I am God Chapter 578: :Level 6


The top of the tower of the Witch College.

Matafus knelt under the statue, and a special mark appeared on the back of her hand. Then, the mythical aura belonging to the witch doctor **** also appeared in her body.

This is the mark of the scroller.

The moment it appeared, the gods in the sky immediately descended to the world with the scroller as the anchor.

The witch doctors standing under the tower looked up at the sky and saw streaks of light emitting from the towering tower.

They looked at the movement that stirred up the entire sea of ​​clouds, and their eyes were shocked.



The six towers suddenly moved together.

Huge power surges from each tower and is connected to the kingdom of heaven above the distant sky.

The Kingdom of God is projected on the sea of ​​clouds in the human world, and the sky is shrouded in blazing light.

One figure after another appeared above the sea of ​​clouds, six figures in total.

The divine robes they wore were imprinted with the outline of a **** based on the legendary Stuen, the man made by the gods, and they were lined up in a row above the clouds.

The rays of light immediately rushed above the sea of ​​clouds, heading towards the location of the projection of the witch doctor god.

“Here we go.”

“The witch doctor **** appears.”

“The fifth fruit of wisdom has just been condensed and they are about to tell us the answer. Sure enough, they already know everything from the supreme god.”

“They have come a long way on this road.”

The familiar gods whispered, and they were extremely looking forward to the next scene.

After a while.

The shadows of gods one after another appeared above the sea of ​​clouds, looking at the six gods.

When everyone was in place one by one and there were no more latecomers, the witch doctor gods finally spoke.

“Everyone who comes here, pursue the gods and divine choices of the ultimate secret of wisdom!”

“What do you want to ask?”

The Witch Doctor God is quite direct, without any mincing words, and directly fulfills their previous promises.

Every visitor first looked at the other people present.

Then, Elena, the God of Demon Spirits, walked out first, and she was the first to ask the question.

No one else said anything, because among the human gods present, no one could be higher than her in terms of seniority.

Elena looked at the Witch Doctor God, her question was.

“Excuse me, where is the Supreme God, and where is the Creator Yinsai?”

As soon as this question came out, everyone’s eyes changed.

This is not one of the previously determined questions.

But obviously, the answer to this question is what everyone wants to know.

After hearing this, the witch doctor **** shook his head uniformly.

“We have left the Kingdom of Creator God and entered the human world, and we don’t know where the Supreme God is now.”

“Perhaps above the divine moon, perhaps somewhere in the human world, or perhaps deep in the star realm.”

Elena, the God of Demon Spirits, was a little disappointed, but she could only retreat.

At this time, the Quetzalcoatl God Kurmis asked.

“Excuse me.”

“What is the basis of the Wisdom Crown Oath?”

“How should we walk the second road to the true God of Wisdom, and what is the difference between it and the first road?”

Finally the topic was asked, and everyone became attentive.

The witch doctor **** spoke at the same time, six voices overlapping together, telling the gods the secret of this path.

“The so-called true God personality is coexisting with the source of wisdom.”

“Only the true God can directly reach the source and gain eternity with him.”

The witch doctors stretched out their hands, and the light of myth moved with their shadows.

“There are only two ways to directly reach the source.”

“One is the four major authorities, and the other is the power of the oath.”

The witch doctor gods spoke in detail about the first path and the second path of the true God.

At this moment, the gods in the world looked at the six myths wearing the same divine robes above the sea of ​​clouds, but they seemed to see a greater existence behind the figure of the witch doctor god.

The other party’s eyes dropped from the stars, guiding them in the direction.

At this moment, it is not the witch doctor **** who is explaining the truth to them.

But the **** of witch doctors is replacing the supreme god, and the supreme creator Yinsai guides them forward to the gods on earth.

“The four major authorities lead directly to the source of wisdom, so they directly have the fruits of wisdom.”

“As for the new fruit, it does not represent the law of the Lord’s authority, but the agreement between the Crown of Wisdom and all living beings. The oath is directly engraved on the supreme artifact, which is another way to reach the root.”

