I am God Chapter 603: : The Extraordinary Profession of Dwarves and the Poems of Briman


The Black Hell Legion is a mercenary legion, very famous in the Iron Kingdom of the Dwarves, with a ferocious and infamous name.

They specialize in fighting for the great nobles in the southwestern part of the kingdom. They fight with whoever pays the higher price. They often eat the food that comes with their family and eat the food that comes with them. They are rebellious but have always been able to survive. It is because of the power of the Black Hell Legion. The Legion Commander is a powerful person who can refine the “Dark Warrior”.

Most of the people in the legion are prisoners from prisons, people from the dark world, and some guys wandering at the bottom.

You can know the cruelty of a mixture of fish and dragons but with a fierce reputation.

On this day, various news spread in the city.

“Yesterday, thousands of mermaids swept the waves and activated their forbidden technique “Summoning the Deep Sea”, flooding several towns and a large number of villages on our border.”

“The forbidden technique summons the deep sea? Are you kidding? The forbidden technique hasn’t been released for many years. If it were really activated, the kingdom would be gone.”

“At least the news of the mermaid invasion is true, and the war between the earth and the sea is about to begin again.”

“Not just our Iron Kingdom, I heard that the Tin Kingdom, the Copper Kingdom, the Platinum Kingdom, and dozens of principalities and pioneer territories, large and small, were all attacked at the same time.”

“With such a large scope, could the mermaid launch a full-scale war?”

“Damn it, I heard that traces of tree people have also appeared in the northwest, and they are eyeing the border of the kingdom. Did they agree to come together?”

“We are not far from the sea. What will happen if the mermaid comes?”

“What are you worried about? If the mermaids want to fight, they will definitely attack the Platinum Kingdom. Our Iron Kingdom is not their main target.”

The war seemed to break out suddenly in a silent night, but spread everywhere.

Everyone thought it was far away, but it was approaching faster than they imagined.

Everyone is worried, as if there is a dark cloud hanging over the city.

Inside the towering wall.

A large number of soldiers are repairing their armor and weapons, accompanied by swear words and the sound of fighting drills. This is a group of guys who are accustomed to killing people and are lawless.

But there were a few figures standing in the corner, which made everyone afraid to be presumptuous.

That is the highest status among soldiers.

Dark Warrior.

They represent the will of the legion commander, but in the eyes of the soldiers, they are more like a group of living corpses controlled by evil laws and are not human beings at all.

The legion commander is even more feared by everyone. The guy who wears a black robe all day long without showing his appearance often buys living people for unknown experiments in private. I heard that his strange black armor is passed Refined by living people.

After discussing with a distinguished guest for a long time, the legion commander came out and announced the order to everyone.

“This time, the Kingdom hired us directly.”

“Just now, the Treemen Alliance has announced a full-scale war against the dwarves. It seems that the kingdom is under great pressure. The army has been deployed to the northwest to defend against the Treemen Alliance. We here can only launch the development order again.”

“When we go to take back our town, we will not only get treasures, but the king also promises to give us a piece of territory that belongs to us.”

The legion commander also seemed a little excited, as if his longing for many years had finally come true.

“Yes, we got the territory development scroll and the altar.”

“As long as we take it back or capture the place, it is ours.”

Everyone cheered. Others were afraid of war, but they were not.

For them, war is an opportunity to make a fortune.

The Black Hell Legion departed from their base and headed for the border.

These guys were talking a lot on the road, discussing how much money they could get from this expedition and how much treasure they could find in those places.

When we reached the shallow sea, we immediately saw a strange scene.

As the dwarf army advanced, the army leader asked people to carry a ceremonial altar into the water. The sea gradually receded and the water became shallower.

When the mermaids came up, the sea water also surged, revealing the altar they had built deep in the sea water.

Just as mermaids can control the ocean, dwarves can also borrow the power to modify the earth.

In this world called Luo Yaan.

Under the light of the Kingdom of God, those superior beings have given each race the rules for survival.

