Godly Student Chapter 5687: Who is the white wolf with empty gloves?


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The appearance of the three of Cheng Yu obviously made the group of people in front very excited and excited.

They thought that these people came with tokens, so they were full of expectations.

However, these people watched Cheng Yu and the three of them coming, which made the three of them worried.

“Master, these people seem to be waiting for us too, they won’t really attack us, will they?” Seeing this scene, Hei Mo said worriedly.

“It’s not impossible. Be prepared to enter the Mountain and River Map at any time!” Cheng Yu shook his head, still very wary of these people.

Cheng Yu led the two of them to land a hundred meters away from the opposite side, and then walked towards each other.

“I feel that the other party doesn’t seem to have any malicious intentions, at least they are not using their power to oppress us!” White Demon said.

“It’s hard to say now, maybe they are the same as us, and they have limited clues, so they may also want to cooperate with us.

If cooperation fails, force may be used. “Cheng Yu said lightly.

“Fellow daoists, did you come here for the sake of export?” Cheng Yuren had not arrived, but he had already spoken first.

“So the two tokens are indeed in the hands of the three?” one of them stood up and said.

At this time, everyone was even more excited. As long as they brought the other two tokens, then they only need to figure out how to use the tokens.

This means that they will basically not miss the opening time of the exit, and they will be able to return to their own world soon.

They’ve had enough of this **** place.

“Token? What token?” Cheng Yu frowned.

Seeing these people so excited, he felt that something was wrong.

“You don’t know the token?”

But Cheng Yu’s words completely stunned these people, this guy doesn’t know the token?

“I mean, shouldn’t you take out the token to have a look first?” Cheng Yu asked back.

“But it seems that we are the ones who asked you first, and of course you are the ones who take it out first!” Long Sheng said with some dissatisfaction.

“But there are so many of you, if you don’t take out the tokens first, how will I know if you are trying to be empty-handed wolves?” Cheng Yu said lightly.

Although the strength of these people is uncertain, there is no need for him to be humble.

Aside from other things, since these people have not reached the immortal rank, then his strength may not be weaker than them.

Besides, among this group of people, he can clearly feel that some people’s strength is not very strong.

As for the strength of a few people, he is not very clear. They should be very good, but he feels that even so, they should not be too strong.

So if there is a real fight, he releases those half-step true immortals, it is still unknown which one is stronger and which one is weaker.

More importantly, of course, what tokens these people are referring to seem to be the key items related to export.

But he didn’t, he naturally wanted to know what tokens these people were talking about!

The black and white demons stood behind the young master without saying a word.

But the two of them were very nervous, but they admired the young master’s reaction and means even more.

This is clearly a head start.

What do you say that you are afraid that the other party will be a white wolf with empty hands? It is clear that they are empty hands with empty hands.

What token! They haven’t even seen a shadow, if they can get it out, they will be damned!

I have to say, what the young master said really bluffed the other party.

I saw the other party looking at each other, you look at me, I look at you, a little at a loss, and finally looked at Lu Jie.

“Do you really have a token in your hand?” Lu Jie saw that everyone was looking at him, but he was not in a hurry to take out the token, but asked Cheng Yu instead.

Because he felt that this guy really didn’t have a token, otherwise he would never have been so confused just now.

But now that this guy is so confident, he feels a little uncertain.

Is this guy really just pretending not to know the token because he is afraid of exposing the token information?

Seeing that they are just cultivators in the Transcending Tribulation Period, it seems reasonable to think that the other party is so cautious.

In this dangerous world, the cultivation level of the Transcendence Tribulation Stage is really too low. If one is not careful, one cannot survive till now.

Perhaps this is the reason why the three of them were able to come here.

This is indeed much more powerful than many immortal-level powerhouses, and he naturally dare not underestimate the opponent because of his low cultivation level.

Of course, if the other party really dared to bluff and use this method to deceive them, these three guys would naturally not end well.

Being able to come to this place in the three tribulation stages may prove that they are also extraordinary, but it does not mean that the three of them can still play tricks in front of their group of immortals.

“Whether you have a token depends on your sincerity! If you have it, I might have it. If you don’t have it, I might not either!” Cheng Yu said with a casual smile.

Such a smile really makes these people unable to see the truth. Although it looks playful, it is somewhat confident.

“You dare to be so arrogant even in a small tribulation period, do you know what the consequences will be if you deceive us?” Long Sheng said dissatisfiedly. past.


But as soon as his power touched Cheng Yu, he was instantly swallowed up by Cheng Yu’s power, and pressed towards him.

Long Sheng took several steps back on the spot, his face pale.

“You…” Long Sheng obviously didn’t expect such a thing to happen. He was a majestic virtual immortal, but he was counterpressed by the power of a transcending tribulation period. What’s going on?

Everyone present is also a strong person~IndoMTL.com~Of course they know what happened just now, so when this happened, everyone’s eyes turned strange when they looked at Cheng Yu again.

Sure enough, it is definitely not a coincidence that the three transcending tribulation periods were able to come here. Naturally, it has its extraordinary strength.

The ability to overwhelm Xuxian in a period of crossing the catastrophe, this talent is really amazing.

Xu Jingshu’s eyes lit up on the side, a little more excited, and he looked at Cheng Yu more playfully.

“Can I see the tokens in your hands now?” Cheng Yu didn’t take this Xuxian seriously at all, and asked Lu Jie.

Everyone’s eyes were on Lu Jie just now, obviously this person seemed to be the leader of their group.

“Fellow Daoist is indeed amazingly talented, and he is indeed qualified to cooperate with us. This is my token!” Lu Jie smiled and took out his token.

However, he is not stupid. Although he has three tokens in his hand, he just took out one of them, with a word Kan written on it!


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