“It is an intelligent law established by an intelligent race.”

“It is the source of power of an intelligent race and the foundation of its existence. It is also the destination that this race will reach in the future.”

The witch doctor **** raised his head and made a conclusion.

“The first path is the true God of Law.”

“The second path is the true **** of race.”

“The path to the True God of Laws is divided into: the Gate of Myth, the Kingdom of Myth, creating extraordinary servants with their own power, communicating with the Fruit of True God, establishing the Kingdom of God and the God system on earth, and raising the Kingdom of God into the sky.”

“The road to the true **** of race is divided into: mythological props, mythical kingdom, establishing an intelligent race based on the source of race or directly representing an intelligent race, making an oath and integrating into the oath, establishing a divine kingdom and divine system on earth, and transforming the divine kingdom into Ascending into the sky.”

“These steps are in no particular order, but only by completing all the steps can you truly be qualified to attack the true god.”

“At this point, it is different from ordinary myths.”

“If you can reclassify a level, it can be called the sixth level.”

“The true master of the pantheon.”

A moment.

All the human gods looked at the witch doctor **** and said in unison.

“Level 6!”

This is also the realm where the God of Witch Doctor currently resides.

He is also the first sixth level and the first owner of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Everyone was talking a lot.

There were originally no ranks in this world, and all ranks were originally determined by people. Currently, the God of Witch Doctors has condensed the fruits of wisdom and established a kingdom in the sky and a new **** system.

Dividing it into a new level also makes this path clearer and more complete.

It is also a matter of course.

Sukobu, the God of Contracts and Codes, stood up at this time and asked the God of Witch Doctors.

“So, what about after the sixth level?”

The Witch Doctor God glanced at Sukob and then told him.

“Perfect authority or oath, establish a perfect Kingdom of God, reach the Moon of God, and finally integrate the Fruit of True God.”

“The moment you reach the end.”

“The gods and their servants will undergo transformation together.”

Yin Wa Shen, who had been standing in the corner without speaking, said something at this time.

“Soul seed.”

The name Soul Seed was learned by God Yin Wa from the Lord of Life.

In an instant, all the other gods looked at God Yin Wa.

Includes the witch doctor god.

For a moment, the Witch Doctor God was very curious.

“How did you know?”

God Yinwa told the God of Witch Doctors: “When the Lord of Life passed through the world, he once visited my country and told me some secrets about soul seeds.”

Seeing that the conversation is coming to an end, there is still a very critical and important question that has not yet been asked.

Lomir, who had been waiting here for a long time, finally couldn’t help but ask.

“Great God of Witch Doctors, can you tell us how to create the Stone of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven?”

The witch doctor gods looked at each other.

The witch doctor **** in his left hand took out a gravity stone, and the witch doctor **** in his right hand took out a floating stone.

In the end, the head witch doctor **** held the two stones, imitating what the former creator Yinsai did, and merged the two stones into one piece by piece in front of everyone.

Finally, the Head Witch Doctor God stretched out his hand and presented the finally condensed stone to the gods for viewing.

“This is the stone from the sky.”

This stone, which is a rhombus-shaped polyhedron, releases a huge force field while slowly rotating.

The realm of gravity, the floating barrier.

The two forces are perfectly integrated and controlled.

It’s like creating a space independent of the world.

Everyone present looked at this stone, called the Sky Stone, and an idea came to their minds.

“The era of entering the outer world has begun.”


The gods expressed their gratitude to the God of Witch Doctors one after another, and then withdrew their power and consciousness from the human world one after another and retreated to their own country.

The gods exited one by one, leaving only the apostles and divine choices left above the sea of ​​clouds.

The witch doctor **** waved his hand and sent away the others present.

But only one person was left behind.

Finally, all the witch doctor gods looked at Lei.

For a moment, Lei had an unpleasant feeling.

“The great **** of witch doctors, do you have something to do with me?”

This short-haired ancient **** type, who combed his hair meticulously and exposed his forehead, showed a bright smile.

