Godly Student Chapter 5296: Everyone has their own thoughts!


This sudden change also made the opposite immortal and the lord never think of it.

Especially on the Lord’s side, because Cheng Yu and the others were fighting fiercely with the twelve immortals.

He never thought that Cheng Yu would suddenly release a large number of demon warriors, and these demon warriors were coming towards the passage behind him.

Seeing this, he immediately set up a barrier to keep these demon warriors out.

However, his barrier is not as strong as those of the immortals before.

In order to break this passage, Cheng Yu made his own efforts this time, and released all the remaining 18,000 demon warriors.

Although the demon warrior is important, he knows that the passage is more important.

At such a critical moment, if the passage can be destroyed, even if all the more than 18,000 demon warriors were sacrificed, it would be worthwhile.

Therefore, the number of demon warriors facing the Lord now is nine times more than the previous 2,000 demon warriors.

And his strength is far inferior to those of the immortals, so under the impact of so many demon warriors, he has clearly felt that his barrier has become extremely unstable, and it seems that there is a risk of being broken at any time.

But behind him is the passage to the fairyland.

But for the dynasty and him, it’s not just a passage, it’s about the life and death of the dynasty.

If his defenses are breached, then the passage will surely be lost.

Without this passage, he would no longer be able to ask Immortal Realm for reinforcements.

Now he has also seen Cheng Yu’s terrifying strength. If there is no reinforcements from Immortal Realm, how could he and the dynasty fight Cheng Yu?

So at this moment, no matter how hard it was, he didn’t dare to relax in the slightest, and he went all out to support the barrier, hoping to keep these demon warriors out.

I also hope that these immortals can kill or capture Cheng Yu, and end the battle as soon as possible to support him.

Otherwise, under the impact of so many demon warriors, he will be unable to hold on sooner or later.

But at this time, when Wu Qi and the others saw so many demon warriors, they were not only shocked, but also a little more excited.

Because these demon warriors are the living puppets they’ve seen before.

“Those living puppets really belong to him, he knows the art of living puppets, catch them alive!” Shang Feng had already reacted, and immediately shouted.

And when the Lord heard this, he almost vomited blood on the spot.

He couldn’t hold on by himself, but he still wanted to get that living puppet technique.

If the passage behind him is destroyed, what’s the use of them even getting the art of living puppets? Can they still go back to the fairyland?

You know, they are different from those monks who ascended to the fairyland.

So although they have reached the realm of immortals, they can no longer enter the immortal world through ascension.

So this passage is almost the only way for them to return to the fairyland.

But these people don’t seem to care about the safety of the passage at all, and they don’t care if they can go back, they just want to get the living puppet technique.

Actually, it is normal for him to have such thoughts, because he is starting from the interests of himself and the dynasty.

As long as the safety of the dynasty can be kept, the holy city can be destroyed, even if these immortals die, or the passage is destroyed.

However, he did not understand the thoughts of these immortals.

Nether monks all yearn for the fairy world.

But only those who really live in the fairyland understand that the fairyland is not as beautiful as they imagined.

Although it is indeed a heaven for cultivation, it is also a **** for cultivation.

The current Nether cultivator feels that it is a very happy thing to have fairy qi everywhere, but this fairy qi is very precious to the Nether cultivator, but to the immortals, it is the same as their Nether Qi.

These things are everywhere, so it’s not a rare thing.

But a secret technique as powerful as the living puppet technique is very rare even in the immortal world.

And to get such a precious spell in the fairy world, the competition there is far more tragic than this lower world.

So every time I hunt for treasures in the fairy world, the fallen fairy is really like raindrops, completely worthless.

Furthermore, don’t look at the Lord respectful to them after they came to this lower realm.

But they are only the lowest immortals in the Immortal Realm, and they have no status at all.

If the art of living puppets appeared in the fairy world, it can be said that they would not even have the qualifications to compete.

Because in front of those Immortal Venerable Immortal Kings, they were already wiped out before they approached.

And the advantage of living puppets is very great, especially for inferior immortals like them, if they can learn this kind of secret art, they will have more reliance in the fairyland in the future.

As long as they can find the complete corpse, no matter what the other party’s cultivation realm is, they can make it into a living puppet and completely control them.

Think about it, what would it be like if a low-level immortal could find one or more immortal king bones?

This is equivalent to a low-level immortal being protected by a group of immortal kings.

