I am God Chapter 579: : The King of Stone Demons who has been reincarnated for 250 million years


The dark realm expanded by the greedy brass oil lamp expanded too quickly, reaching its limit in an instant, and the darkness directly enveloped reality and dreams.

At the same time, it also stuck Naprose between the two.

This time.

It can neither return to reality nor escape to the dream world.

But this extraordinary power also made it feel abnormal, which was obviously not something Dark Moon could do.

“This power.”

Naproses, who had transformed into the Death Monarch, turned his head as the former ceramic villain, with surprise and disbelief in his voice.

In the infinitely extending darkness, familiar backgrounds and outlines appear bit by bit.

It saw a star formed by the fusion of flesh and blood.

Above the stars.

Endless bones and heads paved a road, and at the end of the road stood a long white table.

A man was sitting at the end of the long table, looking quietly under the stars.


A moment.

The scythe in Naproses’ hand fell to the ground.

It stared at the existence above the flesh and blood star with its mouth open, and then said loudly.

“Master, you are finally back.”

It couldn’t wait and hurriedly walked upwards along the void, walked onto the flesh and blood star, and quickly crossed the road paved with bones.

Finally, he came before the God of Original Sin.

It’s just that everything is different from before.

The once tall long table has only reached Naproses’s waist. It is no longer a small ceramic figure in the hands of the evil god, but a king holding a sickle to harvest memories and spirits.

At least, that’s how it seems.

It knelt under the long table and said to its owner ecstatically.

“My great master, I have been waiting for your return.”

“From the giant island of Ruhe, to the land of giant dragons, to the land of light.”

“From beginning to end, I have been chasing your shadow.”


It was driven out of the giant island of Luhe by the gods, played with by the black dragon Anu in the land of dragons, and rejected by Duma, the king of the sky angels in the land of light.

The whole world has no place for it, and no one is willing to accept it.

The evil **** of original sin has not returned, and he cannot even return to the abyss.


At least it comes out of its mouth at this moment, as if it is an extremely devout believer.

When Xiao looked at the little ceramic figure, he seemed to see something else in its eyes.

Ambition, desire, pursuit.

This is no longer something that a small person can have.

In the past, it was just an inhuman existence, standing on Xiao’s long table, manipulating mortals arbitrarily in order to gain happiness and a sense of existence.

It doesn’t know what it is or what it wants. It’s just a monster chasing its inner instinct at a loss.

And now, it seems that it has begun to have what it wants.

Human change is born from desire, and human power emerges from the strongest desire.

Xiao looked at the monster quietly.

When such a guy has the name of God and desires, what kind of existence will it become?

Xiao knocked on the table and finally said the first sentence.

“You did a great job.”

“Following my plan well.”

Naproses looked confused and had no idea what Xiao was talking about.


Because from beginning to end, Naproses didn’t know his master’s plan.

I don’t even know when I completed Xiao’s mission.

It only knew that at that time the Gate of Original Sin collapsed and it was thrown from the abyss to the world by Xiao.

Vaguely, it heard its master talking.

“I have arranged your tasks.”

“Everything is ready.”

“When I wake up next time, I will start to attack the throne of the Lord of the Gods.”

Xiao stopped what he was doing, clasped his hands together, and sat up slightly.

This simple action gives people an invisible and powerful pressure.

Her eyes were locked on Naproses and she said slowly.

“Didn’t you give my “Crown of Wisdom Oath and the Second Path of True God” to others?”

“The black dragon Anu made a vow and reached the root.”

“It was also from that time on that everyone began to know that oath is the second way to reach the source of wisdom.”

“That is the second path to true God.”

“It’s really exciting that so many people are starting to pursue this path.”

A moment.

Naproses seemed to have fallen into the dark polar night again, fear and despair welling up in his heart.

Its body was trembling like a sieve, and it was so frightened that it couldn’t even speak.



It didn’t know if Xiao was really complimenting him or if he was speaking out of anger.

Escape this way.

It not only lost the “Queen of Stars and the Divine Envoy Polo” in Xiao’s treasure house, but also Xiao’s secret book “The Oath of the Crown of Wisdom and the Second Path of the True God” and several treasures.

The former is an ancient stone carving that records the Queen of the King of Xinsai and Polo, the youngest son of the Creator. The latter is Xiao’s exploration of the future and the path to true god.

No matter which one.

It can be said that it is an unimaginable existence in the world, and it cannot be described by just two words: treasure.

