Invincible God of War Chapter 5885: Disaster!


The five to six meter tall giant, like a **** and demon warrior, lowered his head and looked down at Chu Wujue and Chu Wushuang.

The invisible sense of oppression came overwhelming like a tide.

Even with Chu Wushuang and Chu Wujue’s current cultivation levels, they couldn’t help but feel frightened.

“Yes, you have the power of Chu Yunxiong’s blood flowing in your body.”

The giant nodded.

“Do you know our father?”

Chu Wushuang was surprised.

“So you are Chu Yunxiong’s children.”

“Very good.”

The giant stretched out his big hand and grabbed the two of them.

The expressions of the two siblings changed, and they quickly activated the Heaven-Bearing Divine Technique and blasted towards the giant hand.

But that giant hand was as hard as divine iron, and the three great heaven-reaching divine arts not only failed to repel the giant hand, but were crushed to pieces by the giant hand.

This scene made the siblings change their minds.

You must know that Chu Wushuang has a great level of cultivation.

Her magical power to reach the sky is enough to kill the beginning of the sky in an instant.

But now, the two great divine arts are so vulnerable in front of giants?

What kind of cultivation level does this person have?

The giant was ruthless, his big hand came down suddenly, and he grabbed the siblings as if they were little chickens.


The giant stepped away into the air and entered the gate



With a roar, the white-eyed wolf shot out of thin air, and the original power of the Cangtian Realm rushed towards the giant like a tide.

But the giant didn’t even look back.

A terrifying momentum surged away, and the original power of the Cangtian Realm was shattered.


The momentum rolled in and rushed towards the white-eyed wolf. A fatal crisis filled Xi’s heart.

The white-eyed wolf quickly retreated, but was still not spared.

Overwhelmed by momentum.

The body was shattered on the spot!

The five beginningless divine realms were also destroyed one after another.

Seeing that White Eyed Wolf’s last Beginningless God Realm was about to be shattered, Chu Ziqing and Chu Ziyue rushed over, and the power of chaos roared out, protecting White Eyed Wolf’s last Beginningless God Realm.

The bodies of the two men were also cracking and bleeding.


It wasn’t until the bodies of the two of them were reaching their limit and about to be shattered that the momentum dissipated.

The two of them lay panting in the void, their bodies dripping with blood, and their faces were full of fear.

The spirit of the white-eyed wolf rushed out from the Beginningless God Realm and headed straight for the gate.

The two looked at each other and quickly followed.

But before he could chase him in, the boundary gate dissipated, and the white-eyed wolf scanned the night sky, his face full of anger.

“Cousin, what’s going on?”

Chu Ziqing and the two were surprised.

“My mother and uncle were kidnapped.”

White Eyed Wolf said in a deep voice.

“What!” When the two sisters heard this, they couldn’t help but change their colors and quickly looked around.

“Quickly take out the divine sound transmission stone and see if you can contact them!”

The white-eyed wolf urged.

The two of them were excited and quickly took out the divine stone of sound transmission. One sent a message to Chu Wujue and the other to Chu Wushuang.


The summons from both of them was like a stone’s throw, with no response at all.

“Damn it!”

The white-eyed wolf was furious.


Half an hour later.

Qin Feiyang appears in the realm of nothingness with the mermaid princess.

The realm of nothingness is still the same as before, but the difference is that there is a huge palace standing on the top of a mountain below.

In the center of the square in front of the palace, there stands a stone tablet with the four characters “World Alliance”, like iron hooks and silver strokes, vigorous and powerful.

The God-Eating Python is still there.

Like the guardian beast of the World Alliance.

At this moment, in the main hall.

The Sky-Swallowing Beast sat above, frowning.

White-eyed wolves, Chu Ziqing, and Chu Ziyue were sitting below, their faces full of anxiety.

Qin Feiyang and the Mermaid Princess walked in and looked at the faces of several people, their hearts skipped a beat.

An uneasy premonition came over me.

The mysterious young man, Long Chen, and Madman also walked out of the gate one after another, entered the main hall, and frowned: “What’s the matter, summoning us here in such a hurry?”

“Nalan Yueling, the Human Emperor, and the inner demons are all looking for opportunities to transform into mortals, so don’t disturb them yet. As for Feng Yang, he is too weak and can’t be of much help, so he was not notified. ”

“So let us discuss this matter today!”

The sky-swallowing beast said.

“What happened?”

Qin Feiyang frowned.

The sky-swallowing beast turned to look at the white-eyed wolf and sighed: “Tell me what you want!”

The white-eyed wolf clenched his hands tightly and said in a deep voice: “Half an hour ago, a mysterious man suddenly came to our Cangtian Realm and kidnapped my mother and uncle. He was extremely powerful and almost killed me with just a burst of momentum. If Ziqing and Ziyue hadn’t arrived in time, I would have been dead now.”

When Qin Feiyang and others heard this, their faces sank.

Abduct Chu Wushuang and Chu Wujue?

Then at least, his cultivation level must surpass that of Chu Wushuang!


The madman frowned.

“I said he was a mysterious person, so I definitely don’t know him.” Bai Yanlang was a little impatient.

The madman fell silent.

I didn’t care about the white-eyed wolf.

After all, if her mother was kidnapped, anyone would be upset and angry.

The Sky-Swallowing Beast said: “I have asked Ice Dragon to investigate this person’s identity. I believe we will get something soon.”

“You should be able to guess his identity, right?”

Qin Feiyang asked.


The sky-swallowing beast nodded.

After waiting silently for a moment, the ice dragon finally returned. He walked into the hall with a heavy face, looked at the sky-swallowing beast and said, “Boss Frog, we have found out that he is indeed one of theirs.”


White Eyed Wolf quickly stood up and asked.