But the God of Witch Doctor was obviously unmoved by that sunny smile.

“The Thunder of the Demonic Abyss!”

“You broke into the gate of the star realm without going through the sacrifice and notification, disrupting the order of the Kingdom of God ascending to heaven, and you should be punished.”

“So when you and Elena, the God of Demon Spirits, open the star gate, the price of sacrifice will be doubled.”

Lei was dumbfounded and made a confused sound.


The God of Witch Doctor didn’t say anything more and threw Lei directly from the sea of ​​clouds.


The impact of the meeting between the gods and the witch doctor has just begun.

Returning from the Holy Spring City where the God of Witch Doctors descended, Lei walked through the teleportation gate angrily and entered the Demonic Abyss King’s City, which had been transformed into the prototype of the floating city.

On the Demonic Pyramid.

Alena, the God of Demon Spirits, looked at the former city of Jessel, and later the Demon Abyss King City and the Capital of Demon Spirits.

In the future, it will also become a floating city.

Lei lowered his head and climbed into the temple, speaking in a low voice.

“Ms. Elena, I’m back.”

However, although the punishment was only symbolic.

But paying twice the price is not a small price for the demon spirit clan.

Especially when he made a mistake and got into trouble, and was very likely to be seen by the supreme god, thinking that he drove the all-encompassing magic weapon Sun Wings and fell apart at the edge of the star realm, which made Lei I felt even more embarrassed.

Elena, the God of Demon Spirits, glanced at Lei, but did not mention this issue.

“Lei, have you thought about how to fulfill our oath and the path you have found for the Demon Spirit Clan?”

He nodded and looked at Elena.

Lei had already decided to become Elena’s follower. From that moment on, he began to think about and implement this issue.

“Create a stone from the sky.”

“Build a floating city that belongs to us, and a demonic system that belongs to us.”

“This way.”

“We can then go to the star realm and go to more distant places.”

“We will chase the endless boundary and explore all the mysteries of this world.”

Elena nodded. There was no need to say much because Lei was already doing it.

At this moment, she asked Lei another question.

“What do you think is the most important role of the Sky Stone?”

“Why was it born?”

“Is it just for us to float the Kingdom of God in the sky?”

Lei shook his head. It is said that the method of making the Sky Stone was spread from the Supreme God, which naturally made Lei and Elena feel a different meaning.

“I think the power of the Sky Stone is to allow us to enter the star realm.”

But then, Lei denied this answer.

It’s not that he thought this answer was wrong, it was just that he suddenly felt that this answer was not sufficient.

“No, it’s not letting us enter the star realm.”

“Let everyone be able to enter the star realm.”

Alena thought so too. She looked at the sky and the distance.

“Perhaps the Creator, the great God Yinsai, is also looking forward to us being able to break away from the shackles of this small world and go to a wider world.”

“Then go to the star realm!”

“Everything is ready, so there is no need to stay too long.”

The other side.

A figure opened the door to the dream world from the magic network city in the sky, and stepped into the other end, entering the kingdom of the scarlet goddess.

The red and blue goddesses, their kingdoms are meant to open and connect each other.

Since the Blue Goddess Anli established the City of Magic Network, this is the first time she has returned to her sister Vivien’s Kingdom of God.

As soon as she entered the Temple of Truth, she saw her sister sitting on the throne asking her.

“The God of Witch Doctors has given guidance from the Supreme God.”

“The path of the true God is right in front of you, and everything has become clear.”

“What are your plans next?”

Anli talked about the step-by-step plan, which is also a plan that everyone is rushing to carry out first.

“The Starlight Trappist Order has reappeared, and the Star Witch has also reached a deal with me to sacrifice to the Death Star Titan to obtain the Gravity Stone.”

“About my divine system, it is also being prepared and established.”

“But, I have another thing to do?”

The scarlet goddess looked at Anli and seemed to have guessed something.

Sure enough, what An Li said exactly corroborated what Vivian was thinking.

