Grasping Evil Chapter 1309: It was just that I was at a loss

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God Step calendar is a calendar of the God Step lineage, compiled by the ancestor Elder Jiang Bo.

Legend has it that Jiang Jian once looked at the sundial on the star-catching platform and looked at the stars and the moon at night. Finally, he felt something and created a calendar unique to the God Step lineage.

Later, for unknown reasons, Jiang Jian died as a martyr and sacrificed his heart to Starry Sky. After that, the star-picking platform he built with his own hands was renamed the heart-picking platform to commemorate the death of this elder.

In the God Step calendar, the year is divided into ten months, with nine as the extreme and ten as the infinite, which is consistent with the Far Ancient Ten Spirits way.

Every month is set to have 36 days. When it is equal to Tiangang ;, an additional 5 days will be added to make the year. When equal to Wuling ;, every three years will be a leap day, and an extra day will be added to serve as the day for the king to take a rest behind closed doors.

From the initial era name Juyuan, to later Jushen and Juye, the era name will be changed every time the power in the clan is transferred.

The reign name set by King God Step of this generation is Juzu. This reign name has only been used for 4721 years…

[Juzu Ji 4721, spring March, the sun is in the sky, the king sacrifices heaven and earth, Blood Awakening, unfavorable, the prince abandons it. 】

[Concubine Yuan was unfavorable, banished to Jishan, and sentenced to third grade. 】

[Second Ancestor reprimanded the king, caused chaos among the disciples, and burned the palace. 】

[Wang Ben, the people were resentful, and the king was captured in the wilderness. 】

【Ji Jun arrived, and the chaos stopped. 】

[The day is at leisure, Wang Zhenjishan is punished by the first class. 】

[Sun Zai Tianyong, Second Ancestor administration, assisted by various scholars and hundreds of officials, named “Gonghe”, Xinyuan Ding. 】

“Is it okay to delete and edit like this? I have tried my best to write in Spring and Autumn Period. If Second Ancestor is still dissatisfied, there is nothing I can do…” In the Taishi Pavilion, Historian Si Luo put down his knife, pen and bamboo slips, thinking of what happened in several days, complexion is still a bit complicated.

The Blood Awakening ceremony was supposed to be a grand ceremony for the clan, but unexpectedly something went wrong this time.

It is said that the legendary [Curse of the Dog God and Demon] reappeared and swept the whole city, which caused the whole family to go crazy together, and they worked together to overthrow their own Great King

Yes, this must be the legendary curse, otherwise why would it be difficult for even Immortal Emperor to control it? Even my Immortal King with this kind of hiding Bloodlines and cultivation base could not be spared.

When he thought of the shameful remarks made at that time, Si Luo’s face turned black as coal, wishing he could burn this black history.

[My name is Si Luo. My previous life was 3,300 years old, but I am currently 3,300 years old. I currently live in the quiet forest in the eastern suburbs of God Step City and am unmarried. I work in Taishi Pavilion. I only work four hours a day and never work overtime. Although I am a Immortal King, I am willing to pretend to be an Void Fragmentation junior and only want to live a peaceful life. I’m not a womanizer, because I don’t like weak monsters. Women like Jiang Yuan make me tired. ; wine can only be tasted, because the taste of wine reminds me of the executioner’s spray on the beheading when I was tortured in heaven. The purpose of the sword is to suppress Spirit Wine, and to lightly taste it is to overcome Heart’s Demon. I like to be powerful. My favorite monster is the Pluto-Suppressing Elephant, followed by the Earth Giant ;. I like tenacity. My favorite plant is bamboo. I like to listen to the sound of rain in the Youhuang Forest. It will make me Heart Orifice calm and restrain myself. An increasingly out-of-control murderous intention. But since the birth of the Seven Sons of Chaoyue Dragon Palace, this world there have been constant winter disasters and snowfall in March. Due to the long-term loss of Rain Intent, I have been overflowing with murderous intent. Recently, when I saw the bamboo slips abandoned by other historians, I regretted that the in the heart Bamboo of Love was abandoned, and wanted to bloodbath Taishi Pavilion… I once found a Daoist fortune teller, and Daoist also said I’m perfectly normal. 】

No, I can’t think about what I said that day anymore…

Fortunately, the Ji Shui emperor descended on Dividing Spirit and lifted the demon curse, and the turmoil was put down.

But at this time, it has become a fact that the king’s government has been overthrown. It is impossible for clansman to allow the restoration of the old king since ——. At that time, there were not a few people who attacked the old king, and many people were afraid of settling the score in the future. So after the various scholars and officials gathered together, they finally decided to suppress King God Step in Jishan…

The thing about sarcasm is that Great King originally wanted to suppress his Yuan Fei, but in the end it was himself who was suppressed.

In this way, the old king abdicates and a new king must be appointed.

However, due to the unsuccessful struggle for power among the princes, they were not convinced, and it was difficult to determine the royal power. The clan had to temporarily implement the ancestral system and adopt a republican system. The two princes Elder were in charge of the government, and the princes and officials participated in the government. Discuss family affairs together.

Of course, many people recommended Second Ancestor to regain the throne, but Second Ancestor was busy unraveling the secret of Starry Sky‘s footprints and had no interest in power, so the matter had to be abandoned. ; is the so-called ruler, but in fact, he only intends to take care of those matters. I don’t care about the big things like the rise and fall of a clan or the ordinary little things.

But there is one thing that Second Ancestor is particularly concerned about, and that is the record of family history…

Second Ancestor by no means hopes that the historian will record this turmoil in detail. After all, the whole family has a rabies attack or something. Can such a thing be recorded? Are you planning to let future generations laugh at the dark history of your ancestors forever?

So, Si Luo must carefully consider the words and sentences. Once the family history is not to Second Ancestor‘s liking, he will rewrite it.

He has rewritten it five times and doesn’t want to write it 6th more times.

The main reason is that it’s almost time to get off work, and he will never work overtime.

So he took the 5th version of the file, left the official office, and went to the clan’s forbidden area for business.

Along the way, Si Luo met many colleagues and fellow clan members. Some clansmans who used to say hello to Si Luo were a little intimidated when they met Si Luo now and would only greet him from a distance.

Just because Si Luo has been pretending to be a junior Void Fragmentation all his life, but due to a rabies attack, he exposed the fact that he is Immortal King.

If it is only Immortal King, it would be forget it/that’s all, but he is still mentally unstable and suspected of having an antisocial personality problem Immortal King

When Si Luo was talking nonsense, he mentioned that he had been tortured in the Heavenly Prison, so some good people looked up the records of the Heavenly Prison and uncovered a certain part of Si Luo’s hidden past, so his former colleagues and friends Everyone was shocked.

When this Si Luo was young, he was actually an Monster suppressed in the Heavenly Prison!

Monster like that, but for some unknown reason, he was released from the Heavenly Prison and kept his name anonymous in Taishi Pavilion… This is too terrifying!

