I am God Chapter 557: :Moonlight? Jessel?


Moonlight Temple.

For a moment, even Anli stood stunned in the wind.

Her eyes were full of doubts, and the knowledge in her mind seemed unable to answer the picture she saw in front of her.

She didn’t understand why there was a statue representing a certain royal bloodline king, or the son of a god-king, even though it was a statue of the Moon God.

This was established by the mortals themselves, or because of the will of the Moon God, or someone once saw something from the Moon God.

At this time, the necklace around her neck lit up.

Although Anli did not look back, she felt another existence appear behind her, a light and transparent shadow attached to her behind, speaking to her softly.

“Don’t you remember?”

“What have we seen?”

The shadow looked at the statue, and the outline of the ancient clover in the pool seemed to overlap with a certain existence in the memory.

Anli turned to look at the ghost of her memory and asked her other self.

“Have I seen it?”

She was very strange. The era of royal blood descendants ended with the second generation saint Stan. She was already far away from that era when she was born. How could she have seen the blood of these ancient **** kings.

The only bloodline of the God King that she might have seen was Asai.

The shadow said: “A long time ago, in the city where the gods descended…”

With the ghost’s words, an ancient memory gradually emerged.

Obviously she was looking at her own memories, but Anli felt like she was a third party, watching the flow of scenes from the ancient era from another perspective.

The moon is red on this day.

The city of Goddess is shrouded in terror.

The evil god’s disaster that erupted from the Holy Mountain intensified. The evil god’s power once approached the city of God’s Advent. The monster in the bottle born from the madness of Anhofors wanted to devour the entire world and follow the footsteps of the Creator. Enter the next era.

She descended on the City of God’s Descendance, preaching that she would replace God Insai and wipe out the Trileaf people, the tribes that had disappointed the Creator.

At that time, Anli still looked very immature.

She hurried through the passage of the palace of the King of Wisdom, climbed the steps, and stood beside her sister.

From here, you can see that the entire city of God’s Advent is in chaos.

“Run quickly, it’s the Ghost Order!”

“It’s the Ghost Order!”

“The evil **** is coming, and the evil villains have begun to perform blood sacrifices in the city.”

“This is the place where gods descend. How dare the evil **** come? How dare she?”

“She’s already here.”

“Insai God, please save us.”

Everyone in the city trembled under the power and prestige of the evil god. Even the apprentices of the Temple of Truth seemed helpless.

Anhoforth is dead, but the monster she created has brought despair to everyone.

In the ancient mythical city on the wild land, Anli stood beside her sister, looking at the sky in the distance.

Sanye Anli raised her head and saw three terrifying entities fighting in the sky.

The immortal red sea of ​​blood, the shadow of the evil **** standing between heaven and earth, and the second generation of truth sage Lan En.

“Lan En Sage!”


“The evil spirit in a bottle.”

At that time, she had just embarked on the road to power not long ago. Although she had already shown her talent, she had not yet completed her complete study.

One of Lan En’s latest students is her sister Vivien.

Anli opened her mouth wide. It was the first time she saw how powerful the powerful could be, and how powerful the bloodline left by the wise God King was.

The powerful Lan En in her eyes gradually retreated, while the two monsters fought until dawn at the end of the sky.

Until the incarnation of the monster dissipated, the sea of ​​blood also receded.

My sister Vivien was very surprised: “Why is the little man in the bottle so restrained?”

At this time, Lan En appeared beside them: “Because the messenger of the Kingdom of God is in the city, the little man in the bottle came here to see her.”

Anli asked in surprise: “Is the messenger of the Kingdom of God a dream fairy?”

A performance troupe came to the Good Night Hotel in the City of Gods, and Anli knew about this.

She likes this performance troupe very much. She also went to see it when the king invited him, and she also knows some of the important roles in the performance troupe.

The leader of the goblins, the clever little one, the lanky old man, the giant and the magician.

The reason why it is called the Goblin Performance Troupe is that their leader is famous for being good at playing goblins and telling fairy tales.

