I am God Chapter 550: : The truth about the so-called divine punishment


In the treatment room.

Yin put down the bottle and turned around: “What is he shouting?”

Martavus also heard: “It seems… Reese?”





Neither Matavs nor Silver knew what the word meant.

The two people raised their heads and looked at the astrological ball, which reflected Gamel’s memory. Maybe they could know the answer there.

Martavus and Silver were also somewhat curious about the past of this unusual life form.


All kinds of words are constantly pouring out of the body of the witch spirit formed by pasting papers together.

The ghost spirit exerts its power to maintain the entire treatment process.

Matrafus stepped forward and helped it reorganize the chaotic pictures bit by bit, gradually piecing Gamer’s chaotic and fragmented memories together like a puzzle.

The witch doctor is really a magical profession. It can not only treat your physical diseases, but also problems involving memory and consciousness.

And Gamel, whose consciousness was in the astrological ball, seemed to be living his life over again.

“That’s it.”

As this sentence fell.

The picture begins with an endless lake.

That is Gamer’s hometown.

The lake is so vast and beautiful that it is difficult to tell whether the sky is above or below.

Only the forest at the far end of the horizon that was buried in the water told them that this was a swamp.

Matafus said in surprise: “What a beautiful place.”

Yin recognized where this was: “Thunder Swamp, one of the forbidden places of death.”

Martavus looked at Yin: “Such a beautiful place is also a forbidden place of death?”

Yin nodded: “The kingdom of the sky giant is also the place where the Lost Kingdom is located.”

Both of them looked inside the astrological ball curiously. This was the first time they used the astrological ball in this way.

And this feeling of peeking into other people’s memories and lives is really magical and unbearable.

Screen flow.

When Gamer was young, he was an ordinary child. He didn’t have much that was surprising, and he didn’t show any special talents.

He was born in a small and backward kingdom, and grew up in ignorance like most people.

But as Gamel grew up, he began to look different.

His era was an era when alchemists and alchemy were emerging. The Kingdom of Thunder was connected to the White Tower Alchemy Alliance, separated only by the vast Sunrise Mountains. Therefore, the Kingdom of Thunder was deeply influenced by the Land of the Sunrise.

Under the tide of the times, some people will always make choices.

It’s just that some people have become the trendsetters of the times, and some people have been drowned by the tide of the times.

The young Gamer was once one of the people changed by the tide of the times.

He saw the power of alchemy, the wealth of the White Tower Alchemy Alliance, and the level of civilization that far exceeded the Thunder Kingdom.


When his father asked him what he wanted to do in the future.

He pointed at a large ship made by the Land of the Rising Sun on the water and said loudly.

“I want to become an alchemist, and I want to learn the knowledge and alchemy of the White Tower Alchemy Alliance.”

Once a human existence has some kind of strong desire and goal, it seems to be really different.

Same as what he once said.

When he grew up, he joined the Miracle Temple and became an alchemist in the Thunder Kingdom.

The screen flies by, and Gamer has become a young man.

In his youth, Gamer practiced in a prayer temple in Thunder City, striving for an opportunity to go to the Land of the Rising Sun, become a more powerful alchemist, and then stay there.

While making preparations to leave, Gamer looked forward to the future after going to the Land of the Rising Sun.

At this time, there was a loud noise on the street, and Gamer couldn’t help but stop and watch.

It was a celebration to worship the giant **** in the sky.

Unlike the Temple of Miracles, the Temple of Thunder is the state religion of the kingdom, and its believers are like mountains and seas.

The entire street was filled with the shouts, cheers and prayers of believers.

“Although the war between the Thunder Kingdom and the Ten Thousand Snakes Royal Court is over, the hatred will never disappear.” At that time, the Ten Thousand Snakes Royal Court was going to war against the Thunder Kingdom because of a feud. The Thunder Kingdom suffered heavy casualties and was forced to humiliatingly seek help from the Ten Thousand Snakes Royal Court. and.

“Only with God’s blessing and only with our witch can we be fearless of all enemies.” People in the Thunder Kingdom long for a witch who belongs to the sky, just like the witch of the earth protects the land of snakes , the country that protects Thunder.

“We have received a response from the gods. This witch sacrifice will definitely please the gods and allow the Thunder Kingdom to gain the power and care of the gods.” Not long ago, Yunshan and the Lost Kingdom deep in the Thunder Swamp The vision excited them even more. They thought it was God’s response, but they didn’t know that it was the giant **** in the sky welcoming the arrival of the Supreme God.

At this time, Gamer, who was standing by the street, encountered a strange thing.

He seemed to hear someone speaking in his ear.

Gamer turned his head, looking for the direction from which the sound came.

“The King’s Court of Ten Thousand Snakes?” This is a very ancient name. Now people call it the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Snakes. The former King’s Court ended long ago with the end of the era of Dark Moon and Ackerman.

“Shh, don’t speak loudly, he will hear it.” At this time, an inaudible voice sounded, and then Gamer could no longer hear the strange voice.

Gamer was a little confused, but he couldn’t find who was speaking. The voice was clearly close to him.

In the end I could only turn around and leave.

While going back, Gamer met someone who changed the trajectory of his life.

Olan, the Lord of Happiness and Desire, came to Thunder City and lived in their prayer hall.

However, Gamer didn’t know who the other party was at that time.

Olan looked at the lively celebration and said with sigh.

“You can’t see God’s reflection, you can’t hear God’s voice, you don’t know God’s will, but you can believe in God. This may be the most funny and foolish scene for a mortal.”

At that time, Gamel refuted this human apostle.

No matter whether their beliefs are funny or ignorant, it is their belief in gods that unites them into this country.

Whether God responded or not, they found hope and a future in it.

But then, Gamer saw an ugly scene in the selection of witches. A large number of nobles, officials, and gods used the excuse of selecting witches to collect money, kill, and fight and suppress each other.

Gammel therefore clashed with the people in the Thunder Temple, but in the end he was powerless.

At this time, Olan asked him: “Is this the hope and future you are talking about?”

This sentence deeply hurt Gamel and made him understand something.

He said to Oran: “I am going to the White Tower Alchemy Alliance to study, but I will come back after I finish my studies.”

He no longer wanted to stay in that prosperous, wealthy, and civilized land of the rising sun. He wanted to go back and change his hometown and country after completing his studies.

However, Gamel had not yet started this journey.

The Kingdom of Thunder decided to sacrifice the selected witch as a living sacrifice, and let her lead a large number of selected young men and women on a sacrificial ship to dedicate herself to the great Ruhe sky giant.

Olan told Gammel that this was destined to cause divine punishment.

Because the Supreme God is in the Lost Kingdom above the sea of ​​clouds at this moment, if the Thunder Kingdom does such a thing in front of the Supreme God, it will definitely offend the Sky Titan.

Gamer didn’t know the existence of the Supreme God, but the divine punishment in Oran’s mouth was terrifying enough.

In panic, he tried his best to find a way to prevent this kind of thing.

He went to meet the chosen “witch”, but the witch did not believe that he was a heretic.

He went to inquire about the place where the sacrificial ship was built, but at this time the sky giant sent a warning and destroyed the witch’s sacrificial ship.

Gamer was ecstatic, but he did not expect that he would be regarded as the culprit who destroyed the ceremony.

In the end, a war between the two temples was triggered, and even the old priest of the prayer hall where Gamel was located died.


Gamer had to choose to go to death and ended his life with his own hands.

It was Oran who saved him and turned him into a Cup of Desire.

At the end of the story, all the believers who longed to see the giant **** were turned into a pile of rotten flesh under the power and glory of the **** the moment they saw the god.

And “Witch” Liz, also coerced by the will and desire of everyone in the kingdom, took the sacrificial ship to complete her mission as a sacrifice.

Use her death to prove that the giant **** still protects the Thunder Kingdom.


In the treatment room.

Matafusi and Yin looked at the astrological ball. At first, they were whispering.

But when they gradually saw the back, the two of them never said a word again.

Only silence remains.

Before reading this memory, they never thought it would be such a shocking story.

The dialogue between Gamel and Oran and the words of the characters in the painting strongly impacted their hearts.

They had heard some of these words from Gamel before.

But when I heard it again now, the feeling was completely different from before.

“There is no good or evil in the eyes of gods.”

“We are called believers, but in fact we are all a group of fools who do not understand the true meaning of gods.”

“I obviously didn’t do anything wrong, so why did it end up in the worst possible outcome?”

“Is the right or wrong in front of you more important, or the final destination that is more important.”


Matafus raised her head and opened her mouth slightly.

You can even see her hands shaking slightly.

She seemed to want to say something, but she couldn’t say anything. She was sad for Gamel and hesitant about the cruelty of the world.

For the first time, she saw the blind obedience of faith, and also felt the horror of desire.

Until the moment in the picture, the divine punishment comes.

Mata Fusi stared at her eyes and said in disbelief.

“What is that?”

on the screen.

Thousands of miles of clouds turned into dark clouds in an instant, and the world immediately turned into darkness.

Olan, who was standing on the water, showed a ferocious expression the moment he looked up at the sky, and made a low hiccup sound from his whole body stiffly.

Then he let out a howl of fear as if he couldn’t suppress the fear in his heart.

This scene made Matavs feel creepy.

She couldn’t imagine what Mr. Olan, the chosen one, had seen, and he was so scared to look like this.

The fear and madness were so deep in his heart that even he couldn’t control them.

“How come, that’s Mr. Oran.”

“The real **** is not far away.”

Yin on the side also spoke and gave Matafosi an answer.

“It’s the giant **** Ruhe.”

“The Titan of the Sky.”

Matafusi had heard others say about the power and terror of the giant Ruhe before. Even the Evil God of Original Sin and the God of Truth and Knowledge were attacked by the giant Ruhe because they started a war in the back garden of Ruhe, the island that dominates life. He was beaten a few times and fell into a deep sleep.

But that’s just hearsay.

Even if she was imagining, she couldn’t imagine too many scenes.

But this time she really felt the terror of the giant, even if the power shown in the picture was just the tip of the iceberg.

And looked at the dark clouds surging inside the astrological ball, and the flashing thunder.

This scene gives people a feeling of déjà vu.

She suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but say.

“The feeling of these dark clouds and thunder is similar to the situation above Moonlight City before.”

Yin also felt the same as Marta Fusi. When he saw this scene, he was reminded of the thunderstorm and thunder above Moonlight City.

Matafus and Yin looked outside the window.

The moonlight is shining outside and the stars are shining brightly.

Although everything disappeared without a trace, the cloudless sky was also proof of the miracle.

Yin looked at the sky and realized why she was so panicked and scared.

At the same time, I also remembered what Gamer said before.

Suddenly, she said what Gamel said before.

“The gods are watching this world, looking down on us from the sky.”

“Listen, the sound of the wind is God breathing.”

“That thunder, that is the gods roaring their filial piety and shouting.”

Martafus also told another part of what Gamel said, a fable she had also heard when she was a child.

“God is the sun.”

“The sun cannot be approached, nor can it be far away.”

“Don’t speculate on the will of gods, and don’t use your own ignorance to spy on the majesty of gods.”

At that time, they just thought that the person in front of them was crazy and what he said was crazy.

At this moment, they finally understood that everything Gamer said were his personal feelings.

Every word and every word was earned by him with blood, tears and death.


When the two of them turned around.

Just when I saw “Witch” Liz riding the dilapidated wooden boat, sailing towards the depths of the sea of ​​clouds, it finally turned into foam.

For a moment, Matafosi and Yin felt particularly sad.

Looking at the dissipating bubbles and the mountains of clouds that reached the end of the sky, Silver, who was the pre-selected Star Witch, spoke.

“The Witch of the Sky.”


Although the other party is not a real witch, she is just an ordinary person who is named a witch.

But the other party’s story deeply stuck in Yin’s mind.

Silver never thought that there was once a girl who wanted to be a witch so much.

Even if she cannot become a real witch in the end, she is willing to die as a false witch just to become a witch in the minds of others.

And a sentence suddenly popped up in Matavs’ head, just like the inspiration that just popped up in her mind.

“We are all machines of desire. Some people are driven by desire, and some people control desire.”

Yin looked at Matafusi with something special in her eyes.

Martafos felt guilty: “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Yin said: “This is the first time I’ve seen you say such philosophical words.”

Matafus scratched her head sheepishly, and then said.

“I have many bright spots, it’s just that you haven’t discovered them.”

They walked forward together, shoulder to shoulder in front of the hospital bed, and came together to see the scene inside the astrological ball.

It wasn’t until the last scene faded that Matavs finally breathed a long sigh of relief.

“It’s over.”

Maybe it’s because this story is too depressing, or maybe it’s because this is an unprecedented treatment.

So Matavs was worried about the whole process, and she didn’t even dare to take a deep breath.

But at this point, the entire treatment process is finally complete.

Matafusi stepped forward and communicated with her ghost spirit through consciousness.

The next step is for Gui Lingjing to sort out and check the entire memory, put together some scattered scattered memories, and make sure there are no omissions in the review.

Matrafus will send Gamel’s consciousness back, allowing his memory to return.

Finally, just close the astrological ball.

While watching Gui Lingjing operate, Matafusi was still chatting casually with Yin.

“By the way, silver.”

“Tell me, why did Mr. Olan say that in the picture.”

“In the past, the giant sky **** didn’t care what mortals did, but this time he will definitely be angry and impose divine punishment?”

“Why should we distinguish between the past and the present?”

“This is strange. Was there anything unusual at that time?”

Yin thought for a moment, and suddenly remembered the changes in the direction of the Lost Kingdom in the depths of the swamp when people in Thunder City saw it, as well as some of Olan’s actions and words.

Think again about why an important figure like Oran suddenly ran into the depths of Thunder Swamp.

She seemed to have noticed something and said, “Perhaps it was because other gods were present at that time?”

Matafusi didn’t react at first: “Other gods?”

But after thinking about it carefully, she suddenly realized that Yin’s answer was not simple.

Matafus also felt that this answer seemed to be able to explain the scenes they saw, and could also correspond to many of the things in it.

“But the **** who can make the giant make such a big noise!”

“That’s not…”

Matafusi and Yin looked at each other, and seemed to have already answered.

One has serious eyes and the other has his mouth wide open.

But this answer is really too amazing.

Although the two knew it, they didn’t dare to say it out loud for a long time.

No one thought that after so many years, two people from later generations could guess the truth of that year.

Even Gamer didn’t know this during the game.

At that time, he only knew that the giant **** was angry because of the living sacrifice.

The giant **** first gave a warning, but in the end the mortals repeatedly refused to repent, and then directly issued divine punishment.

He doesn’t know.

In fact, the Supreme God descended on the Lost Kingdom on the Sea of ​​Clouds at that time, which was the City of God’s Descendance in the ancient times.

This made the giant **** in the sky pay attention to the surroundings at all times, overlooking this human farce.

On the contrary, Matafosi and Yin were on the outside. They could see the overall situation more realistically and guess the causes and consequences.

For a moment, both Matafosi and Yin were stunned.

After a long time, Matavus said in disbelief.


“The situation at that time was that the Supreme God came to the world from the Kingdom of Creator God.”

“And the giant **** in the sky opened the door to the Lost Kingdom to welcome the arrival of the Supreme God.”

“Mr. Oran should have gone to Thunder Swamp on behalf of the Desire God System, and the location appeared there. It is very likely that the God of Desire and Alchemy was also present, just above the sea of ​​clouds.”

The more Matafos spoke, the louder her voice became.

And the emotion in his voice became more and more startled, becoming extremely excited.

Although she herself did not notice her disorder and emotional loss.

“In this moment when the gods meet and greet the Supreme God.”

“The people of the Thunder Kingdom selected a group of people to be sacrificed to the giant **** in the sky in front of the supreme god?”

For a moment, Matafosi and Silver didn’t know how to interpret this move by Thunder Kingdom and Thunder Temple.

It seems that no words can describe the madness and stupidity of the Thunder Kingdom believers at that time.

This is not seeking death, this is crazy.

Really and completely crazy.

Matafuss couldn’t imagine how these guys could come up with such an operation.

The giant **** in the sky is meeting with the supreme god. You are playing such an ugly farce in front of the supreme god, and you have also implicated the giant god.

To the end.

They actually imagined that the giant gods in the sky would protect and take care of them.

In the end, the giant gods did not wipe out the entire Thunder Kingdom together and launch a catastrophe of destruction.

That is their supreme kindness and compassion.

At the end of her sentence, Matafusi was so excited that her glasses shook and fell to the ground because she spoke too fast.

But she didn’t pick it up. Instead, she hugged her head in panic.

Even if she is not present, even if many years have passed since the Witch Liz incident.

But when I think of that scene in my mind, it makes people feel scared and frightened.

Matafus dropped all other movements and walked around the treatment room holding her head, like a bird that was lost in place.

At the same time, she was talking intermittently.


“This is really…”


The more Matafos thought about this matter, the more ridiculous she felt.

She even smiled angrily, but the smile was extremely bitter.

Because this farce is so funny, but it’s hard to laugh out loud.

After you understand everything and know the causes and consequences.

This incident feels stupid and desolate from beginning to end.

They did the stupidest things, but they longed for the most wonderful gifts and dreamed incredible dreams.

So many people died.

They chanted God’s name and did things that were contrary to God.

They all thought that they were pious, thought that they were God’s most loyal believers, and thought that they were dedicating everything to God.

In fact, you are misinterpreting God’s will and incurring the greatest disgust from God.

The most ridiculous thing is.

They were still cheering until the last moment and were still moved by their piety.

Matafus retreated to the edge of the hospital bed and stood still until she could no longer retreat.


He shook his head helplessly.

“No wonder, Mr. Oran said this was a farce.”

“Yes, this is a complete farce.”

“A farce driven by everyone’s desires, a farce of self-deception.”

Martafos felt extremely depressed, not only because of the worthless people who died in this farce, but also because she vaguely saw the shadow of herself and everyone else in it.

We follow blindly, we are driven by desire, and we are moved by ourselves.

We only believe in what we want to believe.

Matafusi raised her head and looked at Yin, who was always standing motionless.


“Are we both the same kind of people?”

“We shouldn’t…not be so stupid, right?”

Martafos seemed to want to see a different answer from Yin’s eyes, but Yin asked her: “What do you think?”

After thinking about it, Matafosi became even more depressed: “We seem to be about the same.”

Matrafus looked at Gamer on the hospital bed and said.

“Mr. Gamer’s death was not worth it.”

“And why doesn’t Liz give up?”

“She clearly knows that everything is false and that she is no longer a witch, but she still refuses to give up.”

Yin said: “Everyone’s life is different. We are not her and we cannot understand her feelings!”

Matafusi nodded: “It seems that I will have to walk for a long time on this path of spiritual practice.”

Today’s treatment had a strong impact on Matafusi’s consciousness and worldview, and she gained a lot.

She murmured to herself: “Be controlled by desire, and then control desire.”

Matafusi seemed to have thought of something, and a sentence echoed in her mind.

“Strong people can in turn control their own desires and make them their own strength.”

“Many of those who can reach the final stage are the existences you call gods.”

Martafusi’s eyes flashed with light, as if she saw a realm and goal that she was pursuing.

“God’s desire?”

At this time, the ghost spirits who turned into paper wizards were finally reviewed and sorted out.

“Okay, little Matafos.”

Matafosi immediately came to her senses and turned around to revive Gamel.

But at this moment.

Someone on the side had something abnormal.

Since they activated the astrological ball to play back Gamel’s memory, the cup of desire planted in the soil of the bottle nearby began to change, and the two people were caught up in the shocking truth of the Witch’s Festival incident in the Thunder Kingdom. But he didn’t notice it.

Especially when Matafus called out Liz’s name, the dying cup of desire slowly began to move.

The originally shrunken cup of desire unfolded little by little, and you could see a mini girl’s face inside that had shrunk many times.

The face and eyes in the flower cup looked towards the hospital bed, staring at the astrological ball.

Looking at the changing memory images in the astrological ball.

Especially, when Thunder Swamp appears.

It suddenly jumped up, spinning through the air with silver light.

Drilled into the astrological ball.

Matrafus was concentrating on Gamel when she felt something fly from behind her and was instantly startled.



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