“The peaceful life has finally been broken by someone. In this case, it is better to follow the advice of Daoist and follow your heart…” The killing intent in Si Luo’s eyes was a sign that Dao Heart was about to lose control.

He tried his best to fight against the troublesome Heart’s Demon, but his look at this moment still scared the clansman around him into scattering…

The world makes him feel more and more lonely and confused. Since his birth, he has been different from the monsters in the world and is an alien. But if someone else has a problem with without/has not, then the only one with the problem is himself…

So, whether it is heaven or hell, for him, the difference between where he stays and without/has not is essentially the difference in the torture he faces.

Time has no meaning to him without/has not, and life has no sense of reality to him. In the past, he only thought that he was an evil ghost with an empty body, wandering outside the in the world world, but in the end, Yinshan Ghost Creature in prison told him that he was not even an evil ghost, and they were not the same kind…

cultivate Dao, only when there is a direction, there is a way.

He couldn’t find the direction to move forward, couldn’t tell the difference between the front and back, and couldn’t touch the left and right. No matter which direction, there was only the darkness of far in the future. Walking in it, he couldn’t even be sure whether he was really moving forward.

But there was one person who saved him, brought him out of the cold hell, and taught him the Heart Orifice method to suppress the evil spirits in his heart. To him, that person was like a teacher, a father, and like the whole world, but in the end, that person chose to die under Starry Sky, leaving him at a loss again…

The world lost its color again. Even so, he gradually fell in love with the peaceful life left to him by his teacher.

But now, such peaceful daily life is finally lost…

If his murderous intention gets out of control, he may return to the Heavenly Prison again, or what awaits this time for him will be Punishment Hold who is even colder than the Heavenly Prison…

He could have endured the darkness if he had never seen the light, but now, the sunshine has illuminated his loneliness even more desolate…

The light of the world will not shine for a ghost like him 2nd times again, unless a miracle happens…

“When you are alone, you are lonely. When you look for another person, you find one sentence for another sentence, you are also lonely. Some people are destined to experience three rains in their lives. In 1st rains, I understand the feeling of loneliness ; In the rain of 2nd, I understand that there is only loneliness in the world by no means ; In the rain of 3rd, I walk in the wind, rain and long night… You can’t face the darkness with loneliness, you have to use fire.”

A voice suddenly sounded.

A palm pressed on Si Luo’s shoulder from behind, causing the vast sea of ​​calm Rain Intent to flow into his body, making his heart calm.

“Want to use…fire?”

“Are you…Prince Qi? Thank you, Your Highness, for saving me…”

Si Luocomplexion was grateful, and felt very accident/surprise in his heart.

secretly thoughtIsn’t this prince a mortal? Before, he was about to be expelled because he was weak. Why did he have Rain Intent as deep as the abyss of the sea? The evil Outer Dao, which could not even suppress a hell, fell into peace in an instant. This was what kind of heaven shaking‘s method. How could it appear in a person? On mortal bodies.

Could it be that this person, like me before, is deliberately hiding his strength and just wants to live a peaceful life?

Or maybe there are really people in the world who can be born holy…

“It’s a small effort forget it/that’s all, Si Brother Luo, no need to say thank you. There is no rain here, if the murderous intention gets out of control again, you can come to me at any time.” Ning Fan promised.

There was a hint of reminiscence in the smile. It was obvious that he saw the shadow of some old friends in Si Luo, so he was willing to help others.

But it doesn’t have to be stated.

In this strange Samsara, even Ji Fuyao didn’t recognize him, and others couldn’t even recognize him.

Then there is no need to expose everything. Instead, he should practice his Ni Fan path and take this opportunity to confuse another Samsara.

If he was just Ning Fan, he could reminisce with this Si Luo and talk about other possibilities of his parallel Samsara.

But at this moment, he can only be Ni Fan.

“This is my own disease, how dare I trouble Your Highness…” Si Luo seemed to be moved, but after all he was not familiar with Ning Fan, and the friendship between gentlemen was as light as water. This was the elder’s teaching, and he Always remember that you never want to owe more than you need.

But he will never forget the kindness he has received. This is also the teaching of the elder.

Ning Fan just used Rain Intent to treat him. He needs to think carefully about how to repay this kindness in order to be solemn.

This is a great favor. If he had just lost control of his murderous intention and slaughtered his clan members, he would have lost his current peace. —— This was the last thing left to him by the elder, and he did not want to lose it.

Ning Fan: “No need to be polite, you are Immortal King, an important part of our clan clan’s fate. I am helping you for the sake of the prosperity of clan’s fate. This is not a private matter, but a business matter. Of course, if you feel bad about it, you can bring some medical supplies with you. Come here. Brother, I don’t know. Recently, there is a spendthrift rice bug in my house. He asks me for huge amounts of research funds every day. Even though I have gold and silver, it is still difficult to feed this rice bug. …”

Ji Xiaoyao: “Let me see which little puppy is talking ill of people behind their backs~ Aiya , isn’t this my favorite financial sponsor, His Highness? His Highness is rich and wealthy, but only used a little money from you. nothing more , why are you so distressed? by no means What a loss~ I have cooked tea and poured water for you many times, and even your most beloved tea has been drunk by you for hundreds of kilograms. You see, I just without/has not No matter how distressed, I wrote several Taoist reports in a happy mood~”

Ning Fan: “Of course the girl is happy. If someone gives me a hundred gold squandering every day, and also a material that cannot be killed no matter what, I can do whatever I want to do and collect data, I must be able to enjoy it toobecoming People.”

Ji Xiaoyao: “You obviously enjoy it, don’t you~ I use Kirin tea to collect data, and you also make your body Dao of Poison increase day by day. The power of this tea is cursed by others, but it can make you better. It’s unbelievable. They only took a few hundred dollars from you. Why are you doing research? It’s obviously charity~”

Si Luo: “Your Highness, a hundred gold is indeed not much. Ji Shui Senior Our clan is so kind to Ruoji Mountain. Even if we don’t consider this matter, how many people want to beg for it with 10 billion and 100 billion gold, but Senior have never pretended to do so. It’s like I, the this kind of historian, even if I pretend to be a Void Fragmentation junior, have an annual salary of have several million Divine Storehouse gold, which is really not worth a mere hundred gold…”

Ning Fan: “I’m talking about Tiandao Gold.”

Si Luo: “?”

One taels of Heavenly Dao Gold can be exchanged for more than 10 billion Divine Storehouse gold. Are you sure you want to give the other party a hundred taels of Heavenly Dao Gold every day?

Si Luo: “Excuse me, it’s my junior’s status that is low. I still have some errands to do. Please allow me to go ahead. You two Senior can chat slowly…”

Si Luo became more and more certain that Ning Fan was not a mortal, so he simply regarded himself as a junior.

If he is not born holy, who can spend a hundred gold every day without blinking an eye? The First Saint would not dare to spend money like this!

No wonder the Ji Shui emperor, who is so powerful in the Huaivortex world, is willing to come and pester Wang Ziqi every day. clansman did not dare to discuss this matter openly, but many rumors had already spread secretly.

