Godly Student Chapter 5686: Similar!


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Although this is just an underwater world, judging from what they have known about this place for so long, this underwater world is very huge, and may not even be smaller than the world on the sea.

And for such a long time, they have never met anyone else, so they can obtain more effective information from this place that has experienced too many years.

Even if they have some residual pictures in their hands, they are not sure whether those residual pictures are clues to find the exit.

So other humans are the key to them being able to get more clues quickly.

It’s just that they have been here for so long, and they haven’t found other humans.

Although Cheng Yu can quickly attract humans with the divine tree, he doesn’t dare to do so.

One is because the sacred tree is too special, and the other is that he feels that the people who can be attracted by the sacred tree are too dangerous, and it is hard to say that there will be no true immortals.

So he didn’t dare to take the initiative to attract humans to approach.

But now, they accidentally discovered other human beings, and the strength of these human beings has not reached the level of real immortals, which made him very excited.

So I didn’t bother to record the number of rivers anymore, but flew forward quickly with the black and white demons.

“They already know the existence of the two of you, so I will not include you in the mountain and river map for the time being.

But you must be careful, these people are all immortals, and there are even many virtual immortals.

Once they try to harm us, you may be very dangerous, so you must enter the mountain and river map as soon as possible at critical moments! “Cheng Yu exhorted the two of them as they were on their way.

“Don’t worry, young master, we are already very familiar with this routine. As long as you don’t seal the magic weapon, we can take the initiative to enter at any time!” Hei Mo said nonchalantly.

This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. They have always done this when they were fighting with the fairy beasts.

Once they find that the situation is wrong, or they can’t hold on anymore, they will take the initiative to enter the mountain and river map.

Cheng Yu nodded and said no more. We are all old partners. Some things just need to be mentioned, and the rest will know how to do it.

The speed of the three people was very fast, and it didn’t take long. They no longer needed to use their spiritual sense to perceive. They could already see with their naked eyes that there were indeed human beings in front of them.

“It’s been a long time since I saw other humans. I’m so excited.” Hei Mo said excitedly.

In this world full of fairy beasts, they have always felt that they are particularly lonely, and even once thought that the three of them were the only human beings in this world.

Now that I have truly seen the existence of other human beings, this kind of feeling is hard to express in words, I only know that this feeling is great.

“Although they are of the same kind, we should be more cautious. We want to get more clues from them, and they may think so too.

So they may also want to kill us at any time, so don’t take it lightly. “The white devil reminded.

“That’s right, in this kind of world, everyone wants to survive, so they may not be willing to share the clues they have with us.

So we may go to war at any time! “Cheng Yu also nodded and said.

“I know, but with the young master here, I believe I won’t be in too much danger!” Hei Mo said with a smile.

If it was a true immortal, he would have escaped long ago before he could get excited.

But since these people are not real immortals, he believes that the young master can handle it, so there is no need to be too nervous.

“Have you forgotten what I told you before? These people are likely to be geniuses from different human worlds. Now that they are immortals again, their strength may not be weak.

It may even be above me, so don’t be too careless, maybe I won’t care about you at that time, you have to take the initiative yourself! “Cheng Yu reminded again.

“Master, don’t scare me. Is it possible that these people are stronger than you?” Hei Mo’s smile froze, wondering if Cheng Yu was joking.

Because they have indeed discussed this issue before, there may be stronger existences than Cheng Yu in other human worlds.

If these people are, then I really can’t laugh.

“Of course it is possible, so don’t underestimate anyone. Especially in this world, do you think anyone can come to this world?

Being able to survive in this world and come here means that they at least killed a group of giant whales and obtained their bead.

Otherwise, do you think they have the ability to come down? ” Cheng Yu explained.

“That’s true!” Black Demon nodded.

“Master, is it possible that they are the human beings who have been living in this place?” White Demon asked.

“It’s hard to say, but judging from their appearance, it seems that they are also looking for an exit, so it is unlikely that they are the aborigines here!” Cheng Yu thought for a while and said.

“It seems so, but I don’t know if they really have the clues we need.” White Demon nodded.

“Forget it, go over and see the situation first, if these people are easy to talk to. Even if you don’t have any useful clues, at least everyone can cooperate.

But if these people don’t talk about martial ethics and insist on making a move, then we can only be rude. “The black devil said.

“They are all immortal ranks, do you think we can help the young master? And what if they are really as strong as the young master said, even higher than the young master?”

“Then the young master can only take us to escape. If we can’t beat him, can’t we still escape?” Hei Mo said very simply.

“It’s hard to say, people are stronger than us, so will they be slower than us?”

“If you say that~IndoMTL.com~, do we have any other choice besides fighting them hard? Don’t always build up other people’s aspirations and destroy our own prestige, okay?

I believe that the young master’s strength is the top group of people even in so many human worlds.

I don’t believe they really do that.

Even if there are people who are stronger than the young master, are they all like this? It must be individual.

Besides, the young master still has so many half-step true immortals in his hands, if they are really going to be released, there will definitely be enough for them to drink a pot.

What’s more, the young master also said that there is a big gap between them and the true immortals. Even if these people are really stronger than the young master, they probably won’t be much stronger, so you should have confidence in the young master. “The black devil said angrily.

“Of course I have confidence in the young master, but when we don’t know each other’s strength, we always have to take the worst situation into consideration.

Otherwise it may be too late when you find out. “The white devil said.


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