Naproses was frightened, but Xiao said the next words bit by bit.

“I deduced this path, but I couldn’t verify it and follow it.”

“Only by giving it to other people, letting everyone know about it, and trying this path, can this path be truly passed.”

“There are things I can’t do, so I can rely on everyone’s strength.”

“But sending it out like this will only make people suspicious.”

Xiao’s eyes were so calm, but the words he spoke made people feel extremely cold.

“Only by letting others get it themselves will they completely believe the content inside.”

The climax of the human world’s pursuit of the true God of Wisdom.

It started from the God of Witch Doctors, and it started from the successive oaths of the Crown of Wisdom being made.

It also started when the black dragon Anu made an oath following the witch doctor god, and through the oath discovered the method of concluding the fruit of wisdom.

Both the Witch Doctor God and the Black Dragon Anu knew the possibility of this path indirectly and directly from “The Crown of Wisdom and the Second Path of the True God”, and the same is true for the entire human world.

Just knowing this path and knowing how to walk it are two different things.

Only the **** of witch doctors went to ask the supreme god.


In the Creator, the complete path is known.

Xiao looked at Naproses, the villain he had made with his own hands.


“You were able to escape from everyone’s pursuit in the end, and became the monarch of death, and inherited the divine name of the little man in the bottle.”

“This is beyond my expectation.”

Xiao knew from the beginning that everyone would try their best to catch the ceramic villain.

Seize her so-called backhand and turn her treasure house upside down.

This is normal.

How can a mere ceramic villain escape the sky-wide search by the gods on earth, as well as countless powerful men who are pursuing the treasure trove of the Evil God of Original Sin?

But what Xiao didn’t expect was that the ceramic villain was so strong.

This guy actually withstood the search of the Earth Witch and the siege of the gods on earth, and escaped from the giant island of Ruhe.

Being beaten and killed by the whole world, but still alive and well in the end.

After hearing Xiao’s plan and knowing that he was a bait thrown out from the beginning, Naproses did not feel unwilling or angry.

In its view, the evil **** of original sin is like this.

Without emotions, everyone is just a prop and **** that can be used.

Includes itself.

It only felt that the existence in front of it, its master, was really terrifying.

It instantly thought of what Xiao said when he threw it into the world.

“When I wake up next time, I will start to attack the throne of the Lord of the Gods.”

And when it really wakes up, this path has really been proven to be possible and perfected.

It felt like it was trembling all over, not from fear, but from excitement.

Yes, this is the God of Original Sin in its eyes.

Its master, the most terrifying evil god.

It knelt forward and shouted loudly.


“Have you known the current situation since that time?”

“While you were sleeping, did you think that the second path to true God would be verified when you woke up?”

Xiao shook his head, denying the subtlety of this plan.

“In this world.”

“There are no subtle plans or calculations, only things that must happen.”

“When you bring everything about me to the world, you bring “The Second Road to True God and the Fruit of Wisdom” into the sight of the gods.”

“The final result will be inevitable.”

“This is the direction of people’s hearts and the direction of desires.”

Xiao leaned on the back of his chair and said calmly.

“It’s just something earlier, and something later.”

After speaking, she looked at her servant.

“Rage has a very interesting plan. He wants to use the power of the New God to raise the Abyss to the star realm.”

“I think it’s very interesting.”

For the first time, she called out the name the ceramic villain had chosen for herself.


“The competition between the gods and the true gods has begun, and the second era will gradually come to an end.”

“And this time, I am no longer a smuggler on a ship that crosses the ages.”

“I will become the most shining existence of this era.”

“I will truly step onto the stage and compete with everyone for the eternal position.”

“The weak will be abandoned.”

“The strong will become eternal.”

Xiao’s eyes, which had always remained cold and calm, burst into blazing light for the first time.

In the first era.

He betrayed his teacher Lan En and once told his teacher.

I am not willing to give in, I want to be on the final stage.

“You choose to be weak.”

“You still want to sit next to me and become the myth of the abyss.”

When the little ceramic man heard his master calling his name, he felt tears filling his eyes for a moment. He waved his hands excitedly to show his loyalty.

“My master.”

“I am your most loyal servant and believer, please tell me.”

“How should I do it.”

Xiao’s head tilted slightly, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

“Become a god.”

“Become the abyss – the deputy king of God.”

It suddenly raised its head and looked at the evil **** at the end of the long table with disbelief.

