I am God Chapter 583: : Do you also want to enter Lady Sally’s glass tank?


In the captain’s cabin.


Breeman pushed open the door and rushed out.

However, as soon as he walked out, his body staggered, and he had to reach out his hand to hold down a crew member at the door.

In an instant, his **** shrank into a sharp shape.

Briman looked at the existence at the end of the day, opened his mouth and said, as if he was a little scared.

“What happened?”

Even if he saw the Black Storm and the Son of the Titan.

Nothing could make Briman completely lose his temper.

But at this moment, the scene in front of him was completely different.

At this moment, it seemed that the existence in the distance had shattered Breman’s understanding of the world.

His eyes continuously magnified the scene in the distance, and he clearly saw the huge Luhe life form.


His eyes focused on the raised hat, or an empty translucent glass jar inlaid on the brim of the hat.

He not only saw the planet contained in the strange cylinder, he could even see the details on the planet.

There is the sea, there is the continent, there is the sea of ​​thousands of miles of clouds.

There are more.

All living things.

All of this overlaps with the world map in my mind.

He even vaguely saw the world’s North Pole, where he saw the diffuse black storm.

He thought.

If I could get closer, I would be able to see the Platinum on the edge of the black storm.

See the world contained in a glass jar, and myself in the glass jar.

This moment.

Briman thought of the words spoken by Normandin, the captain of the Black Sand, and thought they were just crazy descriptions.

“It really is.”

“The world?”

Such a terrifying life form is simply unimaginable.


What really frightened the three-leaf symbiont Briman into losing his composure was not the tenth Ruh standing between the sky and the sea.

But from the shadow above the existence that carries the world, it is a picture that ordinary people cannot see, and it is a terrifying scene that cannot be observed.

The black storm dissipated, revealing the northern polar region in darkness in the distance.

The green light curtain that Normandin mentioned that blocked the entire sky also appeared. It extended directly from the universe, like the corners of the starry sky, and like a door erected at the end of the world.

That’s the aurora.

And penetrated the green aurora and penetrated the layers of sky.

He could vaguely see a pair of eyes looking down at the planet world in the endless universe, and a mouth that opened like a silver moon.

The God above the gods is looking at the world from above.

Looking at all living things, overlooking the billions of living beings reincarnating in their own glass tanks.

Briman’s whole scalp was numb, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

His neck was held high and veins popped out.

The raised meridians spread all the way to the face and reached the temples.


“It’s all wrong.”

He couldn’t help but let out a harsh and sharp cry, roaring wildly in his mouth.


“That’s not God.”

“That’s not God…it’s not God!”

“You are mistaken, that is not God!”

Breman then understood why the black storm dissipated, and why Normandin didn’t understand what he saw, because he didn’t see it at all from beginning to end.

Briman held his head and knelt directly on the ground, looking at the sky with splitting eyes, and roared hysterically.

“You didn’t see it, you didn’t see anything.”

“What you see.”

“It’s just a glass jar held in the hands of the master!”

Briman clasped his face tightly with both hands, as if he was trying to pull the flesh out of his face. His whole body was in an abnormal state.

Finally, he shouted with all his strength.

“That is…the master of life!”


At the end of this world, where the black storm remains.

The True Name of the Lord of Life was shouted from Breman’s lips, in the form of the Word of Wisdom.

That moment.

It was as if another storm swept out with him as the center, and all the crew members on the ship were knocked to the ground and fell unconscious for a moment.

For a time, only Breiman remained conscious on the entire Platinum, in a posture on the verge of madness.

And Briman called out the name of the Lord of Life, which also attracted the attention of Tenth Ruhe in the distance.


When the other party hummed softly, it was as if beautiful music was ringing in the world, and all the “snowflakes” danced to it.

And as the other party’s eyes gathered.

The violent snowflakes seemed to be completely submerging the Platinum, blowing continuously.

The other party has indeed become interested in the ship Platinum, or in other words, has become interested in Briman who called out the Lord God.

There are not many people in this world who can pronounce Sally’s name in the Word of Wisdom.

But the tenth Ruhe did not come over.

The Void Mother just leaned her body down from a high place and directly reached the Platinum.

In Breeman’s eyes.

He saw the being holding the world on his head getting closer and closer, and the appalling hat and stars pressed down from the sky, blocking everything.

