I am God Chapter 604: : King of Hell?


The leader of the Black Hell Legion is dead.

At this time, a short “iron can” cautiously ran down from the entrance of the secret passage.

A large number of ghosts followed him, each wearing the same clothes and hanging the same pendant.

But as the “iron stuffy can” went down to the bottom, the crowded light and shadow exploded into a group after passing through the narrow entrance.

At the same time, it gradually transformed into its original appearance.

The God’s Punishment Team from the temple has not come at all, they are all just ghosts in disguise.

Napulo excitedly rushed to the front of the legion commander, screaming as if he was looking at a rare treasure.


He couldn’t wait to take off the armor on his body. He had done this action many times before, but this time he took it off smoothly. The things that had been stuck to his body like roots before, with his strength, Pulled and all fell down.

He lifted off the cloak that the other party always covered his body and took off his helmet, wanting to see what the other party was.

This guy has been hiding himself under the cloak, and Napulo is also very curious.

In the end, I found that the helmet and armor couldn’t be pulled off. This guy’s flesh and blood had already grown together with the armor.

It turns out that this guy is also a monster.


Napulo didn’t see the other party’s appearance and felt bored.

On the other hand, he skillfully untied his gloves, stretched out his palms and pressed them towards the opponent.

However, just when he wanted to turn the commander of the army into his own ghost, a force stopped him.

Nappro took his hands off in panic.

I saw a ray of light shooting down from the sky, penetrating the house and the ground and landing on the legion commander.

The magic weapon called the Helm of the Black Warrior turned transparent little by little with the light, and finally floated high and disappeared.

It turns out that divine weapons are really weapons made by gods through divine craftsmen.

Each divine craftsman will spend his life forging himself into a divine weapon, and after his death, he will enter the kingdom of God with him. There is no way for this divine weapon to be taken away by others, because it is originally made of divine weapons. Made of strength.

What the gods give, the gods will eventually take back.

Looking at this scene, Napleo couldn’t help but hold his stomach and laugh.

“Hey hey hey hey!”

Then he pointed to the sky and shouted.


It turns out that guys like company commanders can enter the Kingdom of God after death.

Napulo is even more eager for power. After possessing power, not only can he do whatever he wants while alive, but he can also be superior to others after death.

He understood something.

Morality, emotion, and loyalty are all bullshit.

In this world, strength and power are everything.

Napulo began to search for the things left by the legion commander. He wanted to know the entire path of power. Even if he did not follow the path of the divine craftsman, it would point him in the direction.

He returned to the top and began to search from house to house.

When he opened a room, he saw a familiar figure.

It was the child he and the Black Sword Warrior brought back.

Dwarf men are tall and strong, and they like to wear thick beards when they grow up. They look very powerful and imposing.

The dwarf’s female frame still looks large, not tall, but very toned.

If you enlarge the body shape, it really feels like a mythical creature. After all, in the eyes of ordinary people, gods are men who are powerful and bearded, and women who are strong and tall.


He didn’t expect that this guy was still alive. He thought the legion commander had already dealt with him.

This seems to be a big trouble, coming from a big force called “Temple”.

The legion commander seemed to be afraid of something and did not dare to take action directly.

The same goes for Napleo. He thought of the frightened appearance of the legion commander and knew that this must be an organization that was unimaginably powerful. He did not want to offend others rashly.


He dragged the girl directly and hurriedly came outside.

Taking advantage of the darkness, he took the other party out of the edge of Anchor Town, pointed to the road leaving in the distance, and made a signature sound.


Napulo stamped his foot and told him to get out of here.

However, what Napulo didn’t expect was that the child from the temple reached out to him.

“Follow me.”

“I’ll take you to the temple.”

Napulo looked at each other and thought.


“That should be a very powerful place.”

If it had been before, Napleo might have agreed.

After all, there was a guy before who just told him that there was a bed and food somewhere and he ran away like crazy. If a big force asked him to join, why should he hesitate?

But now, Napleo has undergone some changes.

He saw how the legion commander seized everything and controlled everything through power, and also saw how loyal the black sword warrior was, but in the end he was killed and abandoned by the legion commander like garbage. He also saw that guys like the legion commander also Able to enter the Kingdom of God.

He no longer desires to pursue the strength of others, he now wants to become strong himself.

He does not need any master or any force to join.


He wants to be the master of others and build his own power.

Napulo waved his hand in refusal, and at this moment chaos broke out in the town.

The black warriors of the Black Hell Legion discovered one after another that something was wrong. They realized that the restraints on themselves had been released, and some people were panicked and didn’t know what was happening.

Some people took advantage of the chaos and began to flee, and some people began to take advantage of the situation to rob.


Napulo was anxious, but he still didn’t get what he wanted.

