Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4748: He helped her escape


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“I’ll go if he asks! Your Highness doesn’t want to lose face, let him come and see me by himself.” Mu Qianxi said lazily, looking unruly and unwilling to buy it.

“It concerns His Highness Jiuye!” the other party said solemnly.

Mu Qianxi stood up immediately, “Then I will give him face.”

The tower that was broken before has been restored to its original state, and Wuya is also the same.

Mu Qianxi didn’t want to waste time with him, so she asked straight to the point: “Jiuye, are you coming back?” Wuya played with the chess pieces expressionlessly, and said slowly: “His Royal Highness Jiuye returns, we will not care about it. At any cost, let you leave the divine domain and stay away from His Majesty the God Emperor, lest His Majesty the God Emperor kill you at any time. At the same time… he will die, and I will never.

His Royal Highness Jiuye will die. ”

Mu Qianxi’s eyes dimmed, not doubting what he said.

No matter how scheming Wuya is and how unpredictable his thoughts are, one thing has never changed, that is, he will not let Jiuye die.

He needs to keep Jiuye alive to complete his hidden purpose.

“So, if you want me to die, Jiuye will not come to save me.”

“Unfortunately, the last plan failed.”

“So? What is your purpose in finding me this time?”

“I will help you leave God’s Domain!”

“If I could run away, I would have run away while the God Emperor was in seclusion!”

“His Majesty the God Emperor’s magic to trap you is called Qiankun Binding. You cannot leave the area specified by him. As long as he wants to, he can immediately bind you and send you to him.” Wuya slowly The way.

She checked so many books on the secret arts of the God Clan, but could not find a solution. The leaders of the major clans were also unable to figure it out, but they relied on Wuya to get accurate information.

“So, you can break this magic and let me escape!” Mu Qianxi raised her eyebrows slightly.

“No! I don’t have this ability. Apart from His Majesty the God Emperor, there is only one person in the world who can break this magic.”


“Eternal Ring, Divine Water Dragon Ring!”

This answer was really beyond Mu Qianxi’s expectation.

“It’s my water dragon!” The water dragon is mature and restrained, gentle, considerate and reliable.

Because she didn’t have much time out, she didn’t know him well enough.

Wu Ya said: “As far as I know, he can also do the Eternal Ring, the thing he is good at, the God-breaking Technique.”

“Then you also know very well that during the battle between the Soul Clan, my contract partners had to return their strength after receiving the restored power. They suffered backlash and were all sleeping, otherwise they would not have been missed by the God Emperor.” Mu Mu Qian Xi frowned slightly.

“What if he could get some of his power to help him wake up early?”

“What can you do?”

The white chess piece fell into one place on the chessboard, and the chessboard instantly turned into a map of the divine domain.

“Here, there is a heavenly dragon’s energy. If it is fused with the divine water dragon ring, it will surely wake up in advance, break the divine spell for you, and leave the divine realm! It’s up to you, do you dare to take it?”

She wished Wuya would die quickly and her soul would be gone!

Wuya also wanted her to die, but now he would help her fulfill her wish, which is really incredible.

She can also guess that if Wuya makes this move, there must be a big pit waiting for her.

But even so, she never thought of retreating.

“Why don’t you dare?”

Hearing this, Wuya’s face was calm and he said nothing more.

His goal has been achieved.

As for what kind of pitfalls there are here, Mu Qianxi asked someone and got a rough idea.

“Ah! Your Highness Qian Xi, you want to go here, this is…” the young master of the Jiang clan said in shock.

This place is quite famous among the Gods.

It is called Tianlong Secret Realm, which is the birthplace of Qin Mu, the Son of Destiny and the direct disciple of the God Emperor.

When he was born, he absorbed 90% of the heavenly dragon’s energy.

Only the last ten percent can be absorbed after he accumulates a certain amount of luck in the future.

With 100% of the energy of the Heavenly Dragon gathered in his body and his great luck, he will surely become the number one person under the God Emperor in all realms.

Stealing this Tianlong Qi is equivalent to taking away Qin Mu’s path to the top, and will completely offend him to death.

The young master of the Jiang clan said: “Your Highness Qian Xi, Master Qin Mu has always robbed others of their opportunities. If others rob him, they will be in bad luck! The destiny of a child of destiny is very strong, so don’t think about it!”

But Xiao Sheng had the opposite opinion to him and encouraged: “Your Highness, you are quite ambitious! I like the things that you can’t deal with Qin Mu. If you have a plan, just go ahead and I will give it to you at the risk of your life.” You are the vanguard.”

Xia Lian also introduced her to Qin Mu’s various achievements. He made a comeback, turned the tide, and was a son of destiny. He was well-deserved and terrifying.

Mu Qianxi smiled, “Yeah! His experience is quite familiar!”

She has determined that Wuya has decided to kill someone with a borrowed knife.

This sword is the second disciple of the God Emperor, Qin Mu!

He also plans to use magic to defeat magic.

In the past, she was favored by heaven and had such good luck. She turned danger into danger and got great opportunities many times. Qin Mu was also this kind of person.

Without the blessing of heaven, Wuya would definitely wait for her to suffer great misfortune, suffer great losses, and die miserably against someone like Qin Mu.

“Your Highness, are you afraid?” Xiao Sheng continued to cheer on the side.

“Don’t be afraid, get ready! Let’s go.” Mu Qianxi said.

Mu Qianxi was so confused that she was ready to touch Qin Mu’s back.

Those gods who had absolutely nothing to do with her were so excited that they wanted to set off fireworks.

Great, Mu Qianxi is going to be unlucky, or even die!

They couldn’t do anything to her, and it would be easy for Qin Mu to deal with her.

The secret realm of Tianlong has long been guarded here by Qin Mu’s people.

No one can enter except him.

Mu Qianxi, on the other hand, rushed directly, and Xiao Sheng was the first to rush forward.

The guard said: “Your Highness Qian Xi, my master is also your senior brother. You are so domineering that you even dare to break into the Tianlong Secret Realm. You are so disrespectful to your senior brother!”

Mu Qianxi smiled and said: “I heard that there is a celestial dragon energy here. I think it is just right for him as a senior brother to give me such a meeting gift.”

Obviously they were here to rob him, and they even said it was a meeting gift. Qin Mu and other loyal subordinates all had gloomy expressions on their faces.

“Since you are going to mess around, don’t blame us for being rude!”

“Master ordered that anyone who dares to trespass into the secret realm of Tianlong will be killed without mercy!”


“Boom!” Qin Mu also didn’t expect that someone would dare to blatantly steal his things in the territory of the God Clan.

Given the importance he attaches to this secret realm, the guards arranged are naturally not weak, but Mu Qianxi’s people are not weak either!

Led by Ying Tianxia and Xiao Sheng, plus the other masters who had snatched the human race, they were evenly matched.

A rather complex formation has been set up here. The task of Mu Qianxi, the mastermind, is not to participate in the battle, but to break through the formation and enter the secret realm.

Countless rays of light shot out and began to break the formation.

This formation is indeed very powerful, but Mu Qianxi, who learned the formation from Ah Huan, is still better.

“Your Highness Qian Xi, come back with me!” At this time, a gentle voice came to my ears.


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