Finally, the pure white Ruh life looked at Briman, covering a large area of ​​the sea with just one eye.

“Are you going to enter Lady Sally’s glass tank too?”

At this time, Briman was no longer in a normal state, just staring blankly at the Void Mother.


However, soon another consciousness entered Breiman’s body.

A red-haired god’s shadow appeared behind him, looking into the huge face and eyes in the sky.

“The God of Nothingness.”

“Can you take us to the end of the world?”

The Scarlet Goddess had feelings when the Void Mother was born.

Although it is different from other giant gods who have the original Luhe seal, the Scarlet Goddess inherited the mark from Stun, rather than the Luhe made by the supreme **** himself.

But its power is still very orthodox.

“We want to go to the North Pole to find the King of Stone Demons there.”

The Scarlet Goddess has some speculations. If the Void Mother expressed her rejection, she might have responded to this speculation.


When the tenth Ruhe heard that the other party did not respond to his question, he straightened up.

Step away step by step.

After he walked away, the storm behind him gradually closed, closing the door to the end of the world.

It was as if he had not heard the words of the scarlet goddess and was talking to himself.

“What kind of existence will be created this time?”

“Besides the Stone Demon, who else is willing to go in?”

The sound floated in the cold ice and snow, and the wonderful snowflakes flying in the sky disappeared little by little with the shadow of the Void Mother.

The shadow of the scarlet goddess stood behind Briman, staring into the distance.

“Into Lady Sally’s glass tank?”

“What does this sentence mean?”

“Does that mean that the Stone Demon King has already entered?”

The more the scarlet goddess thought about it, the more she felt that there was some secret hidden in this sentence.

“Also, what does it mean?”

“Has anyone been in there before?”

The scarlet goddess looked at the black storm and the deep North Pole, preparing to investigate this matter.

The scarlet goddess patted Briman on the shoulder, and he woke up from his crazy state.

“Wait for my call.”

“I guess the nihilistic Ruch will appear again.”


The place of light.

The silent kingdom of Yiren.

The terminus of the Northern Sea Route is a place called Haijiao Town.

A large number of wingmen carried boxes of things and took off under the dim moonlight, and there was a dense sound of wings vibrating in the air.

There are some snake people in the town who have come from afar, and they look keenly at the sky like a conditioned reflex; for the snake people, this sound will bring them an inexplicable sense of fear.

“So many winged people.”

“Of course, this is the country of Yiren.”

“When Snake Mother Themos drove the Winged People out of the Tower of Babel, she never thought that the Winged People would establish their own kingdom so far away!”

Most of the snake people who just came here with the hope of getting rich overnight have never seen so many winged people, so they felt fear for a moment.

Following these snake people to Cape Town, there is also a strange existence.

A ghost-like non-human monster wearing a black cloak crawled out of the sea, looking into the depths of the sea in extreme embarrassment.

“Where are those guys going to go?”

“After going all the way around, don’t you end up coming to the land of light?”

“Where did this go?”

Its form is hazy, and no entity can be seen under the cloak, only a deep and bottomless darkness.

This is the advanced Death Lord form of the ghost.

Naproses followed Briman and Platinum all the way from the giant island of Ruh to the Iver Peninsula, and from the Green Forest Witch Kingdom to the Northern Sea Route.

Unfortunately, like Briman, it encountered some troubles along the way.

It was almost sucked into a sea whirlpool that froze everything.

Although it finally broke free from the sea whirlpool, it completely lost track of it.

There is no way.

Naproses can only wait here. Although it has lost the Platinum and the three-leaf symbiote Breman, it still has other ways.

After staying in Cape Town for a while, it came to the coast again on this day.

It took out an oracle eye and looked towards the sea, activating the power on it.



It seems like he is looking for something.

After a while, I saw fluctuations in the depths of the sea.

A passage in the dream world opened, and a weird metal monster came out.

The monster flew slowly, passing through the sea of ​​clouds in the sky and appeared in front of Naproses.


“It’s finally here.”

Naproses had long known that it was about to appear, and immediately put down the monocular telescope named Oracle’s Eye in his hand, and flew towards the monster with joy, holding it high at the same time. cut his own arm.

“My servant.”

“You finally gave the great Naproses what I wanted.”

The metal monster continued to shrink, and finally penetrated directly into the oracle’s eye in Naproses’ hand.

It adheres to the surface and slowly blends into the magical prop in the form of a monocular telescope under rotation.

