Invincible God of War Chapter 6133: Three weird blood thunders!

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“Leave them all to me!”

The Elf Queen drank coldly.

The power of chaos, the power of law surges, and the divine power destroys the heaven and the earth.

With one person’s strength, she desperately held the two of them back.

“Damn woman!”

The Demon Lord cursed, turned around and flew towards the black hole in the universe.

The next moment is available.

He froze in place.

Where are the people?

Why is there no one there?

He glanced around and found that the people of the three major races had already retreated into the distance.

“So that’s it.”

Those who were confused before finally understood.

It turns out that the Sky-Swallowing Beast had calculated that when the Creation God went to help Qin Feiyang, the Demon Lord or God Lord would take the opportunity to kill them.

That’s why we evacuated early.

There is indeed foresight, otherwise, they would definitely die at the hands of the Demon Lord now.

“Damn thing!”

The Demon Lord was furious and rushed towards the Elf Queen crazily.

Since the God of Creation is not here, let’s take the opportunity to kill this woman!


The other side.

Two heavenly tribulations crashed down.

The breath of death enveloped me.

Qin Feiyang’s eyes were solemn and he was puzzled. Why did two catastrophes happen?

I can’t figure it out, what’s the difference between him and others?


Three thousand incarnations rushed into the sky, heading straight towards the two heavenly tribulations.

There was a loud bang.

It has no power to fight at all.

Belief in Dharma is shattered.

Three thousand incarnations were instantly annihilated.


The two heavenly tribulations didn’t pause at all and headed straight for Qin Feiyang.

This is fatal!

If it were a natural disaster, Qin Feiyang could still struggle.

But with two catastrophes, there is no hope at all!

This moment.

The hearts of the Mermaid Princess, White-Eyed Wolf and others couldn’t help but raise their throats, and their hands were tightly clenched together.

Success, Qin Feiyang is the God of Creation!

Failure, both body and soul will be destroyed!

A critical moment.

A white-haired young man came out of the sky and hovered over Qin Feiyang.

“Creation God!”

Everyone was in high spirits.


The God of Creation pointed out, his momentum shook the sky, and the original power rolled away like a tide.

A little higher in the air.

The power of faith sweeps across the world.

The two supreme powers seemed to turn into giant dragons, blasting towards two terrifying thunder tribulations.


A destructive aura erupted high in the sky.

The mermaid princess quickly retreated.

He didn’t stop until he retreated in front of Baiyanlang and others.

“Creation God, can you wait?”

Wan Jianshan whispered.

“What did you say?”

“He is my father, how can it be difficult to survive a mere calamity?”

Wu Xiaofan is dissatisfied.

However, before he finished speaking, the God of Creation turned pale.

And the original power, the power of faith, also collapsed.

Two heavenly tribulations struck down, and the God of Creation spurted out a mouthful of blood on the spot, and his body sank suddenly.

Wu Xiaofan was excited and his heart was beating fast.

“I boasted about Haikou, you must stop me, otherwise you will be embarrassed.”

The Creator God’s eyes are like lightning, and his white hair is dancing wildly.

The power of origin, the power of chaos, and the power of law are constantly surging out, colliding crazily with the two tribulations.

“I didn’t expect that there would be such a powerful disaster in the world.”

“Even I, Wu Tian, ​​can hardly stop you.”

“This guy came back after reincarnation and is really a monster.”

The God of Creation looked at Qin Feiyang below, with a wry smile on his face.


He raised his head and stared at the thunder disaster above, and shouted loudly.

“Crush it to me!”

This moment.

The God of Creation showed his heaven-defying strength. Three terrifying forces gathered together and erupted into a world-destroying aura.



The loud noise shook the sky.

Those two thunder tribulations finally collapsed!

And the God of Creation stood in the void, gasping for air, and his hands were bleeding.

“It’s finally over.”

“The tribulation was successfully overcome.”

Far away.

The eyes of the mermaid princess and others could not help but smile with joy.

The same goes for Qin Feiyang and Chuangshi Shen.

But in the next moment!

Another **** divine thunder roared in like lightning.


“Is there another catastrophe?”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone suddenly changed their color.

This **** divine thunder caught people off guard.

The God of Creation was stunned for a moment, then quickly blocked the attack. His hands were shattered on the spot, staining the sky with blood.

The whole person was blown away.


The **** divine thunder went towards Qin Feiyang.

The breath of death enveloped me again.

Qin Feiyang wanted to avoid, but found that he couldn’t move his legs.

Not because of fear!

It was because of the power of God, the power of God erupted from the **** divine thunder, that imprisoned him in place, unable to move.

“Damn it!”

“Go and help him!”

The white-eyed wolf roared.

But with such a long distance, they had no time to get there.

Even if they rushed there, with their strength, they would not be able to help Qin Feiyang block this catastrophe.


Seeing that he was about to die, the God of Creation came again and blocked the catastrophe with his own body.

With a loud noise, the God of Creation fell at Qin Feiyang’s feet.

Qin Feiyang’s expression changed, and he quickly squatted on the ground and helped the God of Creation up.

“Not dead yet.”

“But your Creation Thunder Tribulation is really weird.”

“Two **** divine thunders actually appeared.”

“And the lethality is the same as the last catastrophe.”

The God of Creation is helpless.

Qin Feiyang couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He doesn’t know what’s going on.

The last catastrophe, which is already terrifying, comes three times at once. Who can bear this?

But in the next moment.

Another **** divine thunder, carrying a world-destroying aura, came to kill.

“What the hell?”

“There are still more?”

Everyone was stunned.

What is going on?

And the lethality of this third **** divine thunder is also the same as the last tribulation.

That is to say.

In addition to the ninety-nine creation thunder catastrophes, Qin Feiyang also experienced three unknown thunder catastrophes.

“I really tried my best this time.”

Creation God took a deep breath.

“I can only get rid of you.”

Qin Feiyang sighed.

“It’s okay.”

“As long as you step into the Creation Realm and successfully stop the black hole, my efforts will not be in vain.”

“Besides, aren’t we brothers?”

“Although you haven’t awakened the memory of your past life yet, in my eyes, you have always been my good brother, Di Tian.”

The God of Creation smiled slightly, and his momentum surged in all directions. His whole body was like a meteor, blooming with dazzling divine light, and blasted towards the tribulation.


“Sure enough, God doesn’t even want him to survive.”

The God Lord and the Demon Lord laughed happily.

At this moment, the black hole in the universe has swallowed up half of the land of chaos.

The terrifying momentum is so despairing!

There was a loud bang, and under everyone’s gaze, the God of Creation and the Blood God Thunder collided.

The sky collapsed.

The **** brilliance is as dazzling as the scorching sun.

Everyone couldn’t help but close their eyes, their eyes stung.

What was the result?

Have you blocked it?

The rumbling sound gradually dissipated.

At this time, no one had the courage to open their eyes and see the result.

I am deeply afraid of seeing the God of Creation unblocked.

I am deeply afraid of seeing Qin Feiyang die from a natural disaster. Finally, it was the mermaid princess who slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the broken void.


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