However, Sage Lan En told them that the leader of the goblin performance troupe was an envoy from the Kingdom of Creation.

“That’s not playing a goblin, that’s being a goblin.”

“Dream elves, a family of dream elves.”

The fear of the evil **** has not dissipated. The city needs a grand celebration and festival to clear the shadow brought by the evil **** and give everyone hope.

It’s dawn.

Anli followed her sister and the sage Lan En to the auditorium to watch the Fairy Performance Troupe’s special performance of the Prayer Festival, although the Prayer Festival had already passed.

There was a sea of ​​people outside the auditorium. Not only were the seats filled with people, but the streets were also blocked by the crowds. There were also many vendors attracted by the crowds hawking on the streets.

The leader of the goblin performance troupe came out and announced in front of everyone.

“Hello everyone, today we are going to perform the puppet drama “The Moon Prince”.”

“Please enjoy.”

At that time, Anli stood up and cheered with everyone.

She looked at the leader who looked like he was dressing up as a goblin in a layer of clothing, but was actually a real goblin, with a look of longing in her eyes.

Because that is the most dreamy creature in the world, a being who lives in the kingdom of the Creator God, the messenger of the God of Insai.

She asked her sister: “Prince of the Moon, what is that?”

As a result, Vivien didn’t know either.

On the contrary, it was the sage Lan En who gave the answer: “The Prince of the Moon is the second-generation King of Wisdom, Yesel.”

“Jesel means moonlight.”

The screen suddenly freezes.

The bright colors faded away, and everything turned into the phantom of ancient memory, telling everyone that this was just a scene that had disappeared in the long river of history.

Beyond the illusory memory screen.

At this moment, Anli, the blue goddess of the second era, and Anli, the ghost, stood behind Anli, the cloverleaf man, and also heard these words.

Because the word moonlight reminded Anli of the name of the Moon Demon Jue.



Blue goddess Anli raised her head and looked at the stage, looking at the legendary goblin clan.

She suddenly understood.

This is not a drama at all, but a reenactment of a myth.

As a clan of fairies from the Kingdom of Creation God, no one can know the truth and secrets of the ancient times better than them.

At this moment, she is witnessing the life of Jessel, the second-generation wisdom king.

Anli looked at the ghost beside her: “What’s next?”

The ghost waved his hand and the scene continued.

Sure enough, as Lan En said, the story of “The Prince of the Moon” is about the story of King Jessel when she was still a prince, her legendary first half of life.

On the lively performance stage, members of the goblin performance troupe used human-sized puppets, decorated the hall with exquisite canvases, and used metal speakers to amplify the dubbing.

The puppeteers in the group completed the performance by manipulating the stone beams in the hall.

The curtain opens.

On the stage with the palace as the background, a doll of Jessel and the King of Wisdom, Ladeliki, wearing a crown of wisdom, appeared.

When Blue Goddess Anli saw this, she couldn’t help but stepped forward and went directly to the bottom of the stage, wanting to take a closer look.

That is a myth that even she cannot touch.

The stories and characters on the stage are also ancient epics and ancestors in her eyes, belonging to the origin and beginning of the Sanye people.

She saw the land given by the gods, saw that the young Jessel was born with part of the power of the **** king, was given wisdom and knowledge by Laideliji, and was taken to the audience by the king of wisdom. Insai God.

Such a life, such a starting point, such a beginning, even the blue goddess Anli trembles when she thinks about it.

“King Jeser.”

“The most beloved son of the God King of Wisdom, the person chosen by God to inherit the Crown of Wisdom.”

She saw that Jessel had received the Ruch monster given by God, and had control over this giant beast that inherited the power and blood of the Mother of Life.

For such a powerful and terrifying monster, he was not afraid of it at all. He regarded it as his partner and gave it a name.

Jesel stood in front of the sea and talked with his Ruch monster.

“My name is Jessel.”

“It means moonlight, which is the light cast by the moon when night falls. It is also my mother’s favorite scenery.”

