I am God Chapter 594: :Three-Leaf Seed and Tree Man


A thunder flashed in the sky, and then it rained lightly.

“It’s raining.”

“It’s raining.”

The people in the cave finally got out, took out various things, and followed the rain from the sky.

They opened their chapped lips, stretched out their tongues to lick the rainwater falling from the sky, and swallowed the rainwater in big mouthfuls.

Feeling the coolness behind the scorching sun, each snake man showed a smile on his face.

This is the only thing they are happy about these days.

Guarding a large ocean, there will be a shortage of water.

Not just water, they were short of everything.

Here, the whole world belongs to them, but they seem to have nothing.

This is the current situation.

Inside the cave.

Briman checked the current status of everyone and could see that more and more people were sick. Many people were lying on the ground, groaning and groaning in pain.

Species from the Second Era cannot survive in the First Era.

Briman looked at one of them with a pale face, open mouth and gasping for breath, and looked into her painful eyes.

This is a female doctor on the ship, not a witch doctor, just an ordinary doctor.

But in such a world, she has no choice.

Not only can’t you save others, but you can’t save yourself either.

She also saw Briman and turned her eyes little by little.

She was speechless and just stretched out her hand.

Briman didn’t speak either, but he also stretched out his hand and grabbed the other person’s hand.

Finally, he came to the entrance of the cave.

Here you can see the sea outside and the ships on the sea. Lying beside the cave entrance is the first mate “Treant”, who specifically asked to live here.

At this moment, even though Captain Briman is here, the “Tree Man” is still looking outside, looking at their ship.

Then he said without turning his eyes.


“I’m going to die.”

The main body of Platinum is his Warcraft, and Platinum is going to die, in a sense.

As a demon knight, he is dying.

When he went to sea, he didn’t know what he accidentally ate or for other reasons.

He developed a sore on his stomach, and problems with his organs followed.

After taking two doses of witchcraft medicine, my condition got worse.

And here, they couldn’t find any powerful witch doctor to treat the disease and find out what the cause was.

He took the lead and wanted to find land as soon as possible to save the situation, but in the end it was he who was going to fall first.

He murmured: “Captain, didn’t you say we won’t die?”

Breeman: “We will not really die, we will only become something else in this world.”

The first mate turned around: “What is it?”

Breeman: “Look at what is in this world, if you look at it according to the current situation.”

“Maybe it’s a fish, or some weird bug, or a shrimp.”

The first mate asked again: “What is it like to be a fish and a bug?”

Breeman asked: “What does it feel like to be a tree.”

The first mate understood: “If possible, I would still like to be a human being.”

Breeman: “What do you think is a human being?”

The first mate said: “At least you have to have wisdom!”

The first mate looked into the distance with longing in his eyes.

“In this world, only by having wisdom can you be considered alive and have life!”

“Otherwise, what’s the difference between it and a pile of rotten meat?”

While talking, the first mate “Treant” began to talk nonsense, and it was impossible to hear what he was talking about.

Briman touched his forehead and found that it was very hot.

Breeman sat next to his first mate for a while, looking at the earliest crew member who had been with him from the beginning.

He remained silent, but his eyes changed little by little.

He stood up and came outside.

In heavy rain.

You can see that the “dwarfs” who directed the people to collect the rainwater were very busy. Some of them used utensils, and some used extraordinary powers to gather the water into a pool.

Beside the “dwarf”, a girl was running around holding a wooden basin, looking particularly serious.

After the girl received the water, she immediately ran into the cave.

He poured water into the mouths of other people who could not move, and said strange words in their mouths.

It seems to be praying for them to get better soon.

Looking at this scene, Briman’s originally stern face finally showed some smile. He walked outside in the rain and held down the “dwarf”‘s shoulders from behind.

Breeman: “It’s so busy!”

The dwarf turned around and saw that it was Breman and said: “It’s the captain. We are busy. If we don’t pick up more today, I don’t know when it will rain next time!”

Breeman said: “A spring has appeared deep underground, where you can get clean water. We will not be short of water in the future.”

After Breman finished speaking, the “dwarf” immediately looked at Breman in surprise, and then showed an expression of surprise.

