I am God Chapter 551: : The gold coins and beads once left by the Lord of Happiness and Wishes


Inside the astrological ball.

At the end of the scene, everything returned to the Thunder Swamp.

Gammel stood in front of the hillside hut where he and Oran once lived, looking at the sea of ​​clouds deep in Thunder Swamp.

Those who watched Gamel’s life were not only Martafusi and Yin, but also Gamel himself.

He looked at his life, from beginning to end.

He saw that he did what he thought was right time and time again, but always pushed things to the worst side. He once again witnessed the death of the old priest in the prayer hall, and witnessed the relationship between the two temples. of conflict, shouting war of faith and piety.

Finally, I also witnessed my own death.

His body hung on the gallows and was despised and cursed by thousands of people. No one thanked him, but he did use his death to prevent more terrible disasters and wars from coming.

He stood quietly in front of the hut, but Olan’s voice seemed to be heard behind him.

The former apostle, now the soon-to-be god, seemed to be standing behind him again.

Asking him: “Is the right or wrong in front of me more important, or the final destination that is more important.”

This last moment.

All the memories returned and were remembered by him again.

Including scenes of him traveling with Oran as the Cup of Desire, and his years as a tower spirit.

He then realized that everything had already passed away and became history.

The hometown he wanted to go back to was no longer possible.


A new era has arrived.

His unforgettable persistence is just a vow he made and his desire to change his hometown.

“A new era…has arrived!”

Gamer turned his head, and the scene in his memory collapsed completely. The sea of ​​clouds at the end of the sky turned into a black hole, swallowing up everything in the scene.

At this time, a ray of light suddenly rushed in from a distance.

Gamer was stunned for a moment, but when he saw the light reaching the end of the sea of ​​clouds, he immediately understood something.

He looked at the light helplessly and bitterly, and said.

“That’s just an illusion!”

“There is no Thunder Swamp, and there is no Lost Kingdom.”

“You are not a real witch, you will never be able to ascend to the kingdom of the Titans.”


Gamer was so excited that he couldn’t help shouting loudly at the being that rushed in.

“He is completely dead a long time ago!”

“I have been dead for a long, long time. Everything is over.”

But the figure didn’t care and just chased the sea of ​​clouds in the sky. He didn’t care at all and couldn’t hear what Gamel was shouting behind him.

The memories of two people are in the astrological ball.

Therefore, the life of another person quickly appeared in front of Gamer’s eyes, the life of a fisherman named Liz.

Gamer knows Liz’s origin, but knowing it is different from actually seeing it.

Seeing it is even more different from experiencing it personally.

He saw with his own eyes the tragic and humble life of Liz, who was born in an ordinary fisherman’s family.

Born in a poor fisherman’s family, the family could only live on a dilapidated fishing boat on the water. They suffered from hunger when they were young. When they grew up, they began to fish in the water every day.

When she was older, her father sold her to others like a piece of merchandise. After passing through many hands, she finally became the chosen witch.

But I don’t know if this is luck or misfortune.

Luckily she was chosen to become a witch, but unfortunately she was just a sacrifice named a witch.


For Liz, it was like a whole new world had opened for her.

The fisher girl, who was skinny as a fisherman but could not even eat fish, ate various delicacies for the first time.

For the first time she put on such beautiful clothes, just like a princess.

For the first time, she felt dignity, and everyone looked at her with respect.

The short and illusory career of a witch was the only light in her life.

On a hillside hut.

The twinkling light in Gamer’s eyes disappeared and he looked straight into the distance.

A flower of desire with the face of Liz danced on the lake where the clouds were rolling, calling the name of God and singing a sad song in the forbidden land of death.

She climbed onto the rotten fishing boat again and sailed together in the clouds and mist that represented death.

“Great God of the Sky!”

“Servant of the supreme master of life, the great giant Ruhe…”

“You are the master of thunder, the wind brings your voice to mortals, the sky and clouds are yours…”

Gamer lowered his head, and when he raised his head again, he looked at the sky. He knew that someone outside was watching him at this moment.

“Can you modify her memory?”

“Let her board that city.”

The strange voice sounded again, clearly right next to my ears, but no trace of the other party could be seen.


The sea of ​​clouds deep in Thunder Swamp is turbulent and changing.


A thunder sounded and it started to rain deep in the swamp.

The flowers on the boat no longer danced, but hid in the corners of the boat.