“She gave me the most beautiful scenery in the world, hoping that I would become a person like the moonlight.”

“It is not as violent as the sun and cannot be looked directly at, but it illuminates the earth like the moon.”

Jesel said to the troll.

“You don’t have a name?”

“Then I’ll get one for you!”


“Your name is Nini!”

Stories on the stage keep changing one after another.

Jesel was the first to go to sea, and he was the first to build a city in the sea, Jessel City, which later became the capital of the Kingdom of Demonic Abyss.

He continued to expand the kingdom of Xiinsai and expand the Sanye people’s habitat in the wild and primitive ancient times.

He passed through the endless sea and the Jessel Channel, and finally found the place of origin where the Creator first descended.

The moment when he built the city of God’s descent.

The King of Wisdom Lai Deliji issued a summons to him in the distant God-given land, and Anli knew that Jeser, the son of the God-King, would return to the God-given land to accept the throne of the King of Wisdom.

He is no longer the Prince of the Moon, but the second generation King of Wisdom.

After the story ended, the dreamy fairy and her friends came to the stage.

And the illusory memory picture gradually faded away.

Off the stage, the Blue Goddess looked at the figure of the Moon Prince and called out two names.

“King Jeser.”


She turned her head and looked at the ghost beside her. It turned out that this was what she wanted to tell herself.



Under the strange statue, Anli finally came to her senses.

Raising her head and looking at the statue, which was so molded that she couldn’t see anything clearly, and looking at the mark on the other person’s forehead, she finally understood what it was.

“Not the king of royal blood, nor the son of other god-kings.”

“But the second-generation king of wisdom is King Jessel~”


“So…that’s it.”

Anli suddenly understood that it turned out that the giant **** Yue Mojue had her own reasons for choosing the name Moonlight, and perhaps even the form she eventually transformed into.

Each branch of Rukh was once affiliated with the son of a **** king. Although in the end, the internal fighting and wars between the descendants of the **** king caused Rukh to continue to fall into the hands of other branches.

Until later, even the Sanye people did not know who the son of the God King was that each Ruh initially followed.

But at this moment she was sure.

The Demon of the Moon, she was originally the Ruhe of the second generation Wisdom King Jeser.

This statue does not represent one person, but two ancient myths.

The standing human figure represents King Jessel, and the one attached to the statue is the Demon of the Moon.

“The second generation of wisdom king Jessel, and her companions.”

At this time, Anli really called out the other person’s former name.


When the word came out, the entire Moonlight Jungle caused earth-shaking waves.

Inside the Magic Wheel House.

Yin and Matafosi were waiting in the car, while curiously looking at the moonlight jungle not far away.

Matafus seemed to want to check it out and get a glimpse of the scene inside, but no matter how hard she stared, she couldn’t penetrate the fluorescent world and see the scene inside.

However, there are also faintly glowing “big lights” on the fluorescent boundary wall.

It all made Matavs feel that there must be a very beautiful place inside.

Martavus: “What a pity, we are so close and still can’t see anything.”

Yin said: “You can come closer.”

Matafus turned her head and said very seriously: “You can’t get any closer, it will be dangerous if you get any closer.”

Martavus was curious, but also afraid of death.

While looking at it, she suddenly felt something was wrong.

“Why is it that there seems to be a wind blowing in the fluorescence world?”

Although I couldn’t see clearly, I could vaguely see some shadows; something seemed to be happening in the moonlight jungle, and a large number of plants were swaying.


Suddenly, the ground beneath my feet roared.

As soon as he lowered his head and looked at his feet, there was new movement in the distance.

The vast, endless fluorescent world suddenly collapsed.

In the shocked eyes of Matafosi and Yin, a shadow emerged from under the earth.

However, before the two of them could see clearly what the shadow was.

Endless fluorescent light drifted down from a distance, covering the entire Moonlight Temple.

The two were covered in fluorescent light and fell to the ground instantly.


