Godly Student Chapter 5297: Slay on the spot!



“My lords, I can’t hold on anymore, please come and help me!” But the immortals over there were besieging Cheng Yu and wanted to capture him alive, but the lord over there was I can’t stand it anymore.


“Hold on!” But these immortals finally waited until Cheng Yu’s immortal energy was almost exhausted, and now is a good opportunity to contain them.


If they help the Lord guard the passage in the past, then this side may fall short, so they don’t want to give up this opportunity.


“I really can’t hold on anymore, I won’t be able to keep the passage like this!” The Lord yelled.


He is just a mortal, and among the people present, he is the weakest.


But he also faced the most enemies.


Fortunately, although the number of these demons is large, their strength cannot be compared with Cheng Yu and those immortals.


And his strength is just above these demon warriors, otherwise it would be impossible for him to last until now.


But even if he is stronger than these demon warriors, after all the number of demon warriors is there, he is still no match for it.


“Let’s help Jiang Kang and I! If they destroy the passage, then we won’t have a good time.” Wu Qi looked at the Lord and saw that the Lord had indeed reached his limit, so he immediately If he wanted to give up, he didn’t dare to really ignore it.


Living puppets is very important, so is Cheng Yu’s identity.


But they can’t give up their passage back to the fairyland for these.


Otherwise, even if they got the living puppet technique and got rid of the holy city, how would they go back?


Otherwise, even if they have the living puppet technique, it is impossible for them to return to the fairy world to play its role.


So he didn’t care whether Shang Feng and the others agreed or not, and Jiang Kang and the others rushed directly towards the Lord.


More than 10,000 demon warriors look really scary. Fortunately, the strength of these demon warriors is not as strong as before. Otherwise, Wu Qi and the two would have been scared away when they saw such a scene. Now, how dare you rush up.


The two started from behind the demon warriors, and there would always be demon warriors who were knocked away on the spot between the shots.


But I have to say that although these demon warriors are not as strong as before, their body strength is not weak.


Even if it was shot by a cactus, it would fly out at most, but it didn’t fall apart.


But if it were a cultivator from the lower realm, if he took the cactus palm like this, even if it didn’t fall apart, the bones in his body would probably be shattered into slag.


It can be seen that these demon warriors are actually quite strong. If the Nether monks encounter such an enemy, it is really a headache.


Like the Lord at this moment, although his strength is stronger than these demon warriors, his current task is to protect the passage behind him.


Therefore, he did not fight these demon warriors head on, but stuck to the barrier, preventing any enemy from breaking through his line of defense.


But seeing Wu Qi and Jiang Kang finally appear, his heart finally calmed down.


I saw demon warriors flying out of the place where the two of them passed, forcibly opening a passage through the crowd of demon warriors and rushing towards the position of the Lord.


On the other side, Cheng Yu was anxious to see this situation.


Although leaving the two immortals made him less stressed, he didn’t feel happy about it.


Compared to the other side of the tunnel, he can actually hold on for a while.


As long as the passageway is destroyed, he can evacuate at any time.


Although he is now easier to deal with the enemy, but there are two more immortals on the other side of the passage, and the pressure on that side is greater.


There are at least two immortals guarding it. Even if there are more than 10,000 demon warriors, it is almost difficult to break through the defense of the immortals.


Whoosh whoosh!


So Cheng Yu hurriedly asked the divine tree to evacuate from the battlefield here, and flew towards the passage.


While Wu Qi and Jiang Kang were still opening a passage to the location of the Lord, the divine tree suddenly appeared above them.


Countless roots and whiskers stretched out toward the two of them, trying to tie the two of them into a sieve.


However, immortals are still immortals after all, not as good as those Nether monks they once killed in seconds.


Although its roots are extremely hard and numerous, there is no way to kill these two immortals.


The only effect is to stop them from going to the tunnel.


But if these two immortals can’t be killed, or if they can’t be completely blocked, it doesn’t make much sense to Cheng Yu.


And now the effect of the **** tree to stop the two of them is very limited.


I saw Wu Qi and the two dodging left and right, constantly knocking the demon warriors into the air and rushing to the Lord.


At the same time, the two of them worked together to support a new barrier, keeping all the demon warriors and the divine tree out.




It wasn’t until this moment that the Lord dissipated the barrier, and the whole person was already weak.


Resisting the attacks of so many demon warriors is not just mental pressure, but also the pressure of strength.