The silver flowers were swaying from side to side due to the rain. The flower cup was bent, and the face was hidden deep in the flower cup.

The boat was swaying wildly. At this time, a shadow walked beside the decaying boat and blocked its way.

Hua’er in the corner raised her head and looked at each other, her beautiful face a little surprised, as if this scene shouldn’t happen, or people shouldn’t be here.

Gamer stood on the water, bent down and looked at Liz’s face.

He seemed to have a lot to say to the other party, but he didn’t know where to start. He had wanted to save the other party again and again.

In the past, he didn’t understand Liz’s final choice, and he was still asking the other party at the last moment.

“Liz, does it really matter whether you are a witch or not?”

But this time Gamel spoke again and called out the other party’s name.


He took a deep breath and looked at the other person with a smile.

“Stop wandering and waiting, the giant **** in the sky is waiting for you up there!”

Whether the other party really wants to become a witch is no longer important.

It’s true, it’s false.

What exactly does she want? Whose fault is the original farce?

It doesn’t matter anymore.

At this moment, Gamer just hopes that the other party will no longer indulge in that obsession that will never dissipate, and that everything should be over.

Then he moved out of the way.

The rain stopped, and the clouds in the sky rolled up into a whirlpool.

The light shone down from a high place, as if it had opened up a path, and it happened to shine on the rotten wooden boat.

Everything has changed and is no longer the same as in memory.

It is as if the endless cycle of death has been broken and there is a new beginning.

The face in the flower bloomed against the light, opening little by little to the extreme.

The wooden boat that had stopped started to set sail again.

This time.

It is no longer lost and hesitant, but goes straight to the sea of ​​clouds.

Gamer looked at the flower of desire standing on the bow of the canoe, going against the light, singing a cheerful song.

He knew for the first time.

That sacred hymn can be so sad that it makes people sad, but it can also be so bright and full of expectation.

The flowers sang hymns, and the boat sailed through the sea of ​​clouds.

Ride on the big mountain built with white clouds and keep climbing higher.

Finally, the city deep in the sea of ​​clouds was finally revealed.

Clouds fill the sky, and light of dreamy and sacred colors falls from the end.

Between the light and the clouds lies a mythical city that is too ancient to be described.

The wooden boat walked little by little into the sacred light and into the dreamy clouds.

The face in the flower cup showed piety and longing, and she finally landed in the lost country.

Even in the illusion of memory.

Above the sea of ​​clouds, the wooden boat reached the end. The shadow of a snake girl in the flower cup came out and left the wooden boat towards the mythical city.

She saw the heavy door of the Kingdom of God opened for her, and saw the shadow of the majestic God standing in the Kingdom of God.


Entered the Kingdom of God without looking back.

She knelt before God and shouted loudly.

“Servant of the supreme master of life, the great sky giant, the **** of thunder who controls the sky and thunder.”

She finally became the witch she wanted to be, a witch belonging to the sky.

But as the gate of the mythical city closed.

In the blink of an eye, everything disappears.

There is no kingdom of God, no canoe, only a cup of desire that is about to wither.

Just as the obsession dissipated, the face in the flower cup gradually disappeared.

But the moment it completely disappeared, Gamer lost all expression on his face for a moment, and then he bent down with his head in his arms as if he was about to die.

Because the moment the other party’s obsession was achieved, he felt that his past also dissipated into smoke.

Nothing is left.

He can never return to his former hometown, and he no longer knows anyone.

He has transcended time and can never go back to the past.

At this moment, a powerful force poured into his body.

His power is complete and he will become a new apostle.


In the treatment room of Green Vine Medical Fort.

When Gamer opened his eyes, he saw a powerful force spreading through his body, and illusory shadows emerged from his body one after another.

The alchemy tower in the distance suddenly floated up and came to the sky above the Green Vine Medical Fort, unfolding a huge ritual and barrier.

“He’s about to break through, let’s get out quickly.”

Mata Fusi and Yin knew what was going to happen and ran outside immediately.

But the people in the Green Vine Medical Fort and the city didn’t know what happened, especially the people in the Miracle Temple. They were all dumbfounded when they saw the alchemy tower they were guarding flying away.

“What’s going on?”

“What is going on.”

“Stop it.”

“I can’t stop it!”

“The Alchemy Tower…ran away?”

