I am God Chapter 581: : The existence that carries the world?


Briman’s alchemy ship is not an ordinary ship.

It is a third-level alchemy ship that was made by an alchemist master from the Land of the Rising Sun. It also used the resources of the Harvest Temple and invited the chief attendant of the Harvest Temple in Meiya City to bless it.

But compared with ordinary alchemy ships, it has some special features. It uses the magic medicine plant platinum tree as its main material.

It can be said that this is a living ship.

In recent years.

Potion plants are not only used to make potions, but can also be used to create props.

Even, it can be used to cultivate monsters.

Instead of making magic potions to cultivate monsters, it is used to directly cultivate some special plant forms of monsters. However, this secret technique is basically only in the hands of the Harvest Temple.

Briman’s alchemy ship is a ship transformed from a plant monster.

There is a Demon Knight on the ship, who is also the first mate of the ship, and the Platinum Tree is his contracted monster.

And Briman is a life species. At critical moments, it can use its own vitality to activate the power of the Platinum Tree, giving it fourth-level power.

An alchemy ship on the sea that can emit fourth-level power is sometimes more powerful than the apostles and can give people a greater sense of security. This allows Briman’s fleet to set a new record on the sea. It has a huge reputation, and there are countless people who want to board Breman’s ship.


This is the name of this ship, which is also engraved on this route of the North Sea and is known to all who experience this route.

On the top deck.

The tall Breman had one hand on the rudder and the other hand holding the compass.

He is not too young, but he does not look old, which is also a common characteristic of symbionts.

He looked through the shivering crew members on the deck below, standing tall in the cold wind at the highest point, facing firmly to the north.

“The Pole of the North.”

“Things that only exist in the round earth theory are the two poles of the world.”

“One end of the pointer.”

“What exactly exists there?”

“What are you looking for when God asked me to go there?”

Briman didn’t dare to ask, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t curious.

The further he advanced, the more curious he became about what was waiting for him ahead. Gradually, this curiosity even turned into a desire.

“What is God going to do?”

“For what purpose and what plan are you executing?”

“Is it for the truth in the legend?”

“For our former civilization and country?”

Although they did not have all the memories when they were in the human world, occasionally, they would recall some ancient scenes and things from the past.

This also became the beginning of the careers of the symbionts as poets, painters, writers, master craftsmen, etc.

Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but light up a cigarette and wanted to take a puff.

However, the first mate next to him, a snake man nicknamed “Treant”, frowned when he saw him taking out a cigarette, as if he hated the custom that was very popular in this era.

“Can you please stop smoking?”

“Why do people like this behavior of burning plants and then swallowing the soot after burning plants?”

Briman glanced at it and wanted to defend himself.

“I don’t know when, an artist, a poet, an adventurer.”

“If you don’t light up a cigarette, you will look particularly unattractive.”

As an adventurer, smoking is a very reasonable thing.

First Mate “Treant”: “I heard that followers of the Furious King of the Abyss also like to smoke.”

Brieman burst out laughing, and then in the laughter, his expression and words became extremely terrifying.

“If I meet these evildoers, I will cut off their smoking cigarettes and hang them on my mast.”

As he spoke, he lit the cigarette.

Finally, take a deep breath.

“These degenerates will never be able to enter the Kingdom of God, nor can they return to the sea of ​​stars in the Kingdom of God, the Creator.”

“They can only cry all day long in the filthy black mud.”

The second officer “The Dwarf” is a real dwarf, he looks like a child who will never grow up.

Of course, it refers to the size.

He pushed open the cabin door and walked through the crowd, looking a little funny.

He ran up to the top and wanted to report the situation below to the captain, but when he got here, he happened to hear Breman’s words.

Then he couldn’t help but ask.

“Lord Breman.”

“What is the Kingdom of the Red Goddess like?”

In his opinion, it must be the most beautiful place in the world.

However, Briman said: “I don’t know very well.”

The second officer, the “dwarf”, was surprised: “Aren’t you from the Kingdom of God?”

Breeman told him: “Only when I return to the Kingdom of God will I remember everything.”

He asked: “Why is this happening?”

Briman thought for a moment: “Probably because.”

“Our bodies, our memories and our past.”

“It’s all left there, in the past too!”

The “dwarf” asked Briman expectantly.

“If we return successfully on this trip, we will complete the mission God has given you, captain.”

“After I die.”

“Can I also enter the kingdom of God?”

Breeman looked at the second officer and told him.

“Whichever **** you are willing to walk with, you can enter the kingdom of that god.”

“Even if no country is willing to accept you, the Creator’s sea of ​​stars will open the door for you.”

“Except the abyssal species.”

“Most gods will give you a chance to choose at the last moment.”

