I am God Chapter 203: : I can be your God



The goblin’s hot-air balloon boat drifted across the sea of ​​clouds, getting closer to the surface of the sea.


On the hot air balloon boat were the messenger of God, Sheila, and the mother of life, Sally. The two slipped out of the gap in the gate of the kingdom of gods and came to the world of mortals.


On both sides of the Deep Sea Demon Abyss, there are many villages, towns and mines of the people of the Demon Abyss.


There is even an artificially formed island in the distance. This is the important city of the Kingdom of Demon Abyss and an important production place of various ores.


“What a change!”


The dream demon Xila looked at this place and exclaimed.


It was still quiet the last time I came here, but now it has become the world of the people of Moyuan.


The hot-air balloon boat fell into the sea under the moonlight, and the balloon immediately shrank and retracted into the boat.


The boat immediately went under the seabed.


The power of the dream monster’s domain is blessed on the boat, which seems to shuttle between dreams and reality.


Disappearing for a while, reappearing for a while, and constantly heading towards the abyss of the deep sea.




Sally ran around in the boat, holding its mother nut of all things in her hand, although she could no longer blow it, she still imitated the sound of the horn with her mouth.


At the beginning, you can still see the traces left by the people of Moyuan.


For example, a hole dug out, or something abandoned.


Gradually, there is nothing left.


In the dark and dull underwater world, nothing can be seen here except sea water.




In the field of vision of extraordinary induction, there are strange chimneys erected on the seabed in the distance, and there is a steady stream of things that look like black smoke but are actually liquid.


Sheila knew that she had arrived at her destination: “Here we are!”


“Troll Magic City.”


Sally also made a sound, because it discovered that several small toys from the past appeared in the distance.


The city is built of huge stones, and there are seven mountains outside the city, guarding the city.


The core of the city is a huge distortion eye, bursting out a round of light from time to time, and then seeing the troll’s power increase a little bit.


When Sheila came last time, these monsters were still inside the city under the sea, but now they have come outside.


This undersea troll magic city can no longer accommodate them.


“They grow so fast!”


This also shows that God Yin’s strategy of using the Eye of Distortion to cultivate monsters and increase the blood of myths is quite successful.


The trolls also sensed something, and woke up one after another.


Their supreme master, the originator of the power of blood, has come.


The “giant mountain” moved.


With a terrifying movement.


They face their master, their god.


Sheila pulled Sally out of the boat, and stood on top of the boat, while the dream realm outside protected them.


Sheila took out a few dead eggs and put them down from a high place.


Under the protection of starlight, the small eggs fell onto the giant monsters, which actually aroused strong reactions from these giant monsters.


The flesh and blood of these giant monsters melted continuously, turning into a powerful force, that is, the blood energy continuously rushed towards these eggs.


The giant monster like a mountain was sucked in by a small egg.




The egg split open in the blink of an eye.


One after another extremely powerful monsters crawled out of it, and the aura of the giant monsters changed from the first level of life power to the second level, and they mastered the mystery of blood energy.


One mark after another flew out from the mother snail of all things, hitting the bodies of these giant monsters respectively, corresponding to their former identities.


A mark with a flame pattern, that is the former lava monster.


The one with the mark of water waves is the former Sailor Siren, the one with the mark of stone is the earth burrower, the one with the mark of gravel is the desert worm, the mark of interlaced wind and thunder represents the giant beast in the sky, and the black star is Once the death star of the Siron family, the moon imprint is the moon demon of the former Samo family.


Their strength has been constantly changing, and they have made a qualitative leap.


It even began to affect the surrounding environment and change the terrain.


The lava monster melted into the bottom of the sea little by little, turning into a violent submarine volcano.


Sele Kraken is a tentacle monster wearing a helmet. When it turned into a helmet-like mountain, small terrifying tentacle monsters emerged from the mountain and paraded around the underwater magic city.


The desert worm is coiled on the wall of the underwater magic city, and the surrounding terrain is constantly changing with its movements. The stones are constantly gathering and turning into various buildings. same city.


The ground-drilling monster worm turned into a mine vein, and at the same time turned the ground around the monster city into a solid and unusually strong abyss magic gold.


The death star nestled next to the magic city, constantly emitting fluorescence, and the light carried the breath of death.


The Moon Demon Jue has regrown the cones, emitting light like a moon hanging over the Demon City.


The sky behemoth shrouded the undersea magic city like a veil, and the dark seabed was constantly flickering with light, which was the power of thunder.