A large number of figures followed the Alchemy Tower, some flying directly in the air, some riding flying magic carpets or other flying props, and finally arrived outside the Green Vine Medical Fort.

I saw the huge ritual unfolding inside, as well as the expanding spiritual field.

The entire alchemy tower has become taller and more sophisticated, and more phantoms can be seen appearing in the tower, running the entire alchemy tower.

They also understood what was happening. Someone was breaking through to the fourth level.

Apostle level.

They finally understood why this tower was so special and there was no tower guard in sight.

Why would the Lord of Happiness and Desire place this alchemy tower here? Because its tower guard has already been in the tower.

“It turns out that the Gamer Alchemy Tower has a tower guard.”

“The fourth-order fluctuation is the spiritual force field!”

“We are going to have one more apostle. There have been many alchemist apostles before, and now there is finally a tower guardian apostle.”

The alchemists and tower keepers present cheered, especially the tower keepers, who were particularly excited.

When Matavs and Silver saw Gamel appear again, the other party had turned into the form of a god.

Gamer’s situation is no longer as confusing as before, and his words are confusing.

The moment he saw the two of them, he immediately expressed his gratitude to them.

“Thank you.”

“Matafusi, and silver.”

Martavus looked at the other party. It was her first time to witness the birth of the apostle: “I came here under the guidance of Mr. Olan. It is not a big help. After all, I was also guided by Mr. Olan. Mr. Lan took a lot of care.”

Yin was more direct and nodded: “Yes.”

Gamer also knew their personalities and responded with a smile.

After waking up his memory, he also had things he wanted to do and was preparing to leave Moonlight City.

Although this place is prosperous and is an important transit point connecting Suinhor and the ruling country of Wanshen, which is suitable for the development of the tower guardian, after all, this place does not belong to him.

After Gamer finished speaking, he took out something from his alchemy tower.

The alchemy tower emitted light, and two boxes fell down, and they were gently given to Matafosi and Silver.

“This is the cost of my treatment, and thank you for your help.”

When Martafus got the thing, she was so surprised and happy that she couldn’t close her mouth. When she opened it, her mouth couldn’t close even more.


Gamel was richer than he imagined. There were not only magic gold coins in the box, but also many valuable things.

Although Matafosi did not take a closer look, she knew that these things were very precious.

“How embarrassing is this!”

She was indeed a little embarrassed and felt that this thing far exceeded the cost of her treatment. She not only learned a lot, but also paid nothing.

After thinking about it, she was ready to return the things.

But Yin is particularly upright. She doesn’t even look at the things others give her, so she just accepts them.

“Thank you.”

This made Matavs hold the box in her hand, but she didn’t know whether to return it to Gamel.

While hesitating again and again, Gamer was already walking outside.

Gamer casually took out a super large disposable dimensional space scroll and waved it towards the sky.

The scroll spit out a burst of light and directly loaded the alchemy tower into it.

This is also one of the ways for the tower guardian to move his alchemy tower. The only one who has permanent storage items and carries his alchemy tower everywhere is Olan.

Gamer said goodbye to the two of them: “I’m leaving. If you have anything to do later, you can write to me or go to the Thunder Kingdom.”

Gamer walked directly outside and saw that there were many people waiting for him outside. These powerful people saluted as soon as they saw Gamer’s face.

No need to look any further, this strange silver blouse and divine form are definitely the apostles of the Desire and Alchemy God System.

“My lord!”

“My lord!”


Gamer nodded and turned into a ray of light and left.

No one from the Temple of Miracles dared to stop him, and they all saluted in the direction Gamer left.

After Gamer left, Green Vine Medical Fort became more lively.

The low-level powerful people could not see through the disguise of the two cloaks, but the high-level powerful people could see through it at a glance. Now everyone knew that there was a winged witch doctor in the Green Vine Medicine Castle, who seemed to be the **** of witch doctors. The roll maker.

The other one is even more incredible, it can scare people to death just by looking at it.

Shape of God.

There are always people who want to come up to see Marta Fusi and Yin, which makes the two of them extremely annoyed. It just so happens that the two of them have made money and are ready to leave.

But before leaving, the two prepared to transform the astrological ball for the second time.

Especially, when Matafosi and Silver sorted out the treatment fees paid to them by Gamel, they found books about the characteristics of the Cup of Desire, and even how to plant the Cup of Desire. method.

