I am God Chapter 556: : The king of a royal blood family?


On the Magic Wheel House.

The group of people was a little silent. Matafus was quite active in front of acquaintances, but she became lifeless in front of strangers.

She thought the person coming would be a demon spirit, maybe she had seen him in Demon Abyss City before, and she could use Lei’s name to get a free ride.

Unexpectedly, the person in front of him was a girl in the form of a god.

She has ice-blue hair, a graceful figure, and a beautiful face.

And the aura is terrifying.

After the other party said they knew the two of them and allowed them to take a ride, they said nothing more.

On the contrary, he kept taking out one book after another and flipping through them quickly, but most of them did not read in detail, but searched for some key words and phrases.

The devices in this strange room are moving and constantly adjusting and changing, just like magic.

So in the eyes of Yin and Matafusi, this house is like a treasure house, with inexhaustible things.

The corners are everywhere.

You can summon a lot of unexpected things at will, including mountains of books.

Matafus looked at the other party secretly and found that the books the blue-haired girl took out were all related to the giant **** Ruhe and the Moonlight Jungle of the Moonlight Province.

Obviously, he is looking for something.

On the contrary, Yin spoke first: “What are you looking for?”

Matafusi on the side raised her eyebrows. She was a little surprised because Yin used the word you, and she rarely used this word.

Anli looked at Yin and smiled.

She has indeed been a little confused recently. She thought about the guidance given by the dominating god, but she couldn’t find the answer.

Is it a fable?

Is it a reference?

Or something more profound.

She even tried to take apart the sentence and the words to interpret it, but still couldn’t find the answer.

The blue-haired girl looked at Silver and said.

“I am heading to the Moonlight Jungle, preparing to look for an entity related to lanterns within the Moonlight Province.”

“It may be an object, or it may be a legend.”

“Perhaps it is a key to entering the Moonlight Jungle.”

“But I still don’t know what it is exactly.”

Yin: “Lantern?”

The blue-haired girl nodded: “Yeah, but it should be big.”

She and Matafos looked at each other, the big lantern in Moonlight Province, what is that?

Matafusi suddenly had an idea and whispered to Yin.


“When we visited the statue of the Moon God before, didn’t we just say that it felt like…”

At this point, Matafosi did not finish speaking.

I didn’t dare to say the next words.

No matter how quiet the voice was, the blue-haired girl could still hear it clearly.

Looking at the imaginative Wingman girl in front of her, she felt that the other party really dared to think.

“You mean the statue of the Moon God?”

Of course Anli knows what the statue of the Moon God looks like. Not only that, she also knows what the Moon Demon really looks like.

But because of this, the terrifying mythical shadow and outline of the Moon Devil immediately appeared in her mind.

“That’s not a lantern.”

“That is the form of the Moon Demon, the oldest mythical plant and the form of Luhe.”

The other party told Matafus that it was just a mythical plant with fluorescent cones, a very special mythical form among the giant gods of Ruhe.

“As a mythical plant form, Ruhe can be said to be the source of most plants on the earth.”

“Many plants on the earth today are manifested from its power.”

“When she existed and appeared, she didn’t even have the concept of a light.”

“Perhaps, when she appeared, the words of wisdom had not yet appeared.”

“So the existence of lanterns has nothing to do with it, and your imagination is too rich.”

But Matafusi was very curious, and when she talked about things she was interested in, she became bolder again.

“When was that?”

Anli sat quietly on the leather seat with a book. The fiery red seat formed a strong contrast with the ice blue girl.

She held up the book and looked at Matavs, finding this girl very interesting: “Want to hear it?”

Matafus kept nodding her head: “I want to hear it, I want to hear it.”

The blue-haired girl told the two of them what kind of existence the Moon God was.

“In ancient times, the God of Moonlight was called the Demon of the Moon.”

“It is a throne given by the Creator to a lineage of royal descendants. It is a perfect form that has been evolved into a perfect form by integrating the power of the Cup of the Sun.”

“Also the oldest mythical plant.”

“It is the most powerful and perfect form that plant life can achieve in the human world.”

“It was born at the beginning of the First Era. For us, she is also a myth and legend.”

Anli remembered the story about the Moon Devil, and couldn’t help but put down the book in her hand and fell into recollection.

“The combination of the power from the flower of the sun and the power of the dominant god, the moonlight born is really incredibly powerful.”

“It’s just that she is not as bright as the sun, so she is called the Demon of the Moon.”