Whoever occupies the world can transform it into a home suitable for his own survival.

So we saw that the dwarves and the mermaids were fighting fiercely around their respective altars in the shallow sea, and no one was willing to retreat.

This is a battle of races and a battle for homeland.

The world is so vast, but the home we live in is so narrow. All life and species are competing for their own living space.


The black warriors of the Black Hell Legion proved that they were indeed as powerful as the rumors. The legion commander led his soldiers to completely defeat the invading mermaids.

I saw that as the mermaid left, the ocean gradually returned to the previous boundary line.

The towns and villages submerged by the sea gradually appeared in front of everyone.

Outside the flooded buildings, a figure looked at the town where most of the buildings were washed away by the water, and shouted: “Ah!”

Meaning: “All dead.”

Napulo looked at his hometown of Anchor Town, and all he saw was debris and devastation.

He was thinking.

If he had not escaped, would he have died here?

Napulo was stuffed in an armor. He was also a black warrior, and he went out with the others.

But his skirt and armor were so long that they reached the ground, and his arm guards, leg guards, and helmet all looked much larger.

It looks a bit funny.

After being controlled by the legion commander, the other party also studied his power for a long time, but basically gained nothing and could not copy it.

At the same time, it was discovered that this power did not seem to be powerful, and could only create strange shadows one after another.

Furthermore, the shadows created could not interfere with reality and had no great lethality, so they gradually gave up.

At this time, another black warrior holding a black sword shouted at him.


“Go in and find the treasure.”

Napulo immediately followed him and ran towards Anchor Town.

When the town was there before, he was chased by the people in the town and fled in embarrassment, but now he was pushing open one door after another wantonly, going wherever he wanted.

He sat in the tavern that those people mentioned, and broke into the house of the big shot that those people mentioned, that is, the mayor.

He danced and danced, feeling extremely happy inside.

He still came to the place he wanted to go, albeit in this way.

He thought viciously in his heart.

“Hey hey hey!”

“These guys, let’s see how you still stop yourself.”

“I can go wherever I want, and none of you can stop me.”

At this time, his body moved uncontrollably.

The armor led him to stand up and run towards a certain corner, arriving at the town square.

When walking around, it looks like a stuffy can being dragged on the ground.


The legion commander stood on a high place and told everyone.

“From now on, I am the lord and the master here.”

“You are my subjects, my soldiers, and my slaves.”

Naproses raised his head and looked at the legion commander. The town he had fantasized about countless times and wanted to go in and take a look at became the other’s property.

He is the master here and can do whatever he wants.


Maybe it’s because the legion commander is powerful enough!

Naproses was so envious that his eyes were red with envy. He also wanted to be like the other person.

“The legion commander is very powerful, so he has everything.”

“He is the master of all, he can do whatever he wants, and no one can lock him in a dungeon.”

“He is the only one who imprisons others, and everyone is a prisoner in his dark prison.”


The Black Prison Legion established its own pioneering territory here, officially transforming from a mercenary legion into a local aristocratic force.

Napulo was favored by the legion commander because of his special abilities.

He no longer has to go to the battlefield like everyone else and die like a consumable under random gunfire or knives from nowhere.

His mission is to do some dirty work on behalf of the legion commander, to contact and control the dependent organizations belonging to the dark forces, to sneak into various cities and target locations, and complete various tasks.

Acquire wealth, interests and power for the current lord and former legion commander, as well as a prestige that makes people tremble with fear.

Even after becoming a glamorous lord, he is still one of the giants in the underground world.

With him, there was also the black samurai with the black sword who had been with him before.

In the gorgeous manor, the other party pointed at the owner of the manor and asked Napleo to step forward.

“Kill this despicable and greedy nobleman.”

“Napulo, ask him his secret.”

On the street, he passed by wearing a cloak, touched someone, and killed them.

In the chaotic night, they kidnapped a target and then tortured them.

Day after day, he continued to use his power to take away other people’s lives and obtain their secrets.