The sound of deep sleeping breathing was heard.

In an instant, an illusory moon suddenly rose in the sky in this area.

The projection of the Moon God.

Standing under the statue of the god, Anli raised her head and looked at your illusory moon. She was instantly pulled into a world of fantasy.

The entire Moonlight Temple fell asleep.

Together with the blue goddess Anli, they all fell into the world of the Moon Demon.

No one was awake in the entire Moonlight Jungle.

It was only at this moment that the giant **** truly heard Anli’s call and voice.


In an illusory world.

Anli stood on a wild land from the ancient times. There was nothing on the land, and cities could be seen in the distance.

Anli walked blankly on the land, looking around in confusion.

“This is…”


That is the country of the three-leaf people.

The Kingdom of Hinsai has long since disappeared.

Anli looked left and right, and suddenly noticed something, or recalled something.

“No, Xiinsai has been buried in the ancient times.”

“I was affected.”

Finally she raised her head and looked at the moon in the sky.

The moon is very strange, very round, but it does not have the feeling of real moonlight.

Because her light seems to be emitting from the glass cover.

With fluorescence, hazy.

But this kind of fluorescence makes people feel dreamlike and drowsy.

“Servants of the Lord of Life.”

“The great moon god.”

Anli immediately knew what it was, looked at the other party and said loudly.

“I came here to look for you under the oracle and guidance of the Lord of Life.”

“I want to enter the Ice Temple in Anhuo City and need your help.”

The moon in the sky moved.

Instead of moving left and right, it slowly dropped down.

Tear open the atmosphere and knock down the clouds.

It grew larger and larger until it covered the entire sky, allowing people to see the fuzz on its surface.

Looking at it now, it is not a moon at all.

Rather, it stretches from the earth to the sky, a mythical giant vine that covers the sky and the sun.

At the top of the vine, there is a fluorescent fluffy cone.

When she rose, she replaced the moon in the sky.

Even the blue goddess Anli felt creepy when looking at the fluorescent fruit, because the other party wanted to deprive her of her life with just a thought.

The most terrifying thing is not that the other party deprived her of her life, but that she trapped her consciousness here, making her forget everything but never being able to leave.

The Demon of the Moon.

Ruh, the only plant-form life.

The fluorescence continues to spread.

It was like tiny fireflies flying everywhere, and spreading everywhere like scattered glowing dandelions.

They surround Anli as if they are dancing.

A voice came from these fluorescent lights, not just any one, but all of them.

Thousands of fluorescent lights seemed to be emitting the same voice, speaking to Anli.

“How…do you…know…”


Anli raised her head high and said to the Moon Demon Jue.

“A long time ago, when I was a child, I saw the story of the Goblin Troupe.”

“What is told in the story is the story of you and the Prince of the Moon.”

“Together you conquered the sea and the land. Together you established the city of Jeser, the city of God’s descent and the new Kingdom of Hinsai.”

“I used to be moved by your stories and legends.”

An Li looked at the outline of the Moon Demon and took a deep breath.

“The God of Moonlight.”

“For us, you are also a myth!”

The Moon Demon Jue speaks very slowly, as if talking in his sleep.

But every word she utters in her sleep will cause changes in the world, reflecting various illusions.

She did not pay attention to Anli’s praise and praise, but only paid attention to the other few bytes in Anli’s words.



Anli nodded and said to the other party.

“Yes, do you remember?”

“King Jeser, the youngest son of the **** king Lai Deliki.”

“Her name is Moonlight, just like your Moonlight.”

It wasn’t until the name was read out that the voice finally seemed to have some consciousness and spoke softly.

“Some pictures will always appear in my fantasy world.”

“It’s like a person traveling through the sea with me.”

“He just called me…”


Anli immediately followed and said: “Yes, that is King Jessel.”

“The second generation of the King of Wisdom.”

The voice was still talking intermittently in sleep.

“He wears a crown. That crown is so powerful that she can control everything without any power.”

“He never used that crown to control me.”