He was worried just now. He didn’t know when it would rain next time and what he would do then.


Briman nodded and waved his hand very coolly.

“Really, this design was left behind when the Stone Demon was asked to cast this island, and it should be gradually usable now.”

“Take everyone there and have a drink, there is no need to save anything.”

The “dwarf” cheered and looked at the captain with admiration.

“Captain, you are really far-sighted.”

After the “dwarf” asked people to store the collected water, he immediately took the people underground.

Originally, I just asked a few people to go over and take a look, but I didn’t expect that almost most of the able people came over, leaving only a small number of people to take care of the injured.

And Briman watched the “dwarf” leave, but walked alone into the distance.

In my arms.

Holding the three-leaf seed.

He held a scroll in his hand, with a blood-red vortex drawn on it.

Moving forward a little bit, he looked at the giant stone demon that was still expanding the island unremittingly even in the heavy rain.

Briman held his head high, seeming to see the scene many years later.

“Maybe in countless years, this place will really become a continent.”

As long as time and time are given, those powerful stone demons like gods and demons can not only build land, but also lakes and rivers, and mountains and ridges.

And the reincarnation ritual incantations on those stone demons just gave them years and time.

Walking to the center of the island, he held the three-leaf seed and gradually integrated this powerful life force into his body.

A large amount of blood gushes out from Briman’s feet and continues to spread.

Gradually, it turned into a whirlpool.

In the whirlpool, Briman’s body collapsed bit by bit from the feet, then bit by bit to the waist, and finally reached the head.


After Briman yelled, his body completely collapsed in an instant.

In the center of the island, he turned into a **** whirlpool.

Briman activated the three-leaf seed with his own power, and the two powers combined together to form this **** vortex.

Void Seed could not see Briman’s figure, but could faintly hear his voice.

“Three-leaf seed.”

“Preserve the bloodline of the Platinum Tree.”

Three-leaf seeds have the ability to preserve the bloodline of species. They once preserved the blood of the three-leaf people, but they were later contaminated.

At this moment, Briman used this power again, but it was stored in another species.

The **** vortex quickly swept out and rushed towards the Platinum in the distance.

The Platinum seemed to sense the crisis, and instantly transformed into the form of a monster, trying to escape.

But the **** water swallowed it up instantly, and then another part of the vortex extended into the cave, sweeping up the first mate “Treant” like a tongue and swallowing it into the **** vortex.

“Three-leaf seed.”

“Preserve the snake-man bloodline.”

The two fell into the sea of ​​blood, and there was no more movement.

Deep underground.

The “dwarf” led a group of people along the passage mentioned by Briman until they arrived dozens of meters underground.

Then right here, the trickle of water was heard.

Then under the light of the lantern, everyone saw a clear pool of water.

“Water.” Everyone rushed forward.

“There really is a spring.” Everyone said happily.

“It’s Danshui.” Someone even tasted it.

The “dwarf” and the others were so excited that they stepped forward to fetch water. However, when they came back excitedly, they were ready to tell the captain what was going on below.

They discovered that the situation above had changed.

They stood at the exit of the cave, looking at the sudden appearance of blood in the distance.

“What is that?”

“Where’s the captain?”

“Where is Lord Breman?”

“The first mate is also missing.”


In a blood-red world.

The “tree man” felt like he was lost in the lake, as if he had fallen into a place as warm as a mother’s embrace, making people feel comfortable and comfortable.

The pain that had been tormenting him finally disappeared, and the shadow of death that had always been chasing him seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

He felt as if he had turned into a fish, swimming in the sea.

It seems to have turned into an insect again, floating in the warm current of the shallow sea.

“Am I dead?”

“Become a fish or a bug?”

“Treant” slowly opened his eyes, and he found that he was really in a **** liquid.

And in the distant water, in the center of the red world.

An unclear shadow stood looking at him.

He immediately recognized who it was, his captain.

“Where is this?”

“Lord Breman.”

Breeman said: “In my body.”

“Treant” was even more confused: “In your body?”

Breeman nodded and told his first officer.