“I am going to find the Stone Demon King left behind by the teacher.”

“Recently, I have also investigated some situations.”

“It must not be on the giant island of Ruhe. It may be somewhere in the New World, or it may be in a corner of the ocean, or even an area that no one has ever reached.”

The Scarlet Goddess: “This is not a simple matter.”

Goddess Blue: “But it’s time to do it.”

The Scarlet Goddess: “Why?”

Goddess Lan: “Because Xiao woke up.”

Anli is not the only one who knows about the existence of the Stone Demon King.

There is also Xiao.

It’s just that Xiao didn’t have the contract document left by Lan En before.

Not only in the Kingdom of God on earth, subtle changes are also taking place in various other places.

The meeting between the gods on earth and the **** of witch doctors was like a catalyst, making everyone move.

In the depths of the dream world.

In the abyss.

Merd, the King of Lust, went all the way to the core of the abyss and saw the huge mountain of filthy flesh and a terrifying and gloomy mythical door.

“God, you finally woke up.”

Melder looked at the re-established Gate of Original Sin, as if he wanted to break into it, but he stopped moving forward with worry and unconfidence.

Finally, Meld called to the depths of the Gate of Original Sin.

“The Great Lord.”

“Melder will become a true god, a being who can truly stand by your side.”

“Lord, you will be with me at that time.”

“You are everything to me.”

Melder kept talking, he was moved, his face was excited and flushed.

As he spoke, the words gradually became distorted.

“You are mine.”


Melder returned to the first level of the abyss, and she boarded the altar of primitive desire.


She grabbed the scepter and looked at the names engraved on the altar one after another.

Every name represents a being who wants to become a god.

And finally, her eyes fell on one of the names.

“Ackerman, the Silver God.”

The King of Lust is on the move, and the other King of the Abyss is no exception.

The second level of the abyss.

Dark Moon, the King of Fury, sat on a flaming metal throne, looking at the deepest part of the abyss.

The flames burned from the throne all the way into Dark Moon’s body, constantly burning his skin and burning his flesh to dryness and cracks.


Not just the fire of the abyss, not just the fire of the body.

And the fire in his will and heart.

At this moment, the flame was reflected deep in his vagina, converging into a point.

At the core of the abyss.

I don’t know when, the broken Gate of Original Sin has been put back together again.

The charred corpse on the throne clung to the armrest, and the flesh of the palm collided with the hot metal throne, making a terrible burning sound.

“The God of Original Sin.”

During this period.

Dark Moon, the King of Fury, controls the greedy brass oil lamp and the huge power of the Abyss Order, and is moving towards the position of myth step by step.

His strength has changed qualitatively from before, but this is still far from enough.

His step-by-step plan is continuing to advance.

At this moment, Xiao, the God of Original Sin, woke up.

Dark Moon doesn’t know when exactly the Evil God of Original Sin woke up, how much strength he has regained, and whether all the damage caused by the blow from the Titan Ruhe has been fully recovered.

He didn’t dare to move because he had no chance of winning.

Finally, Dark Moon let go of his hand.

“He has not yet become the true master of the pantheon, there is still time.”

Dark Moon closed her eyes.

On the other side of the dream world, there is a strange realm.

It was a dark star wrapped in various curses. One after another terrible cursed shadows towered above the stars. Endless cursed degenerates wailed on the stars, making despairing sounds. screams.

The terrible cursed shadow wielded chains, ropes, and scythes, dragging one fallen person after another into the dark star.

On the throne above the stars, sat a man holding a book in his hand.

That book is the famous “Book of Shoeburn” in the history of the snake people.

At this moment.

A chain dragged a charred corpse into the dark stars, and the man on the throne also raised his head and looked at the corpse.


He waved his hand, and the vengeful fire corpse fell in front of him.

He could tell at a glance that this vengeful fire corpse was deliberately put in. He also had something left by the other party, the consciousness of another powerful existence.

The Lord of Purgatory clearly recognized who the consciousness staying on the other party belonged to, and asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Provoke me?”