He seems to have been tamed. If he can’t resist, it seems good to just stay like this.

After all, the other party is the powerful leader of the Black Prison Army!

During this period, he also learned some secrets.

The powerful people of the dwarves are called divine craftsmen. They are good at creating various divine weapons that contain divine power.

They can extract a bone of their own, or use a part of their body to contain various extraordinary metals, and then refine it into a weapon.

You can borrow the power of God from the Kingdom of God.

The commander of the Black Prison Legion possesses such a magic weapon called the Helm of the Black Warrior, and he also relied on this magic weapon to establish the Black Prison Legion.

Napulo really wants to get the method to refine the magic weapon, so that he can one day refine his own magic weapon.

A gathering place for certain underground forces.

Here, there are dead bodies everywhere.

This time they caught a traitor who wanted to escape from the control of the legion commander, pulled out his spirit, and asked him about his betrayal.

The Black Knight of Black Knife seemed to know each other, and said to Napleo with a sigh on his face.

“Never think about what you have and don’t take things that don’t belong to you.”

“As long as we dedicate everything to the legion commander, we will get what we want.”

“Cunning traitors will not end well.”

Napulo nodded and made a sound.


He wanted to ask, can he get what he wants by dedicating everything to the legion commander?

The Black Warrior thought that the other party thought so too, so he followed suit.

“That’s right.”

“Dedicate everything to the legion commander and devote yourself to your loyalty.”

Just when the two people were talking like a chicken talking to a duck, suddenly there was a crisp sound from the corner, and the two people’s expressions immediately changed drastically, and they looked over there.

The two drew their weapons, but saw a tied child in a room.

The girl saw the scene outside and asked them.

“Are you from the temple to save me?”

This seemed to be a piece of meat that had been kidnapped by the other party, and the two of them suddenly looked at each other.

Napulo: “Ah!”

At this time, the black sword warrior seemed to understand what Naplo was saying: “You want to save her?”

He looked at the other person in shock. What he actually wanted to say was: “This guy saw us, do you want to kill him?”

The black sword warrior looked at Napulo’s eyes, and then nodded clearly.

Looked at the child and sighed again.

He seems to be a loyal, somewhat sentimental person, with a little so-called conscience.

When he kills people, he also likes to give others a name.

For example, the greedy and despicable nobles, and the cunning traitors.

This is rare in the Black Prison Army, but it is precisely because of this that he gained the trust of the leader of the Black Prison Army.

“If you throw her here, she will definitely die.”

“Innocent children should not encounter this kind of thing, take it back to the territory!”

In this way, the two of them took the child back during a conversation where their brainwaves were inconsistent.

The child also thought it was Napulo’s suggestion, so he rescued him.

She seemed grateful to him.

She always followed him on the road.

Both of them are the same, they don’t talk much.

But one person wants to say it but can’t say it, and the other person can say it but doesn’t like to say it.

While on the road, the Black Sword Warrior was chattering away. He was holding a book in his hand. It was a shabby book. He was always fascinated by it.

“Do you know Breman, a legendary ancient scholar?”

No one answered, so he continued talking alone.

“What he said is so good!”

“Just like this sentence, it’s really great.”

He raised the poetry collection in his hand and recited sentence by sentence.

“Everyone is a little man in a bottle, always bound by something.”

“It doesn’t come from others, it comes from yourself.”

Breeman’s collection of poems seems to be something that should not belong to this world. No one knows where it originally originated.

The Black Sword Samurai closed the book with one hand and then fell into thinking.

“But what does the little man in the bottle mean?”

“Can a person get into a bottle?”

“It should be a metaphor!”

Napulo seemed to feel a little familiar when he heard the name of the little man in the bottle.


He was asking, who is Breeman?

The black sword warrior looked at Napulo and his funny walking posture.

I thought he also thought this sentence was a good one, because the other party seemed to be able to find his own shadow in this sentence.

“Yes, that’s what it feels like.”