“He said…I am his friend.”

Suddenly, the “lantern” in the sky became brighter.

“No…it seems…”

“He still used it later.”

The lights flickered on and off, just like twinkling eyes and eyelids that kept opening and closing.

“His crown commanded me to take him home.”

“Oh, yes.”

“He wanted to go home, to the place where he was born.”

When she said this, the Moon Devil’s voice suddenly became clearer. It was no longer a hazy murmur, but she was convinced that someone had indeed said that to her.

Perhaps it was also because of that order that it left a deep imprint on the Moon Demon Jue’s mind.

The second-generation King of Wisdom possesses the Crown of Wisdom. The power of the crown to penetrate deeply into people’s hearts and minds, even the giant **** Ruhe cannot resist; although there are restrictions on the use of beings without the blood of the God of Wisdom; it is only controlled one by one. Rather than the will of the King of Wisdom emanating from the source.

Anli’s body stiffened for a moment, and she seemed to notice something.

“Go home?”

“Back to…where?”

With little fluorescent spots, they are dancing.

The outline of the world is looming in the light.

“Return to…the land given by God.”

Anli raised her head excitedly: “What then?”

Moon Demon Jue: “I can’t go back.”

Three short words, but they seemed to give Anli a heavy blow.

She seemed to see the second-generation King of Wisdom, Jessel, standing by the sea, looking at the end of the sea, the hometown he could never return to.

He is the supreme ruler of the world and the legitimate son of the God King.

He has everything, but he can never return to the place where he was born.

The Moon Demon Jue didn’t seem to remember everything, so she spoke again: “Where is he now?”

Anli replied: “King Jessel is dead.”

“God gave King Jeser the power of the Cup of the Sun, but the king used forbidden magic and died because he defiled God’s gift.”

“The flower of God came back to bite the king who had defiled God’s grace, and the king eventually died in the hands of his brother’s descendants.”

There are many legends and opinions about the death of King Jessel. By Anli’s generation, no one can trace the original truth from myths and epics.

All they know is that the second-generation King of Wisdom fell into madness because he used forbidden magic to defile the power of the Cup of the Sun, and was eventually ended by the heirs of Enns and Boone.

Later, some people judged that the ending of this story was because King Jessel violated the will of God. Some people said that this was fate, the revenge of the Enns bloodline. Even Anli had just learned that King Jessel had been so eager to return. To your birthplace and hometown.

And no one knows.

The cup of the sun eventually became the master of dreams.

The Moon Demon’s voice suddenly said: “Oh~”

After that, there was a long silence.

Anli didn’t know what to say, and Moon Demon Jue didn’t respond.

After a while, the “big lantern” in the sky moved again.

The terrifying cone pressed down from the sky, and the earth was twisted by its power.

Countless sand and gravel floated towards the sky, and terrifying huge waves rolled up in the sea in the distance, as if the sea water was about to be sucked up.

This illusion that appeared due to the power of the Moon Demon gradually collapsed and disappeared.

But a ritual and a paragraph of words penetrated deeply into Anli’s mind.

“The master allows people with cause and effect to enter it. This is a ritual.”


“The “Prince of the Moon” you mentioned, show… to me.”

Anli didn’t understand at first what the phrase “show me” meant.

Until the illusion was completely shattered, she returned to the waterside and faced the tall statue.

Her consciousness was no longer affected by the illusion and gradually returned to clarity.

Anli understood the ceremony at a glance. It was a prayer and offering to the Demon of the Moon, or it could also be said that it was a sacrifice to the Lord of Life.

Through the ritual, the door to the forbidden land is opened.

But the latter one is a bit difficult to understand.

“Prince of the Moon?”

“Show it and take a look?”

“What does this mean?”

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she suddenly understood something.

She stared at the mythical plant attached to the back of the stone carving similar to King Jessel, with a shocked expression.

That’s not what I’m saying.

The Moon God actually wants to watch “The Moon Prince” performed by the Goblin Theater Troupe?


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