Eventually became a relief above.

But before getting in, the monster handed Naproses a letter.

After Naproses hurriedly opened the letter, he made a surprised sound when he read it.

“The target is the North Pole?”

Then it repeated the word “North Pole” again.

“Arctic land?”

For a moment, Naproses also shivered.

The name North Pole reminds it of some bad memories.

It is also the polar region. It once spent a period of despair in the polar night and ice and snow of the South Pole. It was an embarrassing past that Naproses was absolutely unwilling to recall.

Just thinking about it, Naproses felt like he was shivering from the cold.

“Can’t these guys go to some good places?”

Naproses cursed, but continued to read.

And this letter not only wrote about the target location of the Platinum, but also some of their subsequent encounters.

Naproses was even more surprised, even a little confused.

“Black Storm.”

“Withstanding the existence of the world?”

“What is that?”

“How could such a existence exist? Wasn’t this guy driven crazy by the power of the black storm?”

But after it finished speaking, it seemed to feel that this existence was somewhat familiar, having heard it mentioned before.

“Why does it seem like someone has heard of the existence of the world above our heads?”

“Who is it?”

“Who ever said that?”

Naproses thought about it for a long time, but couldn’t recall it.

Finally, a flash of inspiration suddenly occurred and he spoke.

“It seems…Anu?”

Naproses suddenly remembered that a long time ago, when he was trapped with the evil black dragon, he heard the black dragon describe an experience he had.

He was able to turn into a black dragon because he once met a god, a **** with a world on his head.

Although Black Dragon didn’t say much about the details at the time, Naproses only regarded it as this guy’s nonsense.

However, the shadow of the **** he described as holding a world above his head was imprinted in its heart.

Even if it is nonsense.

This kind of fantasy is indeed scary enough and makes people remember it deeply.

But now, the situation has become different.

What a person says may be false and an illusion.

If someone encounters it again now, it is very likely to be true.


Naproses performed a ceremony.

Under the flickering lights, boundless shadows surrounded Naproses, and the familiar long table also appeared in front of Naproses.

It hurried forward and spoke a bunch of compliments and praises to the gods at the end of the long table.

The Evil God of Original Sin on the long table was not in a hurry, just watching Naproses’ performance.

After a while, Naproses finally got down to business.


“Through me, I went deep into the most dangerous places in the world and crossed the furthest distances in the world.”

“I finally know the destination of the red and blue gods.”

After an exaggerated description, Naproses finally said the key words.

“It is the Pole of the North.”

The Original Sin Evil God finally raised his lowered eyelids slightly and glanced at Naproses.

“Two poles of the world?”

“No wonder.”

Xiao also looked for the Stone Demon King before, but he didn’t find it. Some of his previous doubts were answered at this moment.

At this time, Naproses stepped forward and spoke in a passionate voice.

“Yes, it is in the North Pole.”


“Master, you must not have imagined what the three-leaf symbiote saw outside the North Pole.”

Xiao’s head tilted slightly, and he stopped tapping his hand slowly on the table.

This small change frightened Naproses.

It immediately spoke loudly.

“In the North Pole, there is still a large black storm on the sea that has not dispersed.”

“While they were still in the black storm, they saw a being with the world on top of its head.”

Naproses finished speaking in one breath, this time he did not dare to make any excuses.

As the evil **** of original sin, Xiao has the most authority in the will of the abyss and controls the myth of the gate of original sin. Many secrets in the abyss cannot be hidden from him.

“The Ruhe of Nothingness?”

“Melder and Dark Moon were once pulled out by a force that went deep into the abyss. Even the abyss couldn’t resist that force, and the shadow behind them seems to be somewhat similar to what you said.”

After speaking, Xiao looked at Naproses.

“When they come back, they will have mastered their own paths to becoming gods.”

“And it is the most suitable path for them to become gods.”

Naproses’ voice suddenly changed, and he was extremely excited.


“Those two guys, have such an adventure?”

Naproses thought that he had enough adventures, so he was tied by the black dragon Anu to swear a racial oath. As a result, he found all the causes and consequences of his body, and also obtained the name of the evil **** who had disappeared from the ancient times.

And these two guys actually knew how to walk the road to becoming gods after just one visit, which means that the door to mythology has been opened for them.

And this is what Naproses lacks most right now.