“This is what we really look like, first mate.”

“Real life species do not have a fixed form. We have blood energy, a nearly immortal body with God, the ability to fuse and take away other people’s organs, and we can also have multiple life templates at the same time.”

“This piece of blood is the embodiment of my blood energy and strength.”

Next, his words changed.

“However, I can only use these powers for myself.”

He looked into the depths of the **** water. There seemed to be something emitting huge power at the bottom, which was also the source of the whirlpool.

“The three-leaf seed inside can give this power to others.”

This was the first time “Treant” heard the term three-leaf seed, and he asked Briman.

“What is the three-leaf seed?”

Breeman: “You can understand it as a prop that was first created by the Ancient One and used to create new Ancient Ones.”

“It only needs a little initial bloodline as an introduction to completely create a new life form.”

After hearing this, “Treant” was shocked.

“Making life?”

“Isn’t this the authority of the Lord of life?”

Breeman: “Instead of creating new life, it is more appropriate to say that it is creating life, or copying life.”

When speaking of this, Briman sighed.


“That little bit of initial perfect blood is the most important thing.”

“Without the starting thing, the three-leaf seed would have no effect.”

At this point, it seemed that he had gone off track. Briman returned to the topic and talked about why he mentioned his own power and the three-leaf seed.


“You don’t need to know these, you only need to know how to use my power to activate the three-leaf seed and combine the two together.”

“I can accomplish many things.”

“The organs and blood of one species can be forcibly grafted onto the body of another species.”

“For example, allowing life on land, with the organs of other life, to temporarily inhabit underwater.”

“For example, let the life in the swamp fly above the snow-capped mountains and jungles.”

The shadow in the center of the **** water raised its head, its eyes glowing in the water.

At this moment, he finally reached the key point.

“For example.”

“Let the lives of the second era gain the ability to survive in the first era.”

“Treant” suddenly understood something, and he looked at Briman.

“Can something like this be done?”

Briman nodded and said affirmatively.

“Of course it can be done.”

“It’s just that if they are not living species, those living bodies without blood energy will die quickly after being transplanted with organs and fused with blood.”

“However, this is not without a solution.”

Breman looked at the “Treant” and told him: “As long as you live next to me, I can provide you with blood energy.”

The “Treant” stared at Captain Briman and said after a long time: “Do you want to use this method to let us survive in this world?”

Breeman still has the same casual tone, and it seems that he can calmly chat with people in any situation, and even make a small joke.

“My first mate.”

“Snake people have no way of surviving in the First Era.”

“If you want to survive in this cruel world, change is inevitable and it is also a process that life must go through.”

“Those who cannot adapt will be eliminated.”

“Treant” understands this truth, but finds it a bit difficult to accept.

“So the snake people were eliminated from this world from the beginning?”

“Just like the species that were once eliminated.”

He even thought about it, if so.

If they are not in this world, but in the world they came from, does it also mean that the snake people will one day be eliminated and abandoned by the world and nature?

Briman nodded, confirming this cruel fact.

“This is a theorem of nature and the law of life.”

“Because the world is always changing, there is no species that will exist forever, and there is no eternal protagonist of the era.”

“But your bloodline may survive in other life forms.”

“Just like.”

“The bloodline of the ancestor fish is passed down to you.”

“Treant” suddenly raised his head. This was the first time he knew the news.


“We have fish blood in our bodies?”

“How is this possible?”

“Treant” issued three question marks in a row, expressing doubts about this.

Breeman was very sure and said in an unquestionable voice.

“This is not a hypothesis. The dragon **** Anu has once confirmed it, and the gods have also witnessed it.”

“Archaeophysalis is a species created by the Creator at the beginning of everything.”

“It’s just that at that time, no one knew why it was called Archeopteryx instead of just a fish.”

“Because there were no fish at that time, the word ancestor seems a bit redundant.”

Briman looked at the “Treant” and said leisurely.

“No one understands it until this era.”

“It turns out that Archeopteryx is really the ancestor of thousands of species.”

“It not only gave birth to various fish, but also gave birth to various beasts.”

“While we are still focusing on the time span of thousands of years.”