“It is known as the shadow of the moon that envelopes the world.”

“Legend has it that when it truly appears in this world, it can replace the moon with its own shadow, replace the moonlight of the entire world, and pull everyone into its own moonlight illusion.”

“The story I know about her is that she once used the illusion to control other Ruhes together with the saints, and killed the blood king, the last royal power who fell into madness.”

“Since then, the royal blood descendants have lost their throne.”

“Even among Ruch, she is a very special and legendary one.”

This is the first time for Matafusi and Yin to hear the legend of the Moon God. After all, in this era, no one has seen the Moon Demon show its true power and knows how powerful it is.

Matafus opened her mouth wide: “Wow!”

In fact, she didn’t understand it at all.

What cup of the sun, blood descendant of kingship.

She doesn’t know anything about saints or thrones.

But this did not prevent her from feeling that the other party was very powerful. The apostle in front of her knew a lot.

However, the few apostles that Matafos has met know a lot. It does not seem surprising that these fellow travelers of the gods can know some ancient secrets.

But Anli couldn’t help but laugh when she thought about the lantern that Matafosi mentioned.


“Who dares to call the giant **** Ruhe like that.”


“This is too…”

But as she talked, the blue-haired girl felt more and more that the form of the giant **** Luhe, the Moon Demon Jue, indeed looked like a lantern from another angle.

But the lantern is extraordinarily large. It can extend from the earth and reach into the sky, replacing the moon in this world.

As a result, the expression on her face gradually froze.

“No way?”

She suddenly discovered that perhaps from the perspective of the master of life, the shadow of the devil held the world in its hands.

The giant **** of Luhe, Moon Demon Jue, is just a lantern.

In the darkness, it is the light that dispels the darkness and illuminates the world.

The head may be just right, and you can hold it in your hand to light the way.

Although this idea is very disrespectful to the Moon God, once this impression is imprinted in my mind, it seems to be unforgettable.

Anli is not sure, but if this is the case, it seems to be explained.

The meaning of the oracle spoken by the Lord of Life is to find the Moon Demon?

And the more I think about it, the more I think it is possible.

“Moonlight Temple.”

“Go there first and try to see if you can contact the Moon God.”

Anli looked outside and said.


“Moonlight Temple.”

At this time, Matafusi suddenly stood up and let out an exclamation.

After chatting for a long time, Matavus suddenly realized whether it was the direction the other party mentioned before or the Moonlight Temple mentioned now.

It seems that they are all opposite to the coastal area on the east coast where they are going.

She asked Yin: “So, this is the way back.”

Silver nodded.

Martafos was desperate: “I will definitely hire a guide next time, and I will never rely on you and the astrological ball to guide me again.”

Yin turned around and said expressionlessly with those star-like eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, Matafos.”

“As long as you keep moving forward, you will reach your goal one day.”

Matafusi held her head and said, “It’s already this time, so don’t tell me this kind of truth.”

And because he raised his head high, his glasses suddenly fell down.

She was in a hurry and finally grabbed her silver-rimmed glasses.

After putting it on, Matafusi said with some frustration.

“Our plan to find the Blue Goddess and the Red Goddess has been delayed again.”

At this time, Yin looked at the woman in front of him and said nothing.

The blue-haired girl also laughed after hearing what the two said.

“I am the blue goddess among the two gods of red and blue.”

“The scarlet goddess is my sister, my name is Anli.”

Matafusi looked at the other party and didn’t come back to her senses for a long time.

She pointed at the other party tremblingly, but felt that this seemed disrespectful. She retracted her hand and rubbed her fingers, only to find that her legs were a little weak again.

“You are…”


The blue-haired girl asked: “It doesn’t look like it?”

Now that I look at it again, I suddenly feel that they are very similar.

Isn’t that long icy blue hair the symbol of the Blue Goddess?


For a while, the Magic Wheel House became silent again.

It can be seen that Matafus became extremely nervous and could not speak clearly.

She stood up and sat down.

It seemed like the comfortable seat under my **** had turned into a nail board.


“What I just said…”


Knowing that the person in front of her was the blue goddess among the red and blue goddesses, Matafusi immediately thought about what she had just said, wondering if there was anything wrong with her.

Isn’t that disrespectful?

Remembering that she had just expressed the blasphemous thoughts that had emerged in her heart when she prayed to the Moon God, she felt as if her heart and brain were about to explode.

Anli didn’t care at all.

People like her are surrounded by guys who have lived for who knows how many years, are calm and old-fashioned, and see through the world at a glance.

