First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 1: Mourning Hall


Mourning hall.

A bronze coffin is laid out in it. The coffin is engraved with vast and ancient patterns such as birds, beasts, insects, fish, sun, moon, and stars.

A young girl, dressed in plain white robes, knelt in front of the coffin.

Outside the mourning hall, there is a secret world like pure land,

There are terrifying figures like gods and Buddhas, and they are fighting fiercely among them.


God’s blood is pouring.

It was quiet in the mourning hall.

The girl kowtowed to the ground from beginning to end, her expression neither sad nor happy, so calm that there was no trace of waves.

“Oh, so I’m like this after ‘death’…”

Su Yi laughed, but his eyes were full of coldness.

Only when he occasionally looked at the girl, did he have a subtle softness in his eyes.

Before his death, he had traveled around the virtual world, his sword pressed against the stars, and he dominated the world.

Have conquered the world and dominated an era.

It has also been regarded as the only “Master of Ten Thousand Paths” in the Great Wild Kyushu since ancient times.

In the eyes of the kendo giants in the Great Wilderness Kyushu, he is the unparalleled “Xuanjun Sword Master” on the road of kendo.

And when news of his death came out,

Everything has changed!

“Hahaha, Rong Qingming, Lian Dao, since then, Su Xuanjun’s ‘melting furnace’ has returned to his seat!”

A loud laughter sounded in the secret world outside the mourning hall, revealing joy and happiness.

Su Yi looked up.

It was a golden-winged roc, with wings like clouds hanging from the sky, and the color was like a golden sap poured into it, emitting a dazzling light that was so powerful that it overwhelmed a mountain and river.

In its pair of giant claws that tear the sky, it holds a bright red cauldron.

“This little bird actually betrayed me…”

Su Yi sighed with emotion.

I still remember that 80,000 years ago, the golden-winged Dapeng prostrated outside the mountain gate, kowtowing for ten days and ten nights, just to serve and listen to the wonderful Taoism under his seat.

Thinking of his sincerity, he keeps it by his side to practice.

But now it is calling its own name and robbing its own melting pot.

Like a traitor!

“Su Xuanjun owes me ‘Yinghua Sword Court’ eight hundred and ninety-three lives, and even stole my sect’s supreme inheritance ‘Ten Fang Sword Sutra’. Today, we are here to collect debts, and whoever dares to stop it will kill anyone! “

Under the sky, amidst the rolling thunder, a red-robed Taoist screamed loudly, killing intent to the sky.

Su Yi was stunned.

Ascension Sword Court was originally a little-known sect,

His patriarch is only one of the thirty-six named disciples around him.

It is precisely by virtue of his power and protection of Su Xuanjun that the Ascension Sword Court can rise step by step and become one of the six gates of the six great gates in this wild Kyushu.

But now, the people from Feathering Sword Court have also come.

What owes eight hundred and ninety-three lives is pure nonsense.

Not to mention, the “Swords of the Ten Directions” was given to the master of Yuhua Sword Court by himself!

Obviously, after learning of his death, Yu Hua Jian Court made up a random reason, under the guise of debt collection, took the opportunity to rob.

“People are not ancient, but they are.”

Su Yi couldn’t help shaking his head, and his mood couldn’t help but feel a little low.

In the years before my death, I never treated those close to me badly.

“Wait, listen, Su Xuanjun is the ‘Master of Ten Thousand Paths’ that we respect together, and I’m here today, so I can’t tolerate you looting and robbing his relics!”

Amid the rain of blood, a group of mighty figures shouted loudly.

“Bullshit, it sounds nice, isn’t that the one who came to **** the treasure after learning about the death of the old thief Su?”

“It’s so **** hypocritical!”

Someone sneered and retorted.

“Look at your hands, the ivy fairy tree, Dazhi Ruyi, Jiulong Shenhuo lantern, Wanliu purple jade bottle…Which one is not the ‘peerless Taoist treasure’ left by Su Xuanjun?”

“If you are really interested, why don’t you put those treasures into Su Xuanjun’s coffin and be buried with him?”

