I am God Chapter 587: : I want to enter your glass tank


Under the aurora.

The Void Mother looked at the White Stone Demon King standing on the edge of the sea. That would be a very suitable template for life deduction.


She still remembers her theorem and does not take the initiative to decompose the living to obtain templates.

She stood there without moving, just looking at each other quietly.

It wasn’t until the white stone demon king raised his feet that she opened her mouth and made a sound.

“Don’t go forward.”

“Saylor refuses your entry.”

However, the Stone Demon King just turned around blankly. The other party heard her words, but did not understand what she meant at all.

The white stone giant standing between heaven and earth just looked at the Void Mother, then turned his head again and stepped heavily on the sea.


Immediately afterwards, the Stone Demon King jumped up.

It actually dared to break through the barrier set up by the giant **** Seler of Ruh and wanted to go to the world under the Mirror of the Sky.


His movement seemed to trigger changes in the entire Sky Mirror.

Layers of water rolled back toward the sky, turning into a wall of ice crystals connecting heaven and earth.

When it collided with the wall, it was like fragile glass hitting a steel barrier.

In an instant.

It broke into a large piece.

White stones falling all over the sky are about to fall into the mirror of the sky.

Seeing that it was about to be swallowed by the Sky Mirror, the Void Mother took action and caught it all in mid-air.

After a while.

The ritual engraved on his body, divine blood and divine grace stone was completely activated.

A large number of stones were glued together and constantly reorganized, gradually turning into a huge white stone dome.

It was reincarnated again.

The last life without any goals, nothing worth remembering, and nothing left behind is over.

And the next life of the same kind seems to be starting again.


There seems to be something different this time.

Just like what it instinctively desires, in this place, someone interrupted its fateful reincarnation that lasted for hundreds of millions of years.

The mushroom man with the world on his head in the distance came over little by little, stretched out his broad arms, and hugged it gently.

The Void Mother picked up the stone dome and walked away little by little.

While walking, I muttered to myself.

“Isn’t it an intelligent species?”

“Why are you so stupid?”

Beside the mirror of the sky under the aurora.

The dome emits a white light and gently rubs against the tall body of the Void Mother. It seems that you can feel the softness and warmth of its body.

That is something that the sea, land, sky and this ice and snow polar region cannot bring, and it is also something it has never felt before.

The monster is a life form created by the three-leaf people.

Origined from an experiment between the fire demon Haru and his teacher, Sandian created the stone demon, Lann created the wing demon, and Anhofus created the bone demon using cloverleaf materials.

Except for the most special three-leaf bone demon.

They are intelligent species, but they are not normal life forms.

They lack some things that normal intelligent life should have, but they have power and lifespan that far exceed ordinary intelligent life.

However, after the fourth level, they will also have true advanced wisdom after the mythical organs are born.

It’s just that Lan En’s Stone Demon King is different.

The reason Lan En created it was not because he wanted to create monsters, but because he was conducting an experiment on immortality and becoming a god.

Because when an experimental subject possesses intelligence and emotions, it is bound to be a tragedy.

Lan blocked its power to create mythical organs, allowing it to reincarnate continuously in the form of the stone demon’s body and the Divine Grace Stone.

The Void Mother placed the giant egg in the middle of the sea and sat next to the stone egg.


“Please answer me.”

“I want to make a deal with you.”

“Do you want to enter Lady Sally’s glass tank?”


But after waiting for a long time, there was no response from Stone Egg.


The stone egg itself trembled slightly and moved slightly closer to the Void Mother.

The Void Mother wanted to communicate with the consciousness of the Stone Demon King, so she returned to the Sky Temple to ask another being for advice.

The mythical spirit Velen has existed longer, has a good relationship with the witch doctors, and knows and hears more.

This chubby mythical spirit like an astronaut waved his hand, and the colorful light transmitted a voice like a dream into the consciousness of the Void Germ Mother.

“It has the blood of wisdom.”

“But the stone demons are a race with birth defects. Unless they are born with mythical organs, they will not be able to possess true wisdom.”

The Void Mother understands what the problem is. If this is the case, she only needs to help the other party condense the mythical organ.

At this time, Viren told her about the identity of the Stone Demon King.

“The ritual above is a reincarnation ritual, arranged by sages from ancient times.”

“It is the contracted stone demon of Sage Lan En. It belongs to Lan En, not you.”

“You can’t do anything with it.”

The Void Mother turned her head: “Sage Lan En, who is that?”

Velan: “A very famous three-leaf man and the teacher of many myths.”

Void Mother: “Is he still alive?”

Velan: “He is dead, but his spirit is in the kingdom of fairies.”

The Void Mother can only let go.

The Void Germ Mother danced with the brim of her hat and asked Viren: “Why do you know?”