Finally, with strong desire, I turned.

The position to the left of the throne.

At this moment, Xiao successfully ignited Naproses’ desire.

The ceramic villain still worships his master Xiao and thinks that she is the strongest being in the world.

But this time, it did not give and tell everything about itself to its master without reservation as before.

It didn’t tell Shaw.

It wants to obtain the status of the evil **** in the bottle, the price of becoming a god.

What exactly.


The city of magic network suspended in the sky.

The entire mythical city is wrapped by a barrier divided into countless faces, and a large number of objects in the city of magic network are weightless and floating in the air, and densely packed magical spirits are walking and shuttled here. In the fantasy mythical country.

These spirits floating in the Kingdom of God are still whispering among themselves.

“The magic obelisk is operating normally.”

“Magic transmission is stable.”

“The divine warlock authority authentication passed.”

Huge magical power surges toward the Fire Protection City below, continuously maintaining the operation of the prompted magic network system.

The center of everything is the bottom floor of the tower behind the main hall.

The Blue Goddess was facing a wall of the Kingdom of God, kneeling on the ground devoutly.

The portrait depicts a sugar crystal puppet wearing a noodle hat, with a three-leaf man standing in front of the puppet.

It is the portrait of Lan En, the second generation sage of truth.

Anli raised her head, looked at the portrait and said softly.


“Please protect me with your will and spirit that belong to the kingdom of the Creator God and the legendary God-given land.”

“Please guide me.”

“Find what you left us!”

The **** looked at this ancient portrait as if on a pilgrimage, clasping his hands together and praying to the spirit of the sage from ancient times.

The entire ceremony and process was meticulous and lasted for a long time before it was over.

After everything is over.

Anli stood up, slowly took down the portrait on the wall, and finally turned the portrait upside down.

As you can see, on the reverse side of the portrait is a contract document.

Anli took down the contract document bit by bit, then held it in her hand and walked towards the higher place.

She climbed up the stairs little by little and reached the top of the tower.

Here, she overlooks the entire world from the heights of the Kingdom of God floating in the sea of ​​clouds and the sky, with all the vast earth and human kingdoms in sight.

This is the human world.

Two hundred million years ago it was the Kingdom of Hinsai of the Trileaf people, and two hundred million years later it was the giant island of Ruhe.

And the existence she was looking for once lived on this land, but now she no longer knows where she has gone.


The style at the top was extremely cool, making Anli’s hair dance wildly.

Anli raised the contract documents rolled up in her hands, and through the power of the dream ritual, she finally activated the contract.

“The kingdom of the gods, the home of all spirits.”

“The dream world above the human world.”

“Please respond and witness the contract in my hand and fulfill the agreement in the past.”

The words fell.

I saw a force coming from the depths of the dream world, communicating with the contract document in Anli’s hand.

At this moment, Anli actually felt a little uneasy.

If the Stone Demon King had already died, then this contract document would have no effect.

Although we have guessed that the Stone Demon King most likely relies on Lan En’s reincarnation technique to survive until now, but until it is confirmed, no one knows what the situation is.

After all, the time span is so long, no one knows what kind of changes will happen.

The power of the dream world continues to gather and wrap around Anli.

Anli looked at the power surrounding the text, seeming to be checking something.

But in the end, the power of the ritual poured into the contract document.


The huge ritual barrier rotated around Anli’s body, and rays of light rushed directly to the heights, leading to the distance along the dream world.

Anli’s face showed ecstasy for a moment, and she knew that the contract was taking effect.


“It really does.”

“It really exists, the inheritance and gift left to us by the teacher.”

In the crazy wind, there is a bright center of the barrier.

Anli closed her eyes, and her consciousness slowly drifted into the distance along with the ceremony and contract.

The light swept across the vast land, across the entire Kingdom of Suinhor, across the entire central plain of Ruhe, and finally passed through the northern wasteland and the thousands of miles of frozen white snow ridges.

Arrived here, it shows no signs of stopping.

It passed through the entire Ruhe Island and continued to the north.

There is a sea where storms gather, a dead zone filled with terrible deep-sea volumes.

The light swept across the terrifying sea area and continued towards the depths.

It’s like there’s no end.

I don’t know how much time passed before the light fell from the sky.

“Found it!”

Anli sensed this change and knew the reason for it, so she cheered excitedly.

The light fell like a meteor, and finally landed on a terrifying existence hiding here.