“Would you rather follow your own gods and be with all the servants of gods, or would you rather return to the sea of ​​stars and shine in the sky with all living beings.”

For a moment, the second officer “dwarf” fell into deep thought after listening to Breeman’s words.

Breeman blew out a puff of smoke and asked the second officer.

“What did you want to tell me just now?”

The “dwarf” then remembered something and immediately raised his head.

“Just now, we received a signal for help, fireworks, and it should be nearby.”

This is a common method used by the maritime adventurer fleet. Once an accident occurs, a special magical firework will be released, transmitting a kind of mental power fluctuation, and telling other people nearby about the dangerous situation. vessel.

Briman’s expression became solemn.

Because at this moment, they are not sailing on the Northern Sea Route, but on the route to the North Pole.

“Who sent the distress signal?”

The second officer, the “dwarf,” was not sure either, and just said based on the information he received.

“It seems to be the Black Sand Fleet.”


In this world.

There are many well-known explorers and a large number of famous fleets.

The Black Sand Fleet is one of them, and its reputation is no less famous than that of Captain Briman of the Platinum. They once crossed the Storm Sea and opened up a new direct route from Ruhe Giant Island to the Black Mountain Peninsula.

But in the end, when exploring the Northern Sea Route and trying to reach the Land of Light and the Silent Kingdom by crossing the North Sea, they lost to the Platinum fleet.

Briman was one step ahead of them and arrived at Cape Town in the Silent Kingdom.

And his reputation rose.

Later, the Black Sand Fleet went to the North Pole to challenge, partly because they lost to Briman in the North Sea, so they wanted to prove themselves through a higher challenge.

But in the end, I never came back.

Everyone on the Platinum was shocked when they heard that the distress signal from the Black Sand Fleet had been received.

Everyone on the boat gathered under the rudder and looked up at Captain Briman.

“Black Sand Fleet?”

“How is that possible? Could it be a ghost ship?”

“They have been missing for several years, are they still alive?”

Although they are competitors, the explorer fleet is not a pirate on the surface after all, so in the end Breeman still issued the order.

“Turn around and save people.”

The Platinum crossed the sea and headed towards the place where the signal was sent.

When they came to the place where the signal was sent, they saw large pieces of broken ice flowing past, and many ice blocks hit the hull, making a banging sound.


They saw a shocking scene.

A huge iceberg came slowly, with a black ship stuck on top of the iceberg.

When the iceberg passed by the Platinum, everyone looked up in shock. They looked at the iceberg as if they were looking at a huge tomb.

The ship is like a tombstone.

The signal was sent from that “tombstone”.


“I saw the light, and there were also fluctuations in mental power signals.”

“Hurry up and have a look.”

They immediately sent people to climb up the iceberg and enter the ship that was stuck vertically on the iceberg.

In a corner.

They saw a “man” lying down with a scroll in his hands.

The scroll tube in the opponent’s hand suddenly burst out with a ray of light, and then spread out waves of invisible ripples.

It’s just that the intermittent light shot out from the big hole in the back of his head.

That’s right.

The guy actually stuffed the scroll tube into his mouth and activated the light bomb fireworks to penetrate his skull.

But even so, his injuries, which could be said to be fatal to ordinary people, only healed completely in an instant.

No matter what he did, he could not reach death.

It turns out that this is not a distress signal at all.

But the flames of suicide.

“It’s Normandin, the captain of the Black Sand Fleet.” Someone immediately recognized who the other party was.

“How did this guy become like this?” I hadn’t seen it from a distance, but when I got closer, I found that this guy’s tail and arms had all turned into terrifying tentacles, and the thing holding the reel was nothing at all. Hands, but the touch of two slippery and sticky flesh.

Except for his torso and head, there was no trace of a human being on his body.

Especially the lower body, it looks like a squid.

Hearing the movement, the man raised his head and looked over, and then his eyes were fixed on a familiar figure.


“It’s Breman!”

“Have you also launched a challenge to the North Pole, to the end of the world?”

The two poles of the world are also called the end of the world, which is very popular at least among adventurers.

Normandine raised the corners of his mouth and looked at Briman and his party with contempt and ridicule.

In other words, it is mocking all those who set foot on this route.

Including himself.

He grinned, showing his white teeth, and there was laughter in his words.

“This is a road of no return.”

“Devouring adventurers who don’t know how high the sky is.”

Breeman came up and told him.

“I’m here to save you.”

After hearing this, Normandin suddenly couldn’t help laughing wildly.

It seems that what Breeman said is a joke and a huge humiliation.

“Save me?”


Normandine held his head high, he told Briman.

“Adventurers who conquer and challenge the sea are never afraid of death. Being buried in the sea is our destination.”

“How can a person who is afraid of death break through the limits of mortals, break the laws of the sea and the ocean, and reach the end of the world.”