Velan said quietly: “I asked the magic mirror secretly.”

The magic mirror of Fairy Sheila is an artifact mastered by the dominating god. There are not many secrets in this world that it cannot know.

However, the Void Mother is not without solutions.

The Void Mother came to the sea and dropped a light leaf. When the leaf fell, it immediately reflected a strange dream scene.

The fairy in the lake’s dream of bartering.

Used it to contact the barter messenger, and obtained a special dead egg of a snake man through the barter dream. Life that was not born because of the lack of divine blood is very common among intelligent species.

Live eggs are not easy to use, but this one is just right.

The Void Mother’s hand was placed on the stone dome of the King of Stone Demons, and some of its power was extracted from it. In addition to its complete personality, it only extracted a small amount of spirituality and wisdom.

As for the 250,000 years of mixed and disordered memories, she did not dare to take them out, but allowed them to be sealed in the stone dome.

The silver light fell into the snake man’s dead egg, and he saw that the egg came to life little by little.

After a while, the egg burst open and a life was born again.

“Hee hee!”

As soon as the child was born, the sound of laughter came out.

That laughter.

Resounding in this world of ice and snow.

She stood in the palm of the void mother’s hand, stretching her arms and tail on the soft skin.

The Void Mother’s eyes fell, staring at this newly born intelligent life.

I thought.

As long as you wait a little longer, you can successfully communicate with this reincarnated person.

Another month has passed.

The Void Mother built a protected cradle for her child on the stone dome, and the child crawled around in the cradle.

At this time, the child’s consciousness can already communicate with the Void Mother.

“…Yeah?” means who are you.

“Nothingness.” The mother of nothingness said.

“I…I…ah?” The child crawled towards the huge mushroom.

“My test target.” The Void Mother told her.

The next day.

Mugu people come to the Stone Dome every day to talk to their children.

Sometimes, the Void Mother will grab the other person on her shoulder and let her see the world in the glass jar through the glass jar.

The Void Mother will magnify the situation in the snake world to the other party and teach the other party to understand this world.

Mo Guren also has little experience, but she learned the concepts of various written languages ​​in this way.

Child: “Who are they?”

Void Mother: “They are mortals.”

Child: “What are they doing?”

Void Mother: “They are living and spending their short life.”

The child opened his mouth wide as he looked at the world in the glass jar, which reflected the bustling city and the lights of thousands of houses.

A few months later.

On this day, she suddenly asked her loudly on the shoulder of the Void Mother.


“What does mom mean?”

The child can already stand up and speak very proficiently.

She pointed to the glass jar, in which a child was following a woman, calling her mother.

The Void Mother said: “After a female life gives birth to a new life form, the new life calls the female life mother.”

The child looked at the Void Mother: “Are you my mother?”

“Nothingness, is this what mom means?”

Void Mother: “No, void is my name.”

The child’s eyes were a little confused. She always thought that nothingness was called something similar to her mother.

Then, she asked: “What is the goal of the experiment!”

This is what the Void Mother called her. She always thought her name was a nickname, or a term of endearment.

However, the huge mushroom man said.

“An experiment is a simulation conducted to achieve a certain project. The goal is the materials needed for the experiment.”

The child stared at the Void Mother.

She didn’t fully understand what it meant, but she probably understood that it was not a term of endearment.

And, with a cold tone.

At this moment, she seemed very lost.

The child raised his head and looked at the huge mushroom that made people feel clean, soft and warm.

“So, you are not my mother?”

Muguren shook his head: “You are a special stone demon created by the second generation sage Lan En, and you have nothing to do with me.”

“I just created a new body to facilitate communication with you.”


“Make a deal with you.”

The child did not speak, but lowered his head deeply.

At this time, Muguren seems to be more like a stone than a stone demon.

Perhaps it’s because the stone man already has a human body, but the mushroom man’s body has not changed at all.

The next day.

The Void Mother came to the huge stone dome early again and brought food to the child.

Seeing the tall shadow of the Void Mother in the distance, the child immediately walked out of the cradle building built on the top of the dome. She seemed to have got rid of yesterday’s haze, and happily faced the Void Mother. said.

“Nothingness, I also gave me a name.”

“My name is Beth.”

Bess means white.

She likes white.

As soft and white as nothingness, warm white.

She straightened her back, as if she wanted to wait for the praise from the Void Mother, and then tell her the reason why she chose this name.


After hearing this, the Void Mother just responded casually.

“Okay, Beth.”

Bess raised her head and waited for a long time.

Is that it?

However, the Void Mother did not observe her expression and just waved her palms.

Then, a lunch box fell from the sky and landed in front of Beth.

“It’s time to eat.”

Looking at the food brought by the Void Mother, all of them were exquisite and unimaginably delicious. They were precious things that Beth could not see in the world of glass jars.