He’s all soft now, his hands and legs are shaking, and he’s completely out of strength.


It can be said that if Uzi and the others were slower, the result might be completely different.


Fortunately, he survived after all. Now there are two barriers supported by immortals, which I believe is enough to protect the passage behind him.


His mission was successfully completed.


Boom boom boom!


More than 10,000 demon warriors and the divine tree attacked this barrier and failed to break it, which made Cheng Yu on the other side very disappointed.


On his side, he was also facing ten enemies, and he couldn’t get away to attack the barrier, which really made Cheng Yu a little annoyed.


Ten to ten!


Although there are two fewer enemies on the opposite side, and now the number of both sides is the same, but Cheng Yu has not been able to gain the upper hand.


After all, immortals are different!


At this moment, however, Cheng Yu suddenly took all the nine clones back to the main body.


“What does he want to do?” The ten immortals were immediately puzzled.


Originally they were ten to ten, although Cheng Yu was at a certain disadvantage because he was a mortal, but they couldn’t force the other side.


But now Cheng Yu suddenly took back nine clones, and ten people became one person. Although everyone was very doubtful, they did not hesitate, and directly surrounded Cheng Yu in the middle.


“His power…” But soon, these immortals were completely stunned.


They clearly felt that Cheng Yu’s power was rapidly increasing.


“Withdraw! Guard the passage!” Shang Feng already felt something was wrong and immediately ordered.


Because he knew that Jiang Wei and Bai Xin were taken away after being seriously injured by Cheng Yu’s trick.


Even though he was still arranging the seal at the time, it didn’t mean he couldn’t hear or see.


And the power of this move in front of me is obviously much stronger than before, this is no joke.


If two immortals could be seriously injured before, if they were hit now, they would really fall on the spot.


All ten people rushed towards the location of the passage at one time.


“Holy Emperor Slash!” But Cheng Yu wouldn’t let them escape so easily, and he slashed down with a sword under the powerful force.




With a loud noise, everything in front of me seems to have been involved in this huge sword shadow.


“Block it!” The aura of destruction came from behind, and the ten immortals were stunned, and an extremely dangerous aura poured into their minds.


At this moment, they know that it is useless to escape to the passageway, and everything in front of them is being destroyed.


They may even be destroyed if they don’t resist.


And even if they escaped, the passage behind them would be impacted, and the barrier between Wu Qi and Jiang Kang would probably be unstoppable.


So at this time, whether they are protecting themselves or protecting the channel, they have to stand up and forcibly block Cheng Yu’s powerful and terrifying attack.


The ten immortals built a huge barrier at the same time, trying to stop the destruction before their eyes.




Even the barriers of ten immortals could not stop this terrifying sword shadow that seemed to cut through the sky.


The huge barrier was cut from the middle in an instant, and it didn’t seem to encounter any obstacles!


And the immortals behind the barrier were all knocked into the air, and the two immortals in the middle were killed by Jianying on the spot.


“United Barrier!” Shang Feng was really frightened at this time.


Because when the two immortals were beheaded just now, he was next to him, because he was relatively close to the sword shadow.


Although he wasn’t killed, he was seriously injured.


The closer to the sword shadow, the more serious the injury.


In addition to seeing two immortals being beheaded like this with his own eyes~IndoMTL.com~, he was not only physically injured, but also extremely frightened in his heart.


If he was in the middle just now, maybe the sword shadow was a little bit more biased, then it might be him who was killed on the spot.


The remaining eight people fled towards Wu Qi in a very embarrassed manner.


While wounded, it was not fatal and did not render them incapacitated.


Quickly rushed over the block of the demon warriors and entered the protected area of ​​Wu Qi and Jiang Kang.


“That guy’s strength is terrifying, we must unite, take out the enchantment stone, and work together to strengthen the barrier. We must not let him destroy the passage!” Shang Feng shouted.


When he first came to the human world, how could he have thought about working so hard to protect the safety of the passage.


But now, he doesn’t dare not to protect.


The strength of the descendants of this holy city has far exceeded his imagination. With the combined efforts of ten people, the opponent was able to forcibly kill two immortals. This kind of strength had to make him afraid.


If they can’t defend the passage today, then they will definitely die next, and he is naturally afraid.


As long as they can hold the passage, they will be safe today, and more immortals will come to aid them in the future.


So now they must fully support this barrier, this is their last hope.


At this time, everyone dares to hold back, and they all took out the enchantment stones and merged them into this enchantment barrier! ?


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