“It’s like you are locked in a stuffy can bottle, and you can’t make a sound no matter how you scream.”

Napulo was very angry. He felt that the guy in front of him was annoying. He always explained what he meant and then pretended to understand him very well.

Perhaps for another reason, the other party’s metaphor really bothered him.

On the road.

A stocky warrior carrying a black knife walked in front, an iron can swaying behind, and a little girl following step by step.

The three people returned to the territory, but what they saw was the legion commander who was in panic.

The other party paced around the room anxiously, shouting a term in horror.

“It’s over, it’s over.”

“The temple is coming to investigate me, they are coming to investigate me.”

The Black Sword Samurai and Napulo returned and stood at the door. He seemed to act as if they did not exist, and ignored them who had completed their mission and came to report.

It seems that he has never regarded these black warriors as real people, but as his own weapons.

Or maybe.

He was so frightened that he seemed to have completely lost his mind. He couldn’t even think, let alone other things around him.

“No, no, I have to run.”

“I can’t get caught.”

He kept mumbling something, and without even seeing the shadow of the other party, he was ready to run away.

It seems that it is a force that he absolutely cannot fight against.

He had offended many great nobles, and the legion commander didn’t care.

But this time the enemy seems to be completely different.

“No, I can’t give up here.”

“I finally got all this, I can’t give up.”

However, he was somewhat reluctant to part with the business he had created and was hesitant.

But soon, the legion commander noticed that besides the two people, there was also a child.

“Who is this?”

The Black Sword Warrior said: “I brought back a child who lost everything. Aren’t we short of people?”

The legion commander nodded, stepped forward and saw the pendant hanging on the child’s chest, and then his expression changed drastically.

He stepped forward, grabbed the pendant, and pulled it off hard.

“The emblem of God?”

“Is this a person from the temple?”

At this time, the name of the temple seemed to further stimulate the legion commander.

The legion commander looked at the black sword warrior with a sharp expression and blurted out.

“You betrayed me too?”

“I asked you to find the traitor, but you did the same?”

“Yes, you know that guy too, very familiar with him.”

“Are you in the same group?”

Faced with the huge power erupted by the legion commander, the black sword warrior took two steps back at a loss.


However, his frightened two steps back confirmed something to the greatly stimulated legion commander.

“You still want to run?”

“You also want to betray me, just like the one I asked you to kill?”

The black sword warrior raised his hand and stepped forward, as if he wanted to explain something.

But the legion commander had already drawn his weapon on alert.


The legion commander was furious and killed the black sword warrior directly, preventing his “escape” or “attack” in advance.

The legion commander killed the opponent, and as the opponent’s blood flowed everywhere, he seemed to come back to his senses little by little.


“What’s the point of sending a child here from the temple?”

“What does this guy want to do? Bring a child from the temple back and want to attack me?”

Gradually, he seemed to understand that he had killed the other party by mistake.

He held his head and said extremely irritably.

“Damn, damn.”

“What is going on and why does it suddenly become like this?”

The legion commander did not regret killing the black sword warrior, but the death of the other party did make him gradually calm down.

“No matter what, those people have already found me. This identity can no longer be used. I can only avoid the limelight for the time being.”

In the corner.

It was the first time that Napleo saw such a gloomy legion commander.

The big shot who was domineering in several cities on the border was so frightened that he trembled when faced with an existence called the “Temple”.

He has always thought that the legion commander is a symbol of strength and invincibility.

At this moment, he seemed to see something clearly.

“It turns out that this guy is just a weakling.”

That little bit of awe and admiration also dissipated.

He lowered his head and looked at the black sword warrior who had just been telling him that he must be loyal to the legion commander, and a burst of contempt suddenly surged deep in his heart.

He became vaguely disdainful of the previously foolish and loyal black sword warrior.

With the corner of his eye, he glanced at the legion commander who was trembling under the so-called power of the temple.

An idea came to mind.

“Why should I be afraid of such a guy?”


“Why should I be afraid of him?”


