I am God Chapter 584: : O eternal Yinsai! Please wait a moment!


The door to the land of wisdom is open.

The light of the divine moon shines down from the starry sky, illuminating the path forward for all intelligent species.

She is the destination that all intelligent species want to reach in the future, but at this moment, she is just a transit point for the supreme **** to pass by.


The wind blowing through the leaves of the sacred tree is like blowing countless wind chimes, making a loud sound that fills the sky.

And every leaf reflects the shadow of life.

They were either laughing, arguing, or yelling angrily, but in any case they were feeling life and being alive. Their lives were burning like flames, and every move was full of the rhythm of life.

On the branches, there are dazzling fruits hanging down, but now there is one more than before.

Looking at the fifth fruit produced on the sacred tree.

Because God Sai’s face was facing the light, it was unclear what he was thinking.

Sheila and Sally waited for a long time before they heard her lower her head and say something.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go.”

She has said this many times.

And saying this too often seems to make people feel tired.

The Creator lowered her head and could see that she was holding a bottle in her hand.

She looked at the sweet dreams in the bottle. Each dream reflected the beautiful scenes from the ancient times. In the picture, a boy could be seen grinning, pointing to the distant scenery and telling the dream about the existence outside. ,what is that.

The pictures alternate one by one, each one different.

This is the letter from the Rainbow Tree in ancient times, except that the letter is not addressed to others, but to the Creator Yinsai.

Yin Shen closed his eyes and saw light coming from all directions and gathering together.

Eventually, it condensed into a bubble.

Fell into the bottle.

You can see the blue planet reflected in the bubbles, the divine kingdom of the witch doctor, and the sacred tree that represents all species of wisdom.

At the same time, there is also Sally’s angry and frowning face, and Sheila’s smile that always hangs on her face.

Before this, many bubbles have been loaded into it.

And when this bubble fell.

At this moment, the bottle is full.

In an instant.

Yin Shen’s eyes moved slightly.

Sally was the happiest when she heard that she was going to start again.

She commanded the Void Germ Mother to transform into dozens of mushrooms, and quickly moved all the things onto the ship.

She sat high on the hot air balloon boat and shouted to the busy Mugu people below.

“Quick, quick, quick.”

“How come you are as stubborn as a god?”

“As a servant of Lady Sally, you must be as motivated as Lady Sally.”

“The power of life is the most energetic. You slow guy has no sense of life at all. If you are any slower, I will fire you.”

The figure of the lonely man is stagnant.

She didn’t understand. Did Sally’s “fire” really just mean “fire”?

The idea is to get rid of it after opening it.


In an instant, the shapes of the mushrooms were intertwined, and they were scurrying around under Sally’s urging.

I don’t know if I am anxious or scared.

Without the witch doctor, all the work now falls to her.


The Void Mother raised her head.

She looked at a well-dressed, chubby spirit of myth standing at the cabin door. This guy was leisurely waiting for the supreme gods to board the boat, and then went to perform his duties.

Don’t worry about scarcity, but worry about inequality.

Although Mother Void didn’t know this sentence, she realized the meaning at this moment.

I am so busy every day, why are you so leisurely?

The Void Mother looked at Velen. Although she said nothing, her meaning was self-evident.

You guy, why don’t you come down and work?

But the spirit of myth refused.

She pointed to the hot-air balloon boat behind her and said that she drove the hot-air balloon boat and that this kind of work was not within the scope of her responsibilities.

Moreover, I am different from you, a lonely person. I am Lady Sheila’s companion and driver. She only does chores and carries luggage for Sally.

Do you know there is a gap in this status?

The void mother waved her arms.

One of them is Sally’s glass tank, and the other is Sheila’s boat. No one is better than the other.

The spirit of myth Velen didn’t speak, looking like I couldn’t understand what you were talking about.

But quickly.

A certain guy on the hot air balloon boat who was gesticulating but doing nothing lowered his head and discovered that there was another guy like him, standing leisurely at the door.

He frowned very double-standardly, looking very unhappy.

“You guy, what are you doing watching?”

“Why don’t you go down and help?”

“Hurry up and leave early.”

One sentence fell.

The mythical spirit Velen was immediately frightened, and then swooped down with a puff of smoke. He struggled to lift the table that the Creator had placed under the sacred tree, and quickly moved it onto the ship.

Ms. Sally was very satisfied and commented like a little adult.

“Sure enough, the guy in the dream just has no energy!”

“Only when you are inspired by Sally, you will be full of motivation.”