Fires gushed out from the body of the charred corpse, and there seemed to be a crimson color slowly smearing in the eyes, and another person’s voice came out of its mouth.

Dark Moon, the King of Fury, found the Lord of Purgatory and looked into his eyes.

“Lord of Purgatory!”

“I want to make a deal with you.”

The Lord of Purgatory’s eyes were arrogant and cold. He leaned down a little bit from his upright body, looking down at the dark moon with his head held high.

“What deal?”

“Why should I make a deal with a fallen abyss bug?”

Dark Moon was not moved by the gesture of the Lord of Purgatory at all, but looked firmly into his eyes. He seemed to be able to see the anger and pursuit that belonged to someone in the past from the depths of this man’s eyes.

“For freedom.”

“In order to get rid of the control and restraint of the God of Original Sin.”

Lord of Purgatory: “I am no longer bound by the abyss.”

Dark Moon looked at the Lord of Purgatory and said loudly.

“Do you think you are truly free after you jump out of the abyss?”


“You are still under the control of the God of Original Sin. In her eyes, you are just an animal that can be harvested and slaughtered at any time.”

The Lord of Purgatory suddenly stood up, something in his heart was completely aroused: “Do you know what you are talking about?”

Dark Moon responded **** for tat: “Do you know your situation?”

The two people stared at each other, their eyes like swords.

But in the end, he didn’t actually slash at the opponent.

But involuntarily, he looked to another place.

The direction of the Gate of Original Sin.


In a remote village.

A group of people are worshiping a statue of a god, calling the name of a certain god.

If you listen carefully, you can hear a strange and awkward syllable.

Obviously, it was converted from some ancient language and writing into the pronunciation of Snake Mandarin.

The name is: “Naproses.”

These believers worshiped the gods crazily and went crazy. They even cut their skin with knives and smeared their bodies with blood to show their piety.

“The great Lord of Death…”

“The great Naproses…”

“Please grant us eternal life and immortality, please grant us strength.”

With the power of sacrifices and rituals, those words were transmitted bit by bit to the depths of the dream world.

Some timid and cowardly guy is wandering in this darkness at this moment, peering into the world through the names and rituals of gods.

Here, it’s hard for anyone to find it.

Except for those legendary messengers from the Kingdom of Creation, anyone else walking in the dream world is groping in the dark, even gods.

Without coordinates and locked objects, it would be difficult for anyone to move forward in the dream world.

It does not dare to step into the human world easily, but it is eager to show its power and majesty.

“I am the lord of death, I am the lieutenant of the gods of the abyss.”

“Call my name!”

“Honor me as a god!”

The figure wearing a torn robe and wielding a scythe opened his arms and laughed wildly, feeling extremely proud.

“I will give you…”

This guy is using the power of God’s name to fool some mortals into becoming believers in him.

Although the method is very old-fashioned, it must be said that it is very practical.

The ceremony went to the deepest level.

It even partially stretched out its body and appeared in the human world.

It plans to let these mortals taste a little sweetness, so that they will be more willing to be controlled by it and dedicate everything to itself.


“Mortals, I feel your faith and piety.”

“For this reason…”

And just when he was getting carried away.


The guy who was crazy about it just now, shouting for its name and offering blood for it, raised his head lying on the ground.

Under the blood-stained face, a charming smile appeared.

Then, he held something high.

It was a brass oil lamp with a simple and mysterious shape.

But for Naproses, there are few people in the world who are more familiar with and understand such things.


The little ceramic man looked at the oil lamp and made a sharp cry.

“The lamp of greed?”

“Dark Moon?”


I have to say.

The method is very old-fashioned, but it is very useful for the ceramic villain.

As soon as he finished speaking, the oil lamp was lit with a pop.

The terrifying power of greed belonging to the original sin is transmitted crazily.

Boundless darkness surged, and the blockade enveloped everything around it.


It is completely beyond the power that Dark Moon, the King of Fury, can unleash by activating the greedy brass oil lamp.


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