Invincible God of War Chapter 5881: Restore calm


Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but look at the white-eyed wolf and the sky-swallowing beast.

The white-eyed wolf and the sky-swallowing beast looked at each other.

The white-eyed wolf frowned.

The sky-swallowing beast was a little worried inside. Will this kid make him look bad in public?


After a long time, the white-eyed wolf snorted from his nose, turned around and walked away without looking back.

The sky-swallowing beast couldn’t help blowing its beard and staring, even though it didn’t have a beard.

“Dan Ding Dan Ding.”

Binglong comforted him: “There has to be a process!”


The Sky-Swallowing Beast took a deep breath to calm down his inner anger.

But at this moment, White Eyed Wolf’s words almost made him run away.

“Don’t stay in the Sirius clan forever, go back to where you came from.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, the ice dragon grabbed the sky-swallowing beast and comforted him: “Boss Frog, calm down, calm down. He is your son. If he is slapped to death, you will be dead.”

The corners of the sky-swallowing beast’s mouth twitched as it glared at the ice dragon.

Are you so comforting?

Binglong said with a flattering smile: “Let’s go back first and give him some time. Sooner or later he will recognize you.”


The sky-swallowing beast snorted coldly, opened a door and left.

Qin Feiyang and others looked at each other with gloating smiles. Damn frog, you too will have this day.

“What about us?”

The madman asked.

Qin Feiyang pondered for a while and said: “White Eyed Wolf will handle the aftermath. There is no point in us staying here. Let’s go back first.”


Everyone nodded.

The fourth prince’s eyes lit up and he chuckled: “Boss Qin, Boss Crazy, you see, we have reconciled now, can you take me to Tianyun Realm for a walk?”

“Tianyun Realm…”

The other princes and princesses couldn’t help but express curiosity when they heard this.


Qin Feiyang looked at these people and smiled: “There will be opportunities in the future.”

To be honest, he still doesn’t trust these people.

The fourth prince said with a dark face: “Can’t there be a little trust between people?”

“Trust is built slowly.”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

The fourth prince pursed his lips, moved closer to Tantai Qianling, and said with a flattering smile: “Qianling, shall we go on a date?”

“Not interested.”

Tantai Qianling rolled her eyes, looked at Qin Feiyang and said: “I am going to travel to various continents, see you later.”


Qin Feiyang nodded.

Tantai Qianling took out a realm door and left alone, his thin back exuding a sense of loneliness.

“Really let her go?”

The mermaid princess grabbed Qin Feiyang and asked.

“What if?”

Qin Feiyang asked with a smile.

The mermaid princess smiled gently and said: “You should keep her, I really don’t mind if you marry another one.”

“Silly girl.” Qin Feiyang took the mermaid princess’s hand and left the Cangtian Realm with Long Chen and others.


Xuanwu Realm.

Everyone is sitting in the tea garden.

Huolian smiled and said: “I thought there was going to be a **** battle, but I didn’t expect it to end like this.”

Zi Benzada and others were also there, and they couldn’t help but sigh after hearing this.

“Isn’t this better? If a real all-out war breaks out, how many people here can survive?”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

Everyone nodded.

But it is undeniable that the casualties were also high.

The fall of the five great heaven-reaching realms is simply an immeasurable loss to the Sirius clan.

Zi Benzhong smiled and said: “Now that the battle is over, let’s return to the Cangtian Realm!”

“That’s right.”

“If the Golden Winged Wolf King becomes the master of our Cangtian Realm, I believe that the Cangtian Realm will definitely prosper in the future.”

Zhuang Shiyu nodded.

Qin Feiyang said: “When I return to Cangtian Realm, I have to trouble you all and fully cooperate with White Eyed Wolf.”

“Don’t worry.”

“From now on, the human race in the Cangtian Realm will be reconciled with the Sirius Clan forever.”

Ren Tianxing said.

“But first of all, the Sirius tribe will no longer bully our human race.” Qi Yunshan added.

“Can’t you still believe in Brother Lang’s character?”

The madman bared his teeth and smiled.

Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

Qin Feiyang looked at Dugu Yue, Nangong Zhen, Xiang Yisheng, Yu Huihui, and Hu Sanjin again, and said with a smile: “I keep my word, and I will give you your freedom now.”

As the words fell, Qin Feiyang directly terminated the master-servant contract between the five people.

The five people looked at each other.

Looking back now, following Qin Feiyang is not a bad thing.

Not only was a **** battle avoided, but their cultivation levels were now different from those of the past.

“As well as those who used to be Presbyterians, I will also give you your freedom.”

Qin Feiyang’s voice echoed in the devil’s land.

“Give us our freedom?” The members of the Secret Guard Corps and the First Team couldn’t help but be stunned.

Before they could recover, they felt the master-servant contract disappear.

“If you give us freedom, do we have to leave the Xuanwu world?”


“I don’t want to leave yet.”

“There is a 100,000-year time formation here. I want to stay here to practice.”


Everyone who has tasted the benefits doesn’t want to leave now.

Qin Feiyang smiled and said: “Cangtian Realm needs you, and the Presbyterian Church still needs to be rebuilt, so let’s go back!”

“Can’t we just leave?”

Li Yunhe and Feng Dahai flew out with a group of people and looked at Qin Feiyang with resentment.


“If you really want to stay, I won’t object.”

Qin Feiyang nodded.

A group of people were ecstatic with surprise.

“But, you have to go back first and rebuild the Presbyterian Church. When the Cangtian Realm calms down, you can come to me again.”

Qin Feiyang smiled.

“No problem.”

A group of people nodded in agreement.


The next day.