A straightforward and innocent winged girl made her find it very interesting.

At least it makes people feel relaxed and stress-free.

“From what you said, it seems that you came to Suinhall to find me and my sister?”

Matafusi’s tongue seemed to be knotted, but she still slowly told the reason why she came here.

It was Olan, the Lord of Happiness and Desire, who asked the two of them to come to Suinhall to find the Red and Blue Goddess, and they wanted to know the secret of the extraordinary professional magician from Martafus, so that they could carry out the next step of fortune-telling. Terraforming the planet.

Anli could see through at a glance what Olan meant.

“Oh, it turns out that Olan asked you to come to see me.”

“She knows that I am taking the path of the second branch of authority, and that the perfect Kingdom of God in your imagination requires the mysteries of the four masters’ authority.”

Matafus stood up and bowed deeply.


“We would like to ask you some questions about this.”

“We want to prove that wisdom is not perfect.”

“At the same time, I also want to prove that intelligent species can become more perfect.”

“We’d like to ask for your help.”

Anli looked at Matafosi, smiled and shook her head.

“Matafus, the Scroller of the Witch Doctor God.”

“Anyone can reject you, but I have no qualifications or reasons to reject you.”

Matafusi’s eyes showed doubts, and she didn’t understand what Anli meant.

Anli opened her mouth and told Matavs another thing.

“When I was young, I met the **** of witch doctors.”

“I was on the verge of death and was about to turn my life’s dream back into the sea of ​​stars in the kingdom of God of Creation. It was the God of Witch Doctors who saved me.”

“So, I owe my life to the witch doctor god!”

Martafusi didn’t know that this had happened before, but even if Anli didn’t mention it, almost no one in this era knew about it.

Anli didn’t say much about this topic, she asked Marta Fusi.

“I heard that you restored Gamel’s memory and made the Cup of Desire into a perfect body.”

“The Cup of Desire has stayed in Suinhall for a long time. He should be the second perfect Cup of Desire to appear in the world.”

Martavus: “What about the first one?”

Anli raised her head: “The first one is the God of Desire and Alchemy, and she is also the original Cup of Desire.”

Now, Matafosi didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Matafusi could only hurriedly take out the astrological ball and place it on the table.

She wanted to ask Anli to take a look and also make some suggestions.


“We just used the magical tool, the astrological ball, to heal Gamel.”

“This is what we said, we want to transform it into a prop that accommodates the eternal life of the spirit of wisdom.”

Anli stood up.

Matafuss and Silver also stood up, and the three of them gathered around the table.

Anli stepped forward and took a look at the astrological ball first.

The special concentric sphere structure is very eye-catching, and the first layer filled with memory scrolls and the second layer with the cup of desire give people a delicate and complex feeling.

It doesn’t have the primitive and rough feeling of ancient props, it’s more like a sophisticated work of art.

Of course Anli is also very interested in the plan of the Witch Doctor God and the secrets they are exploring.

“Is this an astrological ball?”

“The perfect kingdom of God pursued by the God of Witch Doctors?”

After listening to Matafosi’s brief introduction, Anli picked up the astrological ball.

When I touched the astrological ball with my hand, I immediately felt an illusory world emerging before my eyes.

The astrological **** of the past appear in the eyes, and illusory people and objects are moving around one after another, but there is a ship that is different, with its own persistence and trajectory.

Anli said as she felt the difference in the astrological ball.

“Memory and information converge into a world where desire drives the world.”

“As long as you collect enough memories and information, and collect enough desires, the world will become more perfect.”

But as she talked, she seemed to discover something, overturning her previous statement.

“No, there is a difference between perfection.”

“Your Kingdom of God is the perfect Kingdom of God in the eyes of all living beings, and the perfect Kingdom of God in the eyes of all the wise spirits who are integrated into it.”

“Because this world collects their memories and operates according to their desires, wishes and expectations.”

“At least for them, this is their ideal paradise, the temple in their hearts.”

The more Anli thought about it, the more she felt that this set up was clever, but she also discovered some problems.

“But human desire is uncontrollable and blindly indulged. It is like the most terrible poison in the world, corroding everything.”

“If you just let it run like this, it could cause problems.”

At this time, Matavus expressed her idea of ​​the level of desire.

“In my imagination.”

“Different desires will promote different changes in the world of the Kingdom of God. Various desires such as food, clothing, residence, etc. will generate various facilities to make the entire country operate like a utopia and satisfy all of our needs. material needs.”