Bess stuffed a piece of pastry into her mouth and drank a cup of milk tea made by miracle magic.

“Nothingness, this must be very precious, right?”

After hearing this, the Void Mother thought for a while.


“That’s probably what it would look like outside!”

Hearing what the Void Mother said, Beth snickered happily, and then ate the food cleanly.


Time passes day by day.

Children also seem to be blown by the wind and grow up quickly.

She is three years old.

Bess can already cross the sea and storm with her on the shoulders of the Void Mother.

Except for not being able to enter the Mirror of the Sky, she and the Void Mother walked through every corner of the North Pole together.

This day.

Bess followed the Void Mother for a day and finally returned.

She climbed down from the empty fingers, landed on the dome, and said loudly happily.

“Nothingness, we have been to many places, it feels like a long time has passed!”

Void Mother: “How long?”

She was very confused: “Didn’t we just meet?”

Bess wondered if Niang had a bad memory: “It has indeed been a long time. We have been together since I was born.”

Void Mother: “No, Beth.”

“You were born 200 million years ago.”

“The time we have known each other is just a short moment for you.”

“It can even be said that it is not even a moment.”

Bess didn’t know why: “Twenty million years.”

Void Mother: “You can retrieve your own memory and the real you.”

The Void Mother taught Beth a way to experience her past memories by touching her real body, the huge white stone egg beneath her body.

Beth stretched out her hand, but within a moment, she moved her arm away.

She looked pale and shook her head repeatedly.

“No, it’s terrible.”

Void Mother asked: “What’s wrong?”

Bess said: “I don’t want to be like that.”

“It won’t hurt, doesn’t need to eat, and will never die.”

“It has no emotion.”

“It’s just a moving stone.”

The Void Mother wants to say, isn’t this very powerful?

Bess looked at the Void Mother: “I don’t want to be like it, I want… to be a living being.”

The Void Mother pointed out the problem with her sentence: “The stone demon is also a living being.”

Bess raised her head, looked at the Void Mother from the white stone dome, and immediately waved her hands.

“It’s different, it’s different.”


“You can feel warmth, pain, and need to eat.”

“I will laugh happily, I will be happy, and I will want companions.”

“This is what we call living.”

The Void Mother thought about the content of these words.

Aren’t these all weaknesses?

But there are some things that she can’t figure out.

It’s as if she doesn’t understand why a being as eternal and possessive as the Creator can be sad.

Why does a being as great as the Master of Life like to eat meaningless food?

A supreme deity like the Master of Dreams who can reverse space and create miracles, yet calls those dream species who are extremely weak compared to her her partners.

Bess suddenly understood something: “Nothing, do you want me to become like that again?”

The Void Mother shook her head: “No, I just want to make a deal with you, it’s up to you.”

Beth asked: “What deal?”

Void Mother: “I am conducting an experiment and need to create a brand new race based on a powerful life template.”

Beth: “A brand new race, what does this mean?”

Void Mother: “With the evolution of time, everything is possible. I want to obtain a brand new race, and as a reincarnation, you can get what you want.”

“That is a gift from the dominating god, and it is also the greatest opportunity and treasure in the world.”

Void Mother: “Beth, would you like to enter my glass tank?”

Bess looked at Nothingness, she didn’t want to leave Nothingness’s side.

But she didn’t dare to refuse like this. She was afraid that if she refused, she would be driven out of her by nothingness.

She could only lower her head and say: “I don’t know, maybe… maybe I will consider it later.”

“It’s too early now.”

The Void Mother nodded: “Oh!”

After speaking, she stood up and walked away.

For her, it’s a deal.

If the other party doesn’t agree, she won’t say anything more.


This day.

Outside the North Pole, in the extremely cold ice and snow, a ship sailed once again.

It was a three-leaf symbiont, driving a large ship grafted on the body of a plant-form monster toward the North Pole, arriving at the edge of the end of the world.

I saw the storm that stretched endlessly between heaven and earth.

The Void Mother appeared on the edge of the storm and also saw the alchemy ship.

At the beginning, she had no intention of saying anything.

But suddenly.

The three-leaf symbiote on the ship actually penetrated her power and saw the shadow of the master of life behind her.

He instantly fell into madness and roared hysterically.

“You didn’t see it, you didn’t see anything.”

“What you see.”

“It’s just a glass jar held in the hands of the master!”

In his distortion and madness, he called out the name of the dominant god.

“That is…the master of life!”


As a Trileaf person, he is one of the few beings who can know the supreme gods and call out their names, which also attracted the attention of the Void Mother.

She bent down and asked.

“Are you going to enter Lady Sally’s glass tank too?”

However, this sentence brought out the shadow of the **** behind the three-leaf symbiont.

The red-haired **** looked at the Void Mother and said.

