Invincible God of War Chapter 5638: Help again!



Time flies by.


Suddenly! The compass soared into the sky, rising against the wind, but in a moment, it turned into a compass reaching ten thousand zhang.


Every rune erupted with dazzling divine light, soaring straight into the sky.


At this moment, the sky is full of rays of light, and auspicious clouds are surging.


Clang! Accompanied by a loud noise that shook the sky and the earth, a ladder tore through the sky and descended from the top of the sky.


Like a ladder leading to the outside of the sky, the whole body is golden and shining like gold.


One last bang.


The sky ladder fell to the ground, and the entire core area was shaken. Qin Feiyang and the others were also shaken so that the blood in their bodies surged.


Almost all the strange beasts around were shattered and turned into pure law energy, which permeated the world.


At this moment, the light of the compass dimmed and shrunk rapidly, and with a wave of the president’s hand, it fell into his hand.




The people who revived the compass, including the president and the elders, sat on the ground weakly.


The Beginningless God Realm behind them dissipated one by one.


“Wait a minute!” Qin Feiyang stared at the Wushi God Realm that was dissipating behind the president.


Until now, he hadn’t noticed that there were as many as four Wushi God Realms opened by the president.


A God Realm without a beginning, is a beginning without a beginning.


Two, small success without beginning.


Three, great success without beginning.


Four, perfect without beginning! In other words, the president is a perfect cultivation without beginning.


“Hurry up and recuperate.


” The president looked at the elder and the others and said.


A group of people nodded, and with a wave of their hands, a law of time appeared, and the energy of the law transformed by the surrounding beasts rushed towards them like a tide.


The battlefield in the sky has no essence, no aura, and no power of law. It can only rely on the power of law of strange beasts to recover the consumed power of the world.


“You can first embark on the road to heaven.


” The president looked at Qin Feiyang and others again, and said.


Qin Feiyang and others looked up, this is the so-called road to heaven? The president said: “It’s not so easy to enter the road to the sky. You need to go through the first test first.


” “Test? “Qin Feiyang and others were taken aback.




” “This ladder has a total of 99,999 steps. Not only does it have a strong pressure, but each step contains an illusion.


“”When you step on the steps, the illusion will be activated.


“”And these illusions are all based on your inner obsessions.


“”If you can’t break the illusion, you won’t be able to enter the road to heaven, and you may even die in the illusion.


“The president explained.


“So it is.


” Qin Feiyang and others suddenly realized.


“As for coercion, one step is stronger than the other, and it takes a lot of perseverance and courage to reach the top of the ladder.


” said the president.


Qin Feiyang and others looked at each other.


The mysterious young man was the first to go out, holding a dog’s tail grass in his mouth, looking cynical.


“Shoot the head of the bird, have you never heard of this sentence?” Baiyanlang whispered.




When the mysterious young man stepped up the steps, he only stopped for three breaths before stepping onto the second step.


When you step on the second step, you also stay for three breaths before stepping on the third step.


In a short while.


He climbed hundreds of steps.


“What’s the situation?” Not to mention other people, even the president and the elders couldn’t help but look at each other.


Could it be that this person has no obsession in his heart? No! There must be obsession.


Otherwise, he would not stop for three breaths on each step.


These three breaths are the time for him to fall into the illusion.


In other words.


It’s all because he breaks the illusion too fast.


That is.


He has obsessions, but not deep.


“Actually, the illusion is easy to pass. As long as you empty your mind and body, your mind is like still water, and you don’t think about it, the illusion will naturally be solved.


“”The most difficult thing to deal with is the coercion on the ladder.


” Hu Yuanfang said to Qin Feiyang via voice transmission.




Judging from the young man’s appearance at this moment, it seems that there is no sign of falling into coercion, and every step he takes is extremely relaxed and casual.


Qin Feiyang closed his eyes, calmed down, put himself into an ethereal state of mind and body, and stepped up the ladder step by step.




A powerful aura swept over.


Caught off guard, Qin Feiyang was sent flying out on the spot, with a mouthful of blood spurting out of his mouth.


“What’s the situation?” The mermaid princess and the others were stunned, and hurried up to help Qin Feiyang up, their faces full of surprise.


How could it be blown away by the ladder? Could it be because Qin Feiyang is not from the Heaven Realm? But it’s not right either.


The mysterious young man is not from the Heaven Realm either.


He can go up, why can’t Qin Feiyang? The president and others also looked at Qin Feiyang suspiciously. This kind of thing had never happened before.




The president frowned, looked at Qin Feiyang a little, and asked, “Did you bring a space fetish?” “Yes.


” Qin Feiyang wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and nodded.


But is it related to the space fetish? Entering the road to the sky, can’t you carry the space fetish? The president asked: “Then, is there still someone in your space fetish?” Qin Feiyang’s heart trembled.




There are not only people in the ancient pagoda, but also the Beginless Divine Soldier.


“Space fetishes can be brought in, but if there are people inside, the ladder will reject them.


“”That is.


” “If you don’t call out the people in the space fetish, don’t even think about stepping on the ladder.


” said the president.


“So it is.


” Everyone suddenly realized.


This kind of thing has never happened before, so even Hu Yuanfang doesn’t know about it.


Qin Feiyang’s eyes flashed, and he said via voice transmission: “Hurry up and change your appearance, and change your temperament.


” My heart is a little unbelievable, the ancient pagoda has fallen **** crystal, and the ladder can feel that there are people in the ancient pagoda.


Hearing this, Renhuang, Renmo, Duguyue and the other five, as well as the four great soldiers, immediately changed their appearances.


Qin Batian, Lu Jiajin, Lu Zhengyang, and Baiyanlang secretly stuffed the Fallen God Crystal into Qin Feiyang’s hands in the name of caring.


Human Demon, Human Emperor, and Dugu Yue are not needed, but the four great soldiers are needed. If there is no Fallen God Crystal, their real bodies will definitely be seen by the president.


Qin Feiyang sent the four fallen **** crystals to the ancient pagoda, and then said with a smile: “There are indeed people in the space gods, and they are not ordinary people.


” With a thought, a group of people appeared out of thin air.


“Huh?” Looking at the demon and the others, feeling the aura they emitted, everyone’s eyes were full of shock.


These people are all powerful without beginning! impossible! This kid’s spatial fetish still hides eleven beginningless powers? “Wang Xiaofei, you hide it very deeply!” The tenth elder looked at Qin Feiyang with meaningful eyes.


“They are the people I raised.


“”But I don’t want people to know, so let them follow Wang Xiaofei.


” Tantai Qianling spoke suddenly.


Qin Feiyang looked at Tantai Qianling, the woman helped him again.




It happened so suddenly that he didn’t think of a way to deal with it.


But now, with Tantai Qianling helping him, everyone’s suspicion will naturally be avoided.


“This subordinate pays homage to the second elder.


” Renhuang and the others are also smart people, and they immediately bowed and saluted Tantai Qianling in cooperation.


Tantai Qianling waved his hand.


“It turns out that the second elder cultivated talents, no wonder!” “It seems that the second elder is unwilling to be lonely and wants to cultivate his own strength.


” The Great Elder chuckled.


Obviously there is more to the story.


But Tantai Qianling turned a deaf ear to it and completely ignored it.


The Great Elder didn’t bother himself anymore.


Qin Feiyang secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and finally managed to deal with it, then looked up at the ladder, and stepped on the first step again.


This time, the ladder did not blow him away.


A majesty enveloped him, but under this coercion, Qin Feiyang didn’t feel any discomfort.


It even feels like this coercion doesn’t exist.


What’s going on? Is it the door of potential? Because the door of potential has been opened, coercion doesn’t work on him? followed closely.


The scene in front of you changes.


He stood in the Sky Cloud Realm, and in the void in front of him, there was a pair of babies floating, a boy and a girl, as cute as porcelain dolls.


“This is my obsession?” “No.


” “This is not obsession, but my regret.


” Qin Feiyang sighed.


The two babies in front of him are exactly his sons and daughters, Qin Xiaofan and Qin Xiaojian.


He missed the birth of these two children, missed the childhood of these two children, and missed the time to grow up with them… So.


This became the biggest regret in his life.


“I also want to accompany you as a father, but I have to bear too much for my father, so I can only say sorry to you.


” Qin Feiyang sighed, everything in front of him dissipated and returned to reality.


In the whole process, before even three breaths, he broke the illusion and stepped onto the second step.


Coercion is indeed more terrifying step by step, but it hardly affects Qin Feiyang in the slightest.


Definitely something to do with the Gate of Potential.


In other words.


The coercion that gave Hu Yuanfang a headache was nothing to him at all.


…Stepping on the second step, the second illusion also appeared, and the figures of parents emerged in front of my eyes.


It’s not obsession, it’s regret.


At the age of ten, he was expelled from the imperial capital, and by the time he returned to the imperial capital, things had already changed.


This is his childhood regret that he did not enjoy complete fatherly and motherly love.


“As long as my parents are alive, I am content.


” Qin Feiyang smiled slightly, and the illusion was broken.


In an instant, he walked out of the illusion, stepped on the third step, and the illusion appeared again, this time it was Yuanbo who appeared in front of him.


His kind face and kind figure warmed his heart.


When he was at his worst, Uncle Yuan stayed with him for five years. Although Uncle Yuan left five years later and he was left alone, those five years were the warmest years for him.


It’s not so much an obsession, it’s better to say it reminds him of the past.


Probably initially.


For Uncle Yuan’s leaving without saying goodbye, he really felt a little uncomfortable, but he has long since let go of it after going through so much.


So, this kind of obsession is impossible to trap him.


Fourth step, fifth step… soon.


Qin Feiyang caught up with the mysterious young man, and even surpassed the young man in the end, making the president and others standing below couldn’t help being dumbfounded.


They are really two monsters! Whether it is obsession or coercion, it has no effect on them.


“Then let’s do it too!” The white-eyed wolf gritted his teeth.


A group of people looked at each other and smiled, and stepped onto the ladder one after another.


The ladder is wide.


Enough for a dozen people, walking side by side.


Some are fast and some are slow.


If you are slow, you must be trapped by illusions.


To break the illusion, it all depends on one’s practice, and others can’t help.


But coercion does not constitute a slight threat to people like the mermaid princess, because they have opened the door of potential.


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