Under Sally’s supervision, the two laborers quickly packed up their things.

Sally jumped down from a high place, and then followed Yin Shen swaggeringly, constantly circling the Creator, as if urging her to set off quickly.

Yin Shen boarded the ship, then closed the hatch and turned the door handle.

Under the rules set at the time of departure, the hot-air balloon boat set sail smoothly, and the Creator’s vehicle gradually separated from the place where wisdom originated and sailed away from the Moon of God.

But when it’s in the starry sky.

But suddenly stopped.

It did not go down to the cradle of life, nor sailed towards the dark and deep starry sky, it just stopped in the void.

For a moment, it seemed like it didn’t know where it was going.

Sally was lying on the window, looking at the moon that was regarded as the counterpart, and found that the hot air balloon boat under her had not moved for a long time, and she suddenly looked confused.

“Why aren’t you moving?”

“It’s broken.”

The mythical spirit Velen also looked outside in confusion and checked his ship at the same time, still not understanding what was going on.

Sally felt dissatisfied when she saw that Viren didn’t know what the problem was.

“It must be broken.”

She stretched out her hand and tapped the hot air balloon boat twice.

Immediately, I saw the hot air balloon boat trembling violently and almost falling apart.

The mythical spirit Velen was so frightened that she held her head and danced left and right in front of the window. She seemed to want to kneel down and hug Sally’s thigh to make her lighter, but she did not have the courage. , can only look at the master of life pitifully.

At this time, Muguren stood behind the dominant god, looking like I couldn’t speak and didn’t know what was going on.

At this moment.

Sheila seemed to understand something.

She immediately looked at the man in white who was sitting on the chair, leaning lazily on the backrest, staring at the bubble bottle.

Then, the real reason why the ship did not move forward was revealed.

“It’s not that the hot air balloon boat is broken.”

“It is God’s will.”

From the beginning, the rule set by the Supreme God is that the hot air balloon boat will randomly go to any place in the world.

It sounds like there is nothing wrong with it.

But soon, Sally discovered a problem.

Under the will of the Creator, there is no randomness at all. Everything in this world is gradually deflecting according to the Creator’s thoughts.

This is not random. It is obviously because God Sai can go wherever he wants. It is not fair at all.

This also allowed Sally to begin her later actions to control “destiny”.

So now.

It’s not that the hot air balloon boat is broken.

It’s because at this time, it seems that the Creator doesn’t even know where to go.

Whether to go to the endless starry sky or return to the blue planet.

Sally and Sheila looked at Yin Shen sitting on the chair.

She stared at the bottle filled with colorful fantasy bubbles, and the color of the reflection in the hole also floated away with the bubbles, faintly turning into a rainbow.

But the changing colors seemed to prove her inner confusion.

Finally, she spoke.


“It’s not time to set off, but it’s time to go back.”

Sally looked at Yin Shen in confusion: “Where are you going back to?”

Sheila asked: “God, are you going home?”

The Creator, who had been deeply immersed in memories and contemplation, slowly raised his head when he heard this sentence.

The eyes that were so steady that there seemed to be no change revealed the coldness of the stars, as well as the vicissitudes of life washed away by the years.


“Go home?”

Yin Shen seemed to have remembered something.

She thought of those ancient memories that were too long to be described in time: “Shen Yin, can you go home too?”

As soon as her thoughts moved, she heard the whole world respond.

As soon as she opened her mouth, invisible power began to spread, and the entire time and space began to distort, forming a vortex that swallowed everything.

Sheila and Sally raised their heads and looked above their heads.


They faintly saw a star emitting infinite light, so big that it seemed to cover the starry sky.

The eternal stars seem to invest their power into this corner from outside the universe, taking back the shadow anchored here.

For her, the universe seems to be a parallel line, or a cross line.

At this moment, she seems to be turning the cross into a parallel.

Her figure continued to become more and more moldy, and the whispers of billions of creatures followed and poured into this god’s vehicle.

Sally seemed to recognize the place. She looked directly at the eternal star outside the universe.

She opened her eyes wide and spoke.


“Is it that one, going to cross time again?”

Sally’s voice fell, and something seemed to be activated at this moment.

The whispers around him started boiling like boiling water.

“The end of the era!”

“The end of the era!”

“Everything…will end again.”

“No, don’t…”

“It’s not the time yet…it’s not the time yet, it’s not the last moment yet…”

“The era shouldn’t end…at least it shouldn’t end like this.”

