Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4844: Welcome to death


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“Forget it, whatever you want!” The Supreme Scepter muttered.

“Brother!” Mu Qianxi was also a little worried.

“Don’t worry, your elder brother is brave and a strong person, isn’t he?” Ying Tianxia smiled cheerfully and relieved at Mu Qianxi.

“Someone is using me to deal with you, how can I not hold you back? I will do everything possible to protect you. I don’t want to be an unqualified guard. If you have the means, do it!” Ying Tianxia looked at Mu Qingchen road.

Mu Qingchen nodded: “Yes!”

As the original owner of that thought, it can actually be taken back.

It’s just that given Ying Tianxia’s current chaotic and weak condition, he can’t do it, but the seal master can help him do it.

The connection between the body and the mind has been found, and Mu Qingchen’s soul power has engraved the void sealing array.


The figure on the golden lotus suddenly rushed towards Ying Tianxia and merged with Ying Tianxia.

The golden lotus disappeared, leaving a huge gap in the entire prison’s defense.

The three-person defense is the strongest. One less person will not only lose one-third of the strength, but nine-tenths.

“Boom–” Next, it would be very simple for the water dragon to destroy the prison that trapped its master.

The torrent of terror instantly swallowed up this prison, which contained death, and this prison created by the three human emperors gradually turned into dust.

Qin Mu was slightly startled, “The power of this Lord of Water is so terrifying, I still underestimated him.”

“Next step!” Wuya dropped a chess piece.

“Let’s start the killing array!” He was full of murderous aura.

Finally released from prison, Mu Qianxi looked at the familiar figure and muttered, “Ancestor, I didn’t mean to destroy your hard work! I think you don’t mind either.”

The figures on the two lotuses also disappeared, and Mu Qianxi looked at her elder brother who was kneeling on the ground.

“Tick-tock…tick-tock…” He lowered his head, but drops of water fell.

Big brother is feeling very uncomfortable right now, a kind of discomfort that spans thousands of years.

She couldn’t relate to the pain that had accumulated for thousands of years, but it really hurt her!

Three people once stood side by side, but he was the only one left. He was the only one left.

He thought he was strong and brave, but after merging those memories, he just wanted to become a coward and just wanted to die.

But when he was about to take action, he knew that he would not die at all.

Even if I die again now, this memory gained from my mind will not disappear.

Because he doesn’t want to escape, he must accept this memory.

Mu Qianxi didn’t know how to comfort him, so she could only wait quietly for her elder brother to recover.

When Ying Tianxia raised his head, there were no tears in his eyes.

How embarrassing it would be for him to let the juniors see him cry in such a dignified manner!

But those eyes were red and bloodshot, and he said: “Sister, I must kill the God Emperor, I must kill him!”

Mu Qianxi nodded slightly and said, “Yeah! I think so too. We have the same goal.”

Ying Tianxia added: “Also, find a way to make me die. If there is one person in this world who can make me die, then that person must be you.”

Mu Qianxi’s eyes dimmed, “Brother, I pretend I didn’t hear this!”

Shuilong also covered her ears, “If this is too much, if it embarrasses the master, don’t let my master hear it a second time!”

Ying Tianxia said hoarsely: “I’m really sorry! I can’t help it.”

At this time, that familiar annoying voice sounded.

“Congratulations to my little junior sister for escaping from **** and officially entering my realm of the God of Shepherd. The special and grand welcome ceremony begins!”

The entire space was instantly distorted, as if cut by a terrifying power, and the power that swallowed and annihilated everything swept towards Mu Qianxi and the others.

Shui Long waved his hand, and the spiritual power of the water element enveloped Mu Qianxi, Mu Qingchen, Qi Mocha, and Ying Tianxia.

It’s not that Water Dragon cares about them, but that if he doesn’t protect them, they will die.

The realm created by the Son of Destiny has extremely terrifying control. If you die, you will be wiped out.

Only the level of eternal artifact can compete with it.

After being tricked into the world of the Shepherd God, there is only one word of death and no other choice.

Shui Long also looked particularly bad, “This formation is really a big deal!”

“Tianyan Death Array, Master Shuilong, are you satisfied with this gift?” A vague voice came.

Mu Qianxi said coldly: “Wuya, your handwriting is also here!”

He is waiting for this step!

This formation is too dangerous. There are indeed water dragons holding it up, but we can’t remain in a stalemate forever.

“Array?” Mu Qianxi’s soul power spread out.

As Qin Mu’s private domain, the Mujin Realm is not too big, just a little larger than the previously destroyed Three Emperors Realm.

The entire domain is now covered with this formation, and countless followers of Qin Mu are sacrificing themselves to maintain this formation.

They are crazy for the Destined Son, and they will sacrifice everything at all.

“This is a flawless formation!” Mu Qianxi said solemnly.

Even if there are flaws, there will be no flaws because of the special reason that Qin Mu is the son of luck.

“If there is no flaw, then create a flaw. The master cannot be trapped in this place.”

All the water elements in the entire Shepherd God Realm are suspended in the air, obeying the orders of the water dragon.

“Even though it is my domain, the elements are still not under my control. The eternal artifact is really ridiculously powerful!” Qin Mu said gloomily as he sensed all the movements.

“It’s still not enough, Master, lend me A-Nian’s power!” Shuilong said to Mu Qianxi.

With this formation, even if Anian, the strongest formation master, appears, if he tries to break it, he will only be able to injure the enemy a thousand times and injure himself eight hundred.

“Okay!” Mu Qianxi naturally trusted Shui Long.

The next moment, the entire light element of the Shepherd God Realm was suspended in the air, following each other with the water ball.

Glittering and crystal clear, the entire world of the Shepherd God became dreamlike.

What makes this realm become such a dreamy scene also means that the Lord of Water is angry.

“The Lord of Water can actually control light!”

“Even if it is not the same master, in the past, as long as Eternal Qianhuan was willing, the Lord of Water could use their power. The tolerance of water is extremely terrifying, and he is the most underestimated eternal artifact.”

If he could, the last thing he wanted to do was face the Lord of Water.

Unexpectedly, Mu Qianxi was extremely lucky to reach this point, and now this guardian happened to be by his side.

Water and light, the two forces began to move, tearing apart this flawless formation.

This formation naturally cannot be broken, and huge luck begins to repair it.

We absolutely can’t let them fix it, then it’s the most critical moment. Shuilong glanced at them and said: “I have created flaws in this formation full of murderous intent, because the luck of the master of this domain is too strong, and these flaws are not enough to completely destroy it. We need to continue to break through those flaws, no

Let it continue to be repaired, we need your help! ”

“Okay!” Of course no one would refuse. “I only care about the master and not anyone else. You may die. I must tell you this first.” Shuilong said calmly.


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