Qin Feiyang personally sent everyone back to the Cangtian Realm.

“Now that it’s over, let’s take everyone back to the Xuanhuang World?”

“And we are also preparing to return to the secret realm of the universe.”

Nalan Yueling and the Chaos God King came to find Qin Feiyang and said.


Qin Feiyang did not stop him.

Relocation is no small matter, especially the relocation of creatures in the big world. This is a huge project.

And it is not only the creatures in the Xuanhuang World and the Secret Realm of the Universe that have to be relocated, but also the creatures in the Kingdom of God and the Tianyun Realm.

That year.

The creatures in the Kingdom of God migrated to the Tianyun Realm, and the creatures in the Tianyun Realm migrated to the Hades Hell.

They all have to move back.

But Qin Feiyang naturally does not need to worry about these things.

He brought the mermaid princess, his eldest cousin Lu Jiajin, and his two ancestors Qin Batian and Lu Zhengyang back to Da Qin.

The madman also returns to the ancient world.

Other people.

For example, Lin Yiyi, Mu Tianyang, Demon Ancestor, and Dong Zhengyang also returned to Da Qin one after another.

Huo Wu, return to the Phoenix Clan.

Long Chen took Long Zun and Long Qin to revisit his hometown.

Wan Jianshan and others also returned to the Xuanhuang World.

As for Mu Qing, she also ran away to the Xuanhuang World.

The Sea of ​​Burial Gods.

Long Xiaoqing stood above the sea, looking at the sea that had long been transformed, with a look of sadness in his eyes.

“You still have me!”

Mu Qing firmly grasped Long Xiaoqing’s hand.

Long Xiaoqing snuggled into his arms, as if he had found support, and felt much more at ease.

The secret realm of the universe!

The Human Emperor, the Human Demon, and the four divine soldiers stand in the sky above the desolate desert.

The Human Emperor sighed: “It’s finally over, but it’s a pity that there are no other creatures except ferocious beasts.”

“Brother, I…”

The demon blames himself endlessly.

“It’s all over, don’t mention it anymore.”

The Emperor waved his hand.

“Who said there is no living thing?”

With a clang, the Heavenly Bell arrived with the Chaos God King.

A few people turned to look at the sky clock.

The Chaos God King smiled and said: “The Celestial Bell God hides the undead. Only with the Heavenly Elixir and the Undead Barrier-breaking Elixir can these undead be reborn.”


“These undead are the hope for the continuation of the secret realm of our universe.”

The Human Emperor slapped his head.

“I have asked Li Xinsheng, Qiao Xue, Old Poison, and the Nine-Tailed Queen to lead the team to find the undead.”

“But there are not many undead left.”

“Back then, people from the Xuanhuang World came to Tianzhong Shenzang and killed many people.”

The Chaos God King sighed.

“It’s okay. It’s better to find a few than to have none at all.”

The Way of the Human Emperor.

Finally there is hope.


But at this moment.

A gate appears in the sky.

A few people looked up and saw two figures walking out.

It is Wang Yu and Bai Yi.

“I have met Senior Human Emperor.”

The two men stepped forward and saluted.

The Human Emperor waved his hand and asked with a smile: “What are you doing?”

“Ziyun came back and said that the battle has ended, so let’s come to the secret realm of the universe and the Xuanhuang World.”

“By the way, I have something to discuss with you.”

Bai Yi said politely.

“But it doesn’t matter.”

The Human Emperor smiled.

“You all also know that we, the devil princes, led people into the secret realm of the universe and the black and yellow world.”

“Many people have given birth to children here, especially those who were born here, and they have an inseparable affection for this place.”

“They keep asking us when we can go home.”


“They have regarded the secret realm of the universe and the Xuanhuang World as their home and roots.”

“So, we are here this time to ask you if you can let these people come back?”

Bai Yi and Wang Yu looked at the few people nervously.

The Human Emperor and the others looked at each other.

“There is no problem at all in our secret realm of the universe. We can let them come. On the contrary, we would like to thank you for bringing new power to our secret realm of the universe.”

“But the Xuanhuang world itself has no shortage of living things, I’m afraid…”

The Human Emperor hesitated.

“I understand that when people from two worlds get along, there will definitely be conflicts, but we promise that we will restrain them and let them integrate into everyone’s lives as soon as possible.”

Bai Yi promised.

“Let’s go and discuss it with Tantai Qianling and the others.”

Human Emperor Road.


Bai Yi nodded and asked: “What about the secret realm of the universe…”

“They are always welcome home.”

The Human Emperor chuckled.

“Thank you.”

The two of them bowed before opening the gate and leaving.

“With the new force of Tianyun Realm and the undead souls from Tianzhong Shenzang, it will be just around the corner for our secret realm of the universe to return to its former glory.”

The Human Emperor and others were extremely happy.

“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

Tianzhong said something and disappeared without a trace.

The human demon asked suspiciously: “What role does this guy play in the secret realm of our universe?”

“I don’t know.”

The Human Emperor shook his head.

The Emperor City, Demon Suppression Tower, Hades Palace, Demon City, including the Chaos God King also looked puzzled.

Day after day, year after year.

The major worlds are gradually stabilizing.

Furthermore, there are connections between the major worlds.

Even people from Tianyu Continent began to frequently move around the major worlds.

Actually, when fighting against Cangtian Realm, Qin Feiyang also thought about finding Tianyu Continent, but looking back, Tianyu Continent was too weak.

Feng Yang is also the master of the new generation. It will take a long time to catch up with the major worlds, so looking for them will not only not be able to help, but will also hinder them.

A hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

This day.

Several old friends suddenly came to Daqin.


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