Adventurers are all proud, especially those who dare to attack the end of the world.

Normandine is not afraid of death and has been challenging the limits throughout his life.

But at this moment, he looked at the scroll tube in the tentacle.

But he couldn’t help but said sadly.

“I just don’t know why, but suddenly even death has become a luxury.”

After saying that, he threw the scroll aside.

Even at this moment, he didn’t want his opponent to see his embarrassed appearance.

Briman stepped closer, looked at Normandine’s alienated body, and asked him.

“How could this happen?”

The captain of the Black Sand Fleet did not answer at first. Instead, he waved his alienated arms and said to Briman.

“How about it, are you envious of so many tentacles?”

Briman did not speak, but looked at Normandin very seriously.

He is also an adventurer and a rival who has been competing for many years. He understands the opponent.

Similarly, he also understands Normandine’s pride.

Normandine looked into Briman’s eyes and finally regained his temper little by little. He leaned against the wall of the ship and asked.

“Do you have any cigarettes?”

Breeman lit a cigarette and handed it to Normandin.

Normandin took it with his tentacles and stuffed it into his mouth.

After taking a few puffs, he closed his eyes and spoke slowly, as if reviewing his life.

“I have been challenging the limits and spending my whole life in adventure. I don’t care about money, power, or beauty. I only care about glory. I want to be the greatest adventurer.”

“Even beyond, the adventurer of the ancient puppet demon spirit thunder.”

“At least on the adventure, I don’t want to lose to anyone.”

“I once set out for the Black Earth Sea where monsters were raging. I once roared at the most terrifying giant waves. I broke through the stormy sea and thought it was nothing more than that.”

“I also crossed the North Sea with you. It was the prelude to my challenge to the end of the world and the clarion call for the final challenge.”

“I want to reach the end of the world. In that case, at least I will not lose to Ray, the adventurer who travels around the world.”

“Adventurers are beings who challenge the world. We never seem to be in awe of this world, especially when we think we have conquered the sea and land.”

Normandine still had his eyes closed, but when he said this, he paused. He suddenly showed an expression of pain and regret, and you could even see tears flowing from the corners of his eyes.

“Finally, I discovered that some things must be respected.”


“Untouchable and unchallengable.”

“Even if it’s just a glance, it’s not okay.”

Briman asked with a solemn expression.

“What did you see?”

Normandine opened his eyes and told Briman.

“The real black storm, the black storm that remains in this world has not completely dissipated.”

“It was also at that time that I realized that conquering the Sea of ​​Storms was just a joke. The Sea of ​​Storms today is completely different from the Sea of ​​Storms of the past.”

“That terrible black storm is a chasm that is absolutely insurmountable for mortals.”

Briman did not expect that there was still a black storm in the North Pole that had not dissipated.

He also knew that it was not just a chasm that was insurmountable for mortals, but also a terrifying place where even gods could fall.

In such a place, it is impossible for the people of the Black Sand Fleet to return alive.

Even if it’s just on the edge of the black storm.

“Then how did you come back alive?”

Ask in one sentence.

Normandine suddenly remembered something.

Immediately I saw that his body was shaking like chaff.

This man has spent his whole life chasing wind and waves in the sea and fighting against death.

At this moment, he was as scared as a cub in a cage.

He stared, his eyes were filled with bloodshot eyes, and he couldn’t help but shrink into a ball, and then said loudly.

“It was just a dream.”

“No, that might not be a dream.”


“How can there be such a thing? Is it a god?”

“Or is it something greater than gods?”

“No, what on earth is that?”

Normandine seemed to be going crazy, struggling constantly and roaring hysterically.


“Why did you only rescue me? Why did you let me back?”

“Everyone is dead, all is dead.”

“Why did you let me go alone?”

Briman stepped forward, held Normandin down, and he asked again.

“Normandine, you…”

“What did you see?”

Normandine turned his head and looked at Briman.

He stared with a confused and disbelieving tone.

“I saw…a god?”

Even he wasn’t sure what it was.

He just knows.

“The moment she appeared, only the clear sky was left in the Sea of ​​Storms. The whole world kowtowed in front of her, and the storms and thunders were whimpering in fear.”

“That is an existence that carries the world, standing at the end of the world.”

“That’s right, Briman.”

“You heard that right.”

“There is a world inside her body.”

When he said this, the confusion in his eyes became even worse.

“That’s not someone else’s world.”

“That’s…our world.”

“That’s our world, Briman.”

“Our world is contained in an existence like a glass jar, controlled by an existence that is so majestic that it is unimaginable.”

“Can you imagine it?”

Normandine raised his head and looked at the sky, his body swaying in the wind unconsciously.

It seemed that the scene that appeared in the sky made him feel that the world was spinning.

