Godly Student Chapter 5471: Not a good sign!



Although Jin Chan did not advance to Xu Xian, everyone felt a little regretful, but the fact is that, no one can do anything but find a way to continue killing more fairy tarantulas.


But Cheng Yu and the others stood on the yellow sand again, thinking that those fairy tarantulas might never appear again.


“Master, if those fairy tarantulas really don’t come, then we will directly kill them to their lair!” Hei Mo said.


Although he couldn’t kill Xu Xian, let’s see how he saw how Cheng Yu killed Xu Xian.


I have to say that the scene was really exciting and exciting.


It’s a pity that they don’t have this ability, otherwise, they don’t have to be afraid of Xuxian, and they can help Cheng Yu more.


Actually, if they really went to the lair of these fairy tarantulas, the two of them would not be able to help at all.


If the spider king has really reached the level of a true immortal, he can only hide in the map of mountains and rivers.


Since I can’t help much, I can’t cause trouble for Cheng Yu.


“If they don’t come out, then we have to go in by ourselves!” Cheng Yu said helplessly.


Of course the fairy tarantulas could come and attack them again.


As their old nest, there will definitely be more fairy tarantulas, so the uncertainty is naturally much greater.


Especially their spider king, this is what he is most worried about.


But if they attack again, although they may bring more fairy tarantulas this time, it must be easier than attacking their old lair.


So although they plan to go deep into the hinterland, the speed will not be too fast.


It means to hope that those fairy tarantulas can come out on their own initiative, instead of waiting for them to really hit their lair.


But the reality is that in the next few days, Cheng Yu and the others were not attacked by those fairy tarantulas.


And judging from what they have observed so far, apart from the fairy tarantula population, there should be no other populations.


So if the fairy tarantula doesn’t come out, they don’t have to worry about other dangers.


“Young master, maybe your guess is right, maybe this spider king is not really strong, and he is not even a real fairy.


So they don’t dare to take the initiative to attack us now, maybe they are really waiting for us in their lair! “The black devil said.


“It’s hard to say, they suffered heavy losses in the two attacks, and they naturally understand that there is no point in attacking us again.


They are also intelligent, and may even know that we are coming for the fairy pulse.


If we want to obtain the fairy veins, we must go to their lair, which cannot be avoided.


In this case, there is no need for them to attack us again.


As for the strength of this spider king, it’s really hard to guess. “Cheng Yu shook his head, not very confident.


“If it was really a real fairy, it would definitely not be so cowardly.” Hei Mo said.


“That’s not necessarily true. As a spider king, its wisdom is much smarter than those of its tribe. Maybe they are just playing tricks with us, deliberately showing weakness, and then attracting us to its lair.


If it is really a real fairy, to be honest, if we enter its lair, it will be very dangerous.


Maybe there is no chance of escape! “


“Young master, I don’t think you are a fairy and it doesn’t take much effort to kill a virtual fairy. In my opinion, you are even a little relaxed. Do you really have no chance to kill a real fairy?” Hei Mo asked curiously. road.


For them, there is really no way to fight Xuxian, let alone kill them.


But seeing Cheng Yu’s battle with so many Xuxians, he really felt that Xuxians were nothing in front of Cheng Yu.


The real immortal is stronger than the virtual immortal, but since Cheng Yu killed the virtual immortal so easily, then his strength is probably not much different from the real immortal.


If you use some tricks, maybe you can really kill the real fairy.


Even if there is really no way to kill the real immortal, there is no problem in escaping.


But every time Cheng Yu mentioned the true immortal, he didn’t have any confidence at all. He felt that Cheng Yu had destroyed his prestige and underestimated himself too much.


“Do you think that real immortals are so easy to kill? One level higher, the strength is completely different, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a world.


What’s more, do you really think that killing Xu Xian is like killing weeds? I have told you a long time ago that Xuxian’s strength is also divided into high and low.


Generally speaking, for such a group living beast, Xuxian’s strength is not too strong.


It’s just like these virtual immortals are nothing compared to those virtual immortals who have become kings in their own group, or compared to those virtual immortals who live alone?


At least compared to the Giant Sand King Scorpion, the strength of these fairy tarantulas is far inferior.


So their biggest advantage lies in their large number, not to mention that I killed so many virtual immortals, which is the same as after you have killed so many ordinary immortals. Naturally, it will not be as difficult as it was at the beginning.


But even so, beheading Xuxian is not as easy as it seems to you. Just like you beheading mortals, it still takes a lot of trouble ~IndoMTL.com~ and the gap between virtual immortals and real immortals is hard to describe in words.


So it is true that I can kill Xu Xian, but this is already my limit. If I meet a real immortal, no matter how much I can fight, I will have no way to go up. Naturally, I have no choice but to escape. ” Cheng Yu explained.


“So that’s the case, but the young master can kill Xuxian with the power of a mortal, and there is no one in this world comparable to him.


Even if you run into a real fairy and want to run away, it’s not ashamed. I don’t know how our luck will be this time, I just hope that the spider king is really not a real fairy, then our chances of collecting the fairy veins are pretty sure! “Hei Mo said with a smile.


In his opinion, as long as the Spider King is not a true immortal, then Cheng Yu can definitely kill it.


Once the Spider King died, this fairy spirit vein was still within reach.


So now he can only pray silently in his heart, no matter what, he just hopes that the Spider King is not a real fairy.


But when a gust of wind blew by, they discovered for the first time that there were animal bones of other animals in the yellow sand.


“I just said that I have never seen other beasts here. In any case, these beasts will definitely compete for this place for more faerie energy.


So it’s really strange that we haven’t found the bones of other beasts all this time.


Now it seems that it is not that there are no beasts here, but that these animal bones are buried under the yellow sand. “The black demon took out a huge beast and said.


“Judging from the size of these animal bones, it should be a solitary animal. And it can appear in this place instead of outside, which shows that its strength should be very strong.


Maybe even stronger than a group of virtual immortals, this is not a good sign! “Cheng Yu also picked up a huge animal bone, but couldn’t help frowning.


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