Invincible God of War Chapter 5868: Can’t I sneak attack you?


Chu Wushuang’s eyes trembled, he stared at Qin Feiyang and shouted: “He is not the one. The hatred between me and the Sky-Swallowing Beast is as deep as the ocean. How could Ziyang be my and his child!”

Reaction, so big?

Qin Feiyang and others looked at each other.

It seems that this matter is almost inseparable.

Everything that the Sky-Swallowing Beast did can be explained.

The white-eyed wolf is his child, so he snatched the white-eyed wolf from Chu Wushuang’s hand to avoid being led astray by Chu Wushuang.

After all, with Chu Wushuang’s character and methods, if White Eyed Wolf really follows her, he will definitely end up like other princes and princesses.

Just like Long Xiaoqing back then.

She is talented and capable, but because of her grandfather, second grandfather, and the ancestor of the dragon fish, she turned into a terrible woman.

Who you grow up with is very important.

That’s why the Sky-Swallowing Beast took the White-Eyed Wolf to the Tianyun Realm, letting him hone himself, grow, and find his own path.

And now.

The road Baiyanlang took was obviously better than that of the princes and princesses.

But problems also arise.

If White Eyed Wolf is really their heir, then there must be feelings between them, but why does Chu Wushuang hate the Sky-Swallowing Beast so much now?

What about seizing the treasure, killing her father… Qin Feiyang and others no longer believe these reasons.

White Eyed Wolf asked: “Then tell me, whose child am I?”

“Of course you are my child.”

Chu Wushuang said.

“Who is my father?”

“As your child, I have the right to know.”

White Eyed Wolf said.

If it wasn’t a sky-swallowing beast, what were you doing hiding it from him?

What can you hide about this kind of thing?

Chu Wushuang was filled with hatred and shook his head: “He is dead, you don’t need to know.”


The white-eyed wolf swayed and roared: “Even if he is dead, I still want to know.”

“Why are you so stubborn? Will your mother still harm you? Isn’t everything she has done for your own good?”

“Ziyang, you have to be obedient.”

Chu Wujue sighed.

“That’s enough.”

“It’s good for me, it’s good for me… From the time I met you, from the time I entered the Sirius clan, you have said this no less than a hundred times.”

“I’ve heard enough.”

The white-eyed wolf said angrily.

Chu Wujue was shaking with anger and shouted: “You…bastard, you are neither big nor small. Is this your attitude when talking to your uncle?”


The white-eyed wolf chuckled, looked at Chu Wujue and said, “If I recognize you, you are my uncle. If I don’t recognize you, you are nothing.”


Chu Wujue was extremely angry, turned to look at Chu Wushuang, and asked, “This kid has gone crazy, what should I do?”

Chu Wushuang looked at the child in front of him and sighed: “In this case, we can only send him away from here and don’t hinder us.”

As the words fell, an invisible force of rules and will surged towards White Eyed Wolf.

“I won’t leave!”

The white-eyed wolf roared out with great momentum, resisting the rules and will.


His current situation is just like Qin Feiyang’s last time, making it difficult to resist.


The white-eyed wolf activates the fighting spirit and activates the magic of heaven.

Resist with all your strength.

But still to no avail.

Qin Feiyang and others looked at each other and stepped forward one after another, but before they could get closer, the white-eyed wolf disappeared in front of their eyes.


The land of the Sirius clan.

The white-eyed wolf stood in the void, roaring hysterically.

“What’s going on?” The top ten clan elders, the fourth prince and others appeared and looked at the white-eyed wolf in surprise.

The white-eyed wolf looked at these people with piercing murderous intent in his eyes.

“Ziyang, what’s going on with you?”

The elder of the rich clan was excited and couldn’t help but ask cautiously. The white-eyed wolf’s look at this moment gave them a strong sense of oppression, and they couldn’t help but feel fear in their hearts.

“I really want to kill you all!”

The white-eyed wolf spoke with a murderous intent.

Everyone couldn’t help but tremble.

But White Eyed Wolf didn’t do that.

After all.

These are all his people.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, he stepped in front of the ten elders and asked: “Is there a realm gate?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The rich man nodded and quickly took out a realm gate.

The white-eyed wolf grabbed the boundary door and immediately revived with all his strength.


He discovered, however, that the Realm Gate could not reach that place.

It seems as if there is an invisible force blocking the boundary gate.

The white-eyed wolf clenched his hands tightly.


His mother, Chu Wushuang, has sealed off the place.

In other words.

Now, he can’t get in at all.


Endless void, dark world.

A terrifying aura roared in all directions.

“Does it have to be this way?”

“Completely disregard the friendship between us and White Eyed Wolf?”

Qin Feiyang looked at Chu Wushuang and Chu Wujue and said.

He is not afraid of the Sirius clan, but is thinking about the White-Eyed Wolf.

After so many years of life and death, Bai Yanlang has long been regarded as a brother. That family affection and friendship cannot be let go.

Of the people in front of me, one is White-eyed Wolf’s biological mother, the other is White-eyed Wolf’s biological uncle, and the other is White-eyed Wolf’s biological cousin.


He really didn’t want to fight with each other unless it was absolutely necessary.