“As early as 250 million years ago, the Creator, who transcends time and everything, had already seen today.”

When Briman said this, he couldn’t help but lose consciousness.

“What kind of power does the Creator above all have?”

“What does the world look like in his eyes?”

“In his eyes, the world may really be just a river, an island in a bottle.”

At this moment, “Treant” was completely silent.

He never knew that the fish he used as food had such a shocking origin.

Breeman joked at this time, with some laughter in his voice.

“Are you filled with a sense of guilt? In fact, you don’t have to feel that way.”

“Most of the things you see swimming in the sea and running on land are descendants of Archeopteryx.”

“The tooth beasts you raise and the beasts of burden you enslave are the same as you, descendants of the ancestral fish.”

“Nothing more.”

“You have just been chosen by the Lord of life.”

“At the beginning of this era, under the trumpet sound of the supreme **** summoning the continent.”

“From then on, you dominate the earth.”

“And they.”

“It will become your food and your mount.”

“If you care about these things, the snake people will not be able to survive.”

“Treant” looked at Briman and nodded.

Shock is on the one hand, and there is another.

“Tree Man” has never looked at the world from this perspective. This feeling is like standing on the long river of history and watching billions of species and lives wash away.

In the end, only a few were able to jump out of the water and be seen by the eternal **** standing in the sky.

That is, the protagonist of the era.

Only the gods of the past could say such things.

He could only say in the end: “Is this really a cruel world?”

The conversation is over.

Breeman stretched out his hand to his first mate.

“Start here!”

“Treant, I will give you a body that can survive in this world.”

The first mate asked Briman: “Can I ask what kind of body I will have?”

Briman said: “You will become one with your platinum tree.”

The first mate immediately smiled and said: “It seems not bad.”

The “Treant” raised his head and walked towards Briman.

“Wow wow~”

In an instant, the entire **** vortex began to spin violently.

In front of the cave, all the snakemen looked at the violent movement from the whirlpool, and finally heard a loud bang.

The water surface exploded, and a tall figure stood up from the water and walked to the edge little by little.

Everyone looked at the tall figure at a loss. The guy looked like a huge tree, but he was walking like a human being.

His hanging branches and vines are like two huge arms, and the leaves above his head are supported, blocking the sun in the sky.

What’s even more terrifying is that there is a human face growing on the tree.

And eyes.

“Face, there is a face growing on the tree.” When they saw that face, everyone was shocked.

“The tree is alive?” everyone exclaimed.

“What’s going on? Where do trees come from in this world?” Before the crowd, the “dwarf” thought there was something wrong with this.

“Could it be…” Then, he vaguely guessed something.

The unknown being looked at them from a distance, and then spoke.

“What, you don’t recognize me?”

At this moment, everyone screamed in surprise.


In the past, “Treant” was just a nickname.

Now, the “tree man” has become a real tree man.

The tree man stood on the edge of the **** vortex, looking down at the people who were constantly gathering, and stretched out his arms to block the sun for them.

The “dwarf” stepped forward and asked about the tree man who had turned into this appearance.

“Treant, how did you become like this?”

“Also, what’s going on with this **** whirlpool?”

The tree man told the people below and spoke.

“Lord Briman gave up his godly form and turned into this sea of ​​blood.”

“And my body is the extraordinary body he recreated by merging the bodies of the platinum tree and the snake man.”

“In this era, snake people cannot survive.”

“Lord Breman changed my form so that I don’t have to die and can retain my wisdom.”

“If you are extraordinary beings, you can also choose my form and exist in this world in another way.”

The “dwarf” stared at the tree man’s body in shock: “Tree man?”

Some people find it difficult to accept it. Perhaps only people with eccentricities like tree people who live with trees can accept such a life form!

As the tree man spoke, he yawned. He seemed to feel very sleepy after turning into this body.

In this way, he really turned into a real big tree in front of everyone, and fell asleep like this.

A wild and primitive world.

On the newly born island, a **** lake appeared, with a tree man standing on the edge of the lake.

And all the snake people who broke into this primitive world looked at the trees and lakes with expressions that were either shocked or thoughtful.


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