“I see.”

“The starry sky in the distance has a green light curtain that covers the entire sky, extending to the sky, like a skirt hanging down from the starry sky, like the door at the end of the world.”

“And the **** carries the world.”

“Towards the end.”

At this moment.

There was even a cry in Normandine’s voice.

“What we have been chasing our whole lives, the world we have explored, the end of the world we want to reach.”

“What on earth is it?”

“What the **** is that?”

“I don’t understand, I really don’t understand.”

“What the **** is that?”

For a moment, everyone present was stunned and confused by Normandine’s words.

Everyone felt that this guy must be crazy.

Even Breman couldn’t even say a word at this moment.

Normandin turned his head, looked at them, and chuckled.

“Don’t you believe it?”

“That’s right, we adventurers who don’t know how high the sky is, we guys who don’t have any sense of awe.”

“If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, how could you believe such a scene?”

Breeman didn’t say anything, he squatted down.

As a life species, he can see Normandine’s problem. His body was infused with the divine blood of life in the black storm, and then his whole body was alienated.

And the extent is so serious that it has reached the point where there is no cure.

Breeman checked it and then said regretfully.

“I can’t save you.”

“But I can free you and let your dreams return to the sea of ​​stars.”

He looked at Normandine and said with great admiration and certainty.


“I will go to the North Pole on your behalf. I will see the end of the world to see if what you said is true or if it is really just a dream.”

“I will write to you when the time comes and send it to the sea of ​​​​dream stars.”

For a moment, Normandin was actually moved.

He knew that he would never truly reach the North Pole, the end of the world.

But that was what he and the crew were chasing, their last obsession.

Stretch the adventurer’s ends to the poles of the world, if anyone can get there.

It seems to be a good ending.

But soon, Normandin shook his head at Briman.

“Don’t go to the North Pole.”

“That is definitely not a place where people can set foot. It is the most terrifying place in the world.”

“Give up and take everyone back.”

Briman was silent for a while, but still said.

“I have a reason to go.”

Normandine looked at Briman with a complex emotion in his eyes.

It’s understanding, but also regretful, and even a little bit relieved.


This is the adventurer.

“Perhaps this is the true destination of adventurers!”

“Die on the way to adventure, in the wildest posture, whether it is ugly or unrestrained, it doesn’t matter.”

“As long as we are still exploring and moving forward, that is the romance of life.”

After he finished speaking, he stood up little by little.

At this time, Briman looked at Normandine and wanted to say something.

But in the end, Normandin shook his head and refused, and told him very firmly.

“No need.”

Briman thought this guy was still in a state of madness, so he said.

“If you are eroded by the power of life, you will always be in a special state, between life and death, eroded by madness.”

“Even if you want to seek final relief, it is difficult to get it.”


But Normandin still said: “I said, no need.”

Normandine moved forward little by little in an ugly and inhuman manner.

He raised his head high and came to his boat.

Appreciating your own boat is like admiring your lover, the most precious treasure in the world.

“A true captain will never abandon his ship and escape alone with his crew.”

Breeman stepped forward and told him.

“This is not an escape.”

Normandine said: “This is escape.”

He turned his head: “Even if it is in the form of death.”

As Normandin spoke, he looked at the scroll tube he had just thrown on the ground, and finally came back to his senses from the fear, hesitation, and confusion that he had been feeling.

He thought of his ship, his crew, and his final journey.

Now, nothing can be seen on the ship.

“I’m too cowardly.”

“I actually want to abandon my crew members with death.”

“Get relief alone and go to the dreamy sea of ​​stars.”

Normandine swallowed, then shrugged.


“It’s really despicable.”

After speaking, he turned back.

Suddenly taking action, the prop around his neck released a strong light, shattering part of the iceberg in front of him.

And then, the ship frozen in the iceberg slid down little by little.

He walked forward, talking as he walked.


“I’m already here, no need to call my name anymore.”

“My crew, I have sailed our Black Sand to pick you up.”

He followed his ship towards the sea and was drowned together when the iceberg collapsed.

Then, sink into the sea.

Above the sea, Briman and his team returned to their Platinum while running or flying.

Standing on the side of the ship, Briman looked at the collapsed scenery in the distance.

There was a strong sense of sadness in his heart, but for some reason, he didn’t have too many regrets.

It seems that as Normandin said, it is romantic for an adventurer to die on the sea.

“This guy.”

“A true adventurer.”

The first mate “Treant” on the side spoke and talked about Normandine’s words just now, as if he was talking in his sleep.

“The existence that carries the world?”

“Is there really such a thing?”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Even Breman, the three-leaf symbiote, could not believe that this was true.

Everyone said nothing, just looking at the end of the sea.

This northern polar region seems to be much more dangerous than they expected and imagined.


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