Invincible God of War Chapter 6132: Mutation, two catastrophes!

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A ray of divine light rushed out from the sealing formation and illuminated the heavens.

A powerful divine power burst out, shrouding the black hole in the universe like a tide.


The divine light crazily suppresses the black hole.

However, for the black hole at this moment, the effect of the sealing array is minimal.

With the four sky-swallowing beasts as the center, everyone protected the sealing circle and kept retreating.

That’s all they can do, try their best to suppress and contain.

The sky!

Qin Feiyang stood in the thundercloud.

The three thousand incarnations are gradually unable to support themselves.

Smash one after another.

Available now.

We have only reached the fiftieth heavenly tribulation.

There are forty-nine paths left.

“Too difficult.”

Qin Feiyang whispered.

He lowered his head and looked away.

At this time, he could already clearly see the black hole in the universe.

Rather than saying that it is a black hole, it is better to say it is blood red.

The current black hole, except for the black surrounding it, is completely blood-red inside. It is like a sea of ​​blood surging, exuding a terrifying destructive power.

“So big.”

“If this trend continues, the Land of Chaos will be swallowed up within an hour at most.”

Qin Feiyang’s heart sank.

Because the bigger the black hole is, the faster it will devour.

When the Land of Chaos is swallowed up, it will be the turn of the major worlds.

You must hold on!


The fifty-first heavenly catastrophe fell suddenly.

Qin Feiyang activates the power of chaos, the power of faith, the power of law, and the power of origin, resist!


With a loud noise, he was still blasted into the ground below.

He was covered in blood and blood!

The mermaid princess quickly opened the Eye of Life and healed Qin Feiyang.

At the same time.

There was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“Feiyang, look at your blood.”


Qin Feiyang was stunned and glanced at the blood on his hands.

I discovered that the blood was no longer purple-gold.

There is not even the breath of purple gold dragon blood.

Now the power of his bloodline is pure human blood.

“What’s going on?”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

Gradually, he had the answer in his mind.

Go back to the origin!

That’s right.

After he understood the secret of the Creation Realm, the power of blood returned to its origin.

That is, the blood of the human race.

The purple gold dragon blood has disappeared.


It does not disappear.

But it was integrated into his flesh and bones.

There was a loud bang, and the fifty-second tribulation fell.

Qin Feiyang thought.

Three thousand incarnations appear again.

Every subsequent catastrophe requires him and three thousand incarnations to join forces to block it.

Every time the three thousand incarnations occur, they will be annihilated.

Qin Feiyang is the only one left.

When the next catastrophe comes, Qin Feiyang will activate three thousand incarnations again.

This is the horror of the Creation Thunder Tribulation.

If there were not three thousand incarnations, if Qin Feiyang was the only one, there would be no way to successfully overcome the tribulation.

At this time, he did not dare to enter the calamity cloud.

Because the calamity cloud will be even more terrifying.

And the mermaid princess’s divine light of life cannot reach the calamity cloud.

The destructive power is terrible.

The divine light of life had already been wiped away by the power of Heaven before it reached the Tribulation Cloud.

So now.

He can only overcome the tribulation step by step.

Don’t rush.

The mermaid princess also played a key role at this time.

It can be said.

If it weren’t for the Mermaid Princess, Qin Feiyang would have died under the catastrophe long ago.

Eye of Life is needed every time to help him repair his injuries.

Time flies by.

At this moment, the black hole in the universe has swallowed up one-fifth of the original land.

White Eyed Wolf and others were vomiting blood.

Bai Yuqing looked pale.

Always opening the life realm brings a great burden, and the mental energy has been over-consumed.

But she didn’t stop.

Still insisting.

Everyone is trying their best, but the Demon Lord and God Lord, who are the instigators, are still entangled with the God of Creation and the Elf Queen.

The purpose is to prevent the two of them from stopping the black hole and helping Qin Feiyang overcome the disaster.

This is to completely break the jar.

Perish together with the humans and elves.

Time passes.

Two-fifths of the Chaos Land was swallowed up.

In other words.

Nearly half of the current chaotic land is filled with black holes in the universe.


Huangfu Dahuang’s blood spurted out wildly. Looking at the black hole like the bright moon and stars, there was only despair in his heart.

Even if Qin Feiyang successfully overcomes such a large cosmic black hole, can he stop it?

He couldn’t help but wonder.


At this moment.

The previous ninety-eight heavenly tribulations have finally ended.

The last one left!

This is also the scariest one.

Whether you can step into the realm of creation depends on this moment!

Qin Feiyang took a deep breath, and the three thousand incarnations appeared again: “Everyone, this is our last disaster, we must survive it!”

“That’s natural.”

“Isn’t it just for now that you have worked so hard for so long?”

“As long as you step into the Creation Realm, kill the God Lord and the Demon Lord, and suppress the black hole in the universe, you can return to Daqin to accompany your family and friends.”

“Isn’t this what you have always wanted?”

“Don’t worry, you will definitely achieve what you want.”

Three thousand avatars looked at Qin Feiyang and smiled.

“Thank you.”

Qin Feiyang smiled gratefully.


One after another, the belief in the Dharma appeared in the world.

A terrifying momentum roared in this place.

The Sky-Swallowing Beast glanced at Qin Feiyang, then at the God of Creation and the Elf Queen, and shouted: “Retreat immediately, stay away from the Demon Lord and the God Lord!”

Whoosh! !

Although many people did not know why, they did not doubt the sky-swallowing beast at this moment and immediately swept away into the distance.


As a group of people evacuated, the sealing seal instantly disintegrated.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether there is a sealing circle or not. People from the three major races can no longer shake the black hole.

At the same time as everyone was evacuating, there was a loud rumble, and the ninety-ninth catastrophe came.

The five-colored divine thunder seemed to destroy the heaven and earth.


There are two!

In that five-colored divine thunder, there is also a blood-red catastrophe hidden.

The lethality of this catastrophe is equally terrifying!

“What’s going on?”

“Why did he have two heavenly tribulations?”

“Doesn’t this mean that he has a total of one hundred creation thunder tribulations?”

Not to mention White-eyed Wolf and others, the God of Creation and the Elf Queen couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw the blood-red tribulation.

They are all experienced.

It’s very clear that the Creation Thunder Tribulation.

In the end, there was no **** disaster at all.


“See, even God doesn’t want him to live.”

“This is divine punishment!”

The God Lord and the Demon Lord laughed.

The Elf Queen raised her eyebrows and spoke to the God of Creation: “Can you stop these two catastrophes by yourself?”

“That should work.”

“But maybe after blocking these two catastrophes, I will also be seriously injured.”

“Although Eye of Life and Domain of Life have powerful repair abilities, their cultivation levels are too low.”

“It’s a bit too reluctant to treat the powerful people in the Creation Realm.”

“And now, their mental energy is almost exhausted, and the treatment effect is not as good as before.”

“So if I go to help him overcome his calamity, I may lose my fighting ability later.”

The God of Creation secretly said.

“It’s okay.”

“I’m here.”

“And Qin Feiyang.”

“As long as Qin Feiyang succeeds in overcoming the tribulation, he can definitely reverse the situation.”

The Elf Queen sent a message.

“Then please do it all.”

Creation God said something secretly, turned around and took a step towards Qin Feiyang.

“Stop him!”

The God Lord and the Demon Lord roared. Qin Feiyang must not be allowed to successfully overcome the catastrophe!


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