…Many terrifying figures sneered.

The world is in turmoil, and the battle is fierce.

The figures who participated in the war were all the top powerhouses in the Great Wilderness Kyushu.

In Su Yi’s eyes, all this is ridiculous and funny!

These bastards, during their lifetimes, were respectful and submissive.

And after he “died”, he actually looked like this!

“There is a difference between life and death.”

Su Yi retracted his gaze and looked at the girl who was kneeling in front of the copper coffin in the mourning hall, her expression softened, “Fortunately, this girl Qingtang has always been there…”

When Qingtang was thirteen years old, she followed him to practice cultivation. It has been 18,900 years since then. In the wild land of Kyushu, she has the title of “Queen Qingtang”.

In the eyes of outsiders, Qingtang is a high-ranking emperor, who controls all countries and controls Kyushu. Even people in the same state are in awe.

But in front of Su Yi, she has always been a little girl-like character. In addition to her practice, she serves by Su Yi’s side, gentle and humble.

“Junior sister, you have been guarding the spirit of Master for seven days. If you don’t leave now, we are destined to be unable to last!”

Suddenly, a tall and majestic figure walked into the mourning hall. His white shirt was already damaged and stained with blood. He had just experienced a **** battle, and he exuded terrifying power.


The head of the nine closed disciples under the throne of Su Yi, named “Bima War Emperor”, followed Su Yi’s practice for 39,000 years.

Qingtang, who had been kneeling in front of the coffin, slowly got up, her voice was cold and indifferent, and said:

“Senior brother, before Shizun passed away, the nine successors of us had already left each of us. Why…you came back?”

Bima slightly frowned, and said with justice: “How could I just watch those traitors and enemies destroy everything that Master left? What’s more, you don’t want to leave, Sister, I’m here to keep the spirit, as a great master Brother, how can you leave?”

Qingtang turned around, and a pair of beautiful eyes stared at Bhima as cold as a blade, “It’s already here, senior brother still doesn’t want to tell the truth?”

Bima’s pupils narrowed slightly, “Junior sister, what do you mean?”

“What do you mean?”

A sneer appeared on the corner of Qingtang’s lips, “Others don’t know, but I know very well, senior brother, you have always been obsessed with Master’s ‘Nine Prisons Sword’.”

Bima’s face changed slightly, he was silent for a while, then suddenly laughed, his eyes were cold, “Junior sister, you dare to say that you are here to keep the spirit, not for this sword?”

Qingtang did not deny it, her beautiful and fair cheeks were as calm as before, and said, “Senior brother, you are wrong, I stay here, not just for the Nine Prisons Sword.”

“What else?” Bhima couldn’t help asking.

Qingtang looked outside the mourning hall, looking at the world where the gods and demons were fiercely fighting, and said calmly: “Master left before his death…”

“I want it all!”

Every word in the words is so casual and calm, and when it comes to the end, Qingtang’s slender and beautiful figure adds a compelling majesty.

“It’s all about…”

Bima was stunned for a while, then he couldn’t help laughing, his face full of mockery, and said:

“Unexpectedly, among our nine descendants, the one with the greatest appetite is actually you, little junior sister! If Shizun was still alive, seeing this scene, he would never have imagined that Qingtang, whom he loves and trusts the most, is actually So greedy!”

In fact, Su Yi has been watching from the sidelines.

He doesn’t care about the betrayal of the Golden Winged Dapeng and the Ascension Sword Court.

He doesn’t care if the enemies come to him.

But when I see that my most respected successor, Bima, and my most beloved Qingtang, also have their own plans and plans.

He fell silent.

It’s just a few treasures, but the two apprentices turned against each other, how sad!


Suddenly, Qingtang made an abrupt shot, and in one stroke, he actually hit Bima severely.

“I didn’t expect, you **** hide so deep!”

When it was too late, Bhima seized a chance to escape from the mourning hall, with anger and panic in his voice.

He didn’t expect that his apprentice sister’s Taoism was far more terrifying than he imagined.

Even Su Yi was taken aback, this girl had already broken through.