There are several versions of the rumor, some are glamorous, some are bizarre, some are filled with countless reversals…

But it turns out that the real reason behind this matter is just that His Highness’s family background is so rich that it is different from ordinary people?

The truth by no means is shocking, but also very reasonable. If someone is willing to offer a price of one hundred gold a day, even the true saint will be tempted by it, let alone the Ji Shui emperor who has not yet become a Saint

The problem is…

If His Highness is really so rich, would it be disrespectful if I just give him money when I come to visit…

Si Luo secretly speculated on Ning Fan’s preferences, and planned to make serious preparations before visiting to thank Ning Fan for his rescue today.

It is a bit difficult for him to speculate on other people’s preferences, but his teacher’s orders cannot be violated, kindness must be repaid, and grudges must be repaid. If he forgets his teacher’s orders, there will really be no light left in his heart. .

Speaking of which, what is the profound meaning of those words His Highness said before…

Should we use fire to defeat darkness…

Yes, where does fire come from…

Although he wanted to ask for advice, His Highness was busy talking to Senior and he should not interrupt.

Si Luo left wisely.

Ning Fan looked at Si Luo’s figure who was eager to get off work, and felt that the world was so big and full of wonders.

Mu Luo transforms into Ming Luo, loving bamboo finally gets bamboo ; Sen Luo hangs his head, praying for rain but it does not rain ; But this Si Luo just wants to live a peaceful life, alone, busy…

Limitless Nature Manifestation, everything has a thousand faces, is this one of them…

Just like her, there are also flower bloom Thousands of faces, each look different…

Ji Xiaoyao: “Do you care about this person named Si Luo? Could it be that he is the reincarnation of an acquaintance in another world? Or, the reason why you help him is just to grow Giant Clan clan’s fate? Do you need my help? Well, I have many treasures, which are absolutely of high quality and low price, such as this one… Deng Deng~”

The black moonlight flashed past, and a treasure suddenly appeared in Ji Xiaoyao’s hand.

That is a scabbard made of… rotten wood.

Different time and space, similar experiences. When he was young, a little Seductress borrowed the hand of others and gave him a rotten Wooden Sword sheath.

The scabbard used to be just a low-grade Spirit Treasure, but there was a trace of Sword Intent on it, which has not been lost after all the years…

【Heaven and earth Fiendgod are all ants. If I break my sword, there will be no weapons in the world…]

There is a broken Void Level inscription Sword Qi hidden in the scabbard, and there is also a woman’s muttering to herself when the sword was not broken.

The scabbard in front of me is different… it is not even Low-Rank Spirit Treasure. Its material is really just mortal wood, but the type of wood is a material Ning Fan has never seen before.

There is no Sword Intent left in it, but her aura remains, but Ning Fan cannot tell which one she left this aura with, or maybe it was just left after Ji Xiaoyao touched it…

Ji Xiaoyao: “Aiya, you seem to recognize this scabbard. Can you tell me what the scabbard does? With all my methods and after several million experiments, I can only confirm that this is a scabbard with unknown meaning. , but here’s the problem… Why was such a scabbard made into Divine Storehouse and stored in the central chamber of such tombs? It’s really strange~ Or perhaps, to the owner of the tomb, this object has more significance than anything in the world. Any treasure has a more important meaning~ But what is the meaning behind it? I really want to know. If you can help me figure it out, I will buy one and get one free and give you a treasure that suppresses Fate. In this way, you. It will be easier to grow the giant clan’s fate~”

Ji Xiaoyao flipped his hand again and took out a small bell Magical Treasure, which turned out to be something Ning Fan had seen before.

Dongtian World Treasure, Heaven Suppression Bell

Ji Xiaoyao: “Interesting, looking at your look, it seems like I have seen this clock before. Obviously I just cut out the fragments of this clock from Divine Storehouse a few years ago, and the real restoration of this clock still relies on your little treasury. In this world nobody must have seen this clock. Even I have only vaguely tested that this thing is very effective in suppressing Fate. But you seem to have seen this thing. Can you tell me when and where you saw it. If you pass this clock, and what is the connection with this clock, I can add Oh~”

Ning Fan: “…”

Ning Fan said nothing, just looked at the clock, feeling a slight pain in his heart.

I gave you the heavenly gold in this life, but you used it to restore this clock, and then caused some Fate in the next life…

If I didn’t give you a lot of gold, there would be no such bell in Dongtian, no bell sacrifice, no Sen Luo that destroyed the clock, and no Fate where the little Seductress was almost sacrificed by Nascent Divinity

The more you resist, the more bad luck you will bring…

But even if I don’t resist, will those people let you go…

Ji Xiaoyao: “Your look looks to the lower left, as if there is a trace of pain hidden in your memories ; expression. It seems that there are some unbearable past events in it, which makes me want to explore more and more. ; I talk about the past events 2 But you looked at me inadvertently, could it be related to me? You know me in another world, am I right~”

Ning Fan: “…”

Samsara is really wonderful, how can such a smart girl turn out to be a cute idiot in turned into.

Everyone is Ji Fuyao, why is this one in my head, without/has not the one in front of me so smart…

Ant Lord: “?”

Ant Lord: “You’re not scolding me, are you? But you praise me for being cute…what the **** does that mean!”

Ji Xiaoyao: “Aiya, I seem to hear an incredible sound. It turns out that between you and me, there is actually also this kind of relationship. This makes me even more curious about who you are~”

Ant Lord: “?”

Ant Lord: “Incredible! This woman who imitates this Palace Master in every aspect seems to be able to hear this Palace Master‘s thoughts!”

Ji Xiaoyao: “Can’t hear Oh , Samsara Unspeakable things cannot be heard with just ears, but if you are a soul of the same frequency, you can follow 12 The progressive increase and decrease of the bell rhythm causes the five tones in the soul to resonate, and finally achieves the wonderful harmony of the five tones, which is beyond words. Realm . When you play the melody and listen to the sound, the soul sounds merge with each other, and the sound is as good as the palace. ; It is natural for things to follow each other with the same voice, so why is it so strange? I am Gong Yin, and you can only be regarded as Yu Yin at best. With Gong Wen Yu, why do you have to listen~”

Ant Lord: “Pentaphone Harmony 12 Bell! This is an original technique created by this Palace Master, but even this Palace Master has somewhat forgotten the essence of it. You, a woman who imitates this Palace Master in every way, actually plagiarize this Palace Master‘s Secret Art, and what you learned is still Full version, how is this possible? ”

Ji Xiaoyao: “?”

Ji Xiaoyao: “Do you really think I’m imitating you? Do you really don’t know who I am? all of these, you’re not pretending to be stupid?”

Ji Xiaoyao: “I’m so sad. Suddenly I don’t want to talk to this idiot. This idiot never seems to know how to think before asking questions, and answers questions that are not good. indeed condones the idiot, so the funder Sir, I can Have you banned her? Otherwise, I might be so embarrassed that I bang my head against the wall. I’m most afraid of pain~”

Ant Lord: “Who are you calling an idiot! It’s enough for a butterfly like hateful to despise this Palace Master every day. You, a sparrow, are worthy enough to despise this Palace Masterwu wu…”

Ji Xiaoyao activated unspeakable power.