And what’s even more terrifying.


For the first time, the chaotic trolls of the past have wisdom, although without much emotion and emotion.


It’s like a group of rocks on the bottom of the sea suddenly awakened. Apart from their instincts, they don’t know what to do.


But soon, the supreme existence of the bloodline source brought orders.


On the boat.




Sally waved the Mother of Everything behind the shroud of the Dream Realm, which at first glance seemed to be a greeting.


But in the eyes of the troll, it looks like the Grim Reaper wielding the Destroyer.


One by one, they prostrated themselves on the ground, not daring to move.


Sheila also said to them: “You must guard here and don’t leave!”


It is also from this time that the trolls no longer block the deterrent and frightening aura of their blood,


Or rather.


Even if they cover up their aura after transformation, the power originating from the mind and subconscious is affecting everything around them.


The unconscious pressure made all the creatures who went deep into this underwater devil want to escape here in horror.


For example, above them at this moment, the people of the Demon Abyss in those villages woke up from their nightmares one by one.




The city of God descended, in the basement of the castle.


Vivien raised her hand and completely emptied the blood of a strange shrimp in front of her, and Vivien could also feel the other party’s vitality transformed into her own blood and stored in her heart.


Of course, there is an upper limit to the control of this kind of blood energy, and the upper limit comes from the amount of mythical blood in your body.


Moreover, she also mastered the power of the blood river that belonged to the blood plague Situen.


She turned into a small river of blood rushing through this room and gushing out of the alleyway outside.


A little while.


It turned into a human form again, and even changed into the appearance of the Sanye people. After a while, the arms turned into the wings of the Winged Demon, fluttering in mid-air.


The form of the scarlet apostle can be said to be the manifestation of a part of the power of the blood plague.


Or rather.


It is an extension of the life prop God made man.


For the first time, Vivien felt that she was so powerful, which was different from the spiritual power of wisdom and power, which came from her own body.


“Very powerful.”


“But it is a power that is completely different from the power of wisdom.”


If it is the power of wisdom and power, it will give people a feeling of being omnipotent and controlling everything.


The power of life gives people a feeling that they can devour and contain everything, and that their life form is the most perfect and supreme.


An Li on the side is also very happy about her sister’s new life: “Of course it’s different.”


“Our power comes from the first king Laidlich, and the source of life power is the mother of life and the king of giants, Sally.”


The third generation of truth sage Vivien finally got acquainted with her power, and the priests at the side put away the scarlet apostle’s power test scroll.


“There is no problem, this is a perfect and stable life form.”


This also represents that the life template of the life power of the Scarlet Apostle was completely born conceptually.


The other side.


On the next level.


Here is an underground river of blood that runs through the entire city of God’s Descend. The **** shadow monitors the entire city of God’s Descend through a series of lanes and canals,


The river of blood is constantly changing, a heart exuding mythical light appears, and the river of blood keeps rushing into it.


Different from the brain of wisdom power, the mantle of dream power.


The mythical organ of life power is the heart.


As the blood-red light of this heart reached its peak, the river of blood stopped.


It’s not that it can’t be fully integrated, but that the remaining mythical blood can no longer undergo another round of transformation.


Same as those priests of the Temple of Truth said.


If it is said to become a fourth-order authority, one Luhe seal is enough.


If Stuun, the plague of blood, wants to transform the mythical blood all over his body and directly enter the mythical form, then he needs more Luhe seals.


Then integrate these Ruhe seals into the body and blood vessels one by one, and have more perfect life forms and power.


Blood Plague Stuen came up from the next floor, and everyone who was recording the experiment record of the bright red apostle’s power stopped immediately and looked at Stuen.


Vivien asked, “So fast?”


Stuen didn’t care, his voice was a bit rough.


“Vivien, it’s just a mythical organ.”


He was created according to the template of the myth at the beginning, but the transformation of life power affected his progress.


Everything is just a matter of course for Stuen.


However, even with the same fourth-order power, Stuen is no match for ordinary fourth-order powers.


You and the opponent’s strength, although both have changed from water to ice.


But you are just an ice rock, and the other party is an iceberg, which can easily crush you to pieces.


Vivien mentioned another thing: “Arrangements have been made for the Kingdom of the Abyss, and the abyss knight Elena has promised us that she will help us find the whereabouts and traces of the Ruhe monster.”


“At the same time, Xiyin Sai and the Kingdom of Demon Abyss also reached an alliance to destroy the Ghost Sect.”