The other party seemed to know that the two of them needed this, maybe he heard it from their voices, or maybe it was Oran, the Lord of Happiness and Desire, who asked him to stay.

But of course there is another reason for giving them this knowledge, not just because they want it.

After all, this can be said to be the core secret of the Desire and Alchemy God System, the secret of myth.

It would be impossible for another person, even a myth, to receive this gift of knowledge.

In the treatment room where Gamel was treated.

This place has now been converted into a simple laboratory, where the two of them carried out the transformation of the astrological ball.

Matrafus took the book given to her by Gamer, cultivated and controlled the Cup of Desire according to the above method, and planted the Cup of Desire, which had no head, into the second layer of the astrological ball.

The silver cup of desire continued to shrink, and finally landed on the second layer outside the concentric sphere that was constantly rotating irregularly.

Take root.

As it took root and bloomed, a strange power poured into the entire astrological ball, a magical prop.

After doing all this carefully, Matafus breathed a sigh of relief.

He turned around and said to Yin beside him.

“After the flower is planted, as long as you follow the method given to us by Mr. Gamel, it will gradually split into a second flower.”

“One day, the second level of the entire astrological sphere will definitely be filled.”

Yin looked at the astrological ball and asked her: “What’s the change?”

Matafusi said: “You will know after you go in and take a look.”


Matrafus and Silver sank their consciousness into the world inside the astrological ball.

They entered the world of illusory memory, a world composed entirely of information, and fell into the world of the astrological city of the past.

Everything here is like a painting, retaining memories of the past. Everything inside is rigid and will not respond to anything unless they actively fill in and insert new pictures.

But you can find something very strange, a wooden boat floating in the sky.

Matafus pointed at the canoe: “Look, that’s it.”

Yin looked over and recognized what it was: “The wooden boat in Liz’s memory?”

This is what the first cup of desire brings, and it will also bring changes within the entire astrological sphere.

This wooden boat is not an ordinary wooden boat. It can run and drive intelligently and automatically like a program, without anyone having to actively push it.

Just board it, tell it where you want to go, and it will take you there in this illusory world.

Never stop, keep running.

Matafusi and Yin boarded the boat together. It appeared in the river and on the sea of ​​clouds.

Matafus feels the power of this ship. It seems to have its own mind and can respond according to your thoughts and desires.

But this idea is limited to the idea and desire of where to go.

Martafus felt the unusualness of it. Although it was very primitive, she did touch the method of using the power of desire.

“If I inject appetite into the Cup of Desire, will a restaurant that continuously produces various kinds of food be generated in the astrological ball?”

“As long as I ask, I can make any food I want?”

“Every desire will generate a continuously operating facility?”

“When you accumulate endless desires, you can make this illusory world run.”

Silver asked Matavs: “But what is the use of this?”

Because no matter how smart you are, it is just a thing in the illusion. Your real body will not be full and will still starve.

Martavus: “If the astrological sphere could become a kingdom of God, wouldn’t this be our ideal kingdom?”

“And as the power becomes stronger, who says it can’t affect reality?”

Matafus fell into fantasy. If she had such a country, she would definitely stay in it and never come out.

Yin looked around: “In this way, it feels like people are being raised like toothed beasts.”

Matafus nodded and then came up with a theory.

This was a genius idea that suddenly appeared in her mind the night before.

“So there are levels of desire, and beasts only know how to pursue the lowest desires.”

“After satisfying our physiological desires and needs, we will pursue our safety needs.”

“Social needs and respect needs are also needed.”

“The last thing is self-realization.”

“But I like to call the last one the desire of God.”

Matafus took out her notebook and recorded all her thoughts in it.

Matafusi spoke with great energy and told Yin loudly.

“Different desires will promote different changes in the world of the Kingdom of God. Various desires such as food, clothing, residence, etc. will generate various facilities to make the entire country operate like a utopia.”

“Everyone’s need for security will jointly form the Kingdom of God’s security system, maintain the order of the Kingdom of God, protect everyone’s safety, and give everyone a sense of security.”

“Social needs allow all people to freely choose to connect together and transmit and share information regardless of distance.”

“The need for respect allows them to choose to accept the work and tasks sent by the kingdom of God and gods. We can live in the kingdom of God, or we can be reincarnated into the human world to complete work and tasks to realize our own value and gain respect. ”

“Last one, we can also make an oath or vow to pursue our ideals and limits, and become a saint or a saint-like existence, and even become a new myth.”