As a feather soul of the same frequency, Ant Lord was immediately speechless. Feeling the power of the same origin as himself, Ant Lord instantly figured out something, but he felt unbelievable!

It’s fake, this little girl is not imitating me…she is actually me in the past!

But this by no means is reasonable. I without/has not have nothing to do with her memory, and I don’t remember that there was a a wisp of Dividing Spirit named after Ji Xiaoyao. Is it because the current Remnant Soul body is too broken to have this memory? But even if memory is missing, such a huge paragraph should not be left blank. It should not be traceable at all. However, the resonance of the soul sound cannot be faked. What is the matter…

And if she is me, that means that I have been with Ning Fan as early as in the past Dao Sense We’ve met before, but I don’t remember it either, or even without/has not A hint about this Karma Retaining is like being erased by someone…

Ning Fan: “…”


If she has a conflict with herself, who should I help…

Ant Lord: wu wu huh…

Ji Xiaoyao: “Don’t be afraid! You are my feather soul. How can I bully you? I just want you to be quiet for a while. forget it/that’s all~ Learn more from my patronage, please~ You see, he knows that the world is dangerous, so he There are obviously thousands of things he wants to ask me, but he still chooses to cherish his words like gold. Both he and Si Luo are obviously willing to talk at length, but when they come to me, they are undecided. Who can a riddler like him be shaken by? Yeah, it’s a bit hard to imagine~”

Ji Xiaoyao: “The more this happens, the more curious I become. Or maybe, making me care so much is the real purpose of this hard-to-get game. If this is really the case, I, the financial backer Sir, seems to know how to attract people. A girl’s method~Have you ever had many women? I know a stupid little bird. In every fantasy between in the world, I encounter a boy, and every boy is different~Should you? I guess I have a girlfriend with the same quantity~”

Ning Fan: “…”

Ji Xiaoyao: “I was just kidding nothing more, you can actually deny it…”

How can Ning Fan deny it?

He really has so many women, the difference is…every one of them is her.

Lying is a form of deception.

It’s honest but inconsistent with Ni Fan‘s character.

He could feel that his words had misunderstood the other party, but he could not explain…

Ji Xiaoyao: “Don’t worry, even if you are 100 million times more carefree than the stupid bird, you are still without/has not relationship with me. I care more about your past than this matter.”

This is a lie.

She actually still cares a little…

Ji Xiaoyao: “You recognize many of the funerary objects in my hands, and you seem to have formed a bad relationship with me. Otherwise, my feather soul would not have risked everything to kill you until now. I have no knowledge of all things that are unknown. Everyone is curious, but you must not want to tell, right~ It is much simpler to interrogate this stupid ant. You can directly know everything in the ant’s eyes, but it is a bit boring, and its soul sound is obviously deleted by exist(ence). In this way Come on, even if you rely on five-note harmony to obtain information, its authenticity is difficult to guarantee, and it is easy to be misled in subtle ways.”

Ji Xiaoyao: “The distance between truth and falsehood is often only one word. Sometimes you can even state it in a different tone without changing a word, and you will get completely opposite facts. Scholars need to be rigorous, and I am willing to Examine everything about you with more rigorous means, but before that…it’s time for you to pay, my favorite donor~”

She was just teasing him casually, but even she didn’t realize that the love she said was what kind of‘s true feelings.

So the deal was concluded, she lent the rotten Wooden Sword sheath and Heaven Suppression Bell to Ning Fan, received another hundred gold of research funds, and left with a smile.

Ning Fan was humming a pleasant ancient ballad in his mouth. The ballad sung in the Yuezhi language made Ning Fan feel lost.

And when that feeling of sadness was fed back to Ji Xiaoyao through the feeling of soul sound, it finally made Ji Xiaoyao feel happier.

What a stupid financial backer Sir~ You are so reluctant to see me go, are you so sad~ In that case, I will take some more time to see him during the rest time tomorrow~

After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime local moneybags. Instead of letting his little treasury be spent by his billions of girlfriends, he might as well let me spend it, right~

How wonderful~ This kind of life where you can have money at any time without any approval from your superiors~

The more I look at this sponsor, the more I like it~

So, even if the financial owner Sir is really an enemy, all goodwill is a trap, and all good things will eventually turn into swords, without/has not relationship, right~ Instead of being afraid of losing, it is better to enjoy the present, and I will not lose anyway. ~

Lending the sword scabbard and burial bell of unknown function to the benefactor Sir can not only help him, but also take the opportunity to find out some of the hidden uses of these funerary objects.

Sir, the suspected financial sponsor of Ancient Country descendant, does recognize these funerary objects. If I can persuade him to help me research Shenzhou, Shen bow, Shen arrows and other objects, maybe my research progress can be rapid progress? It’s worth looking forward to~

Let’s use this scabbard and burial bell to test the skill of the gold master Sir. If he can successfully demonstrate the hidden function of the second treasure, or he can break the little mystery I left in the second treasure. Question, I don’t mind inviting him to go to that piece of God Tomb Oh~

This is really a profitable transaction~

And with my baby here, it will definitely be more convenient when the funder Sir grows to a huge clan’s fate. This is a mutually beneficial thing. I don’t steal money, nor do I cheat money. I only make money. Moreover, I may make money with blood, and the sponsor Sir will definitely not lose money. And this is everything I stand for in life. ..

This is… the way of business!

Businessmen talk about profit and agreement. Those who benefit oneself at the expense of others have missed the way of business; those who benefit oneself and others at the expense of others have also missed the mark.

Only win-win cooperation is true business.

Open cooperation, harmony and tolerance, market operation, mutual benefit and win-win… If I can achieve what I want, perhaps this will reduce some of the disputes in the world…

“Sure enough, only the approach that benefits both sides is more in line with my Saint Heart. In this way, if you are a king on the outside and a saint on the inside, become a Saint is not far away. However, three corpses become a Saint is not difficult. In this world, it will lead to immeasurable water disasters. But it’s not what I want. Virtue Become Saint is the most in line with my expectations for Saint. Because of my meritorious service, become a Saint, this world can also benefit from me, but the Dao Spirit world will definitely not allow me to act like this… What they want is to destroy this world. , I, become a Saint, only regard me as a tool to cause Measuring Tribulation. It is difficult to disobey the master’s orders, unless I can do it in a positive way and in a negative way. In this case, the research progress of Ancient Country tombs needs to be faster…”

“Speaking of it, the financial owner Sir In some aspects, it fits my definition of business very well, so why did he change his name to Qi? He should be called Qi Kya! He shouldn’t stay in this small Xiaoji Mountain. If he needs to add more people, clan’s fate Only by doing this can we achieve certain goals. Why not join us and build a beautiful Jishan together? Ji Shui Here~”