“Safety needs will jointly generate the Kingdom of God’s security system…”

“Social needs…”

“The need for respect…”

“The last one I want to call it the desire of God. We can make an oath or vow to pursue our ideals and limits, and it can even become a new myth.”

“So this God will make us more and more perfect, and our desires and pursuits will also improve step by step in the Kingdom of God.”

“In my eyes, it is the perfect kingdom of God.”

Matafusi skillfully repeated what she had said before.

After Anli heard this, she was immediately impressed by this silly-looking winged girl.

“God’s desire?”

“This… was your idea?”

Matafus raised the frame of her glasses and said a little embarrassedly.

“I don’t know, maybe I came up with it myself.”

“One day I was lost in the lake, as if I had a dream, and I always felt that I had forgotten a lot of things.”

“Then after that day, one inspiration after another, incredible ideas came to my mind.”


“The whole person has become smarter.”

An Li was stunned for a moment and blurted out: “You won’t have met the Creator, will you?”

Matafus didn’t know why: “Meet the Creator?”

Anli didn’t dare to say anything more. It was useless to talk about such things.

If it is really the guidance of the Creator, then it is destiny, and everything will naturally go in the direction it should go.

There is no need for her to say anything more, and there is no need for her to do anything more.

If this is what the God of Creation expected.

Then Yinsai’s will will make fate and the world rush towards the ending she expects.

Anli put down the astrological ball and asked Matafosi.

“So, what are you going to do in the third step?”

“Spirituality, wisdom, desire, knowledge.”

Anli pointed out the four levels of relationships in one breath.

“The second main authority is the authority that supports consciousness and spirit among the four authorities, and is also the authority that continues the bloodline of wisdom.”

“What are you going to use to fill your next layer and connect it to other layers?”

Martafus: “I haven’t completely thought about it yet, now I only have…”

Before Matafus finished speaking, the miracle item Magic Wheel House stopped at this time.

Anli looked outside the window.

I don’t know when a dense jungle appeared outside.

At the end of the sky, a mysterious green building blending into the jungle and vegetation appeared.

With the castle covered with vines and the city walls blending in with the trees, everything here looks particularly mysterious.


Anli turned her head and looked at Matafusi and Yin.

“I am very interested in the perfect kingdom of God you mentioned.”

“I promise you that I will show you the secrets of the divine magicians and the mysteries of wisdom that I know.”

“But I have other things to do, so I can only ask you to wait for a while.”

After Anli finished speaking, she drove the Magic Wheel House towards the distant building.

Mata Fusi and Yin also followed and came to the window to look at the strange building complex.

Martafus suddenly realized what kind of place this was.

“Look, Silver.”

“It is the headquarters of the Moonlight Temple.”

Mata Fusi and Yin did not expect that the place they wanted to visit before would finally arrive in this way.

Martavus looked into the distance.

The light turned into a huge barrier, and only a dreamy world could be seen in the hazy fluorescence.

And that beautiful and dreamy scene contains the most terrifying death.

And half of the Moonlight Temple is outside the hazy fluorescence, and part of it extends clearly inside.

Only there.

Only then can we truly have a glimpse of the most beautiful scenery in the moonlight jungle.


Outside the Moonlight Jungle.

Moonlight Temple.

This is the headquarters and a holy place in the eyes of all Moon Knights.

At this moment, members of the Moonlight Knights rushed out quickly one after another, looking at the Magic Wheel House that turned into a colorful stream of light in the distance.

“That is?”

“Magic Wheel House.”

“The car of the scarlet goddess.”

“Why did the scarlet goddess come here?”

“What does she want to do? Does she want to enter the Moonlight Jungle?”

“Without God’s permission, even other gods cannot enter the Moonlight Jungle.”

As Suinhor and a major force occupying one side, of course they would not treat the Magic Wheel House as a magical tool of the demon clan like Silver and Matafusi.

They waited outside the temple, bewildered as they watched the legendary red goddess’ car arrive and slowly stop.

“I have seen the scarlet goddess.”

“I’ve seen…”

God comes to earth.

Even if it is not the **** they believe in, they still maintain awe.

The blue goddess Anli in the Magic Wheel House did not appear, nor did she say anything to explain that she was not the scarlet goddess.

She knows that it is not a good thing for a **** to be too close to a mortal.

The reason why they appeared in front of Matafusi and Yin was because they had special identities and extraordinary tasks.

The Magic Wheel House hovers in mid-air, emitting a halo of light that reaches into the distance.