Bima didn’t stay and fled immediately.

Qingtang did not chase, she stood alone in front of the copper coffin in the mourning hall, with a mocking look on her lips, and muttered:

“If Master knew that his eldest apprentice was the first to collude with the Sixth Daomen, how sad would he be?”

“There is also the third senior brother Huo Yao. Although he did not participate, he stole the ‘Xuanchu Divine Mirror’ when he was about to leave. This treasure alone is enough to promote him to the ‘Imperial Realm’… “

“Unfortunately, Master has passed away, and I can’t see all of this again.”

Qingtang sighed softly.

Su Yi’s face darkened a little.

Only then did he know that the big apprentice he trusted the most had actually committed betrayal and led the wolf into the room!

I also learned that Huo Yao, the three apprentices, stole the “Xuanchu Divine Mirror” that suppressed this secret world!

No wonder those traitors and enemies can easily get into their own territory…

Thinking of this, Su Yi was both angry and disappointed.

At this time, Qing Tang suddenly stepped out of the mourning hall.

Her graceful and slender figure seems to be independent, a pair of beautiful and indifferent eyes glanced at the world, and said coldly:

“From today onwards, I, Qingtang, will be the sole ruler of the Great Wilderness!”


A blue sword intent flashed from her body, swaying upward, covering the sky and the earth, the green sword intent light and rain blazing, like one after another blade of punishing the sky, easily killing one terrifying figure after another .

Just for a moment—

The world is picturesque, dyed with blood!

The remaining terrifying beings are all horrified, all of them are like falling into an ice cave, and they are all chilled.

“Submit, or die.”

In this terrifying and **** atmosphere, Qingtang spoke indifferently, and the voice spread in the world.

“I would like to honor the Queen!”

“I would like to honor the Queen!”

At this moment, shocked by Qingtang’s power, those great powers bowed their heads!

“This girl…”

Su Yi’s pupils were slightly narrowed, and his heart could not be calm.

Originally, he should be pleased as a master.

But now, there is only an indescribable loneliness and desolation.

At this moment, how could he not understand that this little apprentice he loves the most has also been hidden in the past years?

Not long after, Qingtang turned around and walked into the mourning hall.

She looked at the bronze coffin again, bowed and saluted, and said in a calm voice:

“Master, your apprentice Qingtang guarded your spirit for seven days, and also helped you suppress those traitors and enemies. You have done your best between master and apprentice.”

“From now on, I will inherit everything you have left.”

When she spoke, she stepped forward, raised her hand and pressed it on the bronze coffin, and said softly,

“The Nine Prison Sword can’t be buried with you like this. When the disciple reveals the mystery of this sword, he will return the sword. Master, don’t blame me for disturbing your rest…”


The lid of the bronze coffin was lifted.

Just this moment, Qingtang, who has always been calm and calm, has a rare change in color.


Inside the bronze coffin, it was empty.

Not to mention the Nine Prisons Sword, even the body of the master is gone!

Su Yi, who had a panoramic view of all this, was furious in his pupils.

Even though, before deciding to reincarnate and rebuild, he was well prepared for what was about to happen.

But at this time, it was still difficult to contain the anger in my heart.

But gradually, the anger in Su Yi’s eyes subsided little by little, and in the end there was only endless indifference and coldness.

“When I come back, I hope you **** are alive and well…”

Su Yi’s illusory figure that no one noticed, disappeared into nothingness and disappeared completely.


The Great Wilderness calendar is 108,000 years old. Su Xuanjun, the “Xuanjun Sword Master” who was the only one in the Great Wilderness Kyushu era, fell to the world, and the Kyushu was shaken.

Seven days later.

The disciple of Sword Master Xuanjun, Queen Qingtang swept Liuhe, pacified the heavens of Shenzhou, and was honored in the world.


Five hundred years later.

Great Zhou Kingdom, Yunhe County, Guangling City.

In the evening, the sunset glows like fire.

Outside Songyun Sword Mansion.

Su Yi stood far away, waiting for his sister-in-law Wen Lingxue to leave school.


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