“Besides, I have understood myself Saint Heart I wish, but there is still something unclear about the word human… What is ordinary? What is a human being? I thought I could draw some inspiration from a certain mortal boy, but I didn’t expect that the so-called mortal was just a financial sponsor. Sir It’s a pretense to deceive others, I think. become mortal If so, we can only find another goal and travel to other places, right? But in that case, I have to talk to the sponsor Sir They are separated for the time being. It seems that he cannot stay here for a long time. If we are separated now, will there be no more manifestation See you…”

“Or, I can try inviting him to accompany me to become mortal ~ Will he agree? He will, but why… I can feel the entanglement between him and my Remnant Soul, and it started Evil cause, he by no means seems to have a personality that will fall in love with evil cause for a long time. There must be also deeper Karma behind this matter, but he deliberately concealed it from me, which is really too much…”

“A person who is willing to give a hundred gold coins, but he doesn’t want to tell the truth…”

“It’s really hard to guess a man’s thoughts. Do you want to ask that annoying little bird for advice? But if this matter arouses her interest and she comes to covet my family’s sponsor… Wouldn’t it cause my family’s sponsor to be in an instant? Samsara It seems interesting to have countless brothers-in-law, but it can’t be…”

Ji Xiaoyao rejected this idea.

She likes interesting things the most, but this is the only thing she doesn’t want to watch at all. In fact, just thinking about this possibility makes her feel a little pit of the stomach

Ant Lord: “wu wu um…huh? You can talk now! That hateful woman! Next time we meet, this Palace Master must return the favor!”

Ning Fan: “Teeth and tongue do sometimes rub, but teeth can also fight. This is a miracle in Samsara. It’s so interesting.”

Ant Lord: “Hmph! Don’t talk to this Palace Master! You and her are of the same mind. She banned me, but you didn’t help me beat her up! You only want to have fun!”

Ning Fan: “That’s wrong. If I really beat her up, would you be happy? I care about your feelings very much, so I restrain myself. Otherwise, with my style of conduct, the hundred gold I paid her would It’s probably not the cost of renting a Magical Treasure, but more likely an overnight fee…”

Ant Lord: “You’re bigger than you! You actually, you actually want to spend the night with the other me! No! She has the same appearance as this Palace Master. If you were, if you were with her… wouldn’t you be with me… In short No! ”

Ant Lord: “Forget it, you don’t have to worry about the grudge between this Palace Master and her, and you can’t touch her! Next time we meet, this Palace Master will have her own plans, and she will know how powerful this Palace Master is! Hey, even a Saint No, you yellow-haired girl, how dare you despise my dignified Saint, and actually succeeded… this Palace Master‘s past is so powerful, can you easily control the First Ji Shisheng with just Great Cultivator cultivation base~ I thought this Palace Master is the same as you and Manzhi by no means The same species as Rank, but perhaps, this Palace Master’s great wisdom and stupidity are only temporary, and intelligence is synonymous with this Palace Master~”

Ning Fan: “He is indeed quite smart. He is indeed capable of become a Saint. The only one who is without/has not is a fool. ; If unfortunately he becomes a fool, he must have suffered a huge disaster and suffering…”

Ant Lord: “You are right for once! this Palace Master is not really an idiot. This person is just Remnant Soul. If you see the complete me, you will fall under this Palace Master‘s dazzling skirt~”

Ning Fan: “I have already fallen. I have fallen on that Saint Heart, which is clearer than any moonlight in the world… If all the Saints in the world were like her, maybe the tragedy would be reduced a lot… ”

Ant Lord: “You have a good sense! wait a minute/etc., are you praising her or me?”

Ning Fan: “Huh…”

Ant Lord: “Hey!, tell me clearly, who are you praising…don’t laugh, day by day, you will only laugh at me!”

The tragedy of the weak is sometimes just the comedy of Expert.

The place that once left Ji Chen with trauma Giant Clan brought Ning Fan only romance and the reunion of old friends.

Ning Fan might be more satisfied if without/has not Manzhi’s machinations were mixed in. Unfortunately, the encounter with Ji Fuyao was just one of Manzhi’s many baits.

So, if you indulge in the short-term tenderness and ignore the huge tragedy hidden behind the tenderness, you are really losing your mind.

Ning Fan knows very well that he is far from being Expert, and what he is now is far from being a direct threat to those superior eyes.

So he understood that the comedy in front of him seemed full of happiness at first glance, but in fact it hinted at a greater tragedy to come.

The reason why Ji Fuyao stayed in the Huaivortex world was to become a Saint here. This is the order of the sect and she cannot violate it, otherwise she will be severely punished.

But if you follow it, it will cause immeasurable water disasters in the Huaivortex world. This matter is against JiFuyao‘s original intention. If she chooses this, Will goes against the Tao, even if she becomes a saint, the holy path will not be able to Going too far…

Will she succumb to pressure from the sect?

No, she is not Yes.

Because of this, the one who really caused the initial water disaster for Huaiwo Samsara, by no means, was Ji Fuyao, but the water **** Gonggong…

So what will happen to Ji Fuyao

What kind of punishment will she receive…

Why did Heaven Suppression Bell, which she restored with her own hands, end up in another Samsara, executing the cruel punishment of Nascent Divinity wine sacrifice on another her…

Fate is so cruel that just destroying a person is not enough, so we have to use the most cruel method to deal with it…

And how many times has she experienced such suffering before she becomes so accustomed to betrayal and suffering and doesn’t care…

Ning Fanhe Ant Lord During the conversation, most of the words were teasing and teasing, but his true feelings were far from the truth. without/has not Any relaxation and pleasure, only…anger!

What he warned Si Luo was also a warning to himself!

Only loneliness and endurance cannot defeat the endless night.

Use fire!

Use Flame to light up everything and burn everything through!

Living is fire!

What Ji Fuyao is practicing is the Way of Business.

But Ning Fanby no means is Shang, he is Li, and he is Huo! This is a persistence that will never be extinguished unless all the enemies are burned!

But, it’s not the time yet… His Karma at this time is far from enough to ignite a fire…

So you must be patient! Have to wait! A bigger lie must be spun! The light named Ni Fan must be allowed to shine farther into the long night!

Just like this time‘s small test, he deliberately did not use any force. He just wanted to awaken the people’s resistance and use the fire of revolution to overthrow the king’s government named Juzu.

One person’s fire is not afraid of fate, but if my fire can make thousands of people spark a prairie fire, how dare you ignore this Karma named Ni Fan! How dare you let me and my beloved wife never meet!

Samsara is like the sea, it can be sparse but cannot be blocked. ; All spirits are like rivers. The mouth of guarding spirits is better than guarding rivers.

Those who can see beyond hundred steps cannot see their canthus.

Among the stars in the sky, by no means are only the bright ones!

The dark night has hidden the dim light of the deceased, then I will… light up the dark night!

In this way, it can be regarded as supporting the sky and freeing the heart of the invaders!

But all of these is not for saving the world. Even if the results are the same, it is just a coincidenceforget it/that’s all.