“Silver, what do you think?”

“Is this a great idea?”

Matafusi said with assurance, crossing her arms.

“If we were perfect spirits of wisdom, this would be it.”

Yin seemed a little dazed: “Did you come up with this?”

Martavus said: “I said I was a genius.”

Gin also feels that this idea is too amazing and too idealistic.

“Can it really be done?”

After being asked this question, Matavus immediately put her hand down from her chest.

Then he raised his eyes and said with a guilty conscience.

“That’s what I think anyway.”

In other words, I can only think about it now.

But then, Matavus also said something similar to what Silver had said before.

“I always feel like I should remember something, something very important.”

“But I don’t remember.”


On his way back, Gamer passed by the Eclipse City of the Ten Thousand Snakes Ruling Kingdom.

He came to the counter of the Contract Lawyers Guild in the city and said to the waiter on the counter.

“Hello, my name is Gamer.”

“I want to get what Mr. Oran left me.”

The waiter nodded and said: “Okay, please wait a moment.”

Then I didn’t expect that the waiter didn’t come back after checking for a long time.

Immediately afterwards, half of the Contract Lawyers Guild was alarmed.

The president of this union came to Gamer in person, and at a glance he could see the powerful power fluctuations emanating from Gamer, and he was vaguely sure of something.

The other party asked cautiously: “Who are you? Are you sure that what you want to take is what the Lord of Desire and Happiness once left with the gods? Are you here to complete this contract?”

After asking, the other party said: “I’m not doubting you, because to complete the contract witness, it needs to be notarized by the gods.”

“Your contract and notarization are too old and involve gods. Even the God of Contracts and Codes may pay attention to this.”

Having said this, the union president did not dare to say more.

“So once something goes wrong, there will be big problems.”

Although the union president can’t think of anyone who dares to come here to pretend to claim something left by another god, but if there is a bold guy, then they will become a fish in the pond.

Gamer said: “I can be regarded as Lord Oran’s student. What Lord Oran left behind is my name, and I am Gamer.”

This time, the other party finally confirmed something.

The union president personally summoned the book of contract in his hand, summoning the contract that was concluded here when Oran passed through Eclipse City a long, long time ago.

“The master of written authority, the lord of contracts and codes, the **** who rules over all contract lawyers and judges.”

“Please witness…”

As the spell was uttered, an ancient contract floated out.

Gamer raised his head and looked at the contract.

I saw two names written on the contract, Olan on one side and Gamer on the other.

Deep in the dream world.

A mythical will extended out and landed here.

Gammel looked at the dome of the Qi Lawyer Guild and vaguely saw a country composed of clouds, information and words. A certain **** in a mythical court was watching him.

Gamer knew that it was Sukob, the **** of contracts and codes that had become a myth.

Gammel saluted, and the other people present prostrated themselves on the ground.


A grid on the dome of the Contract Lawyers Guild opened and a bag dropped.

“Contract reached.”

A majestic voice came from the air, and as the words fell, all the visions gradually disappeared.

Now everyone is sure that the person in front of them is indeed the rightful owner of the contract that year. The Lord of Happiness and Desire was here many years ago and left something to him through the contract.

Although the people present were very curious about the identity of the other party and what the Lord of Happiness and Desire left for the other party, they all knew that this was not something they could know or pry into.

Gamer took the bag and left on the flying magic carpet.

On the flying magic carpet, he opened the bag.

In the bag is a pile of gold coins from the past era, gold coins from the Thunder Kingdom.


He reached in and grabbed a handful. Gamer recalled the scenes and couldn’t help but smile.

But digging deeper, Gamer suddenly froze.

He dug out a bead in it.

And Gamer recognized this bead as the prop used by Oran in the Thunder Kingdom.

It is a prop used to witness the scene of the Witch’s Festival.

This bead once glimpsed part of the power and shadow of the giant god. At that time, Oran was so frightened that he tried his best to prevent Gamer from seeing the distant scene.

And that image still remains in it.

Gamer didn’t know what Lord Oran meant by keeping this bead for himself, but he kept it anyway.

The flying magic carpet passed under the sea of ​​clouds, and he was getting closer to his hometown.

“I don’t know what the Thunder Kingdom has become.”

“Is it better or worse.”


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