He stamped his feet angrily and screamed at the other party, looking like he was furious.

From the girl’s perspective, he was urging her to leave quickly and leave this dangerous place.

In fact, this is indeed the case, but the reasons behind it are completely different from what the two people imagined.

The girl glanced at him and finally started to run away.

Visibility was already low late at night, but it disappeared after a while.

Napulo immediately ran back anxiously.


He found what he wanted in the legion commander’s study.

Those two books were originally hidden in the secret compartment. At this moment, they were taken out and packed in a prepared box, along with some of the most precious treasures that the legion commander had collected over the years.

As expected, the legion commander is already preparing to run away, but now, he can no longer take these things away, and they have all been returned to Napu Luo.

Napulo immediately asked Ghost to take the box, get into the tunnel where the legion commander had escaped, and run outside.

It was dusty all the way.

Napulo controlled the ghost of the black sword warrior and emerged from a cave in a somewhat embarrassed manner.

He looked at the ghost holding the box behind him and throwing it out, and suddenly realized that something seemed to be missing from the other person.


“Where is your poetry collection?”

The Black Sword Warrior did not answer, and Napleo just asked casually.

The two of them took the box and set off together.

The sky was big and the earth was big, and Napleo felt free for the first time.

He threw off the helmet that had been put on his head by the legion commander, and then strode away into the distance.

After Napleau left.

Early the next morning, the God’s Punishment Team from the temple really arrived.

Those notorious madman Black Warriors were swept away, and the famous Black Prison Legion also disappeared.

But they searched the entire town and couldn’t find the leader of the Black Prison Legion. He seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

The captain of the God’s Punishment Team did not find the evildoer, but he found the hidden underground passage.

“It seems that the other party escaped from here.”

Besides the captain of the God’s Punishment Team, there was a girl.

The girl seemed to be looking for something, but she didn’t see anything and was a little disappointed.

But soon, she discovered something.

She hurried over and picked up a book.

Captain Divine Punishment also followed and found that it turned out to be a collection of poems.

“Breeman’s Poems.”

“A very rare and precious book. I never thought that such evil people would read such ancient books.”

“It is said that this is something handed down from a very old ship.”

“The original version has long since disappeared over the years, but it has been passed down orally from some ancient beings.”

The girl remembered the dwarf warrior who always held a black sword and shook her head.

“It’s not the evildoer’s, it’s the samurai’s with the black sword.”

More and more people came here and reported the entire situation. The captain of the God’s Punishment Team nodded and told the girl next to him.

“I haven’t found the person who saved you, maybe…”

“No more.”

The girl didn’t say anything, she just held the poetry book tightly.


Napulo walked among the cities in the Iron Kingdom, and he integrated all the underground dark forces that were previously privately controlled by the leader of the Black Prison Army.

He also wore a black cloak like the legion commander, and never showed his true face.

The legion commander established the Black Hell Legion, and he also established a force called the Hell Legion.

Perhaps, he also hopes to control everyone and enslave everyone like a legion commander.

Lock everyone in his own prison and whip everyone like a warden.

He felt.

If you want to avoid being imprisoned by others, then imprison others.

If you don’t want to be someone else’s slave, then become someone else’s master.

Napulo used the method of a divine craftsman to build his body into something similar to a divine weapon, but instead of obtaining the blessings of the gods, he used his own strange talent to transform the being. Become the power of a ghost to strengthen your own “magic weapon”.

Perhaps it was because deep down in his heart, he was unwilling to accept even being imprisoned and restrained by gods.

The day the “magic weapon” was refined.

A mark like a black hole appeared on his chest, and anyone he killed would fall into the black hole.

The black hole will lead to an illusory place, and those ghosts will be trapped in it, enslaved and controlled by him.

People in the dark world call this magical weapon the Gate of Hell. Everyone who has seen its power trembles when they mention its name.

Gradually, Napulo’s reputation far surpassed that of the legion commander, and he became a big figure in the entire dark world of the Iron Kingdom.

Also known as the King of Hell.

The capital of the Iron Kingdom.

In the heart of a bustling neighborhood not far from the palace, there is a hidden and mysterious building.

Napulo, who has become a young man, is sitting at the head of a hall. Under his seat floats the ghosts of powerful people who are also hidden under black robes, also known as the messengers of death.

Anyone who dares to resist Napulo will be given death and an ending more terrible than death.

Napulo sat on a high seat, looking down at the people below. Some of those people were also carefully looking at him and the ghosts, but as his eyes swept over, they quickly lowered their heads in fear. head.

“Da da!”

“Da da!”

The hall was very quiet, and the sound of his fingers tapping on the handrail could be heard.

He didn’t know why he wanted to do this. He seemed to feel that doing so represented strength and control over everything.