I am not some Virtuous True Monarch after all, because I knew from the beginning… evil people can only be punished by evil people!

[In the first month of the Republic Era, in the third month of spring, the sun was in Tianxiong, and the prince abandoned the bell. In clan’s fate, the great government was established and he was awarded the title of Shaoshi. 】

[The sun was in Tianying, and the envoy came from Chaoyue to pick up the bell and was injured Second Ancestor. The disciples were afraid, so Shaoshi retreated and sent the envoy. Ji Jun arrived, and the chaos stopped. 】

[The sun is at the end of the sky, and the prince rebels, which is unfavorable. He is captured in the wild, guilty of the crime, and sentenced to Jishan. 】

【The sun is hurting in the sky, Shao Shi proposed abolishing palace punishment, and all the scholars followed. 】

【Sun is in Tianshou, Shao Shi has accumulated many merits, and he is awarded Tai Shi. 】

In Taishi Pavilion, Historian Si Luo put down his knife, pen and bamboo slips, completed today’s work and was about to clock out.

The recent work has been quite heavy, mainly because many major events have happened in the clan one after another, and there are too many things that need to be investigated and recorded. Si Luo almost disobeyed his teacher’s orders and was just about to be forced to work overtime several times.

Fortunately, there is now a new historian in Taishi Pavilion who is extremely efficient, helping him share many tasks.

Ning Fan!

In order to help the ground Giant Clan promoting clan’s fate, Ning Fan temporarily placed the rented Heaven Suppression Bell on the topping table, using this clock to consolidate the ground giant clan’s fate, causing the ground giant clan’s fate to rise sharply.

For this reason, Ning Fan, who should have been expelled, not only without/has not Shaoshi Ling, who was expelled but was instead named Taishi Pavilion, received a reward.

Shao Shiling happens to be Si Luo’s boss.

Si Luo had a good impression of Ning Fan and owed Ning Fan a lot of kindness, so even if the workload increased and Ning Fan had to ask him to work overtime, he would agree.

However, Ning Fan did not without/has not leave all the work to his subordinates like Shao Shi Ling before, but took the initiative to undertake most of the difficult work.

This made Si Luo extremely supportive of Ning Fan’s promotion to Shaoshi.

Of course, many people are opposed to this matter, but they dare not speak out. After all, in today’s world Giant Clan, who doesn’t know that the prince abandoned his great luck and somehow managed to win the favor of Ji Shui Senior.

Ji Shui Senior quelled the turmoil caused by the Inugami Yao Curse. He has a great debt to Giant Clan, and he is also a Far Ancient Great Cultivator. Who can’t respectfully shout Senior after seeing him? Even the two Immortal Emperors, Jushen and Juxu, have to perform discipleship rites to Ji Shui Senior, so…even if Ning Fan should have been expelled by the clan rules and should not have received an official position like Shaoshi Ling as a mortal, the two princes Elder defied all odds and awarded Ning Fan an official position.

This is not ancestral, but it is consistent with Ji Shui Senior my heart! Two gentlemen Elder I know in my heart that if it weren’t for love that made Ning Fan mad, it seems that Ji Shui Senior this kind of It is absolutely impossible for a cold-hearted person to Heaven Suppression Bell this kind of Borrowing valuable treasures from each other.

She is even willing to give him Heaven Suppression Bell. This is what kind of’s deep love! Or maybe there is another plan, but it is not what Second Ancestor needs to worry about.

They only need to know one thing, Ji Shui Senior hopes Ning Fan lives well, and they cannot go against Senior.

Rules are dead, people are alive! The reason why the clan rules want to expel Bloodlines waste is because Bloodlines waste may drag down clan’s fate. But now, if Ning Fan stays in clan land, will clan’s fate be reduced? Not reduced! Added? Added! They all used Heaven Suppression Bell this kind of heavy treasures to suppress clan’s fate. The two Ancestors almost laughed out loud, how could they be dissatisfied.

What about Bloodlines sporadic?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bad dog or a bad dog, the one who can bring good luck to our Giant Clan is the good dog!

This is not a curse word. After all, although Giant Clan has nine evolved demon bodies, the original Monster Body can only be Gou.

regarding The two Ancestor are very satisfied with Ning Fan who can enjoy the soft rice of Ji Shui Senior. That is to say, Ning Fan’s Bloodlines is too low. It is difficult to convince the public by granting him a high-ranking official at one time. Otherwise, the two Ancestor would like to directly grant Ning Fan a Taishi Order. Now, he will lead the work of Taishi Pavilion, instead of just appointing a young historian…

Unfortunately, Second Ancestor got Heaven Suppression Bell to suppress clan’s fate. Before they could be happy, trouble came.

Seeing that Giant Clan clan’s fate is becoming more and more prosperous, the Chaoyue Dragon Clan can’t sit still!

Chaoyue and Nianzhu are innately incompatible, but this has nothing to do with feuding, but a fundamental contradiction in the ways they follow, one is pure and the other is turbid.

However, most of the Chaoyue Dragon Clan have Innate Bloodlines in existence, but the candle-bearing dragon can often only evolve through acquired. Very few monsters are born as candle dragons.

As for the acquired candle dragons, nine of the ten are often evolved from the earth giant. This is the key to the indeed Chaoyue Dragon Clan targeting and suppressing the earth Giant Clan.

They can’t just sit back and watch the Giant Clan clan’s fate prosper. Once the clan’s fate of this clan reaches a certain level, a candle dragon will definitely be born!

Different from Chaoyue Dragon’s high output and high volume, even acquired Zhulong has more quantity than by no means. However, once Candle Dragon Appear is born, all of them will be without rival in the Dragon Clan’s exist(ence)

Seeing that Giant Clan had lost their luck and obtained a heavy treasure to suppress clan’s fate, the Chaoyue Dragon Clan immediately sent out Expert to try to **** Heaven Suppression Bell.

The Chaoyue Dragon Clan sent four Immortal Emperor, serious injury Giant God, and Giant Void, and almost snatched away Heaven Suppression Bell.

At the critical moment, Ning Fan appears with Ji Xiaoyao!

Without Ning Fan take action, Ji Xiaoyao alone was enough to make the Four Emperors Chaoyue flee.

Normally, Ji Xiaoyao would by no means take the initiative to take action, but someone robbed her.

This Heaven Suppression Bell , it’s just something she lent to Ning Fan. spending Naturally, it was impossible for a few Chaoyue dragons to take away the treasure that had been restored at such a great cost.

More importantly, Ji Xiaoyao glimpsed some calculations behind this incident, which made her even more eager to take action to avert a disaster for Ning Fan.

It was also at this time that the Four Emperors of Chaoyue finally realized that the Heaven Suppression Bell they wanted to grab was not the stuff of Giant Clan, but the stuff of the Ji Shui Emperor!

Damn it!

They were deceived by Jiang Shui Daoist! The information purchased from Jiang Shui actually contained such crucial details!

