Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4867: Four kinds of fruits


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“Forget it, eating those things will affect Xi’er’s appetite, open the door!” Jing Ying’s gentle and doting voice came out.

Icy Lotus curled up again. It actually wanted to get close to the Eternal Guardian and be held gently in her hands.

Woooooo! But, she doesn’t deserve it.

The summoning of the four disciples requires bloodletting, and as Her Majesty the Queen, she naturally does not need it.

As soon as the thought arises, the door will appear.

An ice door appeared in the sky above the Ice Lotus Palace, and terrifying ice energy overflowed from the door, instantly freezing the Ice Lotus Palace.

Yang Li and the others’ expressions changed greatly, and they were confused, “How could this happen? How could this happen? Not only did that **** boy not die, but he also released the master. How is this possible? Such space laws can’t even trap him. ! ”

Su Tao said: “Senior sister, gather your troops quickly and prepare for a fight to the death! The master has just come out, and his strength must not have recovered well. With Lord Ye Konghao’s blessing, we will definitely win!”

“What we are afraid of is not the master at all! But… it is that boy’s guardian.” The third junior sister said tremblingly.

It was just one confrontation, but there was deep fear and apprehension in my heart.

“For today’s plan, there is no other choice! I believe that if our lives are in danger, Master Ye Konghao will come like a **** and save us.”

“Yeah!” The other three junior sisters also believed so firmly.

I even hope that they can’t beat them and create a story of a hero saving a beauty.

At this time, the ice door in the sky opened.

A man in white walked out of the door, his whole body full of noble aura.

The face that confuses all living beings seems to make everything in the world lose its color.

The corners of Mu Qianxi’s mouth turned up slightly, and she said coldly: “You voluntarily plead guilty and commit suicide! If you want an easy death, you’d better trouble me to take action! Be smart!”

Yang Li and the others no longer had the humiliation and humiliation of the past. The anger and murderous intent in their eyes were surging and they no longer concealed it. “You brat, you are really lucky! You have caused such a big mess for us. Do you know how hard we have worked to completely take control of the Ice Lotus Kingdom? You have ruined it, ruined it! You give me Go to hell! “They are destined to die”

It’s not easy to tell.

Just do it, she is not afraid of them at all!

But Mu Qianxi gently pulled her back, “Xi’er, they are not worthy of you to take action.”

A huge ice lotus bloomed above the palace, carrying an aggressive and strong cold air.

Almost everyone in the Ice Lotus Kingdom saw it and exclaimed: “Your Majesty, it’s great to be out of seclusion.”

“The sky-devouring beasts are becoming more and more rampant. Her Majesty the Queen can come out of seclusion, and we feel a little relieved.”


The faces of the four girls changed drastically. They took advantage of the Ice Lotus Queen’s retreat to gather many experts.

But the strength of these masters is not enough in front of the Ice Lotus Queen.

There is a serious gap in the strength of the Ice Lotus Kingdom, and the strength of the emperors below the Queen are not very good?

They could also clearly feel that their master was seriously injured and his breath was unstable. They said: “Master, in order to deal with us and sacrifice yourself, are you going to ignore the safety of the Ice Lotus Kingdom?”

“If you still kill us when your strength is weakened, who can stop us once the Sky-Eating Beast attacks? Just calm down.”

If you can’t defeat him, you can only convince the Ice Lotus Queen to make her have some scruples.

“And this **** boy, what good thing is that? The Ice Lotus Kingdom’s power is weakened again, and he will swallow even the bones, leaving the people in dire straits.” The third disciple pointed at Mu Qianxi angrily.

“None of this matters!” A voice as vague as the snowy wind passed through the air.

The Lord Overlord has returned. If she is willing to let the Ice Lotus Petals exist, what does the Sky Devouring Beast mean?

If you want the ice lotus petal to disappear, you can disappear now.

The power of ice and snow is unstoppable.

In this situation, the situation was still unclear. The accomplices standing on the side of the four major disciples all turned into ice sculptures in an instant.

As for the four major disciples, they did not turn into ice sculptures. They turned into fruit trees.

Towering pear and peach trees, climbing grapevines, and watermelon vines covering the entire ground.

These four are all filled with super large fruits that look very delicious.

“Kacha——” Someone had already unceremoniously picked the pink peach and took a bite. It was crispy and juicy.

Mu Qianxi was a little surprised, “I knew that the four disciples were not human, but I didn’t expect that their bodies turned out to be fruit trees!”

There is no special bloodline or inheritance, just an ordinary fruit tree.

The difference is that the vintage is extremely high, it lives extremely long, and the quality of the results is very good.

No wonder, Binglian said that he ate them, but it turned out that he simply ate them as fruits!

Icy Lotus cleans the portal very quickly, but it is too **** itself.

The meager strength was completely exhausted, turning into a palm-sized ice lotus, with spider web cracks appearing all over the body.

“I…I want to be completely shattered and disappear into thin air. I will never see you again, Lord Master!” She said with a cry.

Mu Qianxi said: “It’s okay! In front of you is the second-ranked alchemist in the world. I think we can save him.”

Of course she will not let the Ice Lotus Queen die, the potion has already been prepared.

Drops of potion dripped down and blended into the small ice lotus, causing the cracks on its body to slowly disappear.

“It’s so comfortable. The smell of this potion is like the spirit water that Master Master once poured on me. I like it so much! I didn’t expect there would be a chance… I would still have a chance to drink it!” Binglian said excitedly.

Mu Qianxi did add spiritual water to her space. She likes all plants, and the healing effect is particularly good.

Bing Lian did not expect that she would explode with almost self-destructive power and quickly suppress the four disciples.

I don’t want their presence to hinder the ruler’s eyes, not only is it okay, but I also have a good meal.

“Kakakaka——” Someone continued to nibble on the peach, and Binglian said: “Do you want to eat it? The four of them produce pretty good fruits.”

Mu Qianxi shook her head, “Thinking about them, I don’t have a good appetite, even if the fruit is really good. If you like it, eat more.”

It was only then that Mu Qianxi found out that the ice lotus was planted by Jingying Ying.

After being raised, he naturally possesses great power.

After she created Hongmeng Realm in Crystal Ying and left, she also followed her example and raised four fruits that she preferred to eat.

With this person’s careful cultivation and resource use, even ordinary fruit trees have undergone earth-shaking transformations.

Not only did he develop spiritual consciousness and transform into a human being, he also cultivated to the emperor level.

Unfortunately, this rare opportunity was all ruined by love.

Until they are turned into old fruit trees without self-awareness forever by the powerful force of ice, they still miss the story of the hero saving the beauty. pity! No, Ye Konghao did not come, and A Ting was a little disappointed.


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