Binglong said: “The extraterritorial race, the troll race, the Nine Venerables, one of the ten great lords!”

“Outside the Territory!”

The eyes of Qin Feiyang and others trembled, they were actually demon gods from outside the territory.

“Is it an extraterritorial battlefield?” Long Chen asked.

“Not bad.”

Ice Dragon nodded and said: “The Trolls are very strong. Their leader, the Troll God, is as good as me and Brother Frog. The ten sages under his command are all powerful men who reach the peak of heaven and reach the pinnacle.”

Qin Feiyang and others couldn’t help but take a breath.

Troll God…

As strong as the Sky-Swallowing Beast and the Ice Dragon, wouldn’t that mean the Great Perfection?

The white-eyed wolf frowned and said, “Why did the trolls kidnap my mother and uncle?”

“This is exactly what I’m confused about.”

Ice Dragon Road.

“Then go check it out!”

White Eyed Wolf said anxiously.

“How can it be so easy?”

“The situation on the battlefield outside the territory is more complicated than you think, and the Trolls, even Brother Frog and I, are not places we can just go to.”

The ice dragon shook his head feebly.

The white-eyed wolf couldn’t help but despair.

The madman looked at the white-eyed wolf and the sky-swallowing beast, frowned and said: “Isn’t this a trap set by you to let us go to the battlefield outside the territory?”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned for a moment and looked at the two of them.

The faces of the Ice Dragon and the Sky-Swallowing Beast turned dark, and they glared angrily at the lunatic, saying: “You can drink as much as you want, but you can’t talk as much as you want.”


The madman laughed dryly.

Based on past circumstances, this may be possible.

But it’s different now.

The Sky-Swallowing Beast wants to recognize the White-eyed Wolf, so it should be impossible for him to do such an extreme thing.

After all, doing this will only make White Eyed Wolf hate him even more.

The white-eyed wolf looked at the sky-swallowing beast and said: “You should think of a way quickly, don’t forget, she is your wife, and the other one is also your brother-in-law.”

“Please uncle, please help me.”

Chu Ziqing and Chu Ziyue also quickly begged.

“Don’t worry.”

“The trolls have extended their hands into the Heaven Realm and have broken the rules of the battlefield outside the territory. Even if they are people who have nothing to do with me, I will not let them go!”

The sky-swallowing beast said.

“What rules?”

Long Chen was suspicious.

“Since the emergence of extraterritorial battlefields, there has been a clear rule that you are not allowed to enter the opponent’s world.”

“This is why, although the battles on the battlefields outside the territory are fierce, the major worlds have always been peaceful.”

Ice Dragon explained.

“That’s it.” Long Chen nodded suddenly.

The Sky-Swallowing Beast stood up, looked at the ice dragon and said: “Let’s go back to the battlefield outside the territory. Even the trolls have to let them understand the price of angering my Sky-Swallowing Beast!”


The ice dragon nodded.

White Eyed Wolf quickly asked: “Then if we are going to the battlefield outside the territory, how should we enter?”

“The road to heaven, the tomb of immortals.”

After finishing speaking, the sky-swallowing beast took the ice dragon and walked away in one step, disappearing without a trace in an instant.

“Fairy Tomb?”

Qin Feiyang and others were surprised.

Could it be that… the fourth floor of the Immortal Tomb is an extraterrestrial battlefield?

The mermaid princess turned to look at Qin Feiyang and asked in a low voice: “What should we do now?”

Qin Feiyang looked at the white-eyed wolf and rubbed his forehead.

I didn’t want to participate in the disputes on the battlefield outside the territory, but now…


After exhaling, Qin Feiyang stood up and said: “Waiting for news, it would be great if the Sky-Swallowing Beast and Ice Dragon can rescue them. If they cannot be rescued, we will go to the battlefield outside the territory!”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded involuntarily.

The mermaid princess opened the eyes of life, helped White-eyed Wolf reshape his body, and comforted White-eyed Wolf, Chu Ziyue, and Chu Ziqing.

“Don’t worry, they must have kidnapped my aunt and uncle because they were valuable, otherwise they would have killed them directly.”

Chu Ziqing and Chu Ziyue nodded.

“I don’t care what kind of troll he is, or who he is among the top ten venerables. I will repay you twice as much for the harm he caused me today!”

The white-eyed wolf’s eyes are full of anger and murderous intent.

Long Chen turned to look at the mysterious young man and asked: “How much do you know about foreign battlefields?”


The mysterious young man was stunned, shook his head and said: “I don’t know much.”

“Don’t you have a very good relationship with them?”

Long Chen frowned.

“You and White-eyed Wolf are the biological sons of Ice Dragon and Sky-Swallowing Beast, do you know?”

The mysterious young man rolled his eyes.

Long Chen smiled bitterly.

This is true.



This news spread throughout the world.

Of course.

It is not widely spread.

It only spread among the circles of Qin Feiyang and others.

People like Wan Jianshan entered the realm of nothingness one after another and asked about the situation.

He also said that if they really go to the battlefield outside the territory, they would be obliged to do so, and the friendship established over the years would be revealed at this moment.

“No one can go without the cultivation of Tongtian Realm.”

These are Qin Feiyang’s words.

Although I have never been to the battlefield outside the territory, it is not difficult to judge from the situation described by the sky-swallowing beast and the ice dragon. I am afraid that even the strong people in the Tongtian realm cannot protect themselves in this place.

That’s not to mention people in the beginningless realm.

So, if you want to enter the battlefield outside the territory, it is a prerequisite to reach the Tongtian realm, otherwise there is no need to discuss it.

After hearing this, those who were still prepared to drag him away were ready to start looking for an opportunity to transform from the ordinary.


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