This clock turns out not to be from Giant Clan, but from Inverse Saint’s direct disciple Ji Fuyao!

Damn **** water, **** **** water!

It is also said that as long as he successfully snatches this bell, Longzi Yingxuan will be able to obtain Chaoyue Saint‘s Fate Standard, and can form a good karma with a certain nun… All Damn are lies!

It’s a pity that it’s too late to regret.

In the end, the matter was settled by Ning Fan and Ji Xiaoyao.

Time goes back slightly to the moment when the Chaoyue Dragon Clan seizes the treasure.

At this time, Ning Fanby no means wanted Ji Xiaoyaotake action, because he saw Manzhi’s calculation behind this incident and did not want Ji Xiaoyao to be involved.

But the reason why indeed Ji Xiaoyao beat take action!

If she was just being snatched away from the treasure, although she would fight off the opponent, she would never be so angry. After all, she was used to being plotted and attacked by others.

However, behind the incident, she caught a glimpse of Jiang Shui Daoist’s plan for Ning Fan…

Ginger water! Why did that dangerous man target the boy suspected of Ancient Country descendant

I don’t know!

It is precisely because of her ignorance that she wants to grab take action and does not want Ning Fan to get involved! Even though, until now, she still doesn’t know who Ning Fan is…

She didn’t know the details of Karma behind Jiang Shui Daoist, but she had seen the name Jiang Shui Daoist appear in many Ancient Country tomb documents!

Even some documents older than Ancient Country mention this person’s name! Although the pen and ink are not heavy, just saying that it can leave a name in such a long history is already considered terrifying!

No matter how the times change and how the reverse pillars of the world change, this person always hides under the torrent of history and never really drowns…

How can such exist(ence) be easy to get along with? Even Ancient Country descendant, you may be fooled if you meet them!

Ji Xiaoyao couldn’t imagine what would happen to Ning Fan if he was targeted by such an ancient exist(ence). Will he win? Or will…die…

Obviously she just met Ning Fan by chance, but she couldn’t do it no matter what, letting her sit back and watch Ning Fan suffer this fate.

So she rushed take action to repel the Four Emperors of Chaoyue, but at the moment when she repeled the Four Emperors, gaze was startled, but pretended to be calm in the blink of an eye.

Have you been tricked…

It’s ridiculous that she was careful at all times, but at the moment of become a Saint, she was tricked by Old Monster named Jiang Shui…

She faced without/has not He showed the slightest hint of calculation.

Just smiling looks at Ning Fan, as usual, defrauded Ning Fan of his money.

“I helped you defeat the Four Emperors of Chaoyue. You have to remember to pay for this. My favorite sponsor, Sir, without/has not, has several hundred and thousands of gold, but I have suffered a bit~”

After Ning Fan and Ji Xiaoyao met, they remained taciturn and did not intend to go beyond anything.

But at the moment when Ji Xiaoyao defrauded money, he suddenly stretched out his take action , holding the other person’s hand.

While holding his palm, he forcibly inhaled a seal called [Explanation Seal] from Ji Xiaoyao’s body into his own body.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just a Dao Law seal nothing more, it’s not difficult to get rid of.” Ning Fan sighed quietly.

He just wants to work hard to maintain the character of Ni Fan, but when the person in front of him is in danger, he still can’t sit back and ignore it.

That seal was indeed’s plan planted by Manzhi against Ji Xiaoyao through the Four Emperors of Chaoyue.

It was not Ji Xiaoyao’s oneself who planned it, but his attempt to make the seal fall on Ning Fan through Ji Xiaoyao’s hands.

It is easy for Ning Fan to see through and avoid people who plot against Ning Fan.

Only for this conspiracy, Ning Fan could not avoid it and had to respond.

If he is really hit by the Interpretation Seal, the Ineffable Seals held by Ji Xiaoyao will immediately cancel each other out, temporarily losing the power of the Ineffable Seal.

In Hongjun Saint Sect, the person holding the Word Seal who interprets the Word Seal without authorization is a serious crime and will be suppressed by Xingshan for ten Samsaras.

Ji Xiaoyao was just a little away from being plotted and committing a serious crime.

So Ning Fan must take action to remove this seal for Ji Xiaoyao. In this way, he will be the one who falls into Manzhi’s scheme.

As soon as the Jieyan Seal that was sucked into Ning Fan’s body entered the body, the technique changed to turned into [Infinite Titled God Seal].

The so-called interpretation seal has used the two-phase technique refining from the beginning. It has the effects of both the interpretation seal and the infinite Titled God seal. The specific posture it takes depends on who is the recipient of the seal.

If you attack Ji Xiaoyao, you will use the 1st phase; if you attack Ning Fan, you will change into the 2nd phase.

Ning Fan saw through this move, but even so, he had to respond.

Hey! are you okay! This seal or the backhand of also, why are you stupid enough to **** it directly into your body!” Ji Xiaoyao was a little anxious.

“It’s just Seal skillsforget it/that’s all, a trivial matter.”

Seal technique? What did Seal do?”

Seal lost what you most wanted to study on me, but it is a pity for you…”

“What a pity you are so big! How long has it been and you are still pretending to be crazy and acting stupid like this with me! Once such exist(ence) take action, it will never be targeted, no! Go to my temporary laboratory, I want to give you a full body examination!”

“Whole body, are you sure?”

“Stop talking nonsense! Just do whatever this Palace Master tells you to do. I don’t bother to explain it to you! You know nothing about the terrifying of that Jiang Shui man!”

In a hurry, Ji Xiaoyao’s tone was no longer as teay as before, but closer to the silly and silly state of Ant Lord.

Or perhaps, she who cares about this matter is the real her, and what she usually reveals to the outside is just a small mask she wears deliberately.

But no wonder Ji Xiaoyao becomes confused if he cares about her.

In the ancient documents she consulted, whenever Jiang Shui was mentioned Text, without/has not was a good word! Obviously, even in the Ancient Country Divine Spirit era, and even in the prehistoric era of ancient times, whenever Jiang Shui’s name was mentioned, almost all of the records were about this person’s deceptive deeds.

This person’s methods are cunning and difficult to guard against. He can be described as an 1st scammer recorded in historical materials! There is no guarantee that after Ning Fan accepts the Seal of Interpretation on her behalf, other changes will not happen!

She was not Ning Fan, so she didn’t know that this seal had entered Ning Fan’s body. Seal it affected Ning Fan’s Divine Technique percentage, whether it was also and other side effects. However, she could also guess the backhand of the Jieyan seal and should not be careless.

So Ning Fan was not allowed to resist, and she immediately took Ning Fan back to her temporary laboratory, and gave Ning Fan a full body examination. The examination process was naturally unavoidable, and it needed to be like this, and so on.

This is a bit difficult for Ning Fan.

He wants to maintain his character, but the most he can do is not maintain it. Regarding two months Erlong raised the head, it is difficult to control…

And he was still busy blocking Ji Chen’s sight, so without/has not had no extra energy to worry about the details.

