Godly Student Chapter 5472: Dangerous place!



If they found a lot of beasts outside early, they wouldn’t think too much about it.


Because the fairy tarantulas live in groups and there are a large number of them, these beasts who wanted to enter here were killed by a large number of fairy tarantulas.


From this point of view, with these fairy tarantulas, very few beasts can go further.


But now that the bones of a beast are found here, it means that this fairy beast is very powerful, or else it would have been surrounded and killed by groups of fairy tarantulas outside.


You know, there are Xuxians among these fairy tarantulas, and they were able to get here, and it even returned a lot of Xuxian fairy tarantulas.


But even so, it died here.


This shows that the fairy tarantula is really powerful, so it is not good news that they found the bones of other beasts here.


And the further you go in, the more bones of other beasts appear, it will be even worse.


Because the more beasts that can go inside, the stronger they are, but such powerful beasts are all dead, which only proves that the inside will be more dangerous.


“Master, I think your worries are a bit unnecessary. Although it died here, there are too many fairy tarantulas, so this does not explain anything.


This is just a solitary beast without any other helpers. Facing such a large number of fairy tarantulas, being able to kill this place from the outside is already very remarkable.


Naihe couldn’t fight the number of fairy tarantulas, so in the end they lost to the siege and died, which is also a normal thing.


It may be dangerous to say that they were killed by the spider king. “Hei Mo said indifferently.


“Then how can you be sure that they were not killed by the spider king, but by a group of fairy tarantulas?” Cheng Yu asked.


“Since this is the spider king, it will definitely not come out easily. This place should be some distance away from the spider king’s old lair. There is no reason for the spider king to come here to kill it.


So, the bones that appeared here should have been killed by those fairy tarantulas. “Hei Mo thought for a while and said.


“It’s reasonable for you to say that, but you can’t say so absolutely. Since there are bones of other beasts here, it’s hard to say that there will be no bones in the depths.


Even if the beasts here were not killed by the spider king, the further they went, the more likely they were killed by the spider king himself.


So we still have to be careful, maybe this spider king is really a real fairy! “Cheng Yu said.


“Young master, what you said made me a little nervous. Could it be that the spider king will really appear here?” The black devil looked around and couldn’t help but tremble.


Originally, it is hard to say whether the Spider King is a true immortal, at least there should be a 50% probability.


But after seeing Cheng Yu being so careful, and then looking at this huge animal skeleton, I really felt a little chilly.


If this beast was really killed by the spider king, it means that the spider king may appear here at any time.


If the spider king is just a virtual fairy, there must be a chance for them to save their lives.


But if it is a real fairy, even Cheng Yu is afraid, let alone them, maybe the spider king was killed in seconds before he even saw his face, can this not make him afraid?


“For the sake of safety, you should first enter the map of mountains and rivers. If you go deeper, you will have no sense of experience.


Even if I am now, I may be ready to flee and escape at any time.


Regardless of whether the spider king will appear here or not, we have to be on guard. After all, we have already penetrated deep into the hinterland, and maybe the fairy tarantula’s lair is not far ahead. “Cheng Yu thought about it, and finally decided that it would be safer to move on alone.


In this dim world, although he can see a certain distance, this distance is not a safe distance.


Because if the Spider King is really a true immortal, the moment he saw the Spider King meant that they were only tens of meters away.


With the strength of a true immortal, this is a very dangerous distance for him.


Besides, in this desert, he has no way to use the power of the Mukong mirror. Although the Tukong mirror can be used, the Tukong mirror is not as easy to use as the Mukong mirror, and there is no way to see everything in the distance. .


If these yellow sands could act as his eyes like those plants and trees, allowing him to see everything in this desert, then he would not be so worried as he is now.


People have certain worries and fears about unknown things and things beyond their control.


Thinking that this spider king might be a true immortal, can he not be worried?


For a mortal to meet a fairy beast at the level of a true fairy, that is really something that no one else dares to think about.


As the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless.


If it were someone else, maybe they wouldn’t be so worried, because they don’t know how big the gap between virtual immortals and real immortals is.


But he knows, that’s why he’s afraid, that’s a level of strength.


Because Xuxian can be instantly killed in front of a real immortal~IndoMTL.com~So although he can kill Xuxian, but for a real immortal, what is that?


“Master, is it really so dangerous?” White Demon asked.


“It’s not clear whether it’s dangerous or not, but it’s hard for you to help. After all, we have already penetrated deep into the hinterland, and maybe everything we have now is under the surveillance of the Spider King.


So it’s not impossible for it to appear here, we’d better just in case.


If it’s really dangerous, at least I can evacuate at any time!


If you are here, by the time danger arises, I may not be able to save you in time. “Cheng Yu nodded and said very seriously.


“Well, we don’t want to be a burden to the young master, let alone drag the young master down.” Bai Mo nodded, but he was no longer persistent.


If the strength is not enough, it is meaningless to persevere.


If they really broke into the lair of those fairy tarantulas, even if the spider king wasn’t a real fairy, they would only drag Cheng Yu back with their strength.


Even the three magic pets have to take care of the two of them.


Without them, Cheng Yu would be able to evacuate safely as soon as he found out that something was wrong, which is indeed much more convenient than bringing them two oil bottles.


“It’s not just you, even the three of them have to go back to the Mountain and River Map now!” Cheng Yu pointed to the three magic pets and said.


But the three magic pets are obviously not happy. Now they can finally fight side by side with their masters again. It’s too late to be happy, so why would they want to hide in the map of mountains and rivers again!


“Be obedient, you won’t be able to help you on the road ahead. Even if the three of you have reached Xuxian, it may not be useful.” Cheng Yu patted the three big guys, shook his head and said.


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