The being moved from the depths of the sea and let out a low roar.


The sound was transmitted to Anli’s ears from the other side of the world.

It was not like a sound that a living thing could make, it was like the ocean and the earth roaring.

Like a tsunami, like an earthquake.


Anli didn’t see the other party’s whole face at all, she only saw a huge and terrifying palm stretching out.

A giant wave exploded.

The giant hand penetrated the sea and penetrated the clouds.

Crush the light of the contract into pieces.

How could a contract that was only used to bind ordinary apostles restrain a stone demon king who had been reincarnated for 200 million years.

In the City of Magic Network, Anli also completely lost contact with the other party.

But just at that moment, Anli also locked the opponent’s position.

She looked towards the far north, breaking through the boundaries of the frozen plateau.

“North Sea.”


Moonlight Jungle.

The entrance connecting the Moonlight Temple and the Forbidden Land.

A very special messenger of the gods, also a species of gods from the ancient times, came here.

The transparent ghost of the three-leaf man entered the pleasant open-air temple under the moonlight.

Porick saw the statue that was completely different from other places at first sight. The mysterious Moon Demon Fern was attached to a tall god-like being.

Like Anli before him, the first words out of Porick’s mouth were.

“Three-leaf people?”

As a former Sanye person, it is instinctive to recognize the characteristics of one’s own ethnic group, even if the statue is particularly stereotyped and general.

But not for long.

The information in his brain circulated for a while, and after synchronizing the Gate of Truth, Polik immediately knew what this statue was.

“No, it’s King Jessel.”

I can recognize it because the Moon Demon Fern was once the Ruch of the Samo family, the blood descendant of the royal family. However, the initial Ruch he took over from the God of Wisdom, Lai Deliki, was not the Moon Demon Fern, but the Desert. worm.

No one can understand better than the Samo family who the original owner of the Moon Demon Fern was.

After Porick understood what was happening, he immediately knelt on the ground.

Salute to this second generation king of wisdom.

“The great King Jeser, Porik the Trileaf salutes you, may you…”

Asai, the **** of truth and knowledge, has given Polik many tasks. These tasks are different and even have no connection with each other.

Even he didn’t know where he wanted to reach in the end of this mission.

The first task given to him by the God of Knowledge.

I just came here to see what the blue goddess Anli did when she entered Anhuo City and the Ice Temple.

After praying to King Jessel.

Porick also officially started the ceremony, arranged the magic array, communicated with the dream world, and wrote the name of the Moon God.

Finally, in the center, he offered his own sacrifice.

The ceremony is over.

The entire Moonlight Jungle changed accordingly.


The entire moonlight jungle was swaying, and the fluorescent barrier behind the statue was pulled open little by little, revealing a gap.

Porick did not stop at all and quickly passed through the ray of skylight door that opened on the earth.

Under the guidance of fluorescence, he passed through huge fluorescent plants.

Passing through the underground cave covered with glowing vines, he saw the surging underground river and heard the mighty sound of flowing water.

Under the light of the fluorescent plant roots on the dome, he moved forward step by step.

Looking at the ancient and familiar city gradually appearing in front of you.

Porick was stunned for a moment, and after a while he slowly said: “City of Dark River.”

Then another voice came from his mouth: “The capital of Samo Kingdom.”

Porick walked down impatiently.

He stroked the three-wheel trailer parked on the street corner, looked at the familiar shop, and sat next to the fountain in front of the temple.

Porick turned around several times and finally entered the Ice Temple.


He communicated with the Gate of Truth and cast a mythical magic.

“Information review.”

In an instant, all traces of being here recently, touched and moved appeared.

In Polik’s eyes, he could even see what an unclear shadow was doing here, but even with mythical magic, he couldn’t see the other person’s face clearly.

But even this is enough.

Porick followed the shadow all the way, and finally came to a temple.

He raised his head and saw a missing painting in the shrine.

It’s so obvious.

Porick vaguely understood that this was the place where the blue goddess Anli finally arrived, and also the purpose of coming here.

“Information review.”

New shadows appeared in Borick’s eyes, and he was constantly calculating and deducing new things.

Even, through the marks left on the back of the painting hanging on the wall, he could see what had been written on it.

No matter how weak it is, the secrets can be discovered in the eyes of the myth.

“It is a contract document.”

“Lan…and…the Stone Demon.”

“Sage Lann’s Stone Demon?”


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