Invincible God of War Chapter 5880: The departure of siblings


Nowadays, Qin Feiyang himself has the cultivation level of Tongtian Xiaocheng, which is enough to crush everything. Even the master of their Cangtian Realm is not Qin Feiyang’s opponent, let alone the sky-swallowing beast behind Qin Feiyang. and ice dragon.

So the fourth prince knew very well that fighting Qin Feiyang was purely seeking death.

The wise decision is reconciliation.

Resolve the grievances and let everyone live in peace.

After hearing what the fourth prince said and looking at the attitudes of Chu Ziyue and Chu Ziqing, the other princes and princesses looked at each other and nodded.

“It is better to dissolve enemies than to make enemies.”

“As the fourth brother said, it will not be good for us to continue fighting with Qin Feiyang.”

“Besides, now that my aunt and cousin have finally reunited, let’s not put pressure on them and make it difficult for them, especially my cousin.”

“He and Qin Feiyang are as close as brothers. To put it bluntly, his relationship with Qin Feiyang and others is far greater than that of our cousins.”

“Not even comparable.”

“It’s not good to let him get caught in the middle and be in a dilemma.”

The fifth princess shook her head.

“That’s right.”

“If we force our cousin to fall out with Qin Feiyang and the others, as the fourth brother said before, what’s the difference from grandpa forcing his father and aunt before?”

“We, the Sirius Clan, are not responsible for what is happening now. Now that we have recognized our mistakes and know the truth of the matter, we cannot continue to make mistakes.”

“Otherwise, not to mention Qin Feiyang and others, even the creatures in our Cangtian Realm will scold us, the Sirius Clan, as unreasonable.”

“What’s more, now, the reputation of our Sirius clan is already very bad, and we must not let it fall through the cracks again.”

The second prince sighed.

“It makes sense, we respect the views of the eldest sister and the tenth sister.”

The sixth prince, seventh prince, eighth prince, and ninth prince also expressed their attitudes.

The ten major clans looked at each other.

In the past, these clan elders had absolute freedom of speech.

Available now.

As Chu Ziqing and Chu Ziyue entered the Heavenly Realm, the right to speak was basically in their hands.

The princes and princesses must follow their lead.


Even now, it is useless for them to object.

Besides, if you think about it carefully, there seems to be no reason to object.

Because the starting point of the eldest princess and the tenth princess is for the good of their Sirius clan.

Chu Ziqing asked: “So what do the clan elders mean?”

Although her strength has skyrocketed, she still has to be respected when facing these clan elders.

“Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

The rich man nodded.

“Thank you for your support, elders of the big clan.” Chu Ziqing smiled gratefully and looked at the other clan elders.

Other clan elders also nodded one after another.

“Thank you.”

Chu Ziqing breathed a long sigh of relief and continued: “One more thing, we have to help our father and aunt get out of the shadow of grandpa’s death.”

“How can I help?”

Everyone is confused.

This is the knot in their hearts. How can outsiders help?

“Grandpa has made so many mistakes. If it were anyone else, I would definitely say that he deserves to die.”

“But he is my grandfather after all. I can’t think about it, but we can also criticize what my grandfather did.”

“As long as we criticize grandpa’s behavior in a consistent manner in front of my father and aunt, my father and aunt will gradually understand that the wrong person is indeed grandpa.”

“As time goes by, you will slowly accept this result.”

Chu Ziqing said.

“Yes, we have to emphasize in front of them that this is grandpa’s fault. There is no one else to blame, and they don’t need to blame themselves.”

“Looking at our attitude, they may wake up.”

Chu Ziyue nodded.


“Just do it like this!”

“Help the Lord and the Patriarch to come out first.”

The elders from all the major clans nodded.


The next day.

“Do you really think so?”


Chu Wujue and Chu Wushuang looked up at the princes, princesses, and clan elders standing in front of them.


Chu Ziqing nodded.

Chu Wujue said: “But he is your grandfather, your biological grandfather.”

Chu Ziqing said: “My daughter knows, but looking at the facts, this matter is indeed grandpa’s fault. I want to speak for him and excuse him, but I really can’t find a reason. I can’t help my parents without conscience. No help.”

Chu Wujue lowered his head and fell silent.

“Father, aunt, I am not afraid of being beaten by you, so I will tell you the truth. Grandpa deserves it. Think about all the things he has done, which one thing is not hurting the relatives around him?”

The fourth prince drank wine and said.

“Fourth brother!”

“Fourth brother!”

The expressions of the princes and princesses changed, and they couldn’t help but stare at the fourth prince. Didn’t they say it politely?

“Severe cases require hard drugs.”

The fourth prince snorted coldly, looked at Chu Wujue and Chu Wushuang and said, “Father, aunt, if you don’t like to hear it, I will say it today too.”

“Shut up.”

The second prince and others rushed forward and covered the fourth prince’s mouth.

“Grandpa died unjustly and does not deserve sympathy. There is no need for you to fight to the death for him…”

Before the fourth prince could finish his words, Chu Ziqing, who had veins popping on his forehead, stepped forward and slapped him **** the back of the head.

The fourth prince groaned in pain and passed out on the spot.