Although the living puppets after resurrection cannot be compared with the real immortal kings, but a group of such immortal kings living puppets, even if they are not as strong as they were in their lifetimes, their strength is still unparalleled.

From now on, it is not an exaggeration to walk sideways in the fairyland.

At that time, there was a very ordinary immortal who did not know where to get a group of powerful living puppets at the level of immortals, so he roamed the immortal world, killed the Quartet, and became famous.

Such a powerful living puppet powerhouse is not only to act as a thug and a guard, but more is that such a powerhouse can help him obtain more resources, and can also ensure that the weaker is in the strong position such as Cloud’s fairyland grows steadily.

This is very important.

Don’t say it’s in the fairy world, in fact, even in the lower world, many cultivation geniuses are actually killed before they grow up.

This is especially true in Immortal Realm, where there are countless geniuses.

But the Immortal Realm has never lacked strong people, and countless geniuses have also fallen before their wings are full.

So if you can have a powerful living puppet to protect yourself and let yourself grow up with confidence, this is definitely very important.

Because of this, how could these immortals be willing to miss such a good opportunity?

Even if they successfully completed the task this time and received the above awards, then a little reward is not enough to make them a real powerhouse in Immortal Realm.

Compared to this living puppet technique, they have long ignored the reward.

Even if he learns the living puppet technique, he may not be able to encounter a powerful corpse to make a living puppet, but at least he has learned the skill. What if he is lucky enough to encounter such a powerful corpse one day? ?

What’s more, even if it’s not a powerful corpse, it’s just an immortal corpse of the same rank as them. If he can make tens of thousands of living puppets like Cheng Yu is doing now, it must be enough for them to have a headache even if they encounter some strong ones. .

Not to mention, at least if they want to protect themselves, there is still a great chance.

But without these living puppets, if they encounter those strong people, it is almost impossible for them to have a chance to survive.

So that’s the difference!

Now that they know that Cheng Yu is the caster of the living puppet, how can they only treat them as descendants of the Holy City so simple!

Of course, even if Cheng Yu doesn’t know how to survive, there is only one Cheng Yu in the holy city. If they want to destroy the entire holy city, they can’t just kill him.

Otherwise, if this line is broken, where will they go to find other descendants of the Holy City?

It’s just that Cheng Yu’s strength is so strong, which also gives them some headaches. It’s not that easy to catch him alive.

It’s a pity that Jiang Wei and Bai Xin were taken away by Cheng Yu. Otherwise, even if there were just two more immortals, the result would be very different.

Fortunately, they now clearly feel that Cheng Yu’s strength is weakening.

“Their Immortal Essence is not enough, surround them!” Jiang Kang saw that Cheng Yu and his clone seemed to be weak, and immediately became even more excited.

Although their number is only two more than Cheng Yu, from the situation in the battle circle, Cheng Yu is indeed surrounded, but it is not so obvious.

Bu Chengyu is not in a hurry, because he is no longer the main force.

He just wanted to hold back these immortals, and the main thing was to let the demon warriors break through the Lord’s defense and destroy the passage.

But looking at the crazy looks of these immortals, this is somewhat beyond his expectations.

These guys actually know the art of living puppets.

Apparently they want to get the Living Puppet from him now.

And their situation of actively besieging him is exactly what he wants~IndoMTL.com~ Although he doesn’t dare to use the power of immortal essence in large quantities now, he still has the confidence to ensure his own safety.

And the divine tree has been interfering with them, and after all, it has relieved him a lot of pressure.

It’s really dangerous to deal with so many immortals.

The only regret is that the divine tree did not achieve its desired goal, otherwise, the mission this time should be very smooth.

After all, there are only fourteen immortals in total. In fact, it is the best situation he can think of, not the worse situation he has thought of. There are several or even a group.

But even so, he only has nine avatars and helpers such as the divine tree, and all he can do is this far.

However, when he saw the situation on the demon warrior’s side, he was still full of expectations.

As long as these immortals don’t help, the Lord will soon be unable to hold it. When so many demon warriors rush up, how can that passage be able to stop the impact!

Just wish the process could be quicker, as he’s not sure how long he’ll hold on.

Although he doesn’t dare to consume too much Immortal Essence, it is impossible to block the attacks of so many immortals without using Immortal Essence at all.

So if he dragged on like this, he was afraid that even if the passage was destroyed, he would not be able to escape from the encirclement of so many immortals! ?


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