The black sword samurai died. The legion commander just peeled off the black armor from his body and threw him aside.

Then, he said to the speechless little mute.

“Go and bury him!”

Napulo dragged the body out without saying a word, and at the same time carefully picked up the poetry collection that the other party had dropped on the ground, as well as the pendant.

But when he was burying the body, he suddenly stopped and looked at the face of the tall black warrior.

This was another death of someone he was familiar with, but not by his hands.

After taking off the helmet, you can see this bald man with a neatly trimmed beard.


He pointed at the other person and seemed to be laughing at the other person.

At this time, the other party was unable to reply.

Then he took off the gloves he was wearing.

Putting his hand on the opponent’s head, he gradually turned the opponent into a ghost.

He seems to have begun to have a habit of turning familiar people into ghosts and keeping them by his side.

Whether we have known each other for a long time or we have hated each other for a long time.

But this time, something different seems to have happened.

After the opponent turned into a ghost, he appeared in a completely different situation from the previous ghost.

He saw the shadow of the black sword warrior rising from the corpse pit, and then floating little by little in front of him.

The other party looked at Napleo and sighed again.


Then he picked up the book of poems from Napleau’s arms, opened his mouth and began to read silently, but no sound was heard.

Napulo saw clearly that the other party really picked it up.

The other party seems to be a powerful seed with inferior talent, but no one has ever opened the talent for him, and no one has taught him to use this power and transform it into an extraordinary profession.

Napulo looked at the other party and shouted in surprise.


This is the first time that he has turned a powerful person with explicit power bloodline into a ghost.

This was also the first time he discovered that ghosts could not only scare people, but could also come into contact with reality.

And then.

More and more shadows came out from behind Napleo.

That bit of manifest divine blood seemed to have given Napulo a seed.

A seed that fully unleashes the power hidden in his body, the power he gained by devouring others before.

After two days of hesitation.

Napulo observed that the legion commander began to pack things.

Just today, the legion commander has received the news from a certain channel that the temple has sent people to investigate him, and the so-called investigation, or arrest and killing, is more practical.

As long as the other party confirms that he has used evil methods, he has only one way to die.

“As long as I have the strength, I can rise again if I change my identity.”

“No big deal, power is everything.”

“Are you afraid of not having these things if you have the power?”

The legion commander finally made up his mind. He was ready to summon the black warriors and leave with his slaves and treasures.

With one thought, he wanted to recall all the black armor.

However, at this time, there was movement outside.

“Who is it?”

The legion commander stopped and looked over.

Like a frightened bird, he seemed to see a shadow through the window, but he did not dare to confirm it.

He opened the window, only to see a shadow passing in the distance wearing a light-colored cloak and clothes similar to the girl before, and the badge pendant hanging around her neck could be faintly seen.


“Come so quickly?”

The legion commander immediately closed the window, his heart beating like a drum.

Then I looked elsewhere, only to find more and more shadows appearing in front of the windows and doors.

It seems that there are many shadows appearing around.

“How many people are here?”

The legion commander was too frightened to care about anything. It seemed that the temple had thoroughly verified the evidence that he had used evil magic, and immediately dispatched an entire divine punishment team.

He immediately prepared to evacuate. He fled directly through the secret passage underground, even preparing to give up his own black warrior.

Those can also be manufactured later.

But what he didn’t expect was that the shadow also pursued him into the underground secret passage, and he did so very fast.

The legion commander had no choice but to stop and fight back.

He waved the weapon in his hand, but the weapon only passed through the opponent’s body, while the opponent’s weapon penetrated deeply into his body.

“How is that possible?”

He looked at the other party in disbelief.

However, he saw that the man who inserted the knife into his body was actually the black sword warrior he killed two days ago.

Amidst the severe pain and struggle, he saw the other party’s transparent body.

He understood something and shouted at the top of his lungs.


“It turns out…it was you who betrayed me.”

He seemed to want to give some order, but the ghost’s knife pushed further, making him completely silent.


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