“Wait a little longer, wait a little longer~”

“The supreme Yinsai, the great Creator, the eternity beyond the universe and time…”

“Wait a moment…wait a moment…”

Countless voices gathered together, constantly overlapping and echoing, and finally turned into the same sentence.

“O eternal God of Insai!”

“Wait a moment…wait a moment…”

The light of the Moon of God also turned around, completely submerging the Creator’s vehicle.

You can hear all living beings panicking, and the sounds coming from the Dream Star Sea and the Moon of Gods are constantly echoing in the starry sky.

Somehow, they seemed to have sensed it.

If the shadow of the Creator merges into the eternal stars, it completely leaves this universe.

Second Age.

Maybe it’s time to end.

But this is not the time yet, and everything is not completely ready yet.

Once the Creator leaves, it will most likely be like the First Age.

It took two epochs for the intelligent species to finally reach this point. It took 250 million years to finally see the perfect opportunity and the real path to the future.

How can it end here?

The will of all creatures is pleading.

No matter the first era or the second era, no matter what race.

Those that once existed, those that have passed away.

At this moment.

They are all trying to retain the God of Insai.

And Silla didn’t expect that she just asked a question about going home, and the situation would become like this.

Sheila looked at the vortex that was twisting downwards above her head, and at the eternal stars that were getting bigger.

There is also the shadow of the Creator that fades into nothingness under the stars.

She was at a loss, but knew it was not the time yet. She ran forward and shouted loudly.

“No, God.”

“Not there.”

Silla stepped forward, she stretched out her hand to grab Yin Shen.

Everything happened very quickly, but the shadow sitting on the chair did not become blurred to the point where even she could not touch it. It still stayed in this universe.

She successfully grabbed Yin Shen’s hand.

She knelt on the ground, holding Yin Shen’s palm tightly with both hands.

Fortunately, it’s not too late.

Sheila raised her head and looked at Yin Shen’s face, the glowing crystal face, the outline projected from outside the universe.

She couldn’t grasp the stars outside the universe and time, but grasping this shadow was all she could grasp.

She held her head high and said with strong emotion.


“Our home, the God-given land and the pyramid temple.”

“It was Lai Deliji and Sally who built the pyramid for you, it was the garden where Polo was born, and it was you who created my temple.”

“That’s our home.”

Yinsai Shen, who was leaning on the chair, seemed to have taken a nap. At this moment, his eyes came back to consciousness little by little and regained some warmth.

She looked at Silla kneeling on the ground, holding the palm of her right hand tightly with both hands.

“Remembering something, I feel a little lost.”

Yin Shen looked at his body, gradually solidifying under the light.

“It’s really inconvenient!”

“I just took a nap and had some mood swings, and it became like this.”

Sheila was extremely anxious at first, but now she burst into tears and smiled, looking helplessly at the god.

“You just scared the **** out of me.”

“I thought you were going to leave us alone.”

Yin Shen said: “Sheila, I can’t leave because I have never been here.”

She controlled the shadow she cast in this universe and said: “Then, go back!”

Sally on the side was not afraid from the beginning to the end. She had just planned that if God Yinsai wanted to return to the sky, she would hug God Yin’s thigh and follow him up together.

Unfortunately, it was not successful.

Sally was very disappointed. She could not go to the Eternal Star to play, and she had to go back immediately. She felt that she had not had enough fun!


“Going back so soon?”

“It’s only been a while, I still have to at least go down there for a walk, how can I go home so early.”

Yin Shen looked at Sally: “Where else do you want to go?”

Sally was well prepared and took out a list of her previous goals and plans.

Showing one of the targets above, he said to Yin Shen.

“Go to Beihai.”

“I haven’t gone to Beihai yet!”

Sheila also seemed to be afraid that God Yinsai would disappear into the universe in a single thought again, so she looked at her and said.


“Would you like to go and take a look.”

Yin Shen didn’t care and nodded.


“Then go take a look!”

After saying this, the Creator’s vehicle immediately started again, orbiting the blue planet.

Eventually, it was time to move to one of the two poles of the world.

When the hot air balloon boat sails down.

On the seat in the cabin, the Creator in white clothes turned the bottle and gently closed his eyes.

She asked a question, not to others, but to herself.

“Can you still go back?”

“Even across time, all you can see is just another light and shadow.”

“I am no longer me, and the world is no longer the world.”

“I can’t go back, I’m just deceiving myself.”

The Creator opened his eyes and shook his head.

“My home.”

“Not in the past, not in the future.”

