Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4841: Lord of Death


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The Supreme Scepter burst out with golden light and said: “Go quickly! We must not stay in this world…”

The Emperor of Hell stood in the air and looked down at Mu Qianxi, “The Western Emperor is not very smart and has forgotten many things, otherwise he would not have been tricked. I heard that the Southern Emperor and the Eastern Emperor are dead, so I can only use you The blood sacrifice is here to relieve the hatred in my heart.”

After entering the prison, some changes did occur, that is, the spiritual power could no longer be used.

“Young people with outstanding talents and invincible abilities at your level, once you are unable to use your spiritual power, you will definitely die.”

Yadi’s murderous aura filled the air.

In the prison, spiritual power cannot be used, and everything is blocked.

She knew this before coming in, but she was not afraid of simple physical combat.

“Boom——” Mu Qianxi raised her hand to catch his blow.

He was stunned, and Mu Qianxi sneered: “Compared to the physical body, how does your big skeleton compare to the Thunder Emperor? Let me try!”

Even though Mu Qingchen’s physical combat ability was not as good as his sister’s, he still cooperated with her instantly and attacked from behind.

Qi Mo Cha did not take action and hid in the dark.

The opponent is a protoss, and if the skeleton is broken, it can be restored instantly.

This physical battle is extremely detrimental to flesh and blood.

Even if you don’t use any spiritual power, this kind of combat power is still terrifying.

“The body of flesh and blood is still a human race, and its power will eventually come to an end. The body-refining technique is very powerful, do you really think you are the Thunder Emperor?” Emperor Yan sneered.

He came with a punch that shattered the void and hit Mu Qianxi. Her flesh and blood would be crushed instantly.

A flash of light blue light blocked the blow.

With the dragon scales around, Mu Qianxi’s physical body becomes stronger.

The Emperor of Hell also felt that this girl was very evil, “You are actually more difficult to deal with than Donghuang!”

“Your body doesn’t get stronger with age!”

Mu Qianxi burst out with destructive power, and the dark skeleton was broken again and again, restored and restored.

“I am immortal! Do you think that when the gods protected me, why did the three of them choose to imprison me? Because they couldn’t kill me with their original strength, and the same goes for you…”

“I control death. This prison is filled with the energy of death that I have exuded for tens of thousands of years. The game is over!”

The arrival of death cannot be resisted, especially since spiritual power cannot be used here.

From the moment they enter here, it means they are certain to die.

There was no color on Qi Mocha’s face, the blood stopped flowing, and his lips turned dark gray.

This is the result of close contact with the aura of death, and the situation of Mu Qianxi and Mu Qingchen is also extremely bad. They are facing irreversible death.

However, even so, Mu Qianxi still shot towards it and grabbed one of Yan Emperor’s arms.

There was no trace of fear on her face, but rather some disappointment.

“I heard that you were his junior brother. I thought it would be very challenging. I didn’t expect that your trump card is just that. It’s really boring.”

She doesn’t need to care about this death aura at all.

She controls the power of life, and the sacred tree of life is her friend.

When Mu Qianxi exploded with life force and swept away the surrounding death aura, the dark skull became lighter and lighter.

“You…who are you? Are you the Tree of Life? No…you are obviously a human race with the blood of the Eastern Emperor!”

Mu Qianxi’s many extraordinary qualities shocked this old man who had been imprisoned for tens of thousands of years and had no experience.

The aura of death is useless. With the power of life to restrain it, Mu Qianxi can fight with ease in the next battle.

“Boom——” The bones in Emperor Yama’s chest shattered into a dark skeleton.

Fight! Keep fighting,

Soon, the black skull became more tattered.

After Mu Qianxi used the power of life, it became extremely difficult for it to recover.

“Boom–” The earth-shaking loud noise came out, and it did not belong to this prison, but to the entire Three Emperors Realm.

The whole world is turning into powder.

There are still human races in this world, but the entire world is going to perish faster than these human races.

The faces of everyone in Sanhuang City changed drastically, “The world is going to be destroyed. Are we…are we still hopeless?”

Everyone from Wu Xuanzong said: “Who said it was hopeless? Elder Mu said before he left that if there is an accident, we will leave this world immediately! I’m sorry, I have to keep you away from your homeland.”

Mu Qianxi deployed a space teleportation array throughout the city, with Wu Xuanzong of the Divine Realm at the other end.

She had known for a long time that what led her to this place was not that simple, so she naturally had some backup plans.

The formation to teleport a city is activated, and the city is evacuated.

The Three Emperors Realm instantly turned into powder and disappeared into the chaotic dark void.

The only thing left is the prison that will not be destroyed even if this world is destroyed, created by the three human emperors.

But the world was destroyed, and the laws that limited strength were eliminated.

“You geniuses who are invincible at the same level in the lower plane, let me see how strong you really are?” Emperor Yan said with a smile.

“God-Emperor level! It’s stronger than expected. After all, you humans are naturally slow in cultivation. To have such strength, you are already the top of the human race.” His smile was so arrogant.

“I am the Lord of Death. If I let you die, even the sacred tree of life cannot protect you!”

The Emperor of Hell clasped his hands together, and a death mark instantly appeared in the air.

“Xi’er, let me block it!”

Mu Qingchen also realized the danger of this death mark, and joined forces with Qi Mocha to unleash the power of the Supreme Crown, using all their strength to contend with it.

It is difficult for their elemental power and soul power to compete with this great seal of death.

Death invaded, and black lines appeared throughout his body.

“Such a talent and a descendant of the Queen will definitely allow me to make a more satisfactory skeleton.”

“The Lord of Death, a black and smelly black skeleton dares to call himself the Lord!” A cold voice came.

A drop of water fell from the sky and instantly disintegrated the mark of death.

The big seal full of death and ominous atmosphere became vulnerable.

He stared at the light blue figure with wide eyes, “You are the master of water!”

Shui Longdao: “You are too ugly like this. I have tolerated you appearing in front of my master for so long. It’s time for you to disappear.”

“Master, you actually recognized a human race as your master. What is going on with the human race now?” Its voice was extremely sharp.

The most prosperous period of the human race was when the three emperors came together.

But at that time, the humans still could not pose any threat to the gods, and they had no connection with the eternal artifact.

Now… Nowadays, a human race can do such incredible things. What on earth is his brother the God Emperor doing?

“I have never fought against an eternal artifact, but today I want to try it. Are you, the Lord of Water, more powerful, or am I, the Lord of Death?”

He knew that the power of the eternal artifact should not be underestimated, but he felt that the aura of death was countless times stronger than the power of the elements. He is the Lord of Water, but he is not the strongest eternal guardian. He is by no means invincible, so he should be able to defeat him!


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