Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4845: Absolutely fair


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Ying Tianxia said: “Everyone will enter such a situation, which has a lot to do with me. I will definitely protect Qian Xi and return to the divine realm safely! And death, the person who is least afraid of death in this world is me. I am Won’t die.”

“Can I act together with my big brother? If we work together, we will never die!”

Qi Mocha is not confident in his own strength, but he is very confident in Mu Qingchen.

Shui Long shook his head and said: “No, there are not enough people!”

“Not enough! What about adding them?” Mu Qianxi asked Invincible Xiaohong and Xiaoyun to come out.

“They have already been counted.” Shuilong said.

Qi Mocha gritted his teeth and said: “Then I can only fight alone. After all, if I stay in this formation and spend it all, I am waiting to die. This death formation is too scary.”

Mu Qingchen said: “I will definitely complete the task, and Xi’er will be handed over to Master Shuilong. Qin Mu and Wuya’s target is her!”

Even if Mu Qianxi is worried about everyone, she still believes in Shui Long’s arrangements, “Be careful in everything.”

A water ball fell into their respective hands, “They will take you to the point where you want to break through, and they will also protect you from being annihilated by this formation.”


The water ball wrapped around them and disappeared.

Mu Qianxi asked: “Shuilong, where are we going?”

“Array Heart!”

Before they set off, Shuilong seemed to sense something?

There are actually two formation centers.

One of the array centers has a familiar aura.

“It’s the Origin Water. When it was defeated, it actually chose to hide with the Son of Destiny. With the help of Heaven to protect it, no wonder I haven’t found it.”

Shuilong was also very annoyed with the sudden change and obstruction.

“This guy is such a thief. He chose an unexpected guy to help cover him, and then hid in the God of Shepherd Realm!”

Mu Qianxi did not expect this kind of thing. After all, this guy stabbed Qin Mu in the back without hesitation.

Qin Mu is really flexible and flexible, and he can even form an alliance with this guy to trick her.

Mu Qianxi said: “If I’m not wrong, the two guys guarding the heart of the formation, one is Taichu Yuanshui and the other is Qin Mu! They separated us deliberately, but if we don’t separate, this formation will not be broken, and we will not It will be annihilated and there will be no choice.”

It’s hard to say which one is easier to deal with, Taichu Yuanshui or Qin Mu?

“Water Dragon, help me seize the Taichu Source Water. We must not let it escape this time.”

Shui Long wanted to stay by her side to protect her and didn’t want to leave her even half a step, so she could only ask for it.

Water dragons should obey their master’s orders.

“Master, what kind of son of fate, what he did today should be repaid with his life. Master, it’s up to you to kill him! I will also offer you the source water of the beginning.”

“Yeah!” She was quite unsure at first, but now she felt very at ease after hearing what her master said.

“Then let’s set off too!” Mu Qianxi said.

She wants to fight quickly and solve the final goal, so that the battles of other partners can stop quickly.

With such a murderous formation, the killing situation constructed by Qin Mu, Wuya, and the Taichu Yuanshui Alliance was too dangerous, and she was afraid that something would happen to everyone.

The deployment of the water dragon will naturally not go wrong, and where everyone goes is carefully calculated.

Qi Mocha’s opponent is the weakest, and Ying Tianxia is assigned to the strongest branch.

The opponents of Mu Qingchen and Wudi Xiao Momo are of average level.

Mu Qianxi held a sparkling silver spot in her hand and disappeared.

Shui Long stood there, stagnant for a while, already thinking of countless ways to twist off the necks of Qin Mu and Wu Ya.

They asked the master to leave his side and let the master fight alone and face danger. It was really annoying.

“It is indeed such a choice. Lord Wuya, who can see the future, made his calculations very accurately!” At this time, Qin Mu stood up.

“This time, I will definitely kill Mu Qianxi.” He said confidently.

This is the realm of the Shepherd God, and he is the absolute master of this realm.

His killing of Mu Qianxi was as simple as Mu Qianxi toying with him in the divine waters.

Mu Qianxi faced him like a floating tree shaking a tree.

Mu Qianxi arrived at the center of the formation, looked at the familiar handsome face in front of her, and said: “Qin Mu, is this your true body? If you only dare to use clones in your own domain, then it will be too difficult to fight. It’s a bit boring. You might as well just untie the formation and send me back to the God Realm.”

Even now, she is still so arrogant and getting more and more arrogant!

Qin Mu’s face was clouded, “Death is imminent, but you are still so conceited. Haven’t you recognized the situation yet? The Lord of Water is not by your side, so what are you going to fight with me for?”

The water dragon appears in the next formation center, and Taichu Source Water is waiting for him.

“Lord Water Dragon, when the Son of Destiny kills your master, other eternal artifacts will be severely damaged. By then, you will be the strongest eternal artifact!” Taichu Yuanshui said excitedly.

After hearing this, Shuilong became extremely angry.

Taichu Yuanshui continued: “You cherish your master so much. If she dies, you will definitely be angry. It doesn’t matter. Kill the son of destiny to take revenge. You can relieve your anger.”

The three who set up the trap all have their own perverted obsessions.

Wuya wants Mu Qianxi to die, and Taichu Yuanshui wants Shuilong to fight to the death with other eternal artifacts to become the strongest eternal artifact.

And Qin Mu defeated Mu Qianxi and gathered all the luck in the world to himself.

If you don’t want others to have a little favor from heaven, you must become the most proud disciple of the God Emperor.

Seeing that Mu Qianxi was still so confident when facing him, Qin Mu said: “Of course, I also know that in addition to the Lord of Water, you also have other eternal artifacts. Although they are sleeping, if the master is in danger, they will definitely I won’t remain indifferent. Is this your trump card and your confidence to face me without fear?”

“Yes!” Mu Qianxi said with a faint smile.

She mocked: “You are just lucky enough to fight with me! You are really thinking too hard. I just want to make sure you are your true form, otherwise I won’t even bother to do anything.”

Mu Qianxi’s eternal artifact gave her such confidence, and she was so arrogant even when she was about to die, which made Qin Mu look a little bad.

“You are so proud, there is something waiting for you!” Qin Mu said with a serious smile.

“God, please bring down an absolutely fair battle platform!”

Above the nine heavens, a battle platform descended, suspended in the air.

The rows of gleaming golden characters represented a series of rules, which made Mu Qianxi laugh.

“Absolutely fair? That **** built a fighting platform just for you! It’s so painstaking.”

“Are you afraid! Afraid of a fair fight with me?” Qin Mu said.

Qin Mu was trying to provoke the general, but Mu Qianxi didn’t buy it. “Of course I refuse!”

Absolutely fair, it is stipulated that you can only use your own strength.

In short, the eternal artifact cannot be used as a helper and appears to help her fight.

But Qin Mu is at the peak of the Emperor level. She has not even reached the peak of the ninth level of the God Emperor. How can we talk about fairness?

Qin Mu smiled and said: “Aren’t you going to fight? Then look at them!”


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