“In the old days that can never be touched.”


Yin Shen put down the bottle, stood up, and walked away.


After a while.

Five slender fingers grasped the bottle filled with dreams again and gently picked it up.

On the glass wall, Yin Shen’s human face and figure were reflected.

Even if it is a dream and illusion, at least there is something to dream about.


Sally pressed her face hard against the glass wall.



The barrier of the mythical props actually felt like soft rubber when she squeezed it out. It bulged deeply and was about to be broken by her.

The mythical spirit Velen stood behind her, tilting his head and shrugging his shoulders.

It looked like I had given up.

Instead of worrying about Lady Sally damaging the boat, think about persuading the Lord of Life.

It’s better to be prepared to shout loudly at the last moment.

“Sir Sheila, please help me.”

It’s more real.

Sally looked down, and the closer she got to the human world, the more excited her eyes became.

One pair.

I didn’t expect it, Sally-sama, I’m back again.

And she was thinking: “What fun things should I do this time?”

As we get closer to the human world, that familiar feeling returns.

The azure sea and the vibrant world continue to expand.

The surroundings are no longer deep and endless darkness, but the atmospheric sky is gradually brightening and turning blue, with layers of white clouds.

Although the universe makes people yearn for it, this small world can give people a strong sense of security.

Sheila walked down from the upper floor holding a book.

After seeing that they were about to arrive at the North Pole, he asked Sally, who was already impatient.

“Sally, what’s out there in the North Sea?”

“Why are you looking forward to it so much?”

Sally said: “The Iron Skull said it was going to grow up.”

Finish listening.

In an instant, a question mark appeared on even Silla’s forehead.

Of course she knew that Iron Skull was the Siren Siren, but this guy was so big that it was difficult for ordinary people to describe and imagine.

At this time, what does it mean to say that it is going to grow up?

That’s it, haven’t you grown up yet?

Sally immediately described what it meant for the giant **** Ruh to grow up.

“Just like big fireworks and big meteors.”

“The big meteor flew into the universe, and the big fireworks and the center of the earth gradually merged into one.”

“Just like the two of them, Iron Brain is also about to undergo transformation.”

Sheila understood something immediately.

Insai once said that the future of life power will be transformed into ecology and transformed into the world.

Look at this situation.

In recent times, although the giant gods of Ruhe are still far from reaching the point mentioned by God Yinsai.

But it has already begun and is on the verge of swallowing up the entire earth.

In fact, there were already initial signs of this before this.

For example, the Death Star that travels to the starry sky, and the lava giant that devours the center of the earth, both have signs of transformation and devouring the world.

Sheila asked: “What is the Siren going to do?”

Sally thought about her words for a moment, then gestured.

“The brain case must swallow up all the water, turn all the water into its own power, and turn itself into the ocean.”

“Starting from the North Sea, it has built a secret base there, and it will transform it bit by bit from its secret base to transform the entire world’s water.”

Sheila nodded: “It is indeed the ocean and water!”

The god’s car continued to go down, and Sheila was looking outside.

After a while, she suddenly asked a question.


“Before, weren’t you worried that God would really leave alone?”

Sally turned her head and looked at Sheila.

“Don’t worry!”

Sheila didn’t understand and asked her.


Sally said: “Because if God leaves, I will go find her.”



This was never something Sally considered. All she would consider was how to do it.

If God is gone, go to her.

Even if it means breaking the whole world!

Even if it reaches the edge of the universe.

Just do it.

Sheila understood what Sally meant and couldn’t help laughing.

“It is indeed Sally!”

And Sally immediately smiled proudly, as if I was awesome.

And suddenly.

Sally seemed to sense something, and lay down in front of the window again, pointing down and shouting.


“It’s already here, look.”

“Iron Skull’s secret base is down there.”

Sheila followed Sally and looked down, and her eyes saw the black storm covering the entire Arctic.

The terrifying storm surrounded the entire North Pole, turning it into a so-called secret base.

At the same time.

The starting point of the Seile Siren devouring the world.

Although this process may take a long, long time.

Follow Sally’s finger and look down.

Looking through the black storm, a strange scene appeared.

The North Pole is obviously a cold polar region. It is full of glaciers and frozen water. However, in the center of the black storm, there is a calm water.

The whole world is like a mirror without making any waves.

This reminded Sheila of a place that also had such characteristics.

“Mirror of the Sky?”

However, compared to the once “narrow” Sky Mirror on the frozen mountain range, this place is many times larger.

This is the real mirror of the sky.


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