“Everyone is here?”

There was a row of servants kneeling in the hall, each of them seemed to be of high status, either rich or noble.

Some of these people directly belong to him and are members of the Hell Legion.

Some people are the nobles of the kingdom and worship him because of his strength and power.

There are also some people who can only be controlled by Naplo unwillingly because he has a handle on them.


There is no doubt that these people are enslaved by Napulo.

He finally became a powerful person and had power over everyone.

Napulo leaned down and asked the people present a question.

“My servant.”

“Today I want to know where the Iron Kingdom will attack next.”

“Also, what is the actual situation of the Iron Kingdom, and how long can it last in this racial war?”

That voice is directly reflected in everyone’s heart, and it is the unique spiritual communication method of powerful people.

He used many methods, but still couldn’t speak, but after becoming a powerful person, this seemed not so important.

“The war has been going on for almost ten years. The number of soldiers mobilized by the kingdom is seriously insufficient. Various problems have also arisen among the people. The kingdom’s control is constantly declining. The situation is not optimistic.” The kneeling people looked at each other. , but finally someone spoke.

“Militarily, the kingdom is planning to set up an ambush in the Deya Forest and launch a general attack on the tree people there in order to regain the situation. After all, it is easier for us to fight the tree people than to control the mermaid clan in the sea. Control it.” The first person talked about the internal situation in the kingdom, and a guy who looked like a general told more exciting information.

“Not only is it pessimistic, in the face of the joint attack from the Mermaid Dark Scale Kingdom and the Treeman Alliance Autumn Leaf Tribe, the king has decided to send envoys to various countries. If the Platinum Kingdom and the Tin Kingdom do not send troops to rescue, what will happen next? The situation is really unpredictable.” Even before the messenger was sent out, the news had already reached here.

It can be seen from this that Napleo’s power in the Iron Kingdom is now.

He is not the apparent king of the Iron Kingdom, but he has step by step ascended to the throne of the Iron Kingdom’s king of the dark world.

“Deia Forest?”

Napulo got the news he wanted and nodded with satisfaction.

He likes war because war can bring darkness and death, and darkness and death are his strength.


He led his **** army to the Deya Forest area.

He made arrangements in a dozen surrounding cities and waited for the war to begin.

As the war horns of the dwarves and treants blew, a large number of people were seen dying like fallen leaves swept away by the autumn wind.

The tall tree men lined up and charged. Hundreds of dwarf soldiers were killed, and raging fires burned, turning the forest into ashes.

Deep in the forest, Napleo stood on the crown of a big tree.

He opened his arms and saw the huge ritual formation under his feet unfolding, spreading his power around the battlefield.

“Come on!”

“Come and become my ghost, my soldier.”

“Everyone will become my prisoner and my strength.”

“I am your master.”

As corpses fell one after another, a large number of ghosts went deep into the ground, and then ran towards Napulo.

Finally, it gathered into his chest.

There is a terrible tattoo on his chest, like a huge hole, or a mouth, swallowing everyone up.

He is constantly transforming the dead into ghosts, and then incorporating them into his body.

He could feel that his strength was growing stronger.

He is like a ball of flame, and all living beings are the firewood that ignites him.

The more people die, the stronger Napulo becomes.

Not long ago, he has become a third-level powerful person in this way. This is already the pinnacle of this world and the pinnacle of mortals.

He can also be said to be one of the most powerful people in the Iron Kingdom.

But he still felt that it was not enough. He felt that this power was far from filling his chest and body.

He draws strength wantonly.

It wasn’t until this war came to an end that Napleo stopped unwillingly.

He looked at the world with longing.

“How powerful would I become if I could swallow an entire city or even an entire country at once?”

But in other words, Napleo did not dare to actually do it.

Because in this world, the dwarves still have a powerful force.


Napulo raised his head and looked at the source of light above his head.

As he became more and more powerful and mastered more and more things, he gradually learned some secrets that ordinary people could not know.

In this world, there is a group of immortals.

Those guys come from the Kingdom of God above their heads.

They are a group of unimaginably powerful guys, a group of guys who will never die.

The people who built the temple are said to be a few immortals among the dwarves. They specialize in recruiting talented people among the dwarves and teach them powerful powers. This is where the original master craftsmen came from.

Napulo felt that he was not strong enough, at least not to confront such an existence openly.

Once the other party’s attention is attracted, he may be like the previous legion commander, panicking all day long thinking about escaping far away, or even being found and killed by the other party.

Napulo looked at the light source above his head, and suddenly felt that this world seemed to hide many unimaginable secrets.

And all the people inside are like being locked in a huge bottle.

At this time, the ghost of the black sword warrior next to Napleo suddenly spoke again.