Anli’s voice was transmitted directly into the depths of the Moonlight Forest, calling for one of the seven great Ruchs.

“Sanye Anli came under the guidance of the dominant god.”

“O God of the Moon, one of the Seven Great Ruhes, please answer my call.”

Anli said it several times, and even called out different names several times in the Word of Wisdom.

The Demon of the Moon, the God of Moonlight.

After a while, the existence deep in the moonlight jungle seemed to have heard Anli’s call and produced a weak response.

A moment.

A large number of different fluorescent plants are swaying, and in the world covered by the fluorescent layer, it seems like there are moons rising and lights lighting up.

The light shone outside and fell on the Magic Wheel House.

He is the descendant of the Demon of the Moon.

Anli looked into the depths of the world composed of fluorescent plants, wondering whether this was the Moon God responding to her, or whether it was her calling the Moon God’s name that attracted the attention of these giant gods.

The Moonlight Knights below turned to the Moonlight Jungle one by one, squatting on the ground and shouting loudly.

“The servant of the supreme master of life, the great Luhe troll, the Moon Demon Jue, the shadow of the moon that envelopes the world.”

In their opinion, this is the miraculous manifestation of the Moon God.

And it seems that she is responding to the arrival of the “Red Goddess”.

Anli hesitated for a moment.

Continue to drive the Magic Wheel House and follow the light little by little toward the inside, as the fluorescence falls little by little.

Finally, it stopped at the outer layer of the fluorescent world.

“I’ll leave for a while, and you guys will wait for me here.”

Matafusi and Yin nodded, curiously looking at the moonlight jungle that was so close to Chi Chi, and at the fluorescent boundary wall that extended to the height of the sky.

Anli walked all the way and entered a mysterious place with high walls.

It is full of various plants, and the walls and buildings are integrated with the plants

In the center of the wide lake pool, there is a statue of the giant **** Ruhe. After Anli saluted to the statue, she walked around and continued walking deeper.

And here, it happens to be isolated by the fluorescent world.

Anli stepped forward and carefully placed her hand on it.


Anli bounced back, flew far away, and finally slowly floated to the ground.

And this also means that the Moonlight Jungle is refusing her entry.

“Can’t get in?”

Anli stood there, deep in thought.

“Did I interpret that oracle wrongly?”

“Sure enough.”

“The big lantern shouldn’t refer to the Demon of the Moon, but something else?”

Anli thought of this, but felt that it should be like this.

“Yes, the Demon of the Moon, the giant **** of Luhe.”

“Being called a lantern is too…”


Since you are already here, you can’t leave directly.

Anli could only look around, think about whether she had made a mistake, and look for other clues at the same time.

In the center of this open-air temple and altar stands a tall statue of the Moon God.

On the surrounding walls, there are the silhouettes of other giant gods of Ruch.

This is the core forbidden area of ​​Moonlight Knight.

Except for special days, not even Moon Knight can enter.

At this moment.

Anli walked here alone, looking at the outline of the giant **** on the wall.

Each Ruch Titan has a representative mark. Although it is simplified to only a few strokes, Anli knows what it represents.

Ruheyin was once controlled by the royal family, but was later taken back.

Finally, she came to the statue of the Moon God.

The statue of the Moon God is very strange, it is the shape of a lake-like god.

Behind the form of God is a strange plant. The plant wraps around the form of God and extends from behind, lighting up the path ahead.

On the forehead of the god-shaped figure, there are vague symbols.

When I first looked at it, I didn’t notice anything. I thought it was just a mortal imagining the form of a giant into the form of a god.

But now Anli took a closer look and discovered a problem.

The more I look at it, the less it looks like a god.

Although it is a rough outline of a human figure, one can clearly see that it has obvious characteristics of a three-leaf man.

For example, it looks like it is wearing armor, but it is actually the outline of bone armor, such as the inhuman outline of the face. It is normal for a mortal to see some unusual phenomena from gods, but Anri can see it. The difference.

“How does this look like a clover?”

But if it is a three-leaf person, why is there a mark on the head? Ordinary three-leaf people do not have such a thing on their heads.

Anli was suddenly stunned, she seemed to understand something.

The three-leaf man has a mark on his head.

What else could this be.

He suddenly exclaimed, and his child’s eyes changed slightly.

“The king of a royal blood family?”

But Anli felt that this should not be an ordinary blood king.

“No, not an ordinary king.”

“This is the son of the God King.”


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