Xiao also noticed the changes in Naproses and said calmly.

“Know what to do?”

Naproses was inexplicably grateful and said loudly.

“Thank you master for your guidance, I know what to do.”

It stood up majestically and proudly.

“I want to go to the North Pole.”

“I will seize this opportunity and become a legend in one fell swoop.”

Xiao: “I mean, find the Stone Demon King quickly!”

Naproses was suddenly speechless and his head shrank.

With a casual wave of his hand, Xiao cut off the connection with Naproses.

After Naproses left, Xiao looked at the books he had in his hand.

Recently, what she has read the most is undoubtedly “The Theory of Perfection of Wisdom” and “The Kingdom of Eternity”.

But today, he picked up the “Oath of the Crown of Wisdom and the Second Path to True God” that he had written in the past.

As I scrolled down, I quickly came to the column about experiments in the past.

And it says exactly that.

The name of Avion and Lord of Purgatory.


On the other side.

In the Kingdom of Blood in the deep sea, Vivien and Anli are chatting.

The two walked together through the ancient temple building and passed under the cliff left from the time of the saints.

Even if the sound is not loud, it still echoes in this empty building.

Vivien: “Have you ever heard of the legend of a lizard man?”

Anli asked: “What legend is it?”

Viwen turned her head, looked at Anli and said.

“The Dragon God Anu once met a god, spent a long time in another world, and finally found the power of the Dragon God to save the world.”

This legend is a myth among the lizard people. The lizard people use it to explain the story of why the dragon **** Anu was able to transform into a black dragon and finally eliminate the death disease.

Anli said: “Sister, how did you know?”

Vivien: “Several members of the demon spirit family have arrived in the Land of Dragons. There are not many secrets left in this world.”

An Li said: “But there are still secrets outside this world. We still don’t know the scene outside the starry sky. We don’t even know what the tenth Luhe carries on his head. ”

Vivien is worth her money: “Maybe the lizard people know this secret.”

Anli understood immediately: “Sister, you are saying that the **** Anu met is the tenth Ruch.”

“Is he willing to tell us his secret?”

Vivien: “You’ll know just by asking”

The two of them walked around and happened to come to the rainbow tree.

The letter Vivien has already been sent.

Not long after waiting, a light lit up in the hole of the rainbow tree. This was the light of the letter.

Vivien nodded: “Yes, it’s a letter from Anu, who was pre-selected by the Dragon God.”

Anli approached Vivian and watched Vivian open the letter.

The letter was sent by Anu. He first thanked Vivien for the gift to him, and then mentioned some things that had happened.

After watching it together, they both felt extremely shocked.

“Hundreds of thousands of years?”

“The changes of race, the deduction of life?”

Anli never thought that there was such a power and such a place in this world.

“So, there is really a world inside the body of the tenth Ruhe.”

“The Master of Life created a world in a glass jar, allowing it to evolve into various life forms, allowing it to spend thousands of years in an instant, and allowing life to be seen in just a few days. To the limit and the end.”

“What is the Lord of Life doing?”

Viwen seemed to have guessed something and looked at Anli.

“Perhaps, we are preparing for the next era.”

They also know that this is not a power that the simple and nihilistic Ruch can possess.

This is the power displayed by the Lord of Life.

The two didn’t speak for a while.

The last three people, Anu, Meld, and Dark Moon found their own way to become gods. Anu became a black dragon by swallowing the plague, Meld found his own way of original desire, and Dark Moon He refined the remaining light of his own lunar eclipse into an embryo of a mythical item.

But this is not just one usage.

Using the power of the dominating **** to practice a path and accumulate hundreds of thousands of years of experience, although it can be said to be the greatest gift in the world.

But Vivien and Anli saw another possibility.

Every time the lid is opened, a brand new race can be created, a perfect life template for an ethnic group and life form, and its potential and future can be verified.

And every new race is a wise race recognized by the Crown of Wisdom.

A group with potential.

It also means that it is more likely to become a true god.

The former is useful for beings that have not become myths, but the latter is more tempting for beings who want to embark on the path of true gods.

However, this was not what Vivien and Anli were thinking about at the moment. The first thing that came to their minds made them unable to calm down for a long time.

“Deducing life and creating species?”

Only Anli had the courage to look at Vivian and speak out with a trembling voice.


“You said.”

“Is it possible for us to recreate the three-leaf people?”


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