The white-eyed wolf on the side looked at the fourth prince with a hint of admiration in his eyes. This cousin is really a talent.

“Is this who we are now? Do we need these children to worry about us?” Chu Wushuang sighed.


Chu Wujue couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

Maybe they were really wrong about this.


In a blink of an eye.

Half a month has passed.

Early morning!

The white-eyed wolf rushed to Yuehu in a hurry and found Qin Feiyang and others.

“What?” Qin Feiyang looked at him suspiciously.

The white-eyed wolf waved his hand, and a crystal appeared.

“Original Heart!”

Qin Feiyang and others were stunned.

That’s right.

This is the original heart!

White Eyed Wolf frowned and said: “The original heart of the Cangtian Realm.”

“Holy shit!”

“Did your mother really give you the Heaven Realm?”

The madman was stunned.

“Isn’t this important?” Baiyanlang looked worried.

“Then what is important?” The madman was puzzled.

“When I woke up before, I found that the heart of origin was next to me, and there was also a letter.”

As Bai Yanlang said, he took out an opened envelope from his arms and handed it to Qin Feiyang.

Qin Feiyang took the envelope, took out the letter paper inside, and looked down at it.

Madman and others also joined in.

“Zi Yang, mother is really tired and feels very guilty. She has done so many things that have hurt you and your friends. Mother solemnly says to you, I’m sorry.”

“Please also say sorry to your friends for me.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m just going for a walk and relaxing. I will try my best to forget all this, so you don’t have to come to me.”

“As for giving you the Heart of Origin, this is a decision I made after careful consideration.”

“You have a heart of compassion for the world and a mind that is tolerant of all people, so it is most appropriate to leave the world of heaven to you.”

“Child, promise mother that you must restore the reputation of the Sirius clan and make the Sirius clan a respected and loved race.”

“Finally, admit it to your father. He is not at fault. I am the one who is at fault. Say sorry to him on my behalf.”

That’s all the letter says.

After Qin Feiyang finished reading, he turned around and handed the letter to the Sky-Swallowing Beast.

The Sky-Swallowing Beast took the letter and looked at the contents with an extremely complicated expression.

“It’s okay.”

Qin Feiyang patted the white-eyed wolf on the shoulder and comforted him: “With so many things happening, it definitely takes time to think and calm down. Besides, when you become the master of the Cangtian Realm, you can peek at your aunt’s movements at any time, so don’t worry. Her.”

The white-eyed wolf sighed.

We just met not long ago, and we have to separate again. To be honest, I feel a little uncomfortable.


At this moment.

The princes and princesses also hurried over.


The white-eyed wolf turned to look at the nine people suspiciously.

Chu Ziqing held a letter and said anxiously: “My father is gone, and this is the letter he left behind.”

“Uncle is gone too?”

The white-eyed wolf was stunned for a moment.

“What does this mean?”

Chu Ziqing was stunned for a moment and asked, “Could it be that my aunt is also gone?”


The white-eyed wolf nodded, took the letter in Chu Ziqing’s hand and read it for a while.

The contents of the letter are roughly the same.

Chu Wujue also gave up his position as the clan leader to let Chu Ziqing and Chu Ziyue compete fairly, but they must not hurt their harmony in advance.

Also, let them, the princes and princesses, fully assist Zuo Baiyanlang, the new master of the Cangtian Realm.

Chu Ziqing said worriedly: “Cousin, you said my father and aunt…”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen. After all, they are so strong.” Bai Yanlang reassured, looked at Chu Ziqing and Chu Ziyue, and asked: “How do you want to compete fairly?”

The two sisters looked at each other and fell silent.

The white-eyed wolf rolled his eyes and said, “If you don’t have a good idea, I can give you a suggestion.”

These two sisters will definitely not convince each other.

“What suggestions?”

The two were suspicious.

“One person serves for a period of time, which means that you two take turns.”

The white-eyed wolf bared its teeth.

He is imitating the current imperial system of Da Qin.

This is how Qin Li and his brothers took turns in Da Qin.


The sisters looked at each other.

Is it a bit of a joke?

“Believe me, you will soon know that being the leader of the Sirius clan is actually not that fun.”

The white-eyed wolf smiled evilly.

To be precise, power is no longer important to those who are powerful in the Heavenly Realm.

Just wait!

As expected, the two sisters will definitely compete with each other like Qin Li and others in the future.

“Just do as my cousin says.”

“Big sister, tenth sister, come on.”

The fourth prince chuckled.

I am afraid that he is the only prince who does not want to be the leader of the clan. He walked up to the sky-swallowing beast and said with a smile: “Uncle, it’s our first meeting. Isn’t there a meeting gift?”

The corners of the sky-swallowing beast’s mouth twitched.

The fourth prince said: “Nothing else, just a few jars of divine brew.”

“Get out!”

The sky-swallowing beast rolled its eyes.

“Okay, get out now.”

The fourth prince nodded, turned around and ran to the madman, winking at him.

The madman couldn’t help but reach out and rub his forehead.


Qin Feiyang coughed dryly, walked up to White Eyed Wolf, and said, “Didn’t your mother ask you to recognize your father? Go and show your respect!”


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