“You must have something to hide, you can tell us, maybe we can help you.”

The mermaid princess said.

Having said this, if the other party still insists on taking action, then they have no choice but to stay with him until the end.


Chu Wushuang and Chu Wujue turned a deaf ear to what Qin Feiyang and the Mermaid Princess said.

Chu Wujue said: “If you are willing to become a sacrifice to the Spirit Gathering God Array, we can give you a happy experience.”

“A sacrifice to the Spirit Gathering God Array?”

Qin Feiyang and others were stunned.

Hasn’t the Spirit-Gathering Divine Formation been destroyed?

The mysterious young man said: “The Sirius tribe has obviously mastered the carving method of the Spirit Gathering God Array, so even if we destroyed the previous Spirit Gathering God Array, they can still carve it out again.”

Qin Feiyang and others nodded suddenly.

The madman said angrily: “Let us become sacrifices to the Soul Gathering God Array. What are you thinking?”

“In this case, I can only kill you!”

Chu Wushuang took a deep breath and shouted: “Kill, kill them by any means necessary!”


Chu Ziqing, Chu Ziyue, Chu Tianshi, plus Tantai Qianling, immediately burst out with terrifying murderous intent and killed Qin Feiyang and the others.

With the white-eyed wolf not here, the Sirius clan will naturally have no worries.

Qin Feiyang glanced at the group of people. Not counting Tantai Qianling, there were a total of nine powerful people in the Heaven-reaching Realm.

On their side, there are only five people, but including Tantai Qianling, there are six people.

As for the Tantai Thousand Spirits, as long as they take action unexpectedly, they will definitely be able to seriously injure one person, so there are only eight people from the Tianlang clan.

Six people versus eight people.

The odds of winning are entirely on their side!

If an uninformed person knew Qin Feiyang’s inner thoughts at this moment, they would definitely call him stupid.

Six against eight, where is the chance of winning?

But now, the odds are indeed on their side.

Although in terms of numbers, Qin Feiyang’s side is not as good as the Sirius clan, you must know that the madman has the sword of all evil, and one person can exert the fighting power of two people.

Qin Feiyang has three major incarnations, and one person can exert the fighting power of four people.

Long Chen has a divine realm that defies heaven.

The mermaid princess also has the eye of life.

The mysterious young man also has a world without abyss!

Qin Feiyang shouted: “Still doing the same thing, little brother, go and hold Chu Wushuang down, don’t let her control the original power and catch us off guard.”

“It’s a joke!”

The mysterious young man smiled arrogantly, stepped into the sky, and killed Chu Wushuang like lightning.


Chu Wushuang snorted coldly and stepped forward without giving in.


The war breaks out.

The original power and the divine magic collided wildly, and this broken world fell into a state of destruction in an instant.

“Chu Wujue, I’m here to fight you.”

Long Chen chuckled and said: “If you can’t defeat me, then you should give up the idea of ​​revenge against my father as soon as possible!”

Chu Wujue clenched his hands tightly.


If he can’t even defeat Binglong’s son, what qualifications does he have to go to Binglong?


This battle must be won!


The two of them clashed together, and overwhelming power surged in all directions.


The madman grinned, looked at Chu Ziyue and Chu Ziqing, and said, “Two little sisters, come and play with me!”

The tone is teasing.

The two sisters’ eyes were as cold as knives, and they killed the madman at the same time. This **** must pay the price.

“Are they really joining forces to kill me?”

The madman looked flustered and chuckled: “Bring it on, I like it.”,

“I like it too.”

The Sword of All Evil appeared, and Jie Jie smiled.

“Don’t imitate me.” The madman glared at him and then killed him with murderous intent.

“You are imitating what I say.”

The Sword of All Evil snorted and joined the battlefield.



“Qin Feiyang, there are only two of you left now, plus your two incarnations, there are only four.”

“And there are six of us, including Tantai Qianling. I am very curious, what can you use to fight us?”

Chu Tianshi looked at Qin Feiyang jokingly.

“Don’t be too happy too early.” Qin Fei smiled lightly.


“Still pretending to be calm, so what if you have the Eye of God? Facing the absolute advantage in numbers, you are just a pitiful and humble ant!”


Chu Tianshi laughed.

But at this moment.

A cold jade hand suddenly landed on his vest.



A terrifying power of chaos roared out from the palm of his hand like a tide.

Chu Tianshi’s laughter stopped suddenly, followed by a painful scream. His body was torn apart and the sky was stained with blood.


Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianqing, Chu Tianyu, and Chu Tianxing turned to look at Chu Tianshi in surprise. It turned out that the person standing behind Chu Tianshi was Tantai Qianling!

“Tantai Qianling, what are you doing?”

The four people were shocked and angry.

At the same time.

Chu Wushuang, Chu Wujue, Chu Ziqing, Chu Ziyue glanced at this side, and their eyelids twitched.

An uneasy premonition arose.

Chu Tianshi dragged his torn body and rushed to the side of Chu Tianxing and the four of them like lightning, and said angrily: “Tantai Qianling, you actually attacked me secretly?”

“Can’t I sneak up on you?”

On Tantai Qianling’s beautiful face, there was a smile that was so charming that it cost one’s life.


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