Compared to Xiyin Sai’s side, the Kingdom of Demon Abyss was more impacted by the Ghost Order, although there was only one high priest of the Ghost Order stationed in the Kingdom of Demon Abyss, unlike Xi Yinzai’s side.


Not only is the former holy mountain now entrenched in the demon’s den, but also these two ghost priests are constantly launching various conspiracies and incitements against Heinsay.


However, there is only one fourth-level priest of grace, Elena, in the kingdom of the devil.


Ten years ago, it was said that there was a fourth-order seed, but because of the leak of the news, it was quickly killed by the ghost order in the bud, which also made the abyss knight Elena very sad.


In the middle of the sea, the Ghost Religion even split a part of the Kingdom of Demon Abyss and established a Kingdom of Yuanmin that believes in the “God of Knowledge”.




Countless Yuanmin believe in the God of Knowledge.


Volunteered to become a ghost after old age, to provide power to the **** of knowledge.


Abyssal Knight Elena and the Kingdom of the Abyss are even more worried and afraid of the threat of the “God of Knowledge”. After hearing the invitation from the Temple Demon Hunt Squad, they are very welcome.


At this time, An Li took out a letter: “Master Abyss Knight recently sent a letter, saying that there are some clues.”


Vivien smiled: “It looks like we will be able to make the trip soon, to see what the sea looks like.”


An Li is also very much looking forward to it: “It is said that the capital of the Demon Abyss still retains some relics of the former city of Jesser, and I want to pay my respects.”


Blood Plague Stuun was unmoved, and his mind and goal were all on the holy mountain.




Holy Mountain.


Xiao, the chief priest of the Divine Deed of the Ghost Order, walked up the ladder to meet the God, although he failed to get the call of the God of Knowledge.


He looked at the giant statues on both sides of the stairs, which were the first-generation King of Wisdom Laidlich and the second-generation King of Wisdom Jesser. Their giant statues stood humbly on both sides of this avenue. I don’t know how many years.


When I heard that King Jesser established this road, he hoped that the God of Insai would come here.


It is a pity that Insay never came until the death of King Jesser.


The villain in the bottle has sensed that someone has walked up the holy mountain without authorization, which belongs to its domain.


The awakening of Shinhwa brought about a storm.


The shadow of the God of Knowledge appeared behind the holy mountain, and stared at Xiao on the stairs.




“My servant, you used the High Priest of Truth to open the door of truth twenty years ago, and asked for the answer about the four-point mystery of the Divine Grace Stone.”


“Are you thinking that I’m really asleep and don’t know what you want to do?”


Xiao: “Of course I know that you have been watching me all the time, and I also know that the great God of Knowledge will definitely give it to me.”


Little Man in a Bottle: “Why?”


Xiao: “Because you also want to see the answer, another answer that is different from Anhofus.”


Xiao’s mythical blood comes from the God of Knowledge, it can take away Xiao’s power in a single thought, and it is watching this restless guy all the time.


It is indeed the same as what Xiao said.


Xiao wanted to obtain the mythical path that Lan En talked about, but the villain in the bottle felt faintly that maybe the path Anhofus chose to take back then was wrong.


It feels.


Perhaps Xiao’s experiment can help it find the answer to get out of this bottle.


The shadow of mythology stared at Xiao firmly, bringing a strong sense of oppression, but Xiao didn’t move.


“What do you want to do?”


“Do you want to be a **** too? A mortal?”


Xiao did not hide his desire at all: “I want to obtain eternal life.”


“I think, I can not only be your high priest.”


“It can also be your slave god.”


Xiao raised his head: “After all, you still need people to serve you on the road of eternal life, don’t you?”


“The great **** of knowledge.”


The villain in the bottle expressed his admiration for Xiao unabashedly. It likes interesting people, and Xiao is such a person.


But this appreciation may not be full of good intentions, it may just treat you as a toy.


When you make it feel irritable or lose interest, it may destroy you without hesitation.


“A mortal full of ambitions, my restless divine deed High Priest.”


“You came to me now, did you find another answer to the mythical path of wisdom and power?”


Xiao took out the things he brought.


A long scroll unfolded, and it was revealed under the sight of the villain in the bottle.


He unfolded it while talking.


Speaking shocking words.


“The perfect eternal life of wisdom and power does not exist, because the mythical form at the end of wisdom is-spiritual body.”


“It is inherently flawed and needs to be attached to a carrier.”


“And in this world, it is very likely that you will never be able to find a carrier that you can really attach to.”