“The God of Nothingness.”

“Can you take us to the end of the world?”

“We want to go to the North Pole to find the King of Stone Demons there.”

But I saw the shadow of myth.

The Void Mother was no longer interested and turned around and left.

Both the myth of life and the myth of wisdom are not suitable as experimental templates. The myth of life itself has long been finalized with the Luhe seal, while the myth of wisdom has long been separated from the limitations of the body and race.

The Void Mother passed through the storm and returned to the North Pole.

She came to the white dome. The **** the dome had been sitting with her tail in her arms. When she saw the Void Mother coming over, she immediately stood up and looked at her in surprise.

Unconsciously, Beth has grown into a little girl over one meter tall.

She lives in a house on a dome that looks like a mountain. She wears clothes randomly torn from the fabric of God, which just cover her body, and there are delicious food beside her.

All of this was brought to her by the Void Mother.

The Void Mother came to Beth and said something in front of Beth’s smiling face.


“Lan En’s students are here.”

Bess didn’t understand at first who Lan En was.

But soon, she remembered, wasn’t Lan En the one who created her as Wu said?

The head of the Void Bacteria is lowered, and countless Void Bacteria are floating around. Her huge eyes are only white, not as brightly colored as ordinary people.

“She called out your name and came to take you away.”

Bess suddenly became excited. She nervously grabbed her clothes and shouted loudly.

“Bess is not theirs, Beth is free.”

“Bess is a person, not an object.”

The Void Germ Mother nodded, she thought so too, just like the theorem she had always followed, the living belonged to her, and only the dead could be decomposed.


“This is a matter between you and Lan En, I will not interfere.”

From the perspective of the Void Mother, she is fair. She will not give Beth to the other party, but there is really no reason to interfere in this matter.

However, in Beth’s view, these words made her expression shocked, and she was even so nervous that she could not stand and her whole body was shaking.


“Don’t you care about me?”

Bess clenched her hands into fists, her eyes filled with intense longing, and she even cried as she spoke to the Void Mother.

“If they.”

“If they want to come in and take me away by force.”


Bess shouted the name of nothingness, her voice filled with tension, fear, expectation, and deep reluctance.

“Will you protect me?”

The Void Mother thought for a moment and finally concluded.

“I have no reason to take action.”

For a moment, Beth’s nervous expression was frozen in place, her hands pulling at her clothes tightly.

But the tears couldn’t help but flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

The Void Mother looked at the reincarnated person who had initially grown up, and saw the experimental target she wanted to communicate with, a trader.

She spoke, and her voice echoed in the blue sea and sky.

As gentle as the wind.

But it is just like the wind that passes between heaven and earth, passing by everyone gently without any emotion.

Her gentleness is not because of love, but because of the rules she follows.

“Beth, why didn’t you talk?”

Bess let her tears fall down and told the Void Mother in a choked voice.



For the first time, she discovered that people cannot control their bodies when they are sad.

She even couldn’t help but make a sound like hiccups, one after another, her body kept shaking, and she became increasingly unable to speak clearly.

“I, a little…uh…sad.”

The Void Mother’s huge white eyes stared at Beth, and it took a long time before she responded.



This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her.

She couldn’t help him. She thought he was hungry just now.

“If you are hungry, just call my name.”

The Void Mother prepared to turn around and leave again.

However, at this time, Beth shouted loudly.


The Void Mother turned around again and lowered her head patiently.

“What’s wrong?”

Bess looked at the glass tank above the Void Mother’s head and the world contained in the glass tank, and an idea suddenly came to her mind.

A method that does not leave the Void Mother and is not captured by others.


“I want to enter your glass tank, is that okay?”

The Void Mother has no reason to refuse: “Yes, you are the experimental target I desire.”

But she asked again: “Why did you agree all of a sudden?”

Bess kept wiping her tears and lowered her head.

“I think…I think…”

She slowly stabilized her speaking voice, and finally raised her head a little bit to tell the Void Mother.

“It’s not bad inside the glass jar, isn’t it also next to you?”

Beth looked at the huge white shadow.

Stretch out your hand and let the bacteria of nothingness flying in the sky pass by your fingertips.

The empty “snowflakes” have no cold feeling, only warmth.

However, when she looked into those white eyes, she couldn’t see any emotion she wanted to see in them.

This is not an ordinary life, this is a born mythical creature.

At this moment.

She totally understands.

Those are already all the time for me, but for the existence in front of me, it is just a short moment.

For me, the other person is the most kind and familiar person to me.

For her, she was just a stranger she had just met.

She will never give herself what she wants.

She too.

I will never become my mother.

Bess said with an almost pleading voice: “If I were in your glass tank, they wouldn’t be able to capture me!”

The Void Mother said: “That way, I will have a reason to take action.”


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