He sat in the corner and read the contents of the poetry book again.

“Everyone is a little man in a bottle, always bound by something.”

“It doesn’t come from others, it comes from yourself.”

Napulo looked at the sky and said.

“I’m different.”

“I will never be tied to anything. No matter who tries to tie me down, no matter what it is that ties me down, I will break it.”

“I will not die. Even if I die, I will not go to that kingdom of gods.”

Napulo went back with the ghost of the black sword warrior. When leaving the forest burning with fire, he suddenly turned his head and looked into the dark depths to the side.

“Who is it?”

He seemed to feel something, but after looking for a long time, he saw nothing.

Napulo used his powerful mental power to explore the surroundings, but still found nothing, so he had no choice but to leave.

After he left, a shadow appeared in the darkness.

A transparent shadow.

That is Borick who has disappeared for a long time.

Porick looked at the grown-up Napulo, who was still unruly and inhumane, but much more mature than the previous porcelain villain.

He nodded slightly, as if he saw that everything was going as expected.


Porick took out a crystal.

He moved the crystal and saw a picture reflected inside.

You can see the scene of the trefoil people in the ancient times, you can see a little man in a flask and clinging to the glass bottle shouting and roaring at a certain royal blood descendant, you can also see Steen and a certain myth The scene of the shadow battle.

Porick looked at the mythical shadow and summoned the power of original sin with a wave of his hand, and a huge door of truth was built behind his raised hand.

As the power surged, all living beings turned into statues, and ghosts floated around the holy mountain.

“The little man in the bottle.”

“You have lost the authority of the Door of Truth and the Light of Original Sin. All that is left is the authority of this ghost.”

At the beginning of everything, the first person to create a ghost was the little man in the bottle.

Porick looked at the shadow in the picture, lowered his head and said.

“You are the oldest myth, and you were once Xiao’s master.”

“You must be very unwilling to be played by her now!”

Porick extracted part of the spar and threw it out. The light of memory turned into a ray of light and chased the sky.

It’s like instinctively chasing one’s own coordinates in this world.


Back in a room.

There was no one else here. Napleo took off the black robe he always wore.

It can be seen that Napleo has grown a lot in his youth, but he still looks skinny and malnourished as before.

He felt the power expanding in his body. Having power gave him an unparalleled sense of security.

“The power of the third level!”

“But, is level three the limit?”

“What’s next, is there a more powerful force?”

Napulo thought of those rumored immortals again. He felt that those guys should have power above level three.

“There must be someone who can gain immortality, or even the power to live an unimaginably long life.”

He even thought of a name.


Is God considered a state that one can possess after reaching a certain level of power?

Napulo gradually fell into drowsiness as he thought about it.

He took a nap.

After absorbing so many ghosts, the power became stronger.

The huge amount of divine blood burned in his body, seeming to activate something in his body, allowing him to vaguely remember something.

The memory seemed to belong to him, but not to him.

In that memory, he seemed to see himself becoming another existence.

A little man locked in a flask.

He lives in a place he has never seen before, a wild but primitive world and era. The sky there is completely different from the sky he knows. It is unimaginably high. There is a group of ancient and powerful people living there. ethnic group.

The sun there shines brightly, the night there is filled with stars, and the world there is truly endless.

But when he raised his head, what he saw was a disgusting cork.

He couldn’t escape that bottle.

I can only look at the outside world in a glass bottle.

And that small bottle made him feel strongly uneasy.

Because he felt that as long as someone broke the bottle, he could be given death.

So he hates this bottle, but he is dependent on this bottle.

“The little man in the bottle?”

“Is there really a man in a bottle?”

Napulo thought of the words in Breman’s collection of poems. He had always thought they were analogies, but at this moment he discovered that they really existed.

But then, Napleo put this illusion behind him.

Because he saw how powerful the being in the bottle was.

He saw the other party summoning a splendid light, killing all life in a radius of several miles in an instant. He saw the other party span the distance of space and directly give power to his believers.

He saw someone singing the name of the evil **** in the bottle, and she was able to send her power thousands of miles away.

She saw the little man in the bottle, turned into the shadow of a myth and fought against another myth, turning the world upside down.

Napulo was horrified, but he also longed for that power.

“No, this is not a villain in a bottle.”

“This is God!”


Looking at these scattered pictures, Napleo seemed to recall something and vaguely understood something.

“No, why do I remember this?”

“Why do I see these pictures from the perspective of a god.”

“It’s like…”

“Am I just like her?”

In his excitement, he suddenly woke up.

After Napleo woke up, he shouted, which was the name of the little man in the bottle spoken in the Word of Wisdom.

He could finally speak.

This also seems to open up another layer of restrictions that are bound to the body.


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