After this encounter, he didn’t even know whether he should resent Manzhi… As the saying goes, don’t forget the man who dug the well when you were drinking water. originally wanted to cut Manzhi into pieces with a thousand cuts, but also because he drank a little well water, I just want to chop Manzhi a thousand and one times.

The missing knife, indeed’s gratitude to Manzhi, what, you said it’s not less, but more? Sorry, I’m not good at math, so I really can’t figure this out.

“You! Stop! Make trouble!”

“No trouble…”

“Then what do you want to do!”

“Ask yourself, you have been touching, and you have stopped without/has not…”

“I…I read in a literature that Jiang Shui Daoist used the poison to annihilate children and grandchildren. The reason was that someone asked him for help, saying that having children was too painful and tiring…”

“In this way, Jiang Shui is a very good person, and he helps people solve their problems fundamentally. If you think about it carefully, every time he plots against others, someone must be has demanding against him. Could this be… .”

“You’re crazy! Even if it’s a joke, please don’t think so. You can’t imagine that person’s evil deeds! wait a minute/etc., why are you licking my fingers… It’s disgusting…”


“Hey, pretending, you are not a good person, stop pretending to be a big-tailed wolf with me, I won’t do it! If you do it again, I will cut your tongue! Anyway, I can put it back for you afterwards, with a trace of nerves You won’t get it wrong…”

Ji Xiaoyao endured the strange atmosphere of gradually, forcibly stabilized Dao Heart, and performed a physical examination on Ning Fan.

In the past, she used Ning Fan for experiments and would avoid too much physical contact with Ning Fan, but now she just wants to cut Ning Fan into 108 ten thousand pieces, and only after confirming that each piece is correct can relax

As for Ning Fan, he still needs to maintain a slightly shaky character and not tease Ji Xiaoyao too much, who is getting closer to the Ant Lord personality.

In this case, he could only divert his attention, otherwise he would not be able to hold on to the last moment of silence if he kept staring at Ji Xiaoyao’s serious face.

So thinking about the matter of being plotted by Manzhi this time, I couldn’t help but feel slightlyfrowned.

“Why frowned, does it hurt here? Or is it comfortable?”


“Hey, I’m pretending to be a big-tailed wolf again!”


In this calculation, he was in the light, Manzhi was in the dark, but his also weakness followed him, and he was immediately exploited by Manzhi, who had a deep understanding of people’s hearts.

Because of this, he made one wrong move in this confrontation and fell into the Seal move.

This immeasurable Titled God seal will indeed Seal his Divine Technique, but it will not permanently Seal. It is just that in this Dao Sense battle, he is temporarily unable to use Divine Technique forget it/that’s all.

This seal is specially designed to target Ning Fan’s Divine Technique, and it is not targeting the Master of All Things, nor the former Myriad Things Communication, but Ning Fan’s Myriad Things Communication after his advancement.

The evidence is that Man Zhi’s love for Ning Fan in the past is Divine Technique , somewhat contemptuous of him. At first, he only planned to treat Ning Fan as Divine Father of Wood , refined into a puppet Puppet , basically without/has not Will Divine Spirit , Divine Technique Put it in your eyes.

But for this time, Manzhi borrowed the help of Chaoyue Fourth Emperor and Ji Xiaoyao to Seal Ning Fan Divine Technique. He was extremely targeted, and the layout was no longer as meticulous as before, but gave people a feeling of haste.

The only strange thing is that Ning Fan didn’t act according to Manzhi’s script and actually built new functions for Divine Technique.

Manzhi is not afraid of Ning Fan’s previous Divine Technique, but he only feels threatened by the new function of Myriad Things Communication, so he would rather expose the exist(ence) of Wuliang Titled God Seal and Interpretation Seal, but also decide to seal Ning Fan in this Dao Sense battle Divine Technique.

In fact, neither the Interpretation Seal nor the Infinite Titled God Seal are things that can be made public, and both involve huge Karma.

The immeasurable Titled God seal is related to Far Ancient Divine Spirit, so there is no need to say more.

The explanation seal is for the unspeakable, but the ineffable is Dao Ancestor’s Special skill. Once this seal is exposed, what will you make Dao Ancestor think? Another storm.

If it were just a normal confrontation, Manzhi would never use such taboo tactics due to his unwillingness to suffer losses.

The price is too high, but the benefit is only temporarily banning Ning Fan in the Dao Sense battle, which is obviously a loss-making transaction.

Even though he lost money, Manzhi still did this. In a hurry, he hit take action, causing Ning Fan a small loss, but he also suffered a big loss.

This is like the two sides playing chess in the middle game. Manzhi suddenly changed his chess style and no longer pursued a steady and steady game. Instead, he produced wariness on a certain chess piece that Ning Fan inadvertently chose, and directly chose to exchange the baron…

Ning Fan’s mind raced and he figured out the key in an instant.

Man Zhiyue is wariness Myriad Things Communication, but it shows that his Myriad Things Communication at this time can pose a huge threat to Man Zhi! That threat is so great that Manzhi wants to target it even if he hates Dao Ancestor this kind of Inverse Saint!

“This seal can only seal me Divine Technique in the Dao Sense battle. It means that what Manzhi is afraid of is that I use this technique in a certain part of the Dao Sense battle, which will lead to certain results, or know some information… .”

“The more afraid he is, the more it means that what he wants, or his weakness, is here!”

“In this Dao Sense battle, there is a goal that he must achieve at all costs. That goal may be something, or it may be a secret that he is trying to hide…”

“Although I have temporarily banned Divine Technique, I can see the situation more clearly because of this… In this way, even if I cannot use Divine Technique for the time being, I may not be able to find Manzhi’s weaknesses and solve this trouble. The annoying conspiracy is completely eradicated! ”

“All the clues must be connected… The logic of his behavior, his concern for clan’s fate, his wariness of Myriad Things Communication, he seems to have lived for endless years…”

Ning Fan was thinking seriously there, and because he was too serious, two months was no longer long raised the head.

Ji Xiaoyao’s charming face is getting more and more ugly.

What’s going on!

The little guy who was so full of life just now, why…has died down…

can it be is really a poison that will destroy your descendants! After all, this is 90% similar to what Ancient Book described…

Hey, just cut it off, it’s none of my business anyway, I’m not one of his millions of little girlfriends…

But this happened because of me.

He was injured trying to save me, how could I just sit back and watch him be despised by millions of little girlfriends…

Or, can I reinstall a new one for him?

No, no! If it is poison at the Will level, even if 10,000 of them are replaced, they will still not be able to be used again.

The poison of Will will also eat away at the whole body. Once the whole body Will is dead, they will be buried in bronze and black fire and die an ominous death.

The little guy must be awakened to survive Will!

Stand up! Don’t admit defeat! Don’t bow to the cold reality!

Ss! what are you doing!”

“Don’t worry about it…this is the daytime Ascending method created by the stupid little bird. If it’s useless, you really have no choice but to give up…”

How far apart are geniuses and fools?

Well, I am already an idiot…


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