The villain in the bottle: “Why do you say that? What is the basis?”


The front part of Xiao’s unfolded scroll.


A triangle is drawn on the picture, and each corner has a different pattern, namely the three-leaf man, the dream goblin, and the giant Ruhe.


“In this world, all the power and energy come from the God of Insai.”


“All power is the shadow cast by the supreme Creator.”


“If you divide the power and power that mortals get from Insai into three parts, the power of wisdom is for the spirit of God, the power of life is for the shape of God, and the power of dreams is for the domain of God.”


“Then we are born with flaws as those who obtain the power derived from the Spirit of God.”


“We have innate wisdom, innate spirit, and powerful spiritual power.”


“But we cannot have the form of God and the realm of God, we are just the projection of the Spirit of God.”


“Just like giant monsters with life power, they are born without wisdom. Even if they are born with wisdom, they cannot possess spiritual power such as spiritual power.”


The villain in the bottle is thoughtful, Xiao’s statement is very interesting.


Shaw continued.


“Only by obtaining the form of God and the realm of God, that is, the power of goblins and trolls, can we obtain perfect eternal life and eternal power.”


“But this is impossible. The power of wisdom is incompatible with the power of life and the power of dreams. This may be the limitation set by the Creator for us, or it may be that this world cannot accommodate the complete power of Insai.”


Xiao guessed: “I guess.”


“Whether it is the power of life or the power of dreams, when they enter the path of mythology, they are also flawed.”


The villain in the bottle is a little convinced: “There is no way to make up for it?”


Xiao spread his hands: “At least we can’t make up for it now.”


Xiao then unfolded the content behind the picture scroll, which showed the four-divided secret technique of the Divine Grace Stone, the analysis and research of the myths obtained through plundering and accessing the myths.




It is the way that the villain in a bottle became a myth.


Moreover, when the villain in the bottle bestowed the magic spell, he obviously covered up a lot of the content of the secret spell, but Xiao actually filled in the missing parts with his own power.


The villain in the bottle is in a bad mood: “Are you peeping at the secret of God?”


Xiao: “I am your servant, everything about me is under your control, and everything I do is just to serve you.”


“I use your mythical blood, even if I become a myth in the end, I am still under your restraint.”


The villain in the bottle snorted coldly: “Go on.”


Facing the content on the picture scroll, Xiao talked to the villain in the bottle in detail.


“Although the divine blood obtained through plundering can quickly turn a person into a myth, this part of his power will never become his own power.”


The villain in the bottle does not agree with this statement at all: “How could this power not be my own power.”


“Are you saying that my power and your Lord’s power are false?”


However, Xiao said unhurriedly: “The Divine Favor Stone divides the power of wisdom and power into four types, namely spirituality, wisdom, desire, and knowledge.”


“But most importantly, the source of all wisdom.”


“It’s spirituality.”


“Spirituality is the foundation of eternal life.”


Xiao did not say what happened next, but the villain in the bottle already knew what Xiao wanted to say.


According to the inscription on the cup of gods, the villain in the magic item bottle has a total of four powerful mythological abilities.


Ability 1 Incomplete Eternal Life, Ability 2 Bottle of Original Sin, Ability 3 Door of Truth, Ability 4 Equivalent Trading.


This power is actually the extension of the power after the four divisions of the divine favor.


Spirituality corresponds to incomplete eternal life, the door of truth evolved from wisdom, the light of original sin evolved from desire, and the power of divine deed derived from knowledge, which is equivalent transactions.


The spirit of the villain in the bottle is not strong, it’s just that its spirit is locked in the bottle and ordinary people can’t see it, let alone touch it.


Its power comes more from the latter three.


And its eternal life, that is, the power derived from its own spirituality, is extremely fragile.


Once its form is out of the bottle, it will immediately disappear into thin air.


Furthermore, the villain in the bottle constantly plunders power, and only increases the power of the door of truth, the light of original sin, and the deed of God, and does not increase its spirituality and eternal life power at all.


It is said to be a myth, but in fact it is more like a villain who holds mythical props.


Maybe that’s why.


The Cup of God regards it as a magical prop, not a real life form.


The power it has been trying to plunder all along has only increased the power of this magical item, not its own spirituality.


After the villain in the bottle figured out all this, he fell into a rage.


“So from the beginning.”


“Ahnhoforth’s path is wrong?”


Xiao waited until the villain in the bottle calmed down, then continued.


“The way of plundering may increase strength, but the way of being a myth is wrong.”


Then he sighed: “If you want to truly capture the blood of wisdom from others, perhaps only the crown of wisdom, an artifact of wisdom and power, can do it.”


“However, I think his way of splitting the power of the Divine Grace Stone is correct.”


“Dividing the power of the fourth-order divine grace into four parts: spirituality, wisdom, desire, and knowledge is also an important step in the correct mythological path of wisdom and power.”


Finally, Xiao completely unfolded the picture scroll in his hand.


This is a shape like a flower or a tree, or like a road.


Xiao bowed to the little man in the bottle: “Look! This is my achievement.”


Xiao is a little fanatical: “It is also my deduction of the correct mythological path of wisdom and power.”


Xiao stepped forward, pointing to the picture on the pattern and talking with the little man in the bottle.


“Spirituality is the foundation of everything.” Spirituality is the cornerstone and root system in the pattern.


“Wisdom, is the derivative of spirituality, like the trunk.” Wisdom is drawn as the main stem.


“Desire is a power naturally derived from life with wisdom, like a branch of the cup of the sun.” Desire is subdivided into more types, scattered in every corner of the pattern.


“Knowledge, which can also be called memory, is like the last flower that blooms.” The types of knowledge and memory are subdivided into a dazzling array of flowers and leaves.


“This is the path to the growth of every wisdom and power, and it is also the path to the supreme myth.”


A grand and mysterious picture is derived from this.


This is the secret of the supreme power of wisdom.


Even the villain in the bottle is completely addicted to it at the moment, and Xiao, who created it, is also crazy about it at the moment.


“My mythical path is to divide each reincarnation into four steps.”


“Spirituality becomes a seed for reincarnation, and then wisdom, which is the power of authority, returns when the brain develops and grows.”


“The third step is the awakening of the power of desire.”


“The fourth step is the awakening of all memories and knowledge.”


“At this point, it can be said to be a complete success.”


“Each reincarnation is a fundamental increase in spirituality. As long as reincarnation is repeated, even ordinary people can become myths.”


Shaw opened his arms and took a deep breath.


Looking at the villain in the bottle with a smile, the shocking picture is behind it.


“This is the road of mythology, and it can even be said to be the growth model of every intelligent and powerful life.”


The villain in the bottle looked at the picture carefully and included it in his treasure house of knowledge.


In this way, it can be said that it has found a way to break the shackles.


Although it still hasn’t found an immortal body.


But as long as it has a carrier, it can be reincarnated again and again. This effect is not much different from eternal life.


More importantly, there will be no more constraints from this bottle in the future.


Its spirituality is not as fragile as it is now, and there is no need to be afraid that someone will hit the holy mountain and break the bottle, and it can disappear in smoke.


The villain in the bottle looked at Xiao maliciously.




“My servant, it seems that you are ready to reincarnate.”


It is going to make Xiao Lai a test case of this mythical path, to see if there are any hidden dangers and loopholes in the way and method Xiao said.


But Xiao said: “The great God of knowledge! If I fail, no one will modify and perfect the plan for you.”


The villain in the bottle fell into deep thought.


Indeed, it is not yet possible to make Xiao a test subject.


In case there are any imperfections, I still need to rely on this guy to fix them.


The villain in a bottle claims to have mastered all the knowledge in this world, but it can only master the old knowledge, and others are needed to create new knowledge.


Neither the villain in the bottle nor Xiao was interested in becoming the first test subject of this mythical path. Just as they were thinking about who would be suitable, the villain in the bottle had a flash of inspiration.


It suddenly remembered someone, some funniest toy.






“It’s him, it’s him”


It laughed out loud, as if it had thought of a brilliant idea, or an extremely interesting game.


“Then let Anhofus go and make him the first test subject.”


“His own mistakes, let him taste it!”


The villain in the bottle looked at Xiao: “Arrange his life well.”


The word “good” is very important.


Xiao is very smart, of course he understands the wickedness of the villain in a bottle.


In the garden of the Sky Temple.


The ghost of Anhofus and the ghost of Princess Yeya are here, like two marionettes.


The two of them didn’t move at all, and only occasionally when there was a drastic change outside, would they stand up and move around.


Say the last sentence.


“Ah! It’s raining!”


“Huh? Why am I here?”


Suddenly, the ghost of Anhofus standing by the garden gate disappeared.


Princess Yeya’s ghost stood up and searched the sky temple over and over in a daze, but failed to find the shadow of Anhofus.


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