Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 4560: The world is the first time



“This… This is a building of the Heavenly Origin Creation Treasure level, with more than a dozen huge and extremely large buildings. How is this possible? How can there be so many such Heavenly Origin Creation Treasures in the world? And there are dragons on each of them. Suddenly, this???”


“My God, is this the place where the Dragon King’s forces are sitting? There are treasures everywhere, but they are all treasures. Those dozen buildings give me a powerful pressure.”


“It’s too strong, it’s so powerful that it’s unbelievable. The treasures here in the Dragon Palace are simply too many. It’s extremely cherished. You can see a lot of divine trees and grasses at the level of Tianyuan creation. This…”


“The energy around this place is many times stronger than our strongest Cave Heaven and Paradise, oh!”


“It’s unbelievable that one faction can possess so many treasures, so many treasures!”


The powerhouses of the Ten Days Federation Alliance and the Giant Beast Alliance looked at everything in the Dragon Palace with shock.


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Every grass, tree, and flower in the Dragon Palace contains powerful energy.


Here, there is no Divine Grass and Divine Tree below the level of Dominion.


The most important thing is that these divine grasses and divine flowers, like decorations in the Dragon Palace, can be seen everywhere, there are literally countless.


Various mountain peaks containing huge energy, and rivers formed by powerful energy condensed.


Clouds in the sky condensed with magical energy.


There are treasures everywhere.


Even the powerhouses of their Heavenly Origin Creation level were a bit tongue-tied when they saw it.


It’s incredible.


As for the disciples who haven’t reached the level of Tianyuan Creation, let alone.


“Everyone, this way!”


The Nine Heavens God Peng smiled and led them to a banquet building in the Dragon Palace.


“Welcome to the Dragon Palace. I am the Prime Minister of Dragon Palace. There is still half a year before the celebration of our crown prince and princess. You can visit the Dragon Palace now.”


“Near the Dragon Palace and in the Nine Origin Universe, you need to abide by the rules on our side. We will have members as guides for you, and congratulations on your fun time.”


The Turtle Prime Minister greeted him at this time, and said with a smile on his face.


“It’s all right, it’s the first time I came to the Dragon Palace, and we were deeply shocked!”


Wu Tongming’s ancestor replied with a smile.


“We should feel that you are able to come. This time, in order to celebrate the birth of the crown prince and princess, our Dragon Palace will hold a competition next time, and the following guests from Tianyuan Fortune can participate.”


“For the first place, our Dragon Palace will take out a treasure of Tianyuan creation corresponding to its attributes as a reward. Interested disciples can participate, hehe.”


The Turtle Prime Minister smiled slyly and led them towards the guest quarters.


The strong disciples of the two major forces were slightly shocked when they heard this.


This? ?


Only the competition of the disciples under Tianyuan Creation, the first place can get a Tianyuan Creation Treasure?


It made them a little unimaginable.


A treasure of this level can be used directly as a lucky draw?


“Third brother, don’t run, return the things to me, hurry up, or I’ll let the big brother hit you!”


“If you don’t pay it, you won’t pay it back, just a little bit, three or three, let’s run!”


At this moment, a childish voice came from the side.


A little girl is chasing the little boy.


The two children looked very small, with childlike innocence on their faces, and everything was ignorant.


A young boy riding a winged creature runs ahead.


There is also a little girl riding this kind of creature in the back, chasing after him angrily.


“Sansan, you put down my third brother, I’m going to beat him, third brother, I’m going to duel with you.”


The little girl shouted angrily.


“Prince, the seventh princess has spoken, I will not participate, hehe!”


The star beast under the little boy said with a smile.


“Humph, are you going to beat me? You catch up with me first!”


The little boy got off the behemoth in the starry sky and flew forward with a puff of smoke.


“If you don’t give me anything, I’ll make you cry, hum!”


The little girl hummed and flew down from the starry beast, chasing after the little boy.


Although they are very young, they seem to have the intelligence of children.


But the strength is not weak.


“Hehe, Qiqi, Sansan, go look at the princes and princesses, don’t let them get hurt.”


The Turtle Prime Minister in front of the guest building heard the voice, kept paying attention, and said to the starry sky behemoths of the empty clan.


“Good Prime Minister Turtle, let’s watch, it will be fine!”


The two star beasts Qiqi and Sansan nodded, and their figures disappeared.


“This… Prime Minister Turtle, those two are the children of the Dragon King?”


A Chaos-level powerhouse from the Behemoth Alliance couldn’t help asking.


“Yes, the crown prince of our Dragon Palace, our thirteen crown prince princesses, the little ones are six months old.”


The Turtle Prime Minister nodded with a hint of pampering.


“Prime Minister Turtle, those two named Qiqi and Sansan are the Dao-level powerhouses? Why do they make me feel like chaotic beasts.”


A Chaos-level existence from the Giant Beast Alliance, with a hint of doubt on his face, couldn’t help but ask.


Their behemoth alliance has the ability to control the chaotic beasts.


They can feel that Qiqi and Sansan have slightly different temperaments.


“We are chaotic beasts. Lord Dragon King helped us open up our spiritual wisdom. Several Dao-level powerhouses in our clan are fortunate to be able to accompany the crown prince and princess to grow up in the future.”


At the side, the leader of the Kongchan clan said!


“Enable Wisdom, this?”


The words of the leader of the Kongchan clan caused shocking expressions on the faces of the four Chaos-level existences of the Giant Beast Alliance and the rest of the powerhouses.


Enable Wisdom?


They have a very clear understanding of the mixed unicorn, and this is the first time they have heard of it, which can open up their intelligence.


In addition, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has thirteen children.


Each child grows up with an avenue-level chaotic beast, protect?


Doesn’t that mean that the thirteen Dao-level powerhouses are just the personal bodyguards of the Dragon Prince and Girl?


This? ?


It made them feel a little weird.


The Turtle Prime Minister smiled: “Everyone, you can rest here these days. If you have any questions, you can ask our Dragon Palace, like me, a civil servant with a turtle shell on his back.”


Prime Minister Turtle said a few words and left without spending much time with them.


The main task of Prime Minister Turtle now is to watch and teach the crown prince and princess.


Teach them to be, to do, to learn!


“Is this the Dragon Palace?”


The powerhouses of the Behemoth Alliance were incomparably stunned, and the four Chaos-level existences were also amazed.


“Hehe, there is one thing we didn’t tell you. Not long ago, the Dragon King alone destroyed a force comparable to your beast alliance.”


“According to that kid in my family, four chaotic-level existences, more than 400 celestial beings, completely perished!”


The Ten Days Federation Alliance, the ancestor of Wu Tongming, saw their shocked expressions and said with a smile on his face!


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