already been issued? Why didn’t I know.”

Wang Gong said: “The formal order has not been issued yet, but we have heard that in the entire procuratorate, only Chief Prosecutor Xu and Prosecutor Zhang are left, and the rest have to go.”

Qi Ji added: “Those students from the Imperial College will report to us immediately. We will take them for three months and then leave.”

Zhang Fei cupped his hands and said: “Congratulations to everyone on your promotion, and throw all your troubles to me.”

This is really taking them all away, which is a bit too cruel.

But there was no way. The territory was too big for this expansion, and Sima Guang was actually panicked. He could only transfer them all away, and the capital relied entirely on Zhang Fei to support it.

Qi Ji hurriedly said: “Don’t rush to congratulate us now. We are all uneasy now. The key is that if you don’t go, can we stand still?”

They are not like Fan Chunren, Su Shi and others. They used to be small and inconspicuous roles. In just a few years, they were promoted to state and county prosecutors. This is really a trick.

“Have some confidence in yourself.”

Zhang Fei smiled and said: “Actually, you just need to remember one thing.”

Wang Gong said hurriedly: “I hope Prosecutor Zhang can give me some advice.”

Zhang Fei said: “I have emphasized this point many times, which is to act in accordance with the law. As long as you stick to this point, there will be no problems. In the worst case, you will appeal to the capital. Then I will be able to give you support, but if you Violating this point will result in death.”

Everyone nodded.

“Having said that, I’m afraid we are not capable enough.”

Zhou Zheng suddenly said: “Prosecutor Zhang, you established the Procuratorate of Hezhong Prefecture. Can you impart some experience to us?”

“Yes, yes!”

Qi Ji nodded repeatedly, “Hurry up and teach us some experience. What difficulties will we encounter and how should we deal with them?”

Zhang Fei nodded and said: “Okay! It’s okay now anyway.”

Is everything okay?


How is it possible? This is a key node.

At noon, just as Qi Ji and the others were planning to take Zhang Fei with them to eat and chat, Zhao Xu suddenly sent someone over there and called Zhang Fei to have lunch with him in the palace.

When they arrived at the palace, Zhao Xu had already prepared delicious dishes.

“Zhang San is here, sit down, sit down.”

He and Zhang Fei are still very casual, just like close friends. This relationship has never changed. The reason is that Zhang Fei is like an idle person.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Zhang Fei sat down and asked curiously: “Your Majesty summoned me to the palace, what are your instructions?”

Zhao Xu said: “There is one thing. I want to hear your opinion. Recently, Wang Gui, a bachelor of the Hanlin Academy, received a memorial. He believed that the disaster of the three redundancies in our dynasty was due to the overbloat of the imperial government, so he suggested that I return to the three provinces. Six-part system.”

Yuanfeng’s restructuring is coming. Zhang Fei couldn’t help but feel a little in his heart, and then he said curiously: “Your Majesty, I don’t understand this matter!”

“I know you don’t know much about it, but the reason why Wang Gui made this suggestion is because of the Public Security Bureau.”

“What is the relationship between the two?”

Zhang Fei said with a blank look on his face.

There is no public security law in history!

Zhao Xu said: “In order to prevent and control things, Taizu Taizong set up many official offices to check and balance each other.

Although this was indeed done, it also resulted in the discrepancy and confusion between the name and reality of the official position. There was neither a fixed number of personnel nor a full-time job, and people in their positions did not plan their affairs. When problems encountered, they passed the blame to each other, and ultimately failed. Leading to the disaster of redundant officials.

Oh, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. ”

Zhang Fei nodded.

Zhao Xu glanced at him and continued: “But Wang Gui believes that with the emergence of the public security system and the law, the separation of politics and law, even if the government agencies are streamlined, things can be prevented and things can be controlled. Therefore, I I want to hear your opinion.”

Zhang Fei’s eyes lit up and he thought to himself, this statement is somewhat far-sighted. I don’t know whether he thought of it or Wang Gui thought of it.

Seeing that he was silent, Zhao Xu asked again: “What do you think?”


Zhang Fei thought secretly, he knew that Yuanfeng’s restructuring was not only for redundant officials, but that was only secondary. The key was that the emperor wanted to come to the forefront, which was difficult to stop, because preventing Yuanfeng’s restructuring would prevent the expansion of imperial power. .

He thought for a while and said truthfully: “I think this suggestion is actually reasonable, but I still have some doubts about what it will look like when it is implemented.

For example, the requirements for the ability of ministers will increase, because relying on the checks and balances of the public security organs, the procuratorate, and the law, those officials must rely on their abilities to do things, and cannot rely solely on power to promote things as before. ”

Zhao Xu immediately said: “This is what it should be, and I don’t want some incompetent people to help me govern the country.”

Zhang Fei added: “In addition, it may also make it difficult for His Majesty to govern.”

The implication is that you may even be a check and balance.

This is actually a very sensitive statement, but this is not the first time Zhang Fei has discussed this kind of matter with Zhao Xu. Because the appearance of the Public Security Bureau will inevitably have a certain impact on the imperial power, Zhang Fei must make it clear to Zhao Xu before he can get Zhao Xu. Xu’s trust.

Zhao Xu asked him to come and asked about this, “So you think this is not feasible for the time being?”

Zhang Fei thought for a while and said: “This suggestion is definitely the best policy. The Public Security Bureau and the Procuratorate can indeed lay the foundation for the court to streamline its official offices. This will not only improve the efficiency of governance, but also reduce the financial burden. It is a multi-purpose solution.

But this also requires Your Majesty to do two things well. ”

Zhao Xu asked: “What two points?”

Zhang Fei said: “First, control the Legislative Council, and second, the Chief Justice. The most important of them is the Legislative Council. If you want to exert the power of the Public Security Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Public Procuratorate, and the Law must be able to act in accordance with the law. So as long as you control the legislation, it will be equal to It is to have complete control over the public security organs.

As for the position of Chief Justice, officials must ensure that the Chief Justice’s ideas are exactly the same as His Majesty’s governing philosophy. In this way, His Majesty will be able to fully control the public prosecutor’s office. ”

Zhao Xu nodded thoughtfully, and smiled again: “The position of president of the court in the future will be yours.”

Zhang Fei hurriedly said: “Your Majesty values ​​me so much, and I am willing to devote myself to your majesty even if I die.”